World Cup Quiz

1. Brazil has won the World Cup 5 times. True False 2. Italy last won the World Cup in ______. 2006 1994 1998 3. Pele scored ______ goals in 4 World Cup final tournaments. 9 12 15 4. _________ was the first African country to win a game in a World Cup final tournament. Cameroon Nigeria Tunisia 5. ___________ won second place in the 2006 World Cup hosted by Germany. Brazil France Italy 6. Top goal scorer in 2006 World Cup final tournament was ____________. Cruyff, The Netherlands Miroslav Klose, Germany Christian Vieri, Italy 7. The four semi-finalists for the 2002 World Cup were ___________. Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Korea France, Brazil, Turkey, The Netherlands France, Brazil, Argentina, Germany 8. Which country besides Brazil has won back to back (one after the other) World Cups. Italy Germany Uruguay 9. Most goals scored in a match by one team. 6 8 10 10. 1998 was Saudi Arabia's first World Cup final tournament appearance. True False 11. ________ has scored the most goals in World Cup tournament play. Mueller, Germany Ronaldo, Brazil Pele, Brazil 12. ___________ has never hosted a World Cup final tournament. Chile The Netherlands Switzerland 13. Brazil has had the most World Cup Appearances. True False 14. The 2002 World Cup final match was played in ________. Yokohama, Japan Tokyo, Japan Seoul, South Korea 15. Brazil lost the World Cup final at home in 1950 to ____________. Argentina Germany Uruguay --------------------------------------------------------What was your score? 15-11: World Cup Expert 10-7: You are updated. below 7: You donʼt know anything about the World Cups.

World Cup Quiz
Answer Key:
1.True 2.2006 3.12 4.Tunisia 5.France 6. Miroslav Klose, Germany 7. Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Korea 8. Italy 9.10 10. False 1994 11. Ronaldo, Brazil 15 12. Chile 13. True 14.Yokohama, Japan 15.Uruguay

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