STAFF ADVISORY COUNCIL Meeting November 11, 2009 Executive Committee Christa Bruning, President, Christa.Bruning@du.

edu, x13170 Nicky Bruckhart, Vice President,, x14241 Kate Martin, Treasurer,, x12247 Kate Johnson, Webmaster,, x16515 Saskia Sawyer, Secretary,, x14306 Members in attendance: Kathy Aliaga, Facilities Nicky Bruckhart, Athletics and Recreation Christa Bruning, University Communications Sarah Childs, Human Resources Linda Daubers, Graduate School of Social Work Jan Drobnick, Daniels College of Business Anne Gross, Admissions Cheryl Jackson, Morgridge College of Education Kate Johnson, University Communications Gayle Keahey, Law School Mark Kintgen, Penrose Library Kate Martin, Student Life Marty Neary, DU Bookstore Lynn Reed, University College Bonnie Rodriguez, Facilities Saskia Sawyer, University Advancement Jerry Schwenke, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences The meeting was called to order. 1. October minutes were approved. 2. Chancellor Coombe addressed the following questions: a. Q: Does the University know if we will get raises in 2011? Chancellor: Raises are part of the new budget plan; not awarding merit increases was intended to only be a one-time necessity. Most businesses will give raises again next year; 35 – 45% of Denver businesses did not award merit increases (or had very small increases) this year. DU monitors and keeps in line with what other CO businesses do and as raises are expected to happen again next year, we will follow suit. b. Q: The Chancellor’s email last November, regarding staff layoffs, indicated a financial plan for the University. If the University is in such great shape (which is a statement we’ve heard several times), it seems the plan worked. If so, then what became of #2 in the statement below? “I write to you today to describe the elements of our plan. The actions described below are taken in an effort to assemble resources that will be applied to 1) financial aid for our students, both undergraduate and graduate, 2) faculty and staff salaries, and 3) our defenses in the face of the weakening economy. In taking these steps, we have worked

carefully to minimize their impact on individual employees while ensuring the financial strength and sustainability of the University.” Chancellor: Here is how it breaks down: we saved $12M through the realignment, of the $12M, $7M was saved through reduction in staff, $5M through reduced expense budgets of the units. The savings then were used in the following manner: $4.5M went to new financial aid for grad/undergrad students, $3.5M into new faculty models (DCB, Law) and the remaining $4M are put into savings. This is exactly in line with what we communicated we would do. c. Q: Rumor has it there will be more staff cuts/budget cuts in the next year or two. Is that true? Chancellor: There are currently no plans for more cuts. Some positions will have to change or move, but nothing out of the ordinary is expected. d. Q: What can we do to improve staff morale? Chancellor: The principle issue here is the uncertainty that is still felt. We need to communicate that the university is in solid shape, especially compared to other institutions. The realignment was not so much due to the economy, but a measure taken to put us, and our students, into a better position for the future. We are not able to raise tuition in the same manner as other institutions do (6-7%); hence we need to be more careful financially. DU’s main goal is to invest money in our people: students, faculty and staff. We are interested in talent. By in large current jobs are safe and we have a bright future ahead of us. We will try to communicate this better and be more transparent to also help improve morale. e. Q: Has anymore thought been given to casual Fridays as a benefit for the staff? Chancellor: This question is still being considered. Senior staff supports it, but a clearer definition (of what casual means) and implementation plan needs to be created. The health care and parking cost idea, which was a suggestion by the SAC about six months ago, has been implemented. f. Q: How long will the marketing consultants be working with DU? Chancellor: Scott Gilbert has been helping DU with the branding. It is going very well, the feedback I received is positive. We have come to the conclusion that we should create an internal position for this service. The consultants are wrapping up in the next couple of months. The funding for this project was taken out of the reserves. g. Q: What has happened with the credit that Kaiser Permanente agreed to pay all of its policyholders in 2009-2010? Is that what funded this year’s health insurance cost rollback? Chancellor: The credit and the rolling back of the premiums are completely unrelated. The idea behind the rollback of the costs was to help keep the costs for employees down. h. Q: There is some information on the web that states the Kaiser refund will be a one-time refund of approx. $287 per policy holder. According to HR, DU employees are only receiving between $50-55. How come such a big difference? Chancellor: My best guess is that this difference is related to the split of what DU pays and what the employee contribution is. HR will be able to provide more details. i. Q: Could the University look at health insurance providers other than Kaiser Permanente? What would the cost difference be? Chancellor: The University has looked into other options several times. Kaiser underbid other providers each year. When Sigma and Pacific health were offered, it was only

chosen by a small minority. Currently the costs/benefits through Kaiser are the best available for our needs. We worked with Kaiser to offer other plans than just HMO to give employees more choices. Overall, we would like to have more provider choices, but as the other bids were outrageous, Kaiser is currently our best option. j. Q: At one time there was an issue raised about paying employees for time away from office as witnesses in state cases. It would be basically be the same as being paid for jury duty. Do you know anything about this? Chancellor: There has been no known conversation about this topic, but it can be raised as a proposal to senior staff. k. Q: What reaction has the Chancellor received to the new campus smoking policy and, realistically, how will the policy be reinforced? Chancellor: There has been no reaction lately, but I received a lot prior to the actual decision. By in large the majority is in support of the measure and I believe it is the right decision. Regarding enforcement: there will be no citations by campus safety. The research from the task force has shown that the culture will change if the signage is appropriate and the plan is well communicated. Ultimately the smokers will move to the perimeters of the campus. Push-back is expected again once the signs go up. A new message to remind everybody of the change will go out at the beginning of the New Year. A conversation with the student government showed that they had received some pushback as well. Side note: the Chancellor also found out that a fake Facebook page under his name (with his picture) has been created and showed him leading an anti-smoking rally. l. Q: Are there any plans to add central UTS Web resources, so web projects can be completed on a shorter timeline? Chancellor: Yes. Three new positions for web developer were just approved as this area is in desperate need of permanent staff. m. Q: Could DU establish a prepaid legal service for its employees (if there is a good plan available in CO)? Chancellor: More info about what this could/should entail will be needed to consider this. n. Additional question: What is the status of the remodeling project of the Academic Commons Area? Chancellor: This started as a simple remodeling project of Penrose. We hired an architectural firm from Boston for ideas. Driscoll is currently filled with staff, which leaves no space for students. The remodeling project of the Driscoll Center involves Penrose as well. The design ties the two together and creates much needed new space for students, student unions, etc. It was a $50M project; given the current economy, the costs are currently closer to $4042M (based on costs for Morgridge). We have $18M and are continuing to reach out for major gifts. We have 40% of the money in hand – this is not enough to start the project. Our main goal is always to not take on debt or take money away from financial aid (all of our current building projects are independently funded). We would like to see this project move forward as we understand it is very important to campus / student life. 3. The Treasurer had no budget change to report from last month. 4. Departmental announcement:

Athletics will be hosting the men’s soccer NCAA game this Thursday & Friday at 4:30 pm / 7 pm, with the championship game on Saturday at 1 pm. Come out and support our team! Women’s soccer game vs. Oregon is also coming up (they are currently ranked 6th). Athletics to send exact dates & times to distribute to staff. 5. SAC Coat drive update: the project is under way. Email to organizations is scheduled to go out next week. Denver Rescue Mission is on board. 6. There was no old business to discuss. 7. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting: December 9th, 2009, 12 – 1 pm

Respectfully submitted, Saskia Sawyer Secretary