STAFF ADVISORY COUNCIL Meeting August 12, 2009 Executive Committee Kathy Aliaga, President, katherine.aliaga@du.

edu, x13284 Christa Bruning, Vice President,, x13170 Jennifer Emmett, Secretary,, x12335 Kate Martin, Treasurer,, x12247 Jon Aderhold, Webmaster,, x12121 Members in attendance: Kathy Aliaga, Facilities Nicky Bruckhart, Athletics and Recreation Amy Kho, Writing Program Christa Bruning, University Communications Anne Gross, Admissions Tina Miller, University College Sarah Childs, Human Resources Caryl Shipley, Sturm College of Law Stephanie Panion, Graduate School of Social Work Kate Bidstrup-Martin Mark Kintgen, Penrose Library Rachel Desormes, Penrose Library Ethan Crawford, Graduate School of Social Work Jennifer Emmett, Bursars Office Lynn Reed, University College Darrel Hundley, DU Bookstore Donna Hughes, Law School Saskia Sawyer, University Advancement Marty Neary, DU Bookstore Jan Drobnick, Daniels College of Business Kate Johnson, University Communications Bonnie Rodriguez, Facilities Emily Hinga, Graduate School of International Studies Ashley Beaudry, The Women’s College The meeting was called to order. July minutes were approved. 1. Guest Speaker – Chancellor Robert Coombe. Enrollment for the 2009-2010 academic year is looking good. First time enrollment is up. The University usually admits a few more students than we can fit because some students will “melt” or withdraw from DU. We are slightly down in our transfer student numbers. Student and family need levels are up, as much as 3 to 4 times higher than in the past. We moved one time dollars into the emergency financial aid fund for last year and this year, that’s 2 million for undergraduates and 2 million for graduates. Compared to other Colorado schools, some have enrollment that is up, others are

down. DU is unusual because we concluded the 2009 fiscal year in the black; however, we are still cautious of what the future holds. This year there will be no merit raises. Though it is absolutely necessary to reward people for good performance, we still need to be cautious about the future. If enrollment and cash flow look good there is a possibility of one time bonuses. Right now our academic focus is on good graduate professional schools and graduate programs as well as Daniels College of Business and the Josef Korbel School. Our main issue is finding the resources to maintain these quality schools. Another issue is sustaining morale, please share any suggestions you may have with the Chancellor, you can email him directly at and he’ll consider all of our ideas. Some suggestions out there include updating the tuition waiver usage policy and a free lunch once per month for staff at the cafeterias on campus. We are looking for ways to let staff know that DU really does care about them. The money that has been saved from fiscal year 2009 and what will be saved for fiscal year 2010 is largely intended for financial aid which we can put behind our students. We would like to see continued status emails from the Chancellor, perhaps on a quarterly basis, to be constantly aware of the climate at DU. More than quarterly could be overwhelming. Feel free to read the Provost report online to obtain detailed information as well. Last year was out first annual report; look for another one online in October. University College will likely stay in the areas which currently house them. There is no debt on the Josephine site, which is an asset and DU is finally running out of space. Building more structures would take away from the limited open space and the small college feel. There are already plans for two big projects sometime in the future, a renovation of Penrose library and a new Engineering building in place of John Greene Hall. Recently IT staff was partially recentralized, and the change has gone well. Before the new department was formed the hardware had been centralized, but not the people, web development still needs attention. We are trying a new skin for the DU website on September 14th. Currently we use the program Serena, which will be good for about another year. Our content is not centralized but rather is dictated by the departments. We are doing well in technology but are not leading the pack, it is important we build our use of effective technology for the students, staff and faculty. Online learning also needs attention; most of our online learners are Colorado based students who need that convenience. We are planning to develop a series of pilot projects for distance learning, largely graduate programs; Ken Stafford will be involved in the process. Online learning is not only convenient but allows for online learning to continue should H1N1 become an issue. The Provost has issued a notice that all courses be on blackboard for this reason. Per the CDC and the Health Department, stay home for 24 hours after the fever breaks if you do become infected. DU may become a vaccine site for H1N1. We are also working on obtaining an onsite pediatrician for Fisher and Ricks. 2. Other events were tabled for the September 9th meeting. Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Jennifer Emmett, Secretary

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