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June 23, 2016

Armed Forces of the Philippine
Headquarters Philippine Army
G R E E T I N G S!
This has references to the processing of my retirement documents and other
pertinent papers relative to his application for Optional Retirement to be submitted before
this Honorable Offce;
The undersigned is a bona fide/enlisted personnel of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines, Philippine Army;
The undersigned began his tour of duty way back October 1, 1980 and had been
assigned to different parts of the Philippines;
Then on December 1, 2001, the undersigned was temporarily promoted to the rank
of TECHNICAL SERGEANT (TSG); while awaiting for the permanent status of his rank, the
undersigned went on schooling and toke the course of INFANTRY NCO ADVANCE
COURSE, at Malagotay, Zamboanga City; the said advance course is under the direct
supervision and command of Camp ODonnell, Philippine Army Headquarters, Santa
Lucia,Capas, Tarlac;
Pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, any
enlisted personnel who intend to apply retirements, whether Optional of Mandatory, has to
submit all the necessary retirement documents and other pertinent papers at least eighteen
(18) months before the intended date of his retirement; however, the undersigned was not
able to submit the said documents in documents on time as required due to the fact that he
was awaiting for the confirmation of the status of his rank;
Just recently or on March 7, 2016, the undersigned received an Order, confirming as
to the real status of his rank and he was then promoted to the rank of STAFF SERGEANT
(SSGT) after his previous rank was readjusted, copy of the Order hereto attached forming
an integral part of this letter;
INVIEW OF THE FOREGOING, the undersigned hereby submit the necessary
retirement documents and other pertinent papers for the application of his Optional
Retirement which will take effect on October 1,2016, the intended date;
Hoping for your understanding and immediate action and consideration, I am
thanks and God Bless

Sincerely yours,


INCLS: As stated