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Shemeca Biglow

5603 Willowcliff Rd # 380, Okc, Ok 73122 (405) 416-4980


o To utilize my educational qualifications and work experience by demonstrating my

professional skills through the attainment of a management and/or Human Resources
o To employ my professional, interpersonal, and personnel management skills coherently,
efficiently, and effectively.
o To perform my duties proficiently by contributing superior value toward the primary goals of
the organization.
o To establish a long-term relationship with my employer and to grow substantially within the

Employment History

o 02/98 to present: Building Site Manager within the Buildings and Grounds Dept. of Putnam
City Schools at Kirkland Elementary.
o 12/09 to present: Certified Tax Preparer for H&R Block Tax Group.


o University of Phoenix from November 28, 2006 to present. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of
Science in Business Management degree and will graduate in November of 2010.
o 69 hours of the Basic Building Blocks Tax Course with the H&R Block Tax Group.

Work Experience and Skills

o Leadership experience through supervising support staff and maintaining conservation on a

designated site
o Experience with time sheet payroll preparation for support staff
o Experience in conducting safety training meetings for support staff
o Strong analytical skills and assessments of potential problematic situations
o Excellent research skills
o Exemplary characteristics including, but not limited to enthusiastic personality, reliability,
loyalty, and consistent dedication to completion of tasks correctly and punctually
o High Integrity
o Abilities to handle/control high intensity/stressful situations
o Advanced computer skills including Word, Power point, Excel, Groupwise emails, work
orders via internet, and warehouse ordering while keeping track of data and supplies
o Ability to facilitate Maintenance assistance, as well as others, for any possible needs
o Excellent oral and written communication skills
o Experienced in consulting with groups/teams of co-workers in order to acquire and maintain
desired goals, needs, and help to uncover possibilities and opportunities
o Typing skills at 90 WPM
o Exceptional interpersonal skills through the experience of conducting tax preparation
o Currently serving on the Interview Committee at Putnam City Schools for screening the best
possible candidates for Building Site Manager positions within the Buildings & Grounds

Current Site Manager Responsibilities

o Responsible for the opening and the security of the facility for activities or occupancy
o Responsible for scheduling of assignments
o Responsible for supervising two employees
o Responsible for seeing that quality assurance programs are effectively implemented to ensure
that quality standards are performed
o Responsible for the receiving of inventory control supplies and equipment, and maintains
necessary inventories
o Maintains the district-approved allotment of labor resources allocated to my site
o Responsible for the time sheets of all custodial personnel assigned to my site, and the
certification for salary payments
o Evaluates the performance of the custodial staff on a regular basis
o Responsible for the general security of the building
o Responsible for knowledge of the locations and operations of fire extinguishers and
maintaining the general fire safety of the building
o Responsible for the training of the custodial employees under my supervision
o Coordinates with the respective departments for any remodeling or renovation work needs of
the building

Steve Arwood (current supervisor)

(405) 520-1950

Ron Christy (former Kirkland principal)

(405) 751-9601
(405) 517-1472

Lesslie Roberts (Kirkland librarian)

(405) 721-1697

Mandy Hayward (Kirkland counselor)

(405) 216-9107
(405) 659-3758

Fonda Watkins (Kirkland secretary)

(405) 842-8116
(405) 834-5659

Linda Degraffenreid (Kirkland nurse)

(405) 721-5723
(405) 570-4655

Jennifer Sills (Workers Comp Coordinator for P.C. Schools)

(405) 532-1220
(405) 470-2046