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Issue #51- July 2016

Physical exercise is to physical muscles. To what end is spiritual
exercise? We caught up with Clotilde and she shared with us her

Clotilde Nakate

Start small but be deliberate

Clotilde is a God loving
Christian woman, a mother
and retired teacher.
She loves seeing her children
happy, enjoys helping out with
the vulnerable and
disadvantaged people
She currently grows
mushrooms, runs a retail shop
and a shamba where she gets
1. Do you engage in any form of physical exercise?
Yes I do, I am diabetic and it is very important to do exercises in order to keep my
Clotilde handing
sugar levels in check and for general health fitness. Although I have struggled to
keep a regular routine for specific exercises, I make it a point to spend at least 30
minutes in the morning then about 10 minutes in the evening engaging in vigorous physical activity like running, jogging and a few aerobics I picked from TV fit- source:
ness shows. This I believe has helped to keep me healthy.

over food items at church

5 Steps to Spiritual Fitness

2. Just like there is physical exercise, do you think there is something like
“spiritual exercise”?
Yes, any regular deliberate activity meant to nourish and nurture your spiritual
growth and relationship with God can be termed as spiritual exercise.
Fellowship, bible study, prayer, fasting, sharing etc these are some of the things a
growing Christian should regularly do to maintain and develop his/her spiritual
3. Is there a point where one can say that they are “spiritually fit”?

1. Find encouragement.
Being around other believers and
worshipping with them challenges
us to “strive to do what is good for
each other and for everyone else”
(1 Thessalonians 5:15).
2. Pray for a larger comfort zone.
Our light can only “shine before
others” (Matthew 5:16) if we
interact, on a significant level, with
people who are different than we

Yes, when these spiritual exercises become a part of one’s life. It should be noted
however that spiritual fitness is not entirely with our human effort, but with a 3. Warm up your faith muscles.
combination of God’s grace and one’s commitment to growing in the knowledge To be on fire for God requires stoking our spirit with the fuel of daily prayer,
intense knowledge of Scripture and generous giving.
and obedience to Jesus Christ.

Spiritual exercises help bring us to a place where we can commune with God, 4. Get moving!
however we MUST open our hearts and let His Spirit work in us through these ex- James tells us, “Do not merely listen to the word.... Do what it says” (James
1:22). Somewhere in our lives there is a person who is hungry and needs to eat,
ercises or we risk turning into ceremonial Christians like the Pharisees.
or thirsty and in need of drink; there is a stranger Christ wants us to care for or
4. Does spiritual exercise guarantee spiritual growth?
clothe; a sick person to serve, or a prisoner to visit (Matthew 25:35-36).
Yes, but one must be willing to let God do the transformation.

5. Turn setbacks into renewed determination.
The cross is proof that Christ can transform even the worst things into good.
5. How can a Christian develop the habit of spiritual exercise?
Our job is to pick ourselves up after we fail and to ask for renewed vigour to
-Develop the desire to grow spiritually.
follow Christ. “For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises
-Join a body of believers in a cell or zonal group for encouragement and accounta- again” (Proverbs 24:16). With Christ beside us, there is no such thing as failure.
-Start small but be deliberate to go further each other time, for example bible
reading and prayer.
-Turn setbacks into renewed determination.

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