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on tap

Break out your short shorts, summer is here! Comedy writer Chase Darren gives her top 10 tips for preparing for the season. Plus, find out what a “Fast Food Foodie” is in this month’s Term of The Month.

Hollywood legend and self-confessed playboy Pauly Shore gives his go-to tips for wooing the ladies.

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advice from a celeb

From L.A. and O.C. to S.F., we’ve got this summer’s best bars, restaurants and hotspots.

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the scene


After serving the Supreme Court for 35 years, Justice Stevens retires. Constitutional lawyer and UC Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky gives a special goodbye.

summer road trips

School’s out for summer! Time to pack your bags and hit the open road. Check out our top five spots for a road trip to remember.

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movies road trips gear

future of education

From Kindles and iPads to e-books and online courses, education is hurtling towards the digital era. Find out what gadgets are revolutionizing learning as we know it.

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this month on the cover

We’ve got this month’s top gadget picks. Plus, check out what’s new in iPhone apps.

beauty & fashion

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nikki reed

You can’t brave summer without the right pair of shades. Bask in Cali sun with these hot face framers. Plus, check out which beauty products will have you smelling like a rose... seriously.

Twilight’s nikki Reed shares behind the scenes stories from the set of Eclipse, her craziest fan encounters and what she really thinks of Robert Pattinson.

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We sit down with Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone for more on this month’s Eclipse. Plus, check out our summer movie preview.

On The COver:
DRESS BY alice and olivia BRACLETS BY robindira unsworth EARRingS, RingS, AnD nECKLACE BY swarovski SHOES BY rene caovilla

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last laugh

Check out this month’s funniest emailed pics.


saturday night magazine June 2010

Yard House is the perfect place to unwind and take a break. Tap in for great food, classic rock music and the world’s largest selection of draft beer.






3.50 Pints 6.00 Martinis

Please drink responsibly! Yard House supports designated driver programs. We card anyone who looks under 35.

Brea • Chino Hills • Costa Mesa • Irvine Los Angeles • Long Beach • Newport Beach Pasadena • Rancho Cucamonga • Rancho Mirage R i v e r s i d e • S a n D i e g o • Te m e c u l a

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president Michael H. Ritter advertising sales Lindsay Feinstein

Publisher Michael Ritter with Nikki Reed rOad Trips are awesOme. There is nothing like jumping into a car with a few buddies and embarking on a journey of shenanigans and mischief. When i was a freshman in college, there was one night a few friends and i decided to drive to the World Series. it was 10 p.m. at night and the game was the following day in Arizona, so we piled into a car and headed East. A few hours into the drive, as the excitement of getting out of town on a whim was fading, we realized we had no idea how to get to Arizona. So we pulled into an in-n-Out to discuss. As we ate our yummy double-doubles, one of my friends, Steve, got some secret sauce on his shirt, and since we hadn’t really planned this trip, of course he had no other clothes to change into. But we are resourceful guys, so Steve bought an in-nOut t-shirt and the problem was solved. However, this was no ordinary t-shirt. it happened to have a map of California and Arizona on it, showing each in-n-Out location on the way! Like i said, we are resourceful guys, so we followed Steve’s shirt to Arizona. it obviously wasn’t as easy as it sounds and of course we got lost, but after about eight hours, we arrived at the World Series! After bargaining and begging, we found tickets and our way into the game. it was a crazy adventure, filled with ups and downs, but we bonded, we got through it together and we made it to the game. Driving home after the game and arriving back to class just in time for a midterm was nerve-wracking, but sometimes you need to take risks, go outside of your element and explore. in this issue, we explore five destinations within driving range. This summer, try to get out of the house and out of the city, and go on an adventure of your own! Enjoy the issue!

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on tap

prepare FOr sUmmer
By Chase Darren

reaL ways TO
First of all, what boardwalk? not everyone’s town resembles the set of a Mandy Moore flick. Secondly, by that cute café do you mean Hank’s? The local, all American food stand that recently added fried carrots to the menu? Yeah, they’re always hiring, but it won’t be so cute when you slip on a grease puddle and smash your skull open. Am i right?

have you ever noticed that every generic teen magazine’s “ways to Prepare for summer” articles are exactly the same every year? i have, and this year, i’m not going to take this injustice lying down. here is a prototype for one of these articles followed by my painfully critical responses.

1. get a tan

it’s summer, chica! Time to get your bronze on. Whether poolside or at the beach, don’t forget to use sunscreen! noooooo waaaayyyy!!! A tan for summer??? generic teen magazine, you are crazy. Thank god you imparted these words of wisdom on me or else i would have surely gone to the beach, laid down my towel and been like, “now what?”

3. summer fling

2. make some money

Everyone needs a summer crush. “grease” anyone? So warm up those vocal chords and strike up a breezy conversation with that hottie lifeguard. Ted. You guys are referring to Ted, who admittedly is a “hottie,” but seriously, Ted gives CPR to just about anyone if you catch my drift…Do you really not get it? Ted bangs A LOT.

Snag a part time job at that cute little café on the boardwalk. You’ll get to see all of the action first-hand while saving up for that flirty summer dress you’ve been eyeing.


saturday night magazine June 2010


kfc's double down

4. read a book

Reading is like tanning for your brain. Books can give you the ability to see life in a different light. May we suggest Jennifer Love Hewitt’s first literary endeavor? The Day i Shot Cupid? it’s chockfull of helpful dating tips from a real-life pro. More like real-life HO. if i wanted to learn how to date Jamie Kennedy, i would just walk up to him and date him.

5. Work it out

Those margaritas aren’t going to burn themselves off! neither are those Fourth of July cheeseburgers or Sour Patch Kids you found in the back of your car. So get to it girl, take a jog on the beach and make it a priority to run past that hottie you’ve been crushing on, guys love an active girl! i can only imagine the extent of research this tip required. Come on, generic teen magazine, how about informing us on the hottest new exercise: the Kegel. Run through Kegel reps to strengthen the muscles on your pelvic floor. Kegel exercises do all kinds of neat things but most of all, as a result of them you can increase your sexual gratification. Plus, it’s kind of fun to say “Kegel.”

term of the month:


6. hang on to that summer fling 7. try a hat

By Chase Darren My friend Brian is a connoisseur and a fan of food. He is a foodie, but not the ordinary kind. On a recent Sunday, he invited me along on one of his food excursions, coyly saying, “i know this great little spot in Hollywood.” Oh foodies, they always know “spots.” What sort of truffled appetizers were we going to feast upon in, oh, i don’t know, gordon Ramsey’s latest culinary triumph? none, because as Brian turned his turquoise Acura Legend into the parking lot of KFC, i realized he was a foodie of the fast food persuasion – a Fast Food Foodie. Fast Food Foodies scour the country for the finest in fast food cuisine, and we’re not talking your average McDonalds and Burger King establishments. Oh no, we’re talking Popeye’s, Steak n’ Shake, Jimmy John’s and Chicken Cottage to name a few. never heard of them? You’re probably not an FFF. “To be honest, i felt like KFC had reached their peak. They weren’t surprising me anymore. Buckets of chicken? i’ve seen that,” Brian lamented as he unrolled his personal cloth napkin and laid out his silverware. “That all changed with the announcement of the Double Down,” he paused for a moment, lost in thought, and then, “i shall pair it with a glass of Sprite Remix.” Triple Fs do not lack the pretension of a regular foodie but rather the means to indulge in an $18 crouton salad. Case in point, here is Brian’s review of the Double Down: “The meat was tender without being rare and seasoned to perfection, as was the bacon, which was crisp and succulent However, the cheese combination was a disaster. Monterey and Pepper Jack? COME On. May i suggest an aged cheddar or even a single leaf of lettuce for aesthetic purposes? The Colonel’s sauce was everything i remembered it to be and more and after much debate, i welcome KFC back into my life.” As for me, i look forward to next month’s FFF adventure when Brian and i will take our palettes to new heights when we experience the Mexican pizza at Taco Bell.

Don’t let your summer hottie fade away with your tan! Wrangle that boy in, you superstar! Try making a collage of your summer memories or even a whole scrapbook. ...And if that doesn’t work, just bone him. Towards the end of the list, the editors of generic teen magazines get really lazy. Or crazy! Depends on your perspective.

Who says hats are just something we wear on our heads to keep the sun out of our eyes? Hats are accessories that can take boring outfits to new heights. if i had a dollar for every time a guy approached me because he liked my hat, i would be broke.

8. paint your nails a sassy color 9. h2o

Paint your nails and toes in a flirty red, sizzling hot pink or sinful purple. nothing says sexy like a mani/pedi he will for sure notice. i mean, sure, why not?

Stay hydrated! nothing kills a summer barbeque like fainting because you’ve been tanning all day and were so committed to doing so that you forgot to be sipping on that agua. Don’t say “sipping on,” generic teen magazine, it sounds so unnatural coming from you.

10. have fun

Have fun! Who wouldn’t have fun with a summer full of tanning, deep fried vegetables, Ted, dating advice from a D-list celebrity, jogging, scrapbooking, hat wearing, sassy nails and water? Congratulations generic teen magazine, you’ve done it again; you’ve prepared me for summer!


June 2010 saturday night magazine



hOw TO make a GirL


FaLL in LOve wiTh yOU



By Jillian gordon
PHOTOS BY bobby Quillard gROOMing BY sussy camPos LOCATiOn: uPPer west, santa monica


saturday night magazine June 2010


e may take some knocks in Hollywood, but if there’s one thing the Pauly Shore knows something about, it’s how to lure the ladies. Love him or hate him, the iconic comedian has been bagging Playmates for over a decade. Since it never hurts to learn a thing or two from a master, we tracked down “the Weez” (and star of this month’s hilarious mockumentary Adopted) for some tricks of the trade.


snmaG: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done or said to a girl to get her attention? paULy shOre: “What’s up ,babe? How’s my butt? is it soft?” snmaG: Did that work out ok? ps: Yeah, it’s soft. People ask me if i shave it. Do you want to feel it really quick? Here let me show you. snmaG: Are you really going to show us your butt? ps: [Pulls down pants] People are like, “Do you shave it?” i’m like, “i’ve never shaved it. it’s just soft.” snmaG: What’s a unique date idea that will get you some points with that special someone? ps: The first thing that’s going to give you points is actually picking the girl up. There are a lot of guys who are like, “Meet me at my house and i’ll drive.” i think just not being about yourself, which is really hard, especially these days when

everyone is so self-centered and into themselves. it’s hard and almost impossible for guys not to be selfish. snmaG: Are you into chivalry? ps: Yeah, for sure. it’s the little things that i think girls pick up on. i’m a comic and comics are all about me, me, me. That’s part of the reason why i’m not in a relationship. Women need attention. it’s not about you. it’s all about them. snmaG: Do you think it’s appropriate to text message if you’re going to ask somebody out or do you always have to call? ps: Definitely text. it’s fine because it’s casual and simple. Plus, i think that you can break the ice on a text. it’s funny because there are a lot of girls that don’t like to talk. They like to text. snmaG: What do you do if a girl doesn’t seem interested in you? ps: i think that in life, not everyone gets along. i think you need to realize that if the girl is not


June 2010 saturday night magazine


l™ Drop In. Have Fun. Eat Wel
CALIFORNIA - COLORADO - HAWAII - TEXAS Special Events Catering and Party Packs available.

wahoos.com saturday night magazine June 2010




“if it’s the third time she still doesn’t text you back, then stop texting her.”

interested in you, back off and move on. A good way to find out is if you text her and she doesn’t text you back. if it’s the third time she still doesn’t text you back, then stop texting her. She’s not into it. snmaG: What’s a good way to say you’re sorry if you screwed up with a girl? ps: Admit that you were wrong. snmaG: What’s the best pick-up line you’ve used that’s actually worked? ps: For me, it’s like, “Hey, you want to come see me do stand-up? Bring your friends,” because then it’s casual. i think other guys that don’t do stand-up should say that anyway. “Hey, come see me perform,” and they get there and he’s like “Ah, i don’t do it anymore. My last show was really bad but hey, what’s up?” snmaG: if you were to cook dinner for a girl, what would your menu be? ps: Believe it or not, i’m actually a really good

cook. i’ve been cooking since i was about 12. i like salmon with some steamed vegetables, salad and rice. Just very simple. snmaG: Do you have any pre-date rituals? ps: Yeah, i pluck my eyebrows. Just kidding. not really. i just try to look rested. Try to make it look like you’re interested in her. it goes back to not being about yourself. snmaG: How many days should a guy wait to call a girl he likes? ps: i would text first. Sometimes you want to text them right away so they know who it is. You just have an ice-breaker text. snmaG: What do you do if you’re dating a girl and you start liking her roommate? ps: if the roommate likes you too then the deal is that you don’t want to keep people from being with each other. Life is about choices. You’re either going to eat that hot fudge sundae or try

to lose weight. You’re either going to hit on the chick or you’re not. Hot fudge sundaes are good. Roommates are good. What are you going to do? Fuck each other behind each other’s backs? That’s not cool. snmaG: When you go out to meet girls do you travel with a wingman or do you like to go solo? ps: i go with a friend and we meet girls together. Sometimes it’s good to do a u-turn by yourself and hold the fort. Like, “i’m going to go get some bitches. You wait here.” snmaG: How can a guy spice up a relationship if it’s starting to get stale? ps: Put it in her butt… i think probably just take a break. Spend time away from each other. not a break-up but spending time away from each other is important. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe just go away and be with your buddies and regroup. Life begins where your comfort zone ends.


June 2010 saturday night magazine


the scene

best spots
in los angeles, orange county & san francisco
By Kara Buettner

it’s official. summer is here! the hectic days of school can now finally be replaced with lazy days on hot beaches. but hey, just because it’s summer that doesn’t mean you have to kiss your social life goodbye. here are our top hotspot picks for June to make your first nights of freedom fun-filled!

Los angeles
The BeaChCOmBer CaFé, maLiBU Even venues get facelifts in Los Angeles. After closing for nearly 11 years due to El nino storm damage, the Beachcomber Café in Malibu has since undergone major renovations and has most recently added a new patio lounge area to its already breathtakingly picturesque setup on the Malibu Pier. With the weather starting to warm up, the Beachcomber in Malibu is the perfect summer spot to enjoy the California sun while taking in a breathtaking beachside view. Enjoy Chef David iino’s fresh seafood creations, which include menu items like the fun Shrimp “Corn Dogs,” succulent Lobster Avocado “Martini,” tangy Tangerine Shrimp (jumbo shrimp, sautéed with garlic, roma tomatoes, basil, citrus and a hint of Amaretto) or the melt-in-yourmouth Cedar Planked King Salmon. The Malibu hotspot also boasts a new wine list designed by Master Sommelier Michael Jordan so you may properly pair your mouthwatering plates. While you nibble,


be sure to soak up some history on the famous Malibu Pier, an iconic landmark of California surf culture. Throw in live music offered every Friday night, and we believe we’ve found our go-to summer hangout.


saturday night magazine June 2010



pOrTa via’s The Bar rOOm Peter garland’s The Bar Room is the newly added bar/lounge to garland’s Porta Via restaurant. One of Beverly Hills’ hottest night spots, the bar serves small versions of Porta Via’s signature dishes like ceviche, taquitos, burgers and grilled pizzas along with cocktails, beers and wine. The covered outdoor patio and two private rooms were designed by garland’s wife, who owns the V Vintage jewelry shop across the street. Reds and browns, patterned wallpapers, small chandeliers and leather couches create a dark and sophisticated setting, perfect for nightlife. Patrons can enjoy everything from Michael Jackson to classic rock tunes throughout the evening while lounging with friends in the luxurious but intimate space.

deLphine Wish you were visiting France or Spain this summer? Yeah, us too. if this just isn’t in the cards for you, at least this June you can dine at Delphine (located in the swanky W Hotel, Hollywood) and experience Mediterranean cuisine at its finest. This inviting, unpretentious brasserie has a menu with classic dishes such as escargots persillade, niçoise salad, steak frites with béarnaise, as well as pastas, tapas and burgers. Delphine’s open-air feel and vibrant colors celebrate a laid-back lifestyle and make your visit an enjoyable one. Bon appétit!

BOxwOOd CaFé Boxwood Café, a chic and social all-day spot located in The London West Hollywood, is the place to go! Prepare to be impressed by this hotspot, brought to you by gordon Ramsay (whose only other location is in The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London). Enjoy delish eats such as roasted corn tortilla soup with Cojito cheese, sausage pizzette with house-smoked mozzarella and fennel, hamachi carpaccio, gnocchi with crisp prosciutto, and chicken paillard with brown-butter sage. The perfect place for lunch or a classic English breakfast. Enjoy, mate!


June 2010 saturday night magazine


the scene

Orange County

viLLa nOva This romantic waterfront italian spot is the perfect place for a date night (pay attention, gentlemen). With views of the beautiful sunset and live music, Villa nova is the perfect place to enjoy the company of that special someone—you can even take a gondola cruise around the newport Beach harbor after dinner! This classic restaurant is decorated as if you were actually in italy, and the servers wear old-school butler-type uniforms, which actually adds to the lovely yet low-key ambiance. not only is this restaurant beautiful, it has mastered how to prepare the classics (think spaghetti, ravioli, and lasagna) to perfection. We recommend the bruschetta pomodoro and the cheese ravioli, fresh handmade pasta pockets stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan and Romano cheeses, served with your choice of meat, tomato or marinara sauce. italian done right!


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TsUnami sUshi Tsunami Sushi is the place to go if you are looking for some fresh sushi and a fun, laid-back atmosphere. Whether you sit at the sushi bar, grab a table or chow down at the Teppan table (where food is cooked on an iron grill), you will enjoy the crowd, the food and the attractive staff! The best nights to go are Tuesday (Tightwad Tuesday means all of the rolls are half off) and Wednesday (Flat Broke Wednesday means the Teppan table is two for one all night). Be sure to also check out the cocktail menu for some tasty concoctions. Perfect for date nights or just having fun with your pals, Tsunami is a great go-to spot for the summer.

C L A R E M O N T ,



FrenCh 75 With classic American tastes and a twist of French cuisine, French 75 caters to food lovers and socialites alike. its menu offers a host of taste bud-tantalizing meats, and only at French 75 can one order pommes frites with fresh mussels. The bistro sits within the walls of a cottage, but don’t let its exterior fool you: the dining area is a 1 RDS_Ad_Econ_111309.indd posh and modern take on the classic comforts of a woodsy getaway. Plus, the bistro boasts an intimate champagne bar beneath a classical ceiling mural of angels with champagne—making it the ultimate destination for refined champagne drinkers. it’s a different and exciting experience, sipping champagne in a place that feels as comfortable as home.

Client: Claremont McKenna College/Robert Day School Size: Quarter page (3.4375” x 4.5625”) Publ: The Economist Date: 11/13/09

Wear your
ANAHEIM 714.740.2822 BrEA 714.529.6262 CAMpBEll 408.377.7722 ClArEMoNt 909.399.3287

ENCINo 818.995.3288 HuNtINgtoN BEACH 714.891.4666 IrvINE 714.665.0800 pAlo Alto 650.329.0665 pAsAdENA 626.792.7272 rEdoNdo BEACH 310.540.3246 sAN FrANCIsCo 415.543.7673 sAN JosE 408.226.1444 sANtA ClArItA 661.253.1900 sANtA MoNICA 310.587.2782 tHousANd oAks 805.449.3688 uNIvErsAl CItywAlk 818.509.9463

the scene


san Francisco

marLOwe Marlowe offers a menu of bistro favorites and is headed by executive Chef Jennifer Puccio (who earned three stars from the San Francisco Chronicle for her cooking at Cortez). With an impressive selection of wine and dishes like the Marlowe burger with caramelized onions, cheddar, bacon, horseradish aioli and fries, or spiced prawns with hot and boozy cocktail sauce, you will be sure to enjoy this rustic-chic atmosphere and its incredible eats. Marlowe’s casual menu brings you all of your favorites done better than anywhere else all in a cool urban space with a relaxed and neighborhoody feel. Wrap up the end of your excellent dining experience with brown butter apple crisp and bourbon ice cream. Yum.

rn74 This is the perfect place to slow down and savor a good weekend. Rn74 is a contemporary space softened with rustic earthiness—decorated with elements of glass and steel alongside warm, rich leathers and reclaimed wood. With its creative yet simple interpretations of regional French cuisine, Rn74’s seasonal, fresh ingredients and bold flavors will have you coming back for more. You will enjoy cuisine prepared by Chef Jason Berthold in a fun yet mellow atmosphere themed like an industrial but modern train station. We suggest trying the baconwrapped pork loin with fingerling potatoes, peas, shiitake mushrooms, spring onion, and brown butter jus or the whole-roasted wild-caught shrimp with saffron-vanilla hollandaise sauce. All of the dishes are satisfying but make sure to accompany your main entrée with a glass of wine from Rn74’s impressive list in order to make the night even better.

nOmBe nombe is a Japanese name that refers to someone who likes to drink heartily. Yes, we like this place already. With over 75 brands of premium sake and eight Japanese and local beers on tap, nombe knows how to start out a great night. Another thing that makes nombe great? Their excellently crafted dishes serve as a late night menu from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. on weekends, so you could technically start and finish your night at nombe! We suggest enjoying either the nightly selection of sashimi or the seven yakimo, which consists of perfectly prepared grilled chicken skewers and tastes amazing (drunk or sober). This 90-seat restaurant, with two separate dining areas, offers customers a lot of great food and sake, so you can embrace the term nombe for yourself!

wexLer’s Do you sometimes crave some good BBQ but without the picnic-table printed napkins and Styrofoam plates? Wexler’s is the place to go to enjoy some real, fire-grilled Southern comfort BBQ on an oversized white plate, not a paper one in your backyard. Here you can try a perfectly crafted appetizer of barbecued quail with creamy cole slaw. Enjoy the smoked short rib or Wexler’s Plate of Pork as main entrees, both filling options of satisfying barbeque. Wexler’s pays homage to one of the most primitive forms of cooking yet does so in such a delightful manner that the taste of smoky fire in every bite seems more like an extravagant treat than just another BBQ. Wexler’s is an attractive and chic restaurant that is devoted to the art of barbecue, preparing every dish with upscale ingredients and careful cooking, making Wexler’s better than we ever could have expected.


saturday night magazine June 2010



Downtown LA (213) 623-2288 Burbank (818) 524-2288 Pasadena (626) 578-1818

Long Beach (562) 951-9652

Santa Monica (310) 458-3050

W. Hollywood (323) 951-1122

LOS www.wokcanocafe.com ANGELES LOS ANGELES


11:30am–10pm Mon-Th 11:30am–11pm Fri 5pm –11pm Sat 5pm–9:30pm Sun



1100 S Flower Los Angeles, Downtown 213 763-4600




Downtown LA (213) 11:30am – 10pm everyday 623-2288 (213) 623-2288 www.thestinkingrose.com Burbank Burbank 524-2288 www.thepalm.com (818) • Private Rooms Available • Smiles, service & atmos(818) shrimp & crab • Iron skillet-roasted mussels, 524-2288 phere Like nowhere else Pasadena • Nova Scotia lobster Pasadena 578-1818 • Jumbo 40-clove garlic chicken (626) • Garlic roasted & prime aged steaks Prime Rib (USDA Prime) (626) 578-1818
12:00pm–10pm Mon-Th 11:30am–11pm Fri 5pm–11pm Sat 5pm–9:30pm Sun

Not valid in only. Expires 11/2/09 9001 Santa Monica 55 n. la cienega blvd. with other special offer Blvd. Dine (near wilshire blvd.)only. Expires 11/2/09 West Hollywood Dine in (310) 652-7673Downtown LA 310 550-8811

Student Special Student Special CELEBRATE 1/2 price sushi YOUR 1/2 price sushi GRADUATION-9pm - 2am, Sunday Thurs) (Available thru Thurs) (Available 9pm 2am, Sunday thru Must present a valid student ID WITH A GRAND fEAST!!! student ID Must present a valid
Not valid with other special offer

W. Hollywood W. Hollywood (323) 951-1122 (323) 951-1122 Santa Monica Santa Monica (310) 458-3050 (310) 458-3050 Long Beach Long(562) 951-9652 Beach (562) 951-9652 Italian style steakhouse Dungeness crab (over two pounds) • Roasted whole www.wokcanocafe.com with private dining rooms www.wokcanocafe.com

Take your e


The sTinking The sTinking 923 e. 2nd street r23 downtown los angeles rose rose (213) 687-7178


rth he




55 N. La Cienega Blvd. 923 N. 2nd Street Blvd. 55 E. La Cienega (Near Wilshire) Downtown Los Angeles (Near (310) 652-7673 Wilshire) (213) 687-7178 (310) 652-7673 11am-11pm Everyday 11am-11pm Everyday dinner 5:30pm www.thestinkingrose.com - 10pm Mon-Sat dinner: 5:30pm - 10pm mon-sat www.thestinkingrose.com 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri lunch www.r23.com - 2pm mon-fri lunch: 11:30am • Private Rooms • Private Rooms www.r23.com Available Available • Best Sake Choices • Gallery Rooms • Best Sake Choices • PrivateIron skillet-roasted Iron Gallery Rooms for •• Partiesmussels, shrimp & Privateskillet-roasted mussels, for Parties shrimp & crab • “Best Japanese crab “Best Japanese Restaurant” Restaurant” • 40-clove garlic chicken –• —Downtown News, five5 Downtown LA LA chicken 40-clove garlic News, • Garlic years in a row! roasted Prime yrs in a roasted Prime row! • Garlic Rib (USDA Prime) “America’s Best Japanese • “America’s Best Japanese Rib (USDA Prime) Restaurants” – Zagat 2006 • Roasted Restaurants” whole • —Zagat 2006 Dungeness “TenRoasted whole crab (over Best Japanese Dungeness crab Restaurants USA” (over two pounds) • “Ten Best Japanese two pounds) Restaurants USA”

The palm The palm

1100 S Flower 1100 s. flower st. 1100 SLos Angeles, Downtown Flower downtown los angeles Los Angeles, Downtown 213 763-4600 (213) 763-4600 11:30am–10pm 213 763-4600 11:30 am – 10 pm Mon-Th Mon-Th
11:30am–11pm 11:30am–10pm Fri 11:30 am – 11 pm Mon-Th Fri 5pm –11pm 11:30am–11pm Fri Sat 5 5pm –11pm Sat 5 pm – 9.30 pm Sun pm – 11 5pm–9:30pm Sun pm Sat, 5pm–9:30pm Sun

9001 9001 Santa Monica Blvd. santa monica blvd. 9001 west hollywood Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood (310) 550-8811 West Hollywood 310 550-8811 12 pm - 10 pm Mon-Th Mon-Th 12:00pm–10pm 310 550-8811
11:30am–11pm 12 pm - 11 pm Fri 12:00pm–10pm Mon-Th Fri 5 11:30am–11pm Fri pm – 9.30 pm Sun pm – 11 5pm–11pm Sat pm Sat, 5

5pm–9:30pm 5pm–11pm Sat With more than 90 destinations inSun California, traveling 5pm–9:30pm Sun www.thepalm.com www.thepalm.com ® is the stress free travel alternat been easier. Amtrak www.thepalm.com service & atmos• Smiles, • Happy Hourto catch nowhere service simple for you to get • Smiles,phere Like atmos- else home Specials & up with family a phere Like nowhereScotia • Jumbo Nova else • Smiles, service & atmosphere like lobster nowhere else& prime StudentAdvantag Join Student Advantage today at aged steaks • Jumbo Nova Scotia lobster • Jumboprime aged style& prime & Nova Scotia lobster steakhouse • and save 15% on rail fares.Italian steaks aged steaks

923 E. 2nd Street 404 S. BonavenTure S.923 e. Figueroa St. 923 E.Downtown Los Angeles 2nd Street Figueroa St. st. ww.snmag.com Los Angeles, CA BonavenTure 404 Angeles,third90071 90071 Amtrak.com · 1-800-USA-RAIL r23 Downtown Los Angeles (213) 687-7178 los (213) 236-0802 Los angeles, ca 90013 CA CAfÉ 9101 wilshire Brewing r23 (213) 687-7178 10pm blvd. dinner 5:30pm Mon-Sat (213) 236-0802 (213) 613-1537 Brewing bonaventurebrewing.com (at doheny) 5:30pm - 10pm Mon-Sat dinner lunch METROPOL 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri breakfast, lunch, dinner Company bonaventurebrewing.com beverly hills, ca 90210 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri lunch www.r23.com Company late supper & sunday brunch (310) www.r23.com278-3699
Take escalators to the fourth Take escalators to the fourth floor and make • Great food, inspired art & a right to the floor and make a right to the Co. Bonaventure Brewing taste of jazz Bonaventure Brewing Co. • Organic vegetables & freshly • Award Winning Beers baked breads • Award Winning Beers Hour Times • Extended Happy • “Afterwork Specials” 4pm – 7pm: • Extended Happy Hour Times 3:30-7:30 50% off Burgers (Mon),M-F 3:30-7:30 Happy Hour • 18 M-F Pizza (Tues), Pasta (Wed), menu items • 18 Happy Hour menu items Appetizers (Thurs) at just $2.50! starting starting at just open til Midnight • “2 for 1 Nite” Friday on select Asian • Kitchen $2.50! Vodka cocktails, beer Midnight • Kitchen open tilor Patiow/ • Late Night wine purchase ofBig Patioor entrée • Late Night Screen TVs • appetizer • USCBig Screenfaculty • students & TVs EXCLUSIVE, 15% off with this ad (excluding alcohol, tax, tip, other promos)
Monday – Friday 11am – 1am Monday Saturday11amSunday 5pm – 1am – Friday and – 1am Saturday and Sunday 5pm – 1am 9/17/09 12:45 PM

Travel made simple.

• Italian styleprivate dining rooms with steakhouse • Italian style steakhouse withrooms with private dining private dining rooms


• Best Sake Choices • Best Sake Choices ave. 5921 owensmouth Rooms for • Private Gallery • Private Gallery Rooms for (at oxnard) Parties Parties woodland hills, ca 91367 • “Best Japanese • “Best Japanese Restaurant” (818) 348-1095 Restaurant” —Downtown LA News, 5 oPen —Downtownalate yrs in LA News, 5 row! yrs• a row! in “America’s Best Japanese comfort food at its best • “America’s Best Japanese Restaurants” Meat Loaf, Mashed Restaurants” 2006 —Zagat Potatoes, 2006 —Zagat Burgers, Chicken • “Ten Best Japanese PotBest Japanese Pie, Crab Cakes, • “Ten Restaurants USA” Fish ‘n’ Chips, Restaurants USA”

Hot Fudge Sundaes


22 saturday night magazine October 2009 saturday night magazine October 2009

www.snmag.com www.snmag.com



the scene

LA / OC / SF
Los angeles listing:
424 north Canon Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310.274.6534

pOrTa via’s The Bar rOOm



6250 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 323.798.1355 restaurantdelphine.com 1020 n. San Vicente Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069 310.358.7788 thelondonwesthollywood.com 23000 Pacific Coast Hwy Malibu, CA 90265 310.456.9800 thebeachcombercafe.com 4


BOxwOOd CaFé


The BeaChCOmBer

1608 Polk St 415. 345-1690

614 Pine St 415. 399-0882


Orange County listing:
TsUnami sUshi
17236 Pacific Coast Hwy Huntington Beach, CA 92649 562.592.5806 tsunami-hb.com

Sun-Thru: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm Fri-Sat: 11:00 am to 12:30 am Happy Hours: 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm Late Night Specials: 10:00 pm – 12:30 am (Friday & Sat @ Polk only)


FrenCh 75
1464 South Coast Hwy Laguna Beach, CA 92651 949.494.8444 french75.net

“What we can’t Rock, we’ll Roll”
• 2004 Best SF Sushi Bar … San Francisco Examiner • Happy Hour Daily - Drinks 50% off, Appetizers 25% off • Special cocktails and Premium Sake • Lounge, VIP Room and Music • Late Night Specials - 2 for 1 All Sake & Beer 7

3131 West Coast Hwy newport Beach, CA 92663 949.642.7880 villanovarestaurant.com

viLLa nOva


san Francisco listing:

330 Townsend St. San Francisco, CA 94107 415.974.5599 9 2491 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94110 415.681.7150





Millennium Tower, 301 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94105 415.543.7474 rn74.com 568 Sacramento St. San Francisco, CA 94111 415.983.0102





Looking for a Graduate School?

a natural choice admissions@yosan.edu 877.YOSAN4U 877.967.2648 ext. 24 www.yosan.edu
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Saturday Night Magazine hosted the third annual fundraiser for the exceptional children’s foundation, a nonprofit that provides programs and services to nearly 2,300 infants, youths and adults with learning disabilities, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and related conditions. The event, held at Crustacean Restaurant in Beverly Hills, raised over $15,000 in donations. Photos by Andrew Goldman of digitallightphotography.com

The exCepTiOnaL ChiLdren’s FOUndaTiOn


(l-r) Publisher michael ritter with ecf’s lauren windom, ecf President scott bowling and steve Jordan

Guests bid on prizes at the silent auction

amy klein and Publisher michael ritter


saturday night magazine June 2010


Do the KIND Thing for your body, your taste buds, & the world!

KIND is a brand of all natural whole nut and fruit bars made from ingredients you can see and pronounce® and it’s also a movement to inspire “not so random” acts of kindness.
All natural Gluten free / Wheat free

Learn more about our products and the KIND Movement at KINDsnacks.com
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supreme court

JUsTiCe sTevens
By Erwin Chemerinsky
Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California, irvine, School of Law
iT is hard FOr me TO imaGine the Supreme Court without Justice John Paul Stevens. He been on the high court since 1975, the year i began law school. i have argued several cases in the Court and watched many others and, in each, Justice Stevens sat there with a bow tie visible above his robe. Arguing a case in the Supreme Court is exhilarating, but also nerve-wracking and frustrating. Unlike the monologues delivered to a jury, oral arguments in an appellate court are frequently interrupted by questions from the judges. in one case i was arguing, Justice Stevens asked me a tough question based on how the principle i was urging would apply to a hypothetical situation. Before i could answer, Justice Anthony Kennedy told me to add another element to Justice

says Goodbye
Stevens’ question. Just as i was to respond, Chief Justice William Rehnquist added a new wrinkle to the question. i said one sentence in response to Chief Justice Rehnquist and then Justice Antonin Scalia interrupted with a question about something totally unrelated to the questions i was answering from the other justices.

“i t w o u l d b e a m i s t a k e t o p i g e o n h o l e
h i m a s a l i b e ra l . tw o ye a rs a g o , Justice stevens voted with the conservatives to allow executions by lethal injection.”

The stakes in the Supreme Court are often enormous. They can be literally about life and death. in one case i argued, my client received a sentence of 50 years to life in prison for stealing $153 worth of videotapes


saturday night magazine June 2010


from K-Mart stores in San Bernardino, California. He received this sentence under California’s “three strikes law” even though he had never committed a violent crime. As i stood before the justices, i knew that if i won, hundreds of individuals serving draconian sentences for minor crimes would be released from prison; if i lost, they likely would spend the rest of their lives behind bars. i lost 5-4, with Justice Stevens dissenting and powerfully observing that no one in American history had received a life sentence for shoplifting until California’s three strikes law. The Court’s decisions touch the most intimate and important aspects of people’s lives. Whether a woman has access to a safe and legal abortion, whether a state can prohibit private adult homosexual activity, whether there is a right to physician-assisted death for terminally ill patients, all depend on the Court. Justice Stevens’ conduct towards lawyers during oral argument is a reflection of the man who has served so long on the Supreme Court. He is unfailingly polite to every advocate. When he interrupts a lawyer, he usually begins by saying, “May i ask you a question?” Of course, no lawyer ever has said no. His manner is avuncular and his voice is never loud. Yet his questions To some extent, he has changed in his 35 years as a justice. initially, he voted against affirmative action programs, but shifted and became a predictable vote to allow the government to use race to remedy past discrimination and to enhance diversity. Soon after coming on to the Court, he cast a decisive vote in favor of the constitutionality of the death penalty. Two years ago, he wrote an opinion expressing the view that capital punishment inherently violates the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. But it also would be a mistake to pigeonhole him as a liberal. He is not as liberal as justices like William Douglas, William Brennan, or Thurgood Marshall. Two years ago, Justice Stevens voted with the conservatives to allow executions by lethal injection. That same year, he voted with the conservatives to uphold an indiana law requiring photo identification for voting. The reality is that the Court changed around him. When he came on the Court in 1975, there was only one very conservative justice, William Rehnquist. Today, there are four: John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito. Thirty-five years is an almost unprecedented tenure on the Supreme Court and Justice Stevens has left his legacy in every area of constitutional law. Although it is expected that he will be replaced by a nominee of about the same ideology (as of this writing, no one has yet been announced or nominated to replace Justice Stevens), there is no doubt that he will be very much missed when the Court resumes its work on October 4 without him. it is not surprising that Justice Stevens has decided to retire. He turned 90 years old on April 20. Yet, he is clearly as vibrant and sharp as ever. i saw and spoke with him on May 5 when we were both making presentations at a federal judicial conference in Columbus, Ohio. He looks 25 years younger than his age. in our conversation, we spoke briefly of having attended the same high school, though obviously many years apart. in his remarks to the judges and lawyers, Justice Stevens spoke of being at the World Series game where Babe Ruth allegedly called his home run. it is stunning to listen to a man talk of having watched Babe Ruth play. it is remarkable to think that he will be the last Supreme Court justice to have served during World War ii; he is the only current justice to have served in the military. it is intimidating to realize that he still plays tennis on a regular basis. This summer, there is sure to be a fight over his successor. Before attention shifts to that, it is worth celebrating a remarkable man who has had a terrific career as a justice.

unprecedented tenure on the supreme court and Justice stevens has left his legacy in every area of co n st i t u t i o n a l l a w. ”
are incisive and often brilliant. i have seen arguments in which he has decimated a lawyer through gentle and probing questions. Often the lawyer doesn’t realize until it is too late that Justice Stevens’ seemingly friendly questions undermined the advocate’s position. He is thought of as perhaps the most liberal current justice, but it must be remembered that he was a life long Republican before going on the bench and he was appointed to the Supreme Court by Republican President gerald Ford. To be sure, his position on many issues is liberal. He has been a consistent vote for abortion rights throughout his career. He authored the key opinions for the Supreme Court rejecting the excesses of the Bush administration in the war on terrorism, most importantly holding that guantanamo detainees have a right to challenge their custody in federal courts. He firmly believes in a separation of church and state.

“ thirty-five years is an almost

Justice John Paul stevens


June 2010 saturday night magazine



saturday night magazine June 2010


BesT sUmmer

rOad Trips
londonbridgeresort.com Famous for its location adjacent to the world famous London Bridge, the London Bridge resort boasts 122 deluxe suites located on the Bridgewater Channel. Fittted with three pools, water sports, and entertainment for any age, the London Bridge Resort is an excellent option for an exciting stay in Lake Havasu City.

looking for an adventure this summer? it’s time to hit the road! after all, there’s nothing like the unforgettable memories and stories that form when you get a few friends together and take a classic road trip. we’ve researched the best activities, restaurants, places to stay and stops along the way in five unique vacation destinations. whether you crave adventure or a relaxing weekend away, our guide features a variety of trips sure to satisfy any travel needs. now, grab your map, camera and your favorite people, and start exploring!
By Megan Ladd

1. Lake havasU
You’ll find a lot of fun and a lot of sun in Lake Havasu, a party hotspot characterized by water sports, adventures and socializing. The daytime scene revolves around house and speedboat parties on the lake, where the music is loud and the beer keeps flowing. Cool off with water rentals, sailing and parasailing. Channel your inner wild-child with off-roading and four-wheeling. Wine and dine at the trendy hotels and popular bars that cater to a younger crowd. • 5 hours from Los Angeles • Water sports and boating on the lake • Fun party scene • Sunny 365 days a year

LOndOn BridGe resOrT

where TO eaT
UpTOwn sCOOps iCe Cream parLOr- uptownscoops.com Uptown Scoops ice Cream Parlor is an old-fashioned family favorite. its nostalgic atmosphere, reasonable prices and homemade ice cream make it a must-visit during your stay.
The italian food-lover’s dream come true. Customers regularly celebrate Angelina’s italian Kitchen’s meals as “the best italian food” in Lake Havasu. Visit for fine dining in an intimate setting. The prices are reasonable, the portions are large, and the service is friendly.

sTOps aLOnG The way
LUCiLLe’s smOkehOUse BBQ

anGeLina’s iTaLian kiTChen

lucillesbbq.com The perfect pit stop for an empty, traveling stomach. Come hungry for a delicious and generous meal—we recommend the tasty ribs, tri-tip steak or cornbread.

The TUrTLe BeaCh Bar

Lake mead - nps.gov/lake Lake Mead offers another opportunity to camp overnight. if you’re looking for a brief break from the car, stop by for some kayaking, biking, or swimming.

where TO sTay
heaT- heathotel.com

Heat is a hip, sophisticated and modern hotel complete with cabanas, sunset cocktails and a patio lounge. ideal for guests looking for a young, upscale stay. View the London Bridge from your balcony or float leisurely along the channel.

A great laid-back, fun and relaxing daytime drinking option. Combine a water park and a tiki beach bar and you’ve got The naked Turtle, perfect for midday fun. Park your boat, grab a bloody mary or frozen drink, and relax on the lake. in addition to the floating water park and rentals, don’t miss the climbing iceberg!

londonbridgeresort.com/entertainment/kokomo This “beach, surf and party bar” hotspot is located at the London Bridge Resort and features an outdoor pool bar with a main stage above the pool deck. Perfect for dancing the night away, and jumping in the pool to cool off!



June 2010 saturday night magazine



2. sOnOma vaLLey
Visiting the beautiful wine countryside in Sonoma Valley is a complete cultural experience. While in Sonoma Plaza, enjoy hanging with locals and finding the best of the best artisan-made gifts, luxury goods, home furnishings, kitchenware and jewelry. The farmers’ market has live music and jazz festivals, and a visit to Sonoma isn’t complete without a wine tasting tour and a picnic lunch. Pick up items at The Sonoma Cheese Factory and spread out a blanket to lounge and dine on in the middle of Sonoma Plaza. • 1 hour from San Francisco • Relaxing atmosphere • Fun outdoor activities like horseback riding, kayaking and bike tours • Restaurants, shops and nightclubs

sOnOma pLaza - sonomavalley.com The center of it all: restaurants, shops, nightclubs, and one of the best farmers’ markets in the country—complete with locals and live music. Visit the park for a midday picnic, and be sure to pick up some of Sonoma’s famous olive oil.

where TO eaT
Tra viGne resTaUranT - travignerestaurant.com This napa Valley favorite is located in nearby St. Helena, and serves superior italian cuisine and wine at a great price. We recommend a leisurely lunch complete with outdoor seating on the veranda amidst the fountains and sculptures. The GirL and The FiG - thegirlandthefig.com A perfect choice for a gourmet brunch or incredible cocktails, The girl and The Fig is famous in Sonoma. We love their plethora of healthy yet memorable options and their celebrated antique bar.

sTOps aLOnG The way

Extend your trip by taking a short ferry ride from San Francisco to Sausalito. Located across from the golden gate Bridge, this scenic waterfront community is a prime spot for photo ops and a variety of fine dining options.

Petaluma is a quaint riverfront town located in Sonoma County. Enjoy live music every Friday as you explore the charming scene by the water.


where TO sTay
The FLaminGO hOTeL

flamingoresort.com Located in the beautiful Sonoma Wine Country, the Flamingo Resort is the perfect place for travelers looking for a peaceful and luxurious retreat. This renovated 1950s resort hotel offers meeting space for corporate and social events, and luxurious amenities such as a magnificent garden, swimming pools and a health club. Be sure to try one of their golf/spa/winery great promotional packages.

eldoradosonoma.com For a more modern, boutique feel, check out the El Dorado hotel, which features 27 rooms and four private bungalows. A sophisticated meal in the courtyard of the hotel’s critically acclaimed restaurant, El Dorado kitchen, is a must during your stay in Sonoma.

eL dOradO hOTeL

harvesT mOOn CaFé - harvestmooncafesonoma.com An ever-changing seasonal menu filled with fresh, delicious and local food make customers come back for meals time after time at the Harvest Moon Café. The family-run restaurant scours local farms and wineries for the best ingredients Sonoma has to offer.

ana’s CanTina

Delicious margaritas and live music gets the costumers out off their chairs and dancing. Ana’s Cantina welcomes customers to channel their inner American idol with live music, a dance floor and karaoke.

The COOperaGe inn - thecooperageinn.com if you’re looking for an intimate, elegant place to stay for a reasonable price, The Cooperage inn is your best bet. This is a historic bed-andbreakfast located a block away from the central Sonoma Plaza area. Just be sure to make reservations prior to traveling in order to secure one of the two private suites.
26 saturday night magazine June 2010

Meet new people by mingling at this favorite local hotspot. Arguably the best bar in Sonoma, Steiner’s Tavern is the go-to place for live bands and music, good company, and especially strong drinks.

sTeiner’s Tavern

Come to this lounge to find a fun mix of tourists and locals. The relaxed feel and the occasional DJ create a fun yet laid-back atmosphere.

henry’s COCkTaiL LOUnGe



3. Big SuR
Big Sur offers some of the most breathtaking sights in all of California. Choose from over 80 different day hikes, climb the Point Sur lighthouse tower for an up-close view of the coastline, and let your worries slip away as you listen to the sound of waves crashing outside your hotel room. Big Sur is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature in its simplest yet finest form. • 3 hours from San Francisco • gorgeous coastline • Natural setting and ideal for hiking • Camping, hiking and backpacking

deetjens.com/restaurant This restaurant is quintessential Big Sur: simple, cozy and treasured by every visitor. A breakfast, brunch and lunch at The Restaurant will stand out in your memory as a vacation highlight.

The resTaUranT aT deeTJen’s BiG sUr inn

BiG sUr river inn resTaUranT - bigsurrriverinn.com The Big Sur River inn Restaurant overlooks the river and has seating options on the riverbank, deck and lawn. Feel free to visit the bar, but don’t leave without trying some of their locally grown food or famous hot apple pie!


sTOps aLOnG The way
mOnTerey - monterey.org Located about 45 minutes away from Big Sur, stop by Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf and take the detour through Carmel-ByThe-Sea as you drive down Route 1. Carmel’s Point Lobos State Reserve, mission, pristine beaches, gorgeous flowers, Pebble Beach golf courses, and upscale shopping are worth the extra stop.
This concrete arch bridge is iconic in Big Sur and can be found sandwiched into the gorgeous Big Sur coastline along Highway 1. it’s well worth pulling off to the side of the road to snap some photos and take in the natural beauty.

BixBy BridGe

where TO sTay
pOsT ranCh inn - postranchinn.com Willing to splurge for a romantic getaway? Look no further than the Post Ranch inn, a boutique hotel that offers a complete, luxurious escape. Balconies overlook the Pacific Ocean.
For a more rustic stay in Big Sur, fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing at Deetjen’s Big Sur inn. The cabin-like rooms are cozy and the inn’s location is ideal for outdoor activities like biking and sea kayaking.

JULia pFeiFFer BUrns sTaTe park - parks.ca.gov One of the most scenic spots in all of Big Sur is the Julia Pfeiffer State Park, located right on the ocean. The park includes a variety of trails, campsites a picnic area and a panoramic ocean view. mCway FaLLs - parks.ca.gov You can’t visit Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park without a stop at the absolutely breathtaking McWay Falls. As a rare yet beautiful, straight-into-the-ocean waterfall, McWay Falls presents a striking view of nature and an excellent photo opportunity, particularly during sunsets. The phOenix - phoenixshopbigsur.com At The Phoenix bookshop, located at nepenthe, you’ll find the perfect souvenirs and gifts from both locals and all over the world. They offer a unique and noteworthy selection, as The Phoenix sells everything from handmade knits and artwork to handcrafted fine jewelry and furniture. esaLen insTiTUTe - esalen.org Stimulate your curiosity by attending a five-day or weekend-long seminar at The Esalen institute, an alternative learning center. Relax deeply and learn from seminars focusing on areas like meditation or selfexploration in a setting surrounded by the ocean, mountains, cliffs, and hot mineral springs.

deeTJen’s BiG sUr inn - deetjens.com

You definitely get what you pay for at the Ventana inn & Spa—and what you pay for is beautiful, spacious rooms, ViP treatment and all-around friendly service. The inn is recognized for its attention to detail and Japanese hot baths.

venTana inn & spa

where TO eaT
nepenThe resTaUranT

nepenthebigsur.com Dining at the family-owned nepenthe Restaurant, is another Big Sur must. Enjoy their excellent food and wine, and take in the coastline while sitting on a patio suspended high above the Pacific Ocean below.


June 2010 saturday night magazine



4. sanTa BarBara
Santa Barbara is an extremely festive and fun road trip destination. Beautiful beaches, horseback riding, and a number of water sports including swimming, boating, sports fishing, kayaking, jet skiing and windsurfing will keep you more than occupied during your stay. You’ll find the charming Old Town Santa Barbara area and State Street to be the center of activity. From State Street, you can take a red tile walking tour or the Downtown Waterfront Trolley during the day, and experience the social scene at night. • 2 hours from Los Angeles • Beaches and sunset cruises • Waterfront activities and shopping • Vibrant nightlife

The Upham - uphamhotel.com if you’re looking for an element of seclusion amidst the vibrancy of the downtown area, consider this “best value” hotel. The Upham is a popular, reasonably priced option that promises comfort and elegance. it has both the cozy feel of an intimate bed and breakfast, and the amenities of a hotel. FOUr seasOns resOrT The BiLTmOre

sTOps aLOnG The way

fourseasons.com/ santabarbara if you’re willing to splurge on a luxurious, incredibly scenic resort, there’s no better option than the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore. in addition to the noteworthy resort design and unparalleled view of Santa Barbara, prepare to be further impressed by their exotic Resort Jungle pool featuring underwater music.

where TO eaT
BrOphy BrOs - brophybros.com if you’re near the harbor, you can’t miss Brophy Bros. Seafood Restaurant. Look out at the harbor, ocean and mountains while you chow down on their famous clam chowder and award-winning seafood.
coldspringtavern.com For a romantic steak dinner and drinks that won’t disappoint, make reservations at Cold Spring Tavern. The restaurant, a converted stagecoach shop in the Los Padres national Forest, invites you to embrace the outdoors, live music, and satisfying food.

COLd sprinG Tavern

sOLvanG - solvangusa.com The “Danish sub capital of America” is a must. Spend half a day horseback riding, golfing or indulging in a spa treatment. OLd TOwn venTUra - ventura-usa.com Whether you enjoy outdoor activities like surfing or kayaking, lazy and relaxing days at uncrowded beaches, or love art galleries and live performances, Ventura offers something for every kind of traveler. Take a harbor cruise, shop in the boutiques, and grab lunch or dinner at one of the many gourmet restaurants. nepTUne’s neT - neptunesnet.com Located along Pacific Coast Highway, locals, celebrities, and anyone craving tasty seafood frequent neptune’s net. Lovingly referred to as “The net,” this restaurant features inspiring views of the ocean and coastline. Don’t forget to try their famous new England clam chowder.

mary’s seCreT Garden - maryssecretgarden.com Even if you’re not vegan, prepare to be impressed by the creative healthy and vegan options served at Mary’s Secret garden. Their tasty vegan cakes, raw food and fresh smoothies and juices are crafted with an emphasis on organic ingredients and taking care of your body.

veLveT JOnes - velvet-jones.com Love live music? Check out Velvet Jones, a fun music club located at the hub of everything on State Street. Concertgoers love the quality bands and solid sound system at this venue. sOhO - sohosb.com if you’re ready to dance the night away, stop by SoHo for live music, dinner and dancing every night of the week. JOe’s CaFé - joescafesb.com Known by locals for having the strongest drinks in Santa Barbara, Joe’s Café is an excellent place to start your night off right. Conveniently located on State Street, you’ll have walking access to other bars and hangouts nearby.

where TO sTay
spanishgardeninn.com Located slightly away from the hustle and bustle of State Street, this hidden treasure feels like a true Santa Barbara getaway. The lush rooms are understated, the courtyard calming and romantic.

inn OF The spanish Garden


saturday night magazine June 2010



5. COpperOpOLis
A small hidden gem located in the Sierra Foothills, Copperopolis is full of both adventure and artistic appreciation. it has a plethora of shops, concerts and festivals, and is a wonderful wine tasting destination. Explore moaning caverns and go whitewater rafting, or simply stroll through the various art galleries, antique shops, and museums. • 2.5 hours from San Francisco • Art galleries, antique shops, museums and wine tasting • Small town setting • Live entertainment

saddlecreek.com/dining Come for breakfast, lunch or dinner and overlook the Sierra Foothills as you munch down on seasonal favorites and sip the famous local wine. The diverse menu features items from all over the world.

saddLe Creek resOrT’s COpper GriLL

CaLaveras BiG Trees sTaTe park - parks.ca.gov Experience the natural beauty of majestic sequoia trees along a hike in Calaveras Big Tree State Park. Hike five miles along Big Tree Creek, crosscountry ski, mountain bike, and gather around a campfire. The rangers are helpful, and the park is beautifully well-kept and serene. Oars river raFTinG - oars.com in need of some adventure? OARS offers a variety of exciting whitewater rafting and water sporting trips. Let these professionals take you for a wild ride on your vacation.

sTOps aLOnG The way
sTOCkTOn - stocktongov.com On the way back to San Francisco, stop in Stockton’s downtown arena and explore shops and restaurants. Check the Stockton website ahead of time to check out upcoming events at the Stockton Civic Theatre.

where TO sTay
The COOper hOUse Bed & BreakFasT inn

cooperhouseinn.com The Cooper House encompasses every quality a quality B&B should: extremely welcoming owners, delicious breakfasts and quiet, comfortable rooms. You’ll love the personal touches, like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and comfy robes for guests.

Bear vaLLey mOUnTain resOrT - bearvalley.com Choose from a selection of cabins, lodges and condos and take advantage of the variety of activities at the Bear Valley Mountain Resort. go wine tasting, and head to the quiet heated pool or to the spa. saddLe Creek resOrT saddlecreek.com

indulge in a private bungalow experience complete with wood fireplaces and impressive media areas. Enjoy great golf, an on-site body massage and a prime location on the lake.

where TO eaT
CrUiser’s iCe Cream parLOr

cruisersicecream.com Located in Copperopolis Town Square, Cruiser’s offers a variety of tasty treats. Choose from healthy dairy-free sorbets, sherbet, and no-sugar-added flavors, or indulge in a classic banana split or sundae.

Drive thirty minutes to ironstone Vineyard in Murphys, CA and you’ll find award-winning wines, tours, concerts, cooking demonstrations and silent movies, all taking place in the beautiful natural surroundings. Don’t miss the Summer Concert Series at their five-tier amphitheatre—this year it’s featuring The Fray, B.B. King and Sheryl Crow, among others.

irOnsTOne vineyard and amphiTheaTre


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Saturday, June 12, 2010
The Art Institute of California — Hollywood presents “The Red Carpet Deconstructed” where over two dozen designers show off their creativity through innovative red carpet designs featured at an exciting runway show on Saturday, June 12, 2010. Fashion is constantly changing and these talented designers have the opportunity to express their unique vision and make their mark in this high-profile industry. Come see the latest trends to hit the runway at “The Red Carpet Deconstructed.” For show times and ticket information, visit:

Or call us toll-free: 877.468.6232 We offer programs in the following areas:

Join our mobile community. Text AiH to 89074 to get important information about school-related news and events. Find us:

5250 Lankershim Blvd. • North Hollywood, CA 91601
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on the cover


nikki reed
PHOTOS BY bobby Quillard STYLing BY aPril steiner of exclusive artists manaGement HAiR BY ian James of the wall GrouP MAKEUP BY Jake bailey of tenfold talent LOCATiOn: the w hotel, hollywood BAnDEAU BRA BY nation BLOUSE BY Gold hawk nECKLACE BY robindira unsworth BRACELET BY one of a land EARRingS BY sonya renee SHORTS AnD magazine www.saturdaynight.com June 2010 saturday night SHOES BY bcbG

TOTaL eCLipse OF The hearT: TwilighT’s


on the cover


saturday night magazine June 2010



nikki reed is not afraid of being unconventional. After all, she broke into the business as a 14-year-old screenwriter-turned actress when she wrote and starred in the coming-of-age drama Thirteen. Since then, Reed has continued to impress critics through sexually-charged and equally controversial roles in films like Lords of Dogtown and Mini’s First Time. never one to be typecast, however, Reed’s latest work involves a little less skin and a little more teeth. Reed plays Rosalie Hale, a beautiful but tragically cursed vampire in the muchloved film saga Twilight. With the film’s next installment Eclipse set for release June 30, we caught up with the star at the W Hollywood to get an inside peek into the film and her life behind the scenes.
snmaG: what can you tell us about the new movie, Eclipse? nikki reed: it’s full of action, as you can see from the trailers. You really get a glimpse at what it was like for us before we were vampires and how we made the journey. it’s a lot more visually intense. snmaG: how did you prepare for the filming? nr: We were in stunt, personal and fight training all the time. i felt like a professional athlete. i felt like all i did was train. They had to make sure our bodies were in good physical shape because we did a lot of our own stunts. There were weeks when i would work Monday through Saturday. snmaG: what was the coolest stunt you got to do yourself? nr: Running on steep 30 foot treadmills with harnesses on and jumping while running at 10.0 on the treadmill and ducking through branches and being on the back of tow trucks, being pulled at 100 miles an hour. snmaG: we get to learn a bit more about rosalie’s back story in Eclipse. what is like playing a character that is said to be so incredibly beautiful? nr: it opened up all these questions about what beauty is. it really stressed me out for a long time. it made me more aware of my insecurity. i eventually had to just be ok with what it is — that is that everyone’s beautiful and we’re all beautiful in a different way. There’s no single person on the planet, not Monica Bellucci or Adriana Lima, that is universally the most beautiful person. snmaG: what initially drew you to the character of rosalie? nr: i liked how honest she was. i liked how she was unwilling to stray from what she believed in and she would fight and speak her mind regardless of how controversial it was. snmaG: did you have any idea how crazy the fan following for Twilight would be like when you signed on? nr: no, not at all. We had no idea. When we signed onto the series, it was a passionate and exclusive group. The hype combined with making the movie made this an explosion. it was bizarre. There’s definitely no formula for it. snmaG: what has been your craziest fan encounter? nr: it doesn’t get as crazy for me, but i think that i am careful about which situations i put myself in. i don’t go out a lot and i don’t expose

myself to it. There have been moments during shooting where there’s a group of 50 people that have been waiting for 10 hours and you end up feeling as a human being that it’s so undeserved. it just feels like, “Really? You’re waiting for me? That can’t be.” i almost want to see the fans so i can say, “You see, i’m not special at all.” snmaG: what do you think about the rob pattinson craze? nr: i get it. Rob is a totally fascinating, amazing, wonderful guy. i get why all these girls are so in love with him. He’s super intelligent, mysterious, musical and intellectual. i get it. snmaG: do you get along well with all the other cast? is there anyone you especially get along with? nr: it depends on where we’re at in our lives. We all get along really well but on this last movie, it just so happened that Elizabeth [Reaser] and i were living literally two steps away from each other. When you came out of my door and took a hard left you were in her room. When i quit smoking that changed who i hung out with in our cast because i got really active and into working out and Elizabeth and Kellan [Lutz] are really active. There was a time when i wanted to sit and smoke cigarettes and play guitar and sing. snmaG: how do you guys spend your free time when you’re shooting? nr: We get creative and make silly mini movies and do awesome stuff like that. Other times we just lay around and watch television. There are a lot of music nights because xavier [Samuel], Rob and Jackson [Rathbone] are ver y musical. We eat a lot of Thai food. There’s a Thai food place close by. We hang out with each other because we’re ver y isolated.

SHORTS BY dl1961

SHiRT BY bcbG SPORTS BRA - riller and fount LOng nECKLACE BY robindira unsworth

Ring BY skinny FLOWER nECKLACE BY swarovski BRACELETS BY Guy and eva SHOES BY velvet anGels


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snmaG: is it grueling to shoot these movies back to back? nr: We can’t really age so we have to knock them out. it’s nice to have a job. i don’t think any actor necessarily complains about having their next job lined up. snmaG: what is the coolest experience to come out of being associated with a franchise like Twilight? nr: it’s cool being seen in a different light. i look so different and the entire world sees that i can do that; that i can play someone different and make it believable… hopefully. snmaG: you broke into acting in a pretty unconventional way. how did you decide to write the screenplay for Thirteen at such a young age? nr: it was a very unconventional situation. There was no plan. i wasn’t a crazy teenager that was like, “i want to be a screenwriter.” i just do a lot of writing for myself, and i was a precocious child and liked to express my feelings all the time. i was writing about my family and my life and what was going on. Catherine Hardwicke, who dated my father when i was a kid, said, “What if we write this movie?” And we got it made.

“Rob is a totally fascinating, amazing, wonderful guy. i get why all these girls are so in love with him.”

DRESS BY french connection BRACELET BY one of a land

nECKLACE BY sonya renee SHOES BY raPhael younG

nECKLACE BY michelle roy desiGns


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Three Ways to Book: Call 800.781.4040, Walk In to any STA Travel Store or Visit statravel.com. saturday night magazine June 2010 www.saturdaynight.com

on the cover


“i almost want to see the fans so i can say, ‘You see, i’m not special at all.’”
snmaG: do you write screen-plays now? nr: i’ve continued to write. it’s just one of those things where there’s no formula for making a successful franchise. There’s also no formula for making a different type of phenomenon like Thirteen because the timing was right and the stars were aligned. At one time or another that movie was shocking and eye opening but now with reality TV shows it’s different. i have written a number of screenplays and i continue to explore that avenue. With everything that’s been going on, i haven’t been as focused as i’d like to in my late teenage years and early 20s. snmaG: do you feel that your tumultuous upbringing helped you cope in crazy hollywood? nr: no, not really. i get people and i know what’s going on. i’m not afraid to say what i feel. i think that’s helped me in my career, but it’s also hurt me a lot. People don’t know how to receive that. i’m a young woman who is articulate and speaks her mind. it’s who i am. i was never silenced by either of my parents. snmaG: when you’re not working, what is your favorite way to spend a saturday night? nr: i like to cook. i’m not the best cook in the world, but it makes me happy and i’m good at following recipes. i travel a lot. i’ve spent the last few years in Australia, Africa, Switzerland. i’m going to go to Brazil soon.

By Jillian gordon

JUMPER BY Gabriela cadena RingS AnD EARRingS BY robindira unsworth Ring BY swarovski SHOES BY rene caovilla


June 2010 saturday night magazine



an education in

The diGiTaL aGe

By ivana Wynn and Lorraine K. Lee

when iT COmes TO GeTTinG a COLLeGe edUCaTiOn, it’s hard to imagine a world without textbooks, notepads or in-class lectures. But as more tools like e-Books, netbooks, iPads, video lectures and online courses become available to students, traditional methods of learning are changing. Although these tools are still being integrated in students’ day to day educational habits, it is clear that higher education is entering a new era that could eventually transform the classroom and universities forever. Here’s a look at some gadgets and services that are revolutionizing college campuses and a glimpse into the future of education in the digital age.

fact, many feel the ability to access information instantaneously thanks to laptops and internet access aids to the overall quality of the lecture itself. For example, Thomas Durkin, a sociology professor at northwestern, recalls an incident when a student was able to go to CSPAn to check if the Senate had voted yet on a bill that he was currently discussing. “Twenty years ago, i would have to lecture about that on Friday and today i can incorporate it because it happened just a couple of hours ago,” Durkin says. Even course readings have become digital as more and more professors are using online alternatives to the physical textbook. “i tried a textbook for a couple years, but found that i was making compromises in the readings,” says Steven Duke, a journalism professor at northwestern University. Rather than ask his students to buy a textbook, Duke hand selected course readings

LapTOps, neTBOOks & OnLine TexTBOOks
Digital tools like laptops and netbooks have practically become an in-class, notetaking necessity for today’s college students as the traditional pen and paper option seems to be falling by the wayside. UCLA student Chelsea Dunlap brings her laptop to every lecture. “i’ve noticed that i take notes more efficiently on my laptop, and i can get a better grasp of the lecture because typing is second nature, and i don’t have to look down. instead, i can keep eye contact with the professor and be engaged in the lecture,” she says. Professors have increasingly come to allow laptop use in lectures because many feel the benefits often outweigh whatever distraction the use of the internet might introduce. in

e f f i c i e n t ly o n m y l a p to p , a n d i ca n g e t a better grasp of the lecture because typing is second nature.”
and made them available to students online. “Having a single textbook was certainly more convenient for me, but it was an unsatisfactory tradeoff for quality and content of the readings. So i dropped the textbook, and selected readings that more narrowly focused on each week’s topic and were timelier,” he explains. Still, despite the use of online readings and course assignments, physical textbooks are not yet a thing of the past. Follett, a distribution company

“i ’ v e n o t i c e d t h a t i t a k e n o t e s m o r e


saturday night magazine June 2010


in THE DigiTAL AgE

online textbooks and is having difficulty getting accustomed to reading in digital format. “i like to write on the text to remind myself of certain concepts,” Kim says. “Also, the online copies usually don’t allow you to print the text.” Realizing there may still be a few kinks, textbook sellers are trying to solve the problems that arise through switching from print to digital format. “Students can enhance their studies by using features within CourseSmart’s eTextbooks to search, copy and paste, highlight and take notes,” Zucker says. CafeScribe also offers multifunctionality with their eBooks, including annotating and note sharing features. The idea is to eventually offer students tools that are not possible with just a simple textbook. Other benefits to online textbooks include savings, efficiency and convenience. Students who purchase eTextbooks can save an average of 50 percent of the cost of print textbooks. Accessing online textbooks is quicker than waiting for a print textbook to arrive in the mail. instead of lugging around a heavy backpack, online textbooks are accessible on mobile devices. Because cell phones are a dominant part of a student’s life, digital textbook sellers are making eBooks available through apps on mobile devices. Students can access their CourseSmart textbooks through the “eTextbook for the iPhone” app. Follett is looking into making CafeScribe available on Smartphones. Since going completely online is a transition that won’t happen overnight, Follett, along with companies like Chegg.com and even Barnes and nobel, are now offering textbook rental programs to students. Rather than purchase a new or used textbook, students can rent textbooks for a designated amount of time at about half the price of purchase. After a successful pilot program last year, Follett will be offering textbook rentals at 600 campuses this coming September and it is expected that 70 - 80 percent of college students will choose to rent textbooks in the next three to five years. that sells student resources such as textbooks, is still experiencing large sales in print textbooks, according to gary Shapiro, senior vice president of intellectual Properties at Follett Higher Education. However, seeing the shift to online course readings first-hand, Follett is also experimenting with online resources for students. CafeScribe is Follett’s e-book marketplace and offers a social networking site that allows students from virtual study groups to share notes and insight. “An important factor determining whether a textbook goes digital is demand,” Shapiro says. “Follett will also negotiate deals with key publishers to create digital textbooks.” According to gabrielle Zucker, spokesperson for CourseSmart (a leading digital textbook seller), the demand is there. “CourseSmart experienced a 400 percent revenue growth just last year,” says Zucker. in fact, the national Association of College Stores estimates that by 2012, digital textbooks may account for as much as 15 percent of total textbook sales, compared to its current three percent. Still, many students are not quite sold on going completely digital just yet and have experienced problems in fully adapting to online textbooks and readings. Jonathan Kim, a student at Fullerton College, has purchased

e-readers & TaBLeT COmpUTers
the kindle Another current emerging digital tool that could possibly revolutionize education are e-readers like the Kindle and tablets like the iPad. The standard Kindle holds 1,500 books and the Amazon bookstore offers 500,000 books. As it stands now, most buy the Kindle for pleasure reading. However, the Kindle is changing the idea of print textbooks as a necessity and provides convenience for students. The

o t h e r ta b le t d ev i ce s h a s ce r ta i n ly raised awareness of the value they could have on campus.”
e-reader provides portability for online textbooks, which students can take to class. The Kindle is light and has highlighting and note-taking features. The specially designed screen helps your eyes adjust to reading by using e-ink. Accessing the potential educational benefits to the Kindle, some universities

“t h e i n t r o d u c t i o n o f e r e a d e r s a n d


June 2010 saturday night magazine



in THE DigiTAL AgE

Brennan Mcnally, a Political Science major at UCLA, feels the iPad will definitely influence education. “You can type on it as you would a full keyboard to take notes, do anything online, check email from TAs, read books – Complete Works of Shakespeare for free – and you can search for specific things within it. Suck on that, paper!” says Mcnally. “Plus, there’s a plethora of applications to be downloaded – interactive periodic tables, calendars and schedules, etc. Honestly, anything you’d really need at your fingertips, all the time.” Apple has already begun marketing the iPad as an educational tool and is offering a special promotion for academic institutions in which ten-pack bundles of 16gB iPads can be purchased for $4,790. The iPad is also expected to complement Apple’s iTunes U section, which is used by more than 600 universities, including Stanford and Princeton, to post lectures and other materials like PDFs, audiobooks and videos. Professors can even use iTunes U as a class website, where they can post their syllabus and notes. Although devices like e-Readers and tablet computers will need to be remodeled with improved features to better suit educational purposes, they are introducing a faster, more efficient way of carrying and receiving information. “The introduction of eReaders and other tablet devices has certainly raised awareness of the value they could have on campus with certain students and course areas,” says Zucker.

the apple iPad
have already begun requiring students to use the handy digital devices. Case Western Reserve University, for example, gives Kindles to students for certain classes like freshman seminars. Despite the Kindle’s convenience and efficiency, some students are not yet convinced the tool is suited for educational purposes. UCLA student Justin Yu has two textbooks on his Kindle but doesn’t find it to be an educational tool he relies on. “i would say that the real deal will never be replaced. The Kindle has highlighting features and notation tools, but it’s time consuming and harder to access. Plus, the cost of the Kindle makes you think twice about how useful this ‘investment’ actually is. not only do you have to buy the reader, but the actual books cost around $10 each.”

iphOne apps
netbooks, readers and tablets are not the only gadgets students are utilizing for their daily study needs. Mobile phones are also becoming a useful student resource. The iPhone has recently become a tool that students rely on heavily for studying and accessing necessary course information while on the go thanks to its internet capabilities. “i’d literally die without it,” says UCi student Kayla Khazeni. “Since most professors post their lecture notes or readings on their websites, i can access them from my iPhone without having to bring a laptop.” Educational iPhone apps have also become popular with students, providing everything from organizers and time management calendars, to interactive study tools. “i use my phone all the time when i need translations, definitions, a calculator and conversions,” says Alex Martinez, a student at UCLA. Students can find a vast array of educational apps via the iPhone app store. These apps include dictionaries, world maps, language tutors and more. myHomework, for example, is an app that allows you to keep track of your course assignment due dates by simply

their lecture notes or readings on their websites, i can access them from my iPhone without having to bring a laptop.”
The price of the Kindle is one of the biggest concerns students have with the device. The standard Kindle costs $299 and the Dx model is priced at $489. When compared with the multi-functional iPad’s price of $500, the Kindle seems to fall short. The iPad is a blend between the portability of a netbook and the form and function of an e-reader. The slim design and bright 9.7 inch LED color screen, which uses the same technology as the iPhone that so many are already familiar with, makes it a good candidate for a reliable educational tool. The wireless network can potentially connect all students in a classroom. in a culture where multimedia and multitasking are valued, the iPad takes people’s varying learning preferences into account. For example, on an iPad, after reading a chapter in an e-textbook, a student can then watch a video on the same topic to reinforce what they’ve read.

“s i n c e m o s t p r o f e s s o r s p o s t

iPhone app “my homework”

iPhone app “shakespeare”


saturday night magazine June 2010


It offers VIP luxury for four, 31 mpg on the highway and turbocharged 200 hp excitement in your every drive, with 207 lb-ft of torque. Plus fuel injection! The new 2010 VW CC is available with your choice of 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic DSG transmission with Tiptronic. New design paddle shifters are embedded in the steering wheel for “race-inspired” shifting, plus an in-dash 6-disc CD changer with standard touch-screen radio with 8 speakers… even touch-screen navigation. New independent four corner suspension helps you hug the road, corner tightly or just have fun driving CC is equipped with four individual sports seats, ambient lighting, and a roomy, plush interior for full comfort. No doubt about it, the 2010 VW CC is custom-crafted for fun!

Come take a test drive and experience it.

1900 South Figueroa Street • Los Angeles, CA • 213.222.12962010www.vwofdtla.com • saturday night magazine www.saturdaynight.com June



in THE DigiTAL AgE

chat with classmates, post to discussion boards and access reading materials, assignments and exams. Kaplan also offers membership to clubs, tutoring and career services. The benefit of this online platform is convenience and flexibility. There are different tools on Kaplan’s online classroom for the visual or audio learner and since accessing the online classroom is possible from anywhere, students can work their education around their lifestyle. Although some people may think there is less validity in earning a degree from an online university, Kaplan makes sure to meet the same academic requirements as major universities in order to gain credibility. “Kaplan is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the same organization that accredits many of the country’s most prestigious traditional universities. That means that Kaplan University’s curriculum must meet the same level of quality as these institutions,” says Dyke. “The difference is that our curriculum is market-driven, meaning that our programs are designed to train students to work in some of the fastest-growing occupations.”

years the 18-22-year-old population will already have online education experience.”
According to Dyke, Kaplan University is helping to close the “degree gap” by making higher education more accessible to more Americans. in the coming decade, more than 70 million baby boomers will retire. Only 40 million workers will have the education required to take their places. “in order for our country to remain competitive in the global economy, it is critical that more people pursue postsecondary education,” says Dyke.

“i t ’s l i k e l y t h a t i n t h e c o m i n g

entering the information into your phone. Flashcard apps like iFlipr are an excellent study tool where students can create their own flashcards to study terms for exams and review the information, via their phone, between lectures. The convenience and price factor is also a plus, as the app is delivered right to your phone, accessible at any time and it’s free. With apps also now available on the iPad, the use of these interactive programs as study tools continues to rise.

The FUTUre OF edUCaTiOn
So what does the educational landscape of the future look like? From textbooks to lectures, is it only a matter of time before a college education is strictly digital? Futurist Thomas Frey, Executive Director of the Da Vinci institute, an institute that focuses on research on futurist thinking and inventions, believes classrooms will disappear altogether with the increase of online courses and new technologies designed for educational means. “The people that control the classroom also control the time when learning can take place, the students who will participate, the media used, the tools, the pace, the subject matter, and in many cases, the results,” says Frey. Classrooms are designed to focus attention, close off the rest of the world, and create a controllable environment where learning can take place. According to Frey, once a college course is converted into online education, it becomes a commodity. As a commodity, it can be reengineered with better graphics and better audio delivered through hand-held devices, and marketed more effectively to different demographic groups. The companies who are already beginning to do this (Apple, Amazon, google and Microsoft among others) are partnering with universities now but will eventually become competition for universities. Another issue Frey points out is that college tuition is far too expensive. “They are pricing themselves out of existence. Online education can take place at a fraction of the cost. Many of the courses can be packaged and commoditized and sellers will undercut prices to beat out their competition.” “Colleges have huge operating budgets and the corporate world is seeing this as fertile territory to make money,” says Frey. “The vultures are already circling.”

OnLine COUrses
While devices and services like e-Readers, tablet computers and phone applications are still working on improving features and functionality to better suit the educational needs of students, they are introducing a faster, more efficient way of joining, surviving and thriving in the academic arena, a concept that is further capitalized on with the rise of online courses and academic programs.

“o n l i n e e d u c a t i o n c a n t a k e p l a c e at a fraction of the cost.”
Before the twenty-first century, online courses and universities were practically unheard of. Kaplan University, an online college that prepares students for careers in some of the fastest-growing industries, has grown from 34 students in 2001 to more than 66,000 students today. Kaplan works mostly with adults who are trying to earn higher education degrees to get competitive jobs. Currently, only 16 percent of higher education enrollments are between the ages of 18 and 22. “it’s likely that in the coming years the 18-22-year-old population will already have online education experience and will feel comfortable working in this medium,” says Wade Dyke, President of Kaplan University. The online Kaplan classroom is surprisingly very similar in style to a traditional college lecture setting (minus the lecture hall). Students use Kaplan’s online classroom to attend audio lectures with their professors,


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June 2010 saturday night magazine



saturday night magazine June 2010


cool stuff


finally, summer is here—which means it’s time for a whole new crop of hot gadgets. here are the top picks for this summer’s coolest gear.
By ivana Wynn, Audrey Pradel, Megan Ladd and Amanda Delzell

klipsch promedia 2.1
improve the sound quality of music and videos with Klipsch’s wireless speakers. This three-piece set, including two satellites and a subwoofer, comes in a sleek black color. The ProMedia 2.1 also hooks up to TVs, gaming consoles and other portable devices via a headphone jack and miniplug input. >> $150 / klipsch.com

tom tom star Wars voice kits
Star Wars fans can now travel with their favorite character’s voices. Receive guidance from Darth Vader, whose voice is already available, along with C-390, Yoda (out in July) and Hans Solo (out in August), which are all coming soon. Star Wars themed start-up screens, sounds and car icons are included. Enjoy Dark Side humor like, “i find your lack of faith disturbing” and “Sense your way.”

Woodstation Weather display
get the current time and temperature from the WoodStation, a clever design that uses wood on the outside but has an LED screen on the inside which reflects through the wood. The WoodStation lights up when you walk by it and will remain turned off at all other times, appearing to be a modern sculpture. The WoodStation also includes an alarm clock and can be mounted. Choose between Beech, light wood, or Walnut, dark wood.

>> $13 per download / starwars.tomtom.com

>> $100 / thinkgeek.com

retroZone usb retropad
Play nintendo with the original classic controllers, which have been updated with USB for gameplay on PCs or Mac, rather than using a keyboard. The RetroPad doesn’t require that any drivers be installed. Bring back the old days with RetroZone’s RetroPads!

>> $34 / retrousb.com


June 2010 saturday night magazine


cool stuff
byrd harp multi tool
This tool set provides you with screwdrivers, a punch, gimlet, mini-saw, corkscrew, file and a small and large hammer that doubles as a bottle opener. The Byrd Harp keeps all your tools together in one, allowing you to rotate tools out individually and fold them back in when you’re done. A leather carrying case is also provided.

>> $35 / amazon.com

f.l.y. 9 Wireless flight stick
get ready to “rule the skies” once again with this new, PC Cyborg-inspired F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick that allows xbox 360 game players realistic control and maneuverability during flight games. The wireless device syncs with your game console without difficulty and can be customized to fit your specific playing needs. Adjust handle length, handle rake angle and head angle, lock in your customized settings and start playing.

>> $100 / cyborggaming.com

balanZZa digital luggage scale
Calling all over-packers! Are you tired of paying overage fees for luggage that exceeds airline weight limits? The days of guessing how much your bag weighs—and hoping that it’s under however many pounds—are over! The Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale is a compact device that allows you to weigh up to 100 lbs. of luggage. The digital display is easy to read and beeps when it has calculated the bag weight. Use the scale as you pack and avoid added stress at the airport.

>> $25 / thinkgeek.com

aiptek pencam hd
Capture all your summer memories on the world’s smallest HD camcorder. Boasting 720p HD video, a 5-megapixel digital camera, and a 4-gigabyte internal memory, the Aiptek’s latest PenCam may seem to be the product’s pinnacle. But on top of all these advances, you can now listen to music while recording your summer road trips. That’s right, the PenCam now has an integrated MP3 player in its 3.5-ounce body. Pick one up and start recording (and listening) today.

>> $180 / pencamhd.com

dell inspiron mini 10 With t-mobile Webconnect
The Dell inspiron Mini 10 with T-Mobile WebConnect netbook gives students ultraportable, fully featured internet access, so they can have fun and capture vacation memories on the go via T-Mobile’s nationwide 3g wireless broadband network and Wi-Fi, including unlimited access to thousands of T-Mobile HotSpot network locations nationwide. it’s the ideal travel companion at three pounds and comes with a full-size keyboard, 10.1 inch LED glossy screen, lithium-ion battery providing eight hours Web surfing and built-in 1.3 MP webcam.

>> $200 (with a two-year service agreement) / t-mobile.com


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spike your Juice
Make your own alcoholic beverage by taking a 64 oz. bottle of your favorite juice and mixing in the contents of a Spike Your Juice packet. Seal the bottle with the Airlock and Rubber Stopper provided and after just two days of letting the juice sit at room temperature, your drink will be ready! You must be 21 to buy Spike Your Juice products.

>> $10 / spikeyourjuice.com

kobo e-reader
The Kobo e-Reader has almost the same perks as the Kindle – just at a much cheaper price. To get you started, the Kobo comes with 100 pre-loaded e-books. The international Kobo store has over 2 million titles available for purchase. The Kobo has a D-pad and quilted back for comfortable reading and navigation. Although the Kobo only has 1 gB of memory, which holds 1000 books, you can insert an SD card of up to 4 gB for as many as 4,000 books. Sync books onto your Kobo using a USB connection to your computer or wirelessly through a mobile phone. The Kobo is available for pre-order at borders.com and will be out June 17th, 2010.

vers Wood ipad case stand
The new Vers case offers great protection for your iPad: solid on the outside as it’s handcrafted from solid hardwood or bamboo, and soft on the inside, thanks to a scratchresistant lining. it also offers openings for the dock connector, volume controls and orientation locks, plus an optional wood prop as a stand. For Vers, it is not only a question of solidity as the Wood iPad Case Stand is as beautiful as it is tough.

>> $80 / versaudio.com

sony W250 Waterproof Walkman
Ever dreamt of being able to go for a swim with the music on? We have! That’s why, when we heard Sony had created a waterproof music player, we couldn’t be happier. The Sony W250 Waterproof Walkman is a pill-shaped music player with great features. The player is available from a 2gB to a 4gB capacity, offers built-in 13.5mm Ex in-ear headphones, supports the majority of music file formats, and has an 11 hours battery life for only $60.

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AirPort Express is a must-have Apple gadget if you’ll be doing a lot of traveling this summer. Create a wireless network on-the-go by plugging the AirPort Express into an outlet. The AirPort Express is not only an onthe-go gadget; use it at home to print wirelessly or with speakers to play your music. >> $100 / apple.com


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cool stuff
the usb roll up drum kit
The Roll Up Drum Kit from Dream Cheeky is great for those who always wanted to learn how to play drums but didn’t have the space or opportunity to do so. indeed, thanks to its multiple features, the Roll Up Drum Kit is the perfect instrument to give you an idea of what playing drums could feel like. So, install the software, plug the kit to your PC, take the two plastic drum sticks in hands and hit the six white playing areas of the black pad.


Top 5 iphoNe AppS
by ivana Wynn

There’s an app FOr ThaT!
> cleartune <

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Tune your guitar, bass, piano or any other instrument that can sustain a tune with this app. The unique “note wheel” interface and fine-tuning meter allows you to find your pitch quickly. [3.99]

> barista <
This app will give you step by step instructions on how to make espressos at home. Videos will show you the basics on how to use your espresso machine. Tips for grinding coffee, extracting shots and texturing milk will help you perfect your latte. Take pictures of your creations and post it to a gallery to monitor your improvement! [2.99]

happy hour Watch
Forget the old teeth-as-bottle-opener trick. This leather Happy Hour Watch features a conveniently placed bottle opener on its buckle, allowing you to start celebrating happy hour at any time or place. Flick your wrist and you’re set—no need to even take the watch off. “Pop n’ chug” and have more fun with your favorite beverage! >> $50 / happyhourtimepieces.com

> flighttrack <
Track domestic and international flights from over 5,000 airports. Check gate numbers, delays and cancellations and find alternative flights. Add notes to flights, including seat numbers, and save itineraries for up to 11 months prior to the flight. Offline mode is available for use on airplanes. [4.99]

tunebug vibe portable surfacesound speaker
instead of putting in headphones and entering your own world, why not share your best mobile music with others around you? The TuneBug Vibe Portable SurfaceSound Speaker’s patented technology utilizes surfaces in your environment to generate quality sound everyone in the room can hear. Lightweight and easy-to-use, simply plug your speakers into any device with a 3.5 mm audio jack (i.e. your MP3 player) and start listening.

> mental case <
Whether you want to learn a language or are studying for a big exam, Mental Case helps you by providing flashcards from flashcardexchange.com, where you can get flashcards on standardized tests like the gRE, or create your own flashcards using text, photos and audio. [2.99]

>> $70 / tunebug.com

eton scorpion
if you love camping, hiking, whitewater rafting or any activity related to the great outdoors, we’ve found your perfect companion. The new Eton Scorpion has almost every handy and survival task covered, from a bottle opener to a weather predicting device to an LED flashlight to crank power. A digital AM/FM radio, USB cell phone charger and audio line input will fulfill your techie needs, and a splashproof, rugged exterior will protect your Scorpion from Mother nature. To make life even easier, the Scorpion is also solar-powered, so forget the days of batteries weighing you down.

> grocery iQ <

Build your grocery list quickly with barcode scanning and sort products by aisle. Create lists for multiple stores and find coupons for items you’re purchasing. get product details like size, price and quantity. [free]

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saturday night magazine June 2010




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on the box
by Carla Thorpe

tune in: premieres Sunday, June 13 at 9 p.m. on hBo The sexiest show on television returns for its third season and not a moment too soon. if you’ve yet to discover creator Alan Ball’s (Six Feet Under) super sleek, smart vampire series, then get your hands on the DVDs and catch up with the cool kids. And if you’re already a fan, then you’ll be itching to get back to Bon Temps and find out what happens next: Who kidnapped Bill? What’s up with Sookie’s powers? Will Eric and Sookie finally get it on? Here are some spoilery tidbits we know for sure: There’s a hot new werewolf in town, Lafayette gets a boyfriend, Queen Sophie-Anne returns and Jason gets a new roomie in the form of Hoyt. Did we mention it’s the sexiest show on TV?

true blood

tune in: premieres Sunday, June 6 at 11 p.m. on mTv Music videos are still too much to ask but at least MTV are veering away from trashy reality shows in favor of scripted series. Already drawing comparisons to The Wonder Years and Superbad, RJ Berger is a comingof-age comedy that centers on a high-school geek whose social status skyrockets after he accidentally exposes his, um, anatomical asset at school. Must-see summer viewing.

the hard times of rJ berger

being human

Tune in: premieres saturday, July 24 on BBC america A hidden gem amongst the recent spate of vampire shows, Being Human is a British comedy/drama about three twenty-something roommates trying to live as normally as possible despite being a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. Back for a second season, what sets the show apart is its down-toearth characters and witty sense of humor, a refreshingly unpolished change from the norm.

mtv movie aWards

tune in: Sunday, June 6 at 9 p.m. on mTv We’ll take the MTV Movie Awards over the Oscars any day of the week. The 19th annual show will be hosted by Parks and Recreation star and all-around funnyman Aziz Ansari. Presenters include Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Steve Carell and Zac Efron, and watch out for a comeback musical performance from Christina Aguilera. We’re predicting New Moon or Avatar to sweep the big awards.

if i can dream

Tune in: Online at hulu.com/if-i-can-dream From the makers of American Idol comes, “the first completely interactive entertainment property for the social networking set.” Basically, they’ve thrown six aspiring young actors/musicians/models into a house where they are filmed by 60 cameras 24/7 as they strive towards their big Hollywood break. Viewers can audition on MySpace to take a spot in the house once one of the six gets a gig.

can you tell us about him? pi: RJ is a budding hipster, intellectual, 15-year-old kid stuck in the middle of Pinkteron, Ohio. And like most other 15-yearold boys, he wants nothing more than to get laid, hopefully by the most beautiful girl in town, Jenny Swanson. Although it’s gonna take a lot more than being naturally wellendowed for that happen. snmaG: What was your first reaction when you read the pilot script? pi: Wow, MTV is doing a scripted show? Was surprised to see them branching out from reality. And excited to read such a great script. snmaG: What was your own high school experience like? pi: i attended the Professional Performing Arts School of Manhattan, which sounds fancy schmancy but was actually a public high school with a lot of normalcy to it...minus the spontaneous musical outbreaks at lunch. Much like RJ, i gradually got cooler as the years went on. it’s all about finding yourself

and being honest. snmaG: The show seems to have a very guycentric perspective. What selling points does the show have for girls? pi: RJ’s surrounded with strong and beautiful women in his life like his mother Suzanne and Jenny Swanson. And then there’s Lily, his stalker. There’s really something in it for everyone. snmaG: What are some of your favorite TV shows, past or present? pi: Past: I Love Lucy, Arrested Development and anything Aaron Sorkin. Present: 30 Rock, Nurse Jackie, Breaking Bad and i’m a total gleek, obviously. snmaG: Which actors or directors would you like to work with in the future? pi: i’d really love the chance to act with Mary Louise Parker and Jack nicholson and be directed by Woody Allen and Wes Anderson. [ Read our extended interview with Paul at saturdaynight.com/pauliacono ]

paul iacono

The hard Times of RJ Berger
A natural born performer, Paul iacono found childhood success on stage in new York’s theater scene, before transitioning to TV and film and later being cast in the 2009 remake of Fame. This month, 21-year-old iacono steps into the title role of RJ Berger in MTV’s highly anticipated new coming-of-age series. snmaG: in the pilot it’s revealed that RJ has an unfeasibly large…you know. But what else


saturday night magazine June 2010



chris detert
of MTV hired
Today’s job market is a pretty scary prospect for most recent college grads. Fortunately, they can pick up a few tips from MTV’s new docuseries MTV Hired, which offers a unique insight into the interview and hiring process from the perspective of both applicants and employers. PR expert and American Rebel PR owner, Chris Detert, interviewed prospective employees in the show’s pilot episode and took a moment to share his experience. MTV Hired airs Monday - Thursday at 6.30 p.m snmaG: How did MTV first approach you about doing Hired? Chris deTerT: i was first approached by an independent producer named noah Scheinmann, who created the show. He came to me through University of Dreams, an internship program that i use to get summer interns. He asked them to find him a cool, innovative company that appealed to the youth demographic and they directed him to me. snmaG: Did you have any concerns about having your company American Rebel PR featured on a reality show? Cd: i didn’t have any concerns because this show was documentary style, as opposed to the typical drama on TV’s so-called “reality shows.” The show is an organic, true to life documentary to find real employees to work for my company, so i didn’t think it would be the Jersey Shore or anything. snmaG: What do you personally look for in an employee? Cd: i look for people who work tirelessly and have passion for what they are doing. This is the approach that i take to my business, so i want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. snmaG: Would you say you’re a tough interview? Cd: no, i’m more like a tough post interview critic. On the show, i was nice to everyone who came in, but when i gave my commentary on the applicants after they left, i came off a bit like the Simon Cowell of employers! snmaG: Any job applicants totally blow their interviews? Cd: Yes, several did. it’s really amazing what people do to eliminate themselves in the first 2 minutes of an interview. snmaG: For new graduates ready to break into the real world, what do you think is the hardest part of the job hunt? Cd: i think that the hardest part is getting a foot in the door to get the interview. You have to do something to make your resumé and cover letter stand out from the pack. i recommend being bold, creative, and memorable in order to get the prospective employer’s attention.

action Jackson
while rob Pattinson and taylor lautner are wrapped up in the twilimelight, their co-star Jackson rathbone is zooming along under the radar, carefully crafting his career as an actor, producer and musician. we sat down with the 25-year-old rising star to talk about his roles in not one but two of this summer’s biggest movies. first up he reprises his role as Jasper hale in The Twilight Saga: eclipse and then stars in m. night shyamalan’s fantasy adventure, The Last Airbender.
snmaG: Tell us about your role in The Last Airbender… JaCksOn raThBOne: i play a young warrior named Sokka who, along with his sister, discovers a mysterious boy trapped in the ice; they free him and end up on a quest to save the world. it’s a very fantastical story that originated out of the nickelodeon cartoon and now it’s a live action epic fantasy. snmaG: Did you have to do any training or physical prep for the role? Jr: There was a good two months of kung fu training in LA and then continued training while we were filming. But it was really fun, i loved it. That’s one of the really cool things about being an actor: you get paid to learn kung-fu! snmaG: What kind of stunts did you have to do? Jr: Mostly it was hand to hand combat. My character doesn’t have any special abilities…so i’d do a lot of scenes where i fight off guys with swords and spears and all i had to fight with was the boomerang. it’s a little bit nerve-wracking, even when it’s a plastic sword coming at you. snmaG: How was your experience working with M. night Shyamalan? Jr: it was amazing. The Sixth Sense is one of my favorite thrillers and i love night’s other work. So it felt like great as an actor to be working with somebody i’ve respected and admired for years.
photo by elena dorfman


“Getting to come back and do these Twilight sequels is like a family reunion.”


saturday night magazine June 2010


as well as actors so we’d all get together in the rooms and we’d have jam sessions and make up songs. i’d play guitar and harmonica, Rob would play guitar and sing or Kristen would play guitar. snmaG: Who are some of your favorite actors? Jr: i’m just finishing Johnny Depp’s catalogue. i love his style of acting, it’s very organic and down to earth and then it’s also very fantastical at the same time. Clint Eastwood’s the man. And Jack nicholson, i love his style. snmaG: Tell us more about your band 100 Monkeys… Jr: We just did 61 shows out of a 100 city tour so we’re taking a small break. But it’s something that we love to do. i’ve been playing music as long as i’ve been acting and i feel so privileged to be able to have both those careers taking off at the same time. One of the things i’m trying to get into is integrating film and music - one of the band members and i produced a film that we both acted in called Girlfriend and 100 Monkeys composed the score for the film.
photo by elena dorfman

snmaG: We have to ask: Do you have a girlfriend? Jr: no, no, i am single. i got a lot of stuff going on so it’s hard to find time to even go on a date these days. But that doesn’t mean i’m not looking. So every once in a while i’ll get a day off and try to go on a date if i can…find a nice girl at a coffee shop or something. snmaG: What was your initial reaction when you were cast in Twilight? Jr: it’s a great book series and Jasper has such a lush backstory so i was just really excited. But then i started getting calls from my cousins and they were even more excited than me so that kind of upped the ante – playing a character that my family knows and are excited about seeing me portray on the big screen. Jr: We were filming up in Vancouver for New Moon and i was on my way to get Starbucks. A bunch of fans surrounded me and so i was taking pictures and signing autographs and this woman comes up to me with a 2-year-old child and, without saying a word, hands me her kid and steps back to take a picture. it was just kind of awkward because the kid’s looking at me like, “Who are you?” and i’m looking at the kid like, “i’m sorry, man, i have no idea what’s going on either.” So she snapped a photo, took her kid back and walked away. it’s kind of odd to have a stranger shove a child in your arms. snmaG: Do we get to see a new side of Jasper in Eclipse? Jr: Yes, we get to see Jasper back when he was a human which was back in the Civil War. So i got to ride a horse again - i grew up riding so it was fun to get back to that. snmaG: Were you at all into vampire movies before you were cast in Twilight? Jr: i’ve definitely been a fan of the vampire genre for a long time. Interview with the Vampire is an incredible film. i’ve always loved the Dracula films. And Nosferatu is a beautiful, well-crafted film from the 20s that still holds up today, in my opinion. snmaG: What’s your relationship like with the rest of the cast? How do you spend your time on set? Jr: it’s fun because we play a family on screen and so getting to come back and do these sequels is like a family reunion. A lot of us are musicians

snmaG: What can you tell us about your tattoos? Jr: i’ve got six tattoos total. i am planning on getting a couple more maybe within the next month or so. i think my next tattoo is going to be a line out of TS Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. it’s one of my favorite poems ever. snmaG: What other movies or projects do you have coming up? Jr: Really excited about getting Girlfriend into the festival circuit and putting out my next couple of projects with my production company, Patchmo Entertainment. i’m really excited to get on the other side of the camera, producing and hopefully directing within the next year or two. it’s just a truly exciting time in my life and i don’t take it for granted. i’d rather be working than sleeping! by Carla Thorpe

The Last Airbender
snmaG: Did you realize then it would kick-start your career? Jr: i don’t think it really hit me until i walked the red carpet at the premiere of Twilight. That’s when it was first like, ‘Oh wow, this is going to be a new experience for me.” snmaG: What’s one of the most memorable fan encounters you’ve had?


June 2010 saturday night magazine



The A-Team  twentieth century fox film June 11 Toy story 3  walt disney studios June 18

by Carla Thorpe The Karate Kid  columbia Pictures June 11



CasT: Liam neeson, Bradley Cooper sTOry: A crack commando unit is framed and imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit and set out to clear their name. BUzz: As movie remakes of retro TV shows go, we’re hoping this is more Charlie’s Angels than Get Smart. On the plus side, the casting is spot-on and we’re expecting some neat cameos and explosive action.

CasT: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen sTOry: After Andy heads off to college, Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of the toys are dumped in a day-care center. BUzz: Can you believe it’s been 11 years since TS2?! This is no doubt one of the biggest movies of the year and we’ll be first in line to see the gang reunited in iMAx 3D. To infinity…and beyond!

The Twilight saga: Eclipse  summit entertainment

June 30

The last Airbender  Paramount Pictures

July 2

CasT: Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan sTOry: A single mother moves to China with her young son, who soon takes up karate with the help of his sensai, Mr. Han. BUzz: To be clear, we’re not suggesting you see this travesty of a remake. if anything, we should all boycott it to teach producer Will Smith and his smug son a lesson. But who knows, maybe it won’t suck. inception  warner bros. Pictures July 16

CasT: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson sTOry: The Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle takes a backseat when Victoria leads an army of vamps into town, forcing the Cullens and werewolves to unite and go to war. BUzz: The series finally shifts into high gear and the angst gets set aside for some badass action scenes and epic vamp/wolf fights. Don’t pretend you’re not dying to see this – we certainly are! Eat, Pray, love  columbia Pictures August 13

CasT: Dev Patel, Jackson Rathbone sTOry: in a fantasy world of warring Fire, Water, Earth and Air nations, a young warrior discovers that only he has the power to stop the evil Fire nation. BUzz: Shyamalan has had a rough cinematic run of late but putting his suspense schtick aside in favor of action adventure might get him back on track. See it in 3D and get your fill of awesome Cgi effects. scott Pilgrim vs. the world  universal. Pictures August 13

CasT: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page sTOry: A sci-fi thriller focusing on businessmen who create dream worlds for people in order to then extract information from their subconscious. BUzz: The Dark Knight director Chris nolan delivers a smart, stylized, original thriller with a stellar cast including Joseph gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard. Don’t miss this one.

CasT: Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem sTOry: Based on the best-selling memoir, recently divorced writer Elizabeth gilbert sets off on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment to italy, india and indonesia. BUzz: We love the book and weren’t too keen on the casting of Julia Roberts but we trust this charming and life-affirming material will be safe in the hands of Glee creator Ryan Murphy.

CasT: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead sTOry: A comic-book adaptation about slacker musician Scott Pilgrim, who meets the girl of his dreams but must fight her seven ex-boyfriends in order to win her heart. BUzz: The perfect storm of cinematic coolness director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), hipster hero Michael Cera and a hot supporting cast including Chris Evans and Anna Kendrick.


saturday night magazine June 2010


video games
[never putting it doWn ]
metal gear solid: peace Walker konami Available on PSP

[aWesome ] [pretty good ]
backbreaker 505 Games Available on xbox360 and PlayStation3

[blah ]

[unplayable ]

naked Snake is back in the all new Peace Walker for PSP, written and designed by Hideo Kojima, the creator of the MSG franchise. Set in the 1970s, the “Soldiers without Borders” move into Costa Rica to eliminate a new threat. Along with its action RPg elements, the game features a 4-player CO-OP Ring, which allows gamers to build camaraderie by sharing items and equipment, while the “Snake Formation” lets one player take the lead so that others can focus on defense. 

This football game sets a whole new standard in high-def graphics and hard-hitting gameplay, using realistic, physics-based Ai that allows for an endless variety of unique sacks and tackles. Rookies can easily play using Arcade Mode, while advanced gamers can play the more challenging Pro Mode. Customization allows players to create their own rosters and choose their team’s logos and colors. Backbreaker also includes a 4-player online and split-screen multiplayer modes. 

tiger Woods pga tour 11 ea sports Available on Wii, xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and iPhone

picross 3d nintendo Available on nintendo DS

if you’re in the mood for some cyber golf, it doesn’t get much better than this, especially if you’re swinging with the Wii MotionPlus accessory. it provides enhanced swing mechanics with Advanced Plus and Tour Pro options to track your swing rotation and plane. Pick your team of pros and take on the Ryder Cup Challenge while using True View, a first-person camera angle that provides a more interactive experience. Sadly, the game doesn’t feature Elin swinging a 4-iron at Tiger. 

Based on the popular puzzle phenomenon, Picross 3D takes you into another dimension, where you solve puzzle cubes to reveal hidden objects underneath. Use number clues on rows and columns to figure out which blocks have to be eliminated. Picross 3D features over 350 puzzles and also lets you create your own, which you can share with other players online or enter into monthly themed challenges. You can also send other DS gamers a sample puzzle to get them started. 

modnation racers sony computer entertainment Available on PlayStation3

super street fighter iv capcom Available on xbox 360 and PlayStation3

ModNation Racers is the ultimate, fully customizable kart racing game, exclusively for the PS3. Personalize your Mod character, kart and even build your own track with the user-friendly editing studio tools. Share your creations online via PSn, get ranked, interact with other players and download other user-generated content. The game has a neat story with pre-made characters and challenges as well as addictive gameplay featuring a wealth of weapons for mid-race combat. 

This follow-up to SFIV features a full roster of 25 unlocked characters including Ryu, Ken and El Fuerte as well as new combatants like T.Hawk and DeeJay and the deadly female Juri, who is the first fighter to utilize Tae Kwon Do. The classic car and barrel bonus stages are back along with an enhanced Ultra Combo system, a replay channel for looking back at recorded brawls and top notch online gameplay including Team and Endless Battle modes for up to eight players. 


saturday night magazine June 2010



June 2010 saturday night magazine


last laugh


because Good looks last forever.

the ladies love the head beard. and the Proceeds Go to...?

car sick

tastes like ... chicken?

if only...

hiGh-tech cuP holder.

Got a sPare?

“hey... i can hear the ocean!”

never lose your Glasses ever aGain.

here kitty kitty!


saturday night magazine June 2010


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