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What i Wish i KneW
Career tiPs From the exPerts 10 teams to WatCh

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cobie smulders

How I Met Your MotHer’s

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on tap

Time to get your spray tan on! We envision what a day would be like with the cast of Jersey Shore.

advice from a celeb

From what pickup line NOT to use to the best cure for a broken heart, The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Gretchen Rossi gives us her best dating tips.

the scene

From L.A. and O.C. to S.F., we’ve got this month’s best bars and hotspots..

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Planning on being a lawyer? Guest columnist and UC Irvine Law School Dean, Erwin Chemerinsky gives his take on the current legal job market.


We gathered today’s top entrepreneurs and experts in their field to share what they wish they had known at the start of their careers. Their answers might surprise you.




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specialty schools

Whether you want to be an actor or a cook, we’ve got some of California’s best specialty schools that will teach you the skills you need to get started in the career of your dreams.


With March Madness right around the corner, it’s

this month on the cover

time to brush up on this season’s teams so you can fill those brackets out right.

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most on set.

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fashion & beauty

Put your best foot forward with this season’s hottest shoes. Plus, find out which fragrances will have you smelling like a rose.

How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders tells us her secret alias and who makes her laugh the


We’ve got this month’s top gadget picks. Plus, check out what’s new in iPhone apps, video games, TV, movies and on the web.

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We’ve got this month’s funniest emailed pics.


saturday night magazine March 2010

The Yard House is the perfect place to unwind and take a break. Enjoy great food, classic rock music and the world’s largest selection of draft beer. Whether you are in the mood for a grilled burger and a pint of your favorite draft beer, or lobster garlic noodles and a chilled martini, we’ve got something for everyone. Meet old friends for happy hour − or make new ones, celebrate a special occasion or gather your family for dinner. We’ll save you a seat.






Monday – Friday 3:00pm – 6:00pm Sunday – Wednesday 10:00pm – close PINTS • 6.00 MARTINIS SELECT HALF-PRICED APPETIZERS & PIZZAS

Please drink responsibly! Yard House supports designated driver programs. We card anyone who looks under 35.


Chino Hills

Costa Mesa

• •


Los Angeles

Long Beach

Newport Beach


Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Mirage


San Diego

Te m e c u l a

y www.snmag.com m ardhouse.co

March 2010 saturday night magazine


FROM ThE PUbLIShER vOlume 7 / issue 7
Publisher Michael h. Ritter managing editor Jillian b. Gordon associate editor Carla Thorpe Design/layout Timm Freeman The scene editor Amber D. Wilson Guest Columnist Erwin Chemerinsky Contributing Writers Mark Shore, Audrey Pradel, Ivana Wynn, Chase Darren, Kara Buettner, Lorraine Lee, Kiowa Bryan Contributing Photographer bobby Quillard

President Michael h. Ritter advertising sales Lindsay Feinstein Dana Costantino Consultant Larry Steven Londre, Londre Marketing Consultants/USC/CSUN
ben Silverman, President of Electus Kellwood, Ira E. Ritter, Chairman, Andela Group Inc. brian Weitman, CEO, Security Textile Corp. Ed Goren, President of Fox Sports

Publisher Michael Ritter with Cobie Smulders WelCOme TO Our annual Career issue. It isn’t easy trying to figure out how to get from point A to point Z. From being a senior in college, majoring in communications to being president of a studio… how does this work? Where do you start? And what are the steps? These are some of the tough questions we will try to help you solve as we ask some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs, politicians and businessmen and women, “What do you wish you knew then, that you know now.” The best advice I have is to do something you love. Although this is much easier said than done, I suggest you at least try to find a job or career path that you enjoy or get some benefit out of, other than just a paycheck. Once out of college, you will spend a vast majority of your time in the workplace, so you might as well enjoy some aspects of your job. Whether it is the lifestyle, the industry, the type of work, the work environment or the people you work with, there are different aspects of a job that you can find joy in. And while you probably won’t find the perfect job right away, it is important to (a) not panic and (b) at least work towards the opportunity for you to enjoy aspects of what you do as you build a career. From the beginning, I wanted to do something I loved, which was media and publishing. I was lucky enough to build a career and a business out of a magazine I started in college, and I continue to love what I do. This only fuels me more to be creative and to succeed. I am excited to come to work everyday, and I am lucky enough to direct the magazine towards the things I enjoy. For instance, I really like the TV show How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM for short). If you haven’t seen this show, it is best described as the new version of Friends, but set in a bar. HIMYM has a huge cult following and Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin Scherbatsky, is a hit on the show. I thought she would be a great celebrity to feature on our cover, but who am I kidding? I also just really wanted to meet her! Enjoy the issue!

advisory Board

Cover Photo by bobby Quillard Location: hotel Erwin, Venice, CA
Saturday Night Magazine is published by Andela Publishing LLC. 10100 Santa Monica blvd., Suite 2430, Los Angeles, CA 90067 Saturday Night Magazine is distributed free of charge on college campuses. Saturday Night Magazine is also sold on select newsstands, record stores and in bookstores for $3.95 throughout California and Arizona. Copying is prohibited without express written permission from the Publisher. For questions or concerns, please contact the Publisher. All rights reserved. All writings, images, ideas, promotional products, demos and samples submitted automatically become the property of Saturday Night Magazine and will not be returned. Saturday Night Magazine retains the rights to publish any letter or email submitted. FOr aDverTisinG Call: (310) 203-3080 advertising@snmag.com FOr eDiTOrial EMAIL: editorial@snmag.com

Michael h. Ritter Publisher saturday night magazine

Interested in a subscription? how about a back issue? Shoot an email over to subscriptions@snmag.com Kristin and we’ll make sure we get Cavallari you what you need! Heats Up The hills
Spring break!
25 aweSome Travel DeSTinaTionS
The Do’S & Don’TS of facebook

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mike & amanDa’S TipS on DiTching The freShman 15

biggeST loSer


saturday night magazine March 2010



March 2010 saturday night magazine


on tap

lOsT in TranslaTiOn


by Chase Darren

since the cast of Jersey Shore is too busy demanding upwards of $10k to throw a few fist pumps and showing off their abs at clubs across the country, here is what we imagine an interview with the cast might be like.
here are some highlights from the chat. Our questions will appear first, followed by their answers, many of which we will then translate into English. snmag: how have you been handling the sudden fame you are experiencing as a result of the immense success of the show? mike “The situation”: The situation has been so crazy… snmag: Pardon us for interrupting but are you literally talking about the situation or referring to yourself in the third person? mTs: Aaaha, right now I’m talking about the actual situation. Trust me, you’ll know when I’m talking about The Situation. snmag: So in your case, the situation is having a set of killer abs, a fresh hair-cut, (perhaps with some razor art thrown in, depending on your mood) topped off with a regular tan and an “I can’t lose” attitude?’ mTs: That’s the situation.

Pauly D: For me, everything has been great so far, me and my boys been creepin’ at the clubs as usual, and sure we come across a few grenades here and there but when I’m in the DJ booth doing my thing, there’s nothing but hot chicks for days. ronnie: [Convulses into laughter. high fives Pauly.] snmag: Ronnie, do you want to add something? r: (still laughing) Nah, that’s my boy! snmag: Okay, so Pauly when you and your male friends venture out to late night establishments to pursue young ladies, you inevitably encounter a few unattractive ones. however, when you are working as a disc jockey, in the disc jockey booth, there are a plethora of attractive females. PD: That’s wassup. snmag: Splendid. Next question. AOLtelevision.com has reported that the Obama’s do NOT watch, repeat NOT watch Jersey Shore, saying, “We’ve heard about it, not seen it...” Thoughts? snooki: I mean, I don’t really take that as a bad thing you know? The president has heard about us so obviously we are doing something right. And, I didn’t vote so I don’t feel as bad. It’s too bad for them because I think his wife could look good with a bump.


saturday night magazine March 2010



Jersey shore

Creep (v.) – Term for sweet talking
a hot girl at a club and hopefully snagging her digits.


Grenade (n.) – The fugly girl in
a group of fine ladies that must be thrown to one of your boys so she doesn’t explode and ruin your potential hookup.

Fist Pump (n.) – A dance in which one punches his/her fist in the air in an effort to show enthusiasm. Juice head (n.) – A very tan,
very muscle-y Italian-American gentleman who often is lacking a neck.

Gorilla (n.) – See above definition for “Juice head.” Guido (n.) – A male ItalianAmerican who exhibits a passion for Ed hardy.

Guidette (n.) – A female ItalianAmerican who exhibits a passion for guys who like Ed hardy.

hippo (n.) – An ugly chick (can often also serve as the “grenade”).
snmag: yes, Michelle Obama would look tantalizing with an extra puffy tuft of hair atop the crown of her head, paired with a classic J Crew cardigan. sammie “sweetheart”: I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’m the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet…So on one hand I have respect for Obama and his family but on the other hand, the joke is on them. Everyone is watching our show so in the end, they’re the ones gettin’ played. r: [Laughing.] snmag: Ronnie? Care to chime in? r: I swore I’d never fall in love at the shore…this was supposed to be the summer of smushing random girls. snmag: yes Ronnie, we know you intended on making sweet, sweet love to relative strangers, but instead ended up making sweet, sweet love to Sammie. That’s pretty much a win win. So moving on, TMZ has recently reported that you guys are getting paid thousands of dollars just to make appearances at nightclubs. In light of these tough economical times, how does that make you feel? vinny: you gotta take what you can get, now more than ever. Whether we’re getting paid or not, when we show up at a club, we’re gonna beat the beat up with fist pumps, do our thing. J-WOWW: Definitely, we’re gonna beat the beat up and if anyone doesn’t like it, we’ll boom bash them up good… snmag: hold that thought, Miss WOWW, let us try to get on your level for a second. When you guys partake in club outings, you pound the ground in an attempt to suffocate the beat of the music, which is rumbling below. When that beat eventually escapes and infiltrates the club, you transition into pumping your fists in the air. If anyone should disagree with what you are doing, you will promptly beat the crap out /of them. JW: Get it girl. snmag: We think, we do…We think we finally get it! And if you all will excuse us, we have some GTL to attend to. Whole Cast: Us too, let’s do it together! [All start fist pumping.]

GTl (n.) – Gym, tan, laundry; the
agenda of Juice head who wants to “keep it fresh.”

Pouf (n.) – The mound of hair perched upon a guidette’s head in “bumpit” fashion. Blow-Out (n.) – A male hair
configuration in which handfuls of hair product are heaped onto head and hair is blasted with a blow dryer to stand on end.

Pound it Out (v.) – To engage in
sexual intercourse.

smush (v.) – See definition for
“Pound It Out.”

robbery (v.) – The act of stealing
another girl.

vibe (v.) – To be attracted to


March 2010 saturday night magazine



saturday night magazine March 2010




She may send tongues wagging as the hottest housewife on bravo’s hit reality show The Real Housewives of Orange County, but if there’s one thing Gretchen Rossi knows, it’s how to get a guy’s attention. As the only unmarried housewife, Rossi knows a thing or two about the dating scene. We sat down to grill her on her go-to dating tips.

Gretchen rossi
by Jillian Gordon

datinGOranGe COunTy advice WiTh real hOuseWiFe OF


March 2010 saturday night magazine


snmaG: What do you look for most in a guy? GreTChen rOssi: A sense of humor, that is a must. If a guy doesn’t make me laugh then he’s out of there. snmaG: What’s the worst pickup line a guy has ever used on you? Gr: This guy was like, “So, are you tired?” and I said,“What? Am I tired?” and he was said, “yeah, because you’ve been running around my head all day,” and I was just like “Are you kidding me right now?” snmaG: how can a guy successfully impress a girl on a date? Gr: Pick the girl up, and make sure she’s comfortable. Also, it’s always so important that the guy opens your door for you. That is my first dead giveaway if a guy is a true gentleman. I think the biggest tip I can give people is to notice that the guy is the same with you as he is with every other woman in his life—whether it’s his sister, whether it’s his grandma, his mom, or just some lady just walking through the door. snmaG: What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? Gr: you know, they kind of have to impress me first for me to even go out on a date with him, and by the time we are going out on a date it’s a good thing and the relationship normally lasts. snmaG: What’s the best piece of love advice you’ve ever received? Gr: The best piece of love advice was from my parents who said, “No matter what, the relationship is never going to be 50/50” meaning that there might be a point in the relationship that things are 50/50, but overall it’s a give and take. It is going to be 90/10, sometimes it’s going to be 70/30. snmaG: We know you are not against dating guys that are older than you — would you ever consider dating a guy who was younger? Gr: I wouldn’t say I would rule it out but I really am not attracted to young guys. They just don’t do it for me. They’re very immature and I’ve always tended to date older guys than me. I would never rule it out, but I haven’t met any younger guys that have really impressed me. snmaG: What’s the best cure for a broken heart? Gr: Alcohol…No, I am just kidding. For me, there are a couple of things. I am a writer, so if I’ve had a broken heart, I write. honestly, it’s also just having a good support system, having people around you that support you and love you and make sure that you don’t go into a downward spiral. The best piece of advice that I could give people is that no one can rob you of your joy. snmaG: What’s the best revenge against an ex? Gr: To not even acknowledge what they are doing. Just to move on with your life and to be successful and to be happy. snmaG: What’s a good opening line to talk to your crush or to get a guy’s attention? Gr: Giggle? No, I’m just kidding. Guys love the chase. Girls tend to fall goo-goo gaga head-overheels for a guy and guys don’t like that. Guys don’t want to know everything about you the first night you are together and you lay in bed and you just have diarrhea of the mouth and they learn everything about you. Give him a little taste and then walk away from it and kind of tease him. snmaG: If you’re single, where’s a good place to meet guys? Gr: Not bars! bars are just a big hookup joint. Guys are just looking for some hot girl to walk in and literally the guys all have bets over which one of them is going to get her in the sack that night. It’s not a good place to find a serious relationship. The best place to meet a quality person is through people recommending somebody or setting you up through family friends or whatever it is. The bar situation is going to leave you with a broken heart. snmaG: What do you do if your friends don’t like the person you’re dating? Gr: That has happened to me many times before, and it’s not just friends, it’s the entire community. you have to be true to yourself, and you have to decide what’s right for your life. but if it’s everybody around you or all the people you trust and love in your life, you really have to take heed to that. you have to step back and go, “Okay, what are they seeing that I’m not seeing?” because love is blind and it can really distort what is going on. snmaG: Are you a firm believer in “chicks over dicks?” — that girls should always stick together when it comes to guys no matter what? Gr: I think that if somebody is truly in love with a person, especially when you get to a point of marriage, that is really your priority. I think there is a fine balance. When you are in college and you are with your girls, it makes more sense to stick together. When you get to my age, and are getting married, I think that kind of changes.

“I think the biggest tip I can give people is to notice that the guy is the same with you as he is with every other woman in his life”
snmaG: What is your biggest turnoff? Gr: A guy that is just full of himself, who thinks his crap doesn’t stink, if you know what I mean. because if someone is not able to make fun of themselves…it’s just…arrogance. snmaG: What would be the perfect date? Gr: It depends on if we are doing casual or if we are going all out. If we are going all out then here in Newport beach there is this gondola ride that goes through the harbor. And just to be with my guy and have somebody be romantic like that and have some wine and cheese and take me to a nice restaurant, maybe go for a walk on the beach.

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C L A R E M O N T ,



saturday night magazine March 2010



“They don’t want to know everything about you the first night you are together and you lay in bed and you just have diarrhea of the mouth...”


March 2010 saturday night magazine


the scene

best spots
IN los anGeles, oranGe county & san francisco

by Amber D. Wilson


los angeles
hOllyWOOD — yOu eiTher haTe iT Or yOu lOve iT. but regardless of which emotion tends to wash over your body as you think about your nights out in Tinseltown, you can’t deny that the city tends to push the envelope – with everything. Whether it’s the over-the-top clubbing experience with NbA ballers and “D-list” reality TV celebs or the hilarious street entertainment hustling for your spare change, hollywood tends to have an innate shock factor. One hollywood restaurant/lounge in particular – easT – is stirring up quite a fuss, but in a good way. They say you eat with your eyes before your stomach, and taking in this restaurant’s décor is like eating a tencourse meal. An immaculate fireplace roars its welcome in the entrance, while dispersed throughout the interior are breathtaking architecture and unusual seating at every twist and turn. The best way to describe the ambiance is that it’s decadently rewarding to the senses. but EAST’s décor isn’t the only thing receiving nods of appreciation; its menu is quite impressive, too. We’ve honestly never been to a place that serves such remarkable garnishes – like homemade pickled onions and dried exotic roots – with its sashimi. Also, be sure to try the “Drunken” sake-infused tofu. A staple amongst the elite, niC’s Beverly hills isn’t a newcomer to the nightlife scene. Since the days of Dean Mar tin, it’s been impressing Angelenos with its irresistibly yummy mar tinis. Whether it’s the more conser vative dir ty mar tini or the flamboyant Lemondrop blush, for decades, Nic’s mar tinis have lured Angelenos into its colorful interior.

And while we tend to shy away from beverly hills and its overbearing swarms of paparazzi and plastic surgery offices, lo and behold, Nic’s incredible happy hour has made it mandatory for us to head to the Westside at least once a week. It’s like we found an oasis amongst the desolate desert of vanity – an oasis of martinis and gourmet appetizers at shockingly low prices. yes, it’s almost too hard to believe that on weekdays, 5-7 p.m., all items on the cocktailing food menu – which normally run about $12 per plate – are only $7. That means you can place three orders of favorites like the crispy potato skins and the belgian pomme frites. Don’t forget to share an American Artisan platter with friends!


saturday night magazine March 2010



We’ve all been to crappy happy hours. Those atrocious ones that have you scratching your head, speechless, as you wonder why you came out for $12 well drinks and $1 off of $15 appetizers. you could’ve stayed at home for that. Or, you could’ve gone to rOCksuGar Pan asian kiTChen’s Rocktail hour, which you definitely should do next time. What’s so great about Rocktail hour is that it doesn’t just give you the lowly leftovers that nobody wants in the first place. Instead of uninventive well drinks, you can choose from a variety of RockSugar’s signature cocktails, ranging from the Tamarind Margarita muddled with tequila, triple sec, tamarind and lime to our favorite, the yuzu Cherry Gimlet, a refreshingly sweet blend of vodka, yuzu, cherry and soda. And, the best part: they’re only $5. That’s not it. Appetizers like the popular Chicken and Mushroom Lettuce Wraps are in the $3-$4.50 range. We simply can’t get enough of the Crispy Chicken Samosas, and we really can’t get over the fact they’re only $3. And to top it off, RockSugar’s décor is also as impressive as its Rocktail hour. Sitting in the serene front patio area, perched against colorful pillows under the watchful gaze of the buddha, you can’t help but to feel relaxed and at peace. Los Angeles is a hodge-podge of cultures, ideologies and people coming together to create an entirely new, unique cultural experience. So it should come as no surprise then, that aGura should emerge in the heart of the city. housed within the remnants of a renovated church, with gaudy seating fit for royalty and a giant golden buddha on display, Agura is serving up noteworthy Japanese fusion cuisine. Traditional dishes like the “yaki-Katsu” berkshire Pork are featured on the menu as well as more California-inspired dishes like the Grilled Jidori Chicken. The sushi connoisseur will be impressed with Agura’s sushi selection, as the fish is light and fresh. be sure to also try one of the special premium rolls, such as the White Dragon roll, with yellowtail and jalapeno delicately balanced on a California roll. Of course, dinner wouldn’t be complete without a cocktail or two, and fortunately, Agura’s cocktails are as delightful as its food. The Ginger & Spice is our favorite – zesty and strong. Premium sakes and wines are also available.



March 2010 saturday night magazine


the scene


Orange County
WhaT makes a memOraBle haPPy hOur? It’s honestly not that difficult to figure out: feel like you’re getting a steal for your money, create the right ambiance and have an admirable selection of discounted wines, beers and spirits. hey, this isn’t rocket science that we’re talking about. Advanced science or not, ra sushi has a happy hour that definitely deserves your time. Drinks are ridiculously reduced – think $1 hot sake, $2 beers and $3 well drinks. Think of how many drinks you could buy for $20, which might get you a well drink in a nightclub that night.

ra sushi

3 thirty 3

3 thirty 3
3 ThirTy 3 certainly understands how important it is to give props to the beach life, which is why it’s such a stellar place to hang. It exudes the California way of things – starting with the moment you hop out of your car to enjoy complimentary valet parking, to the moment you’re listening to the tunes of one of the rotating live bands, and even as you’re sipping your very, very strong (to the point of being deadly) 3 Thirty 3 Margarita. While Ra Sushi’s food is good any time of the day during the week, happy hour just seems to taste even better. Who knows – maybe it’s because we know we’re getting great appetizers like the blue Claw Crab Cakes for half off, or maybe the chef adds a little more TLC to the skillet from 3 – 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Whatever the reason, we have seen the light. We now understand why Ra Sushi is such a popular huntington beach hangout spot, and we didn’t even have to go to school for that. As if that’s not enough to get you driving down PCh to 3 Thirty 3, its killer weekend brunch should. Think hearty hang-over medicine: massive gourmet burritos and tasty bloody Mary’s. For a whopping $6.95, you can create your very own burrito with ingredients like carnitas, scallops & shrimp ceviche, jalapenos and a host of other options. The bloody Mary bar allows you to customize your own cocktail, whether that’s by adding a hint of wasabi or a tad of dill. Enjoy!


Downtown LA (213) 623-2288 Burbank (818) 524-2288 Pasadena (626) 578-1818

Long Beach (562) 951-9652

Santa Monica (310) 458-3050

W. Hollywood (323) 951-1122

LOS www.wokcanocafe.com ANGELES


11:30am–10pm Mon-Th 11:30am–11pm Fri 5pm –11pm Sat 5pm–9:30pm Sun

9001 Santa Monica 55 n. la cienega Blvd. in only. Expires Blvd. Dine West Hollywood (near Wilshire Blvd.) 310 550-8811 (310) 652-7673Downtown LA



1100 S Flower Los Angeles, Downtown 213 763-4600

Student Special WATCH1/2 price sushi MARCH MADNESS (Available TV thru ON OUR FLAT SCREEN9pm - 2am, SundayID Thurs) Must present a valid student SERVING ALL DAYwith other special offer Not valid
11:30am – 10pm everyday Burbank www.thestinkingrose.com






12:00pm–10pm Mon-Th 11:30am–11pm Fri 5pm–11pm Sat 5pm–9:30pm Sun

(213) 623-2288 (818) 524-2288

W. Hollywood (323) 951-1122

• Private & atmos• Smiles, serviceRooms Available • Iron skillet-roasted mussels, shrimp & crab phere Like nowhere else Pasadena Long Beach • Jumbo40-clove garlic chicken • Nova Scotia lobster (626) 578-1818 (562) 951-9652 & prime aged roasted Prime Rib (USDA Prime) • Garlic steaks • Italian style steakhouse www.wokcanocafe.com • Roasted whole Dungeness crab (over two pounds) with private dining rooms

Santa Monica (310) 458-3050

Take your e



rth he





The sTinking 923 e. 2nd street r23 downtown los angeles rose (213) 687-7178

55 N. La Cienega Blvd. 1100 S Flower 923 E. 2nd Street (Near Wilshire) Los Angeles, Downtown the Waterfront restaurant Downtown Los Angeles (310) 652-7673 213 763-4600 and concert theater (213) 687-7178 11:30am–10pm Mon-Th 11am-11pm Everyday 11:30am–11pm Fri 5:30pm www.thestinkingrose.com - 10pm Mon-Sat dinner 4211 admiralty Way, 5pm –11pm Sat dinner: 5:30pm - 10pm Mon-sat 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri lunch 5pm–9:30pm ca Marina del rey,Sun 90292 (Available 9pm - 2am, Sunday thru Thurs) www.r23.com - 2pm Mon-Fri lunch: 11:30am • Private Rooms (310) Santa Monica Blvd. Must present a valid student ID 9001 448-8900 www.r23.com Available www.thewfr.com West Hollywood Not valid with other special offer • Best Sake Choices 310 550-8811 • Iron skillet-roasted • Best Sake Choices Dine in only. Expires 11/2/09 • Private Gallery Rooms for LA’s newest live entertain12:00pm–10pm Mon-Th • Private Gallery Rooms 11:30am–11pm Fri Partiesmussels, shrimp & ment concert venue and for Parties crab W. Hollywood Sat Downtown LA 5pm–11pm • “Best Japanese restaurant in Marina del Rey. 5pm–9:30pm “Best Japanese Restaurant” (323) 951-1122 Sun With Restaurant” • 40-clove garlic chicken(213) 623-2288 more than 90 destinations in California, traveling www.thepalm.com – Downtown LA News, five5 ® is the stress free travel alternat —Downtown LA News, • Smiles, Santa Monica service & atmos• Garlic years in a row! roasted Prime Burbank been easier. Amtrak • World class fresh seafood, yrs in a row! phere waterfront simple for you to get home to catch nowhere else tons of parking Like (310) 458-3050 &Novaup with family a (818) 524-2288 “America’sRib (USDA Prime) Best Japanese • “America’s Best Japanese • Jumbo Scotia lobster dining! today at StudentAdvantag Restaurants” – Zagat 2006 Join Student Advantage & prime aged steaks • Roasted Restaurants” whole Long Beach the food, stay Pasadena • • Dungeness “Ten Best Japanese crab (over and save 15% on railCome for fares.Italian style steakhouse —Zagat 2006 (562) the music. private dining rooms (626) 578-1818 for 951-9652 Come for the with Restaurants USA” two pounds) • “Ten Best Japanese music, stay Restaurants USA” www.wokcanocafe.com for the food.

The palm THE WATERFRONT Student Special 1/2 price sushi

923 E. 2nd Street 404 S. Figueroa BonavenTure N.923Cienega Blvd.St. Downtown Los Angeles 1100 s. Flower st. ww.snmag.com Los Angeles, CA 55 La e. third st. 90071 Amtrak.com · 1-800-USA-RAIL 1100 S Flower r23 (213) 687-7178 downtown los angeles los angeles, ca 90013 The palm The sTinking (Near(213) 613-1537 CAFÉ (213) 236-0802 Brewing Wilshire) Los Angeles,-Downtown (213) 763-4600 5:30pm 10pm Mon-Sat dinner bonaventurebrewing.com (310) 652-7673 213 763-4600 METROPOL 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri lunch Breakfast, Everyday Company 11am-11pmlunch, dinner rose www.r23.com • Private escalators to the fourth Take Rooms floor and Available art & • Great food, inspiredmake a right to the
Monday sunday Brunch late supper & – Friday 11am – 1am www.thestinkingrose.com Saturday and Sunday 5pm – 1am 9/17/09 12:45 PM

Travel made simple.
11:30 am – 10 pm Mon-Th 11:30am–10pm Fri 11:30 am – 11 pm Mon-Th 11:30am–11pm Fri 5 5pm –11pm Sat 5 pm – 9.30 pm Sun pm – 11 pm Sat,
5pm–9:30pm Sun


Bonaventure Brewing Co. taste of jazz • Iron skillet-roasted • Organic vegetables & freshly mussels, shrimp & Beers • Award Winning baked breads • crab Extended Happy Hour Times • “Afterwork Specials” 4pm – 7pm: 3:30-7:30 50% off Burgers (Mon), M-F • 40-clove garlic chicken • Pasta (Wed), Pizza (Tues),18 Happy Hour menu items Appetizers (Thurs) at just $2.50! • Garlic starting Prime roasted • “2 for 1 Nite”Kitchen open til Midnight Friday on select Asian Rib• (USDA Prime) Vodka cocktails, beer or wine w/ • Late Night Patio purchase of appetizer or entrée • Roasted whole TVs • Big Screen • USC students & faculty Dungeness crab (over EXCLUSIVE, 15% off with this ad two pounds) (excluding alcohol, tax, tip, other promos)

9001 santa Monica Blvd. • Best Sake Choices West hollywood 9001 • Private Gallery Rooms for Santa Monica Blvd. (310) 550-8811 West Hollywood Parties 12 pm - 10 pm Mon-Th 310 550-8811 Japanese • “Best 11:30 am – 11 pm Fri 12:00pm–10pm Mon-Th Restaurant” 5 11:30am–11pm Fri pm – 9.30 pm Sun pm – 11 pm Sat, 5 5pm–11pm Sat —Downtown LA News, 5 5pm–9:30pm Sun www.thepalm.com yrs in a row! www.thepalm.com • “America’s Best Japanese •• Smiles, service & atmosHappy Hour Specials Restaurants” phere Like nowhere else • Smiles, service & atmosphere like —Zagat 2006 nowhere elseNova Scotia lobster • Jumbo • Jumboprime aged steaksprime Nova Scotia lobster & & • “Ten Best Japanese aged steaks style steakhouse • ItalianRestaurants USA”
• Italian style steakhouse withrooms with private dining private dining rooms


saturday night magazine October 2009


the scene


san Francisco
imaGine a Bar TeeminG WiTh ThOusanDs upon thousands of liquors. A down-to-earth place with more than sixty carefully concocted cocktails to pick and choose from, descriptive stories behind these cocktails and an appreciation for all things natural, including juices, sugars and produce. That vision you’ve just conjured up is no dream; it’s riCkhOuse, also known as paradise - the equivalent of what heaven on earth must look like.



to offer – you should also make the trek out to The Embarcadero for this restaurant’s killer happy hour. In a somewhat subdued, relaxing atmosphere, enjoy $1 Oyster Shooters, $5 appetizers and $5 cocktails. If you like one thing, nine times out of ten, you’re also going to like its miniature counterpart, too. For example, we loved Austin Powers just as much as we did his Mini-Me, and we adore those cute Miniature Pinschers as much as we adore regular Doberman Pinschers. So it comes as no surprise then, that we’d be head over heels for BarBaCCO enO TraTTOria, the “little sister” of Perbacco in the Financial District. Opening less than a year ago, barbacco leans towards the lighter side of things, compared to its counterpart, Perbacco. It’s extremely chill, offering satisfying lunch options in a casual, quaint setting, void of pretentious airs. Pastas, salads and sandwiches are served with an Italian flair and are extremely affordable. Stop by to indulge in dishes like the Roasted Porchetta Sandwich, or the Whipped Salt Cod Sandwich with roasted tomato and arugula.

This Financial District spot has steadily lured us into its dark air since late last year, thanks to its serious knowledge and appreciation for alcoholic beverages. While there’s more than enough wines, beers and cocktails to try each day for a year, one drink in particular – the Combier Punch – has got us returning again and again. This seasonal punch brings an assortment of goodies like orange and lemon juices, Cognac, Cabernet and Combier together in a monstrously sized punch bowl. It comes with teacups, so that you, all of your friends and that hottie sitting on the ottoman next to you can all dig into it. A dark, intimate décor comprised of rich woods, brawny bricks and subdued lighting makes Rickhouse a destination date spot, or even a chill after-work spot to enjoy a few happy hour drinks. Ever so often, it’s nice to exchange sneakers for a pair of stilettos – to exchange your comfy sweats for designer jeans, to put the beanie back on the shelf and step out on the town, dressed to kill with your closest girlfriends by your side. When you’re looking for a Sex and the City moment filled with hearty laughs over an endless stream of cocktails in a flawless setting, butterfly is the restaurant you should turn to. From its artsy decorative pieces like the chandeliers to the gourmet dishes prepared by Chef Robert Lam, BuTTerFly truly exemplifies fabulousity in every way, shape and form. breathtaking views from its floor-to-ceiling windows serve as the perfect backdrop for a weekend brunch, which includes favorites like the Fried Snapper Sandwich, Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna and other Asian-inspired dishes. Weekend brunches also include bottomless bloody Mary’s and Mimosas. brunch isn’t the only time to get dolled up to enjoy all that butterfly has

BarBacco eno trattoria

Catering to the business crowd with its efficient service and affordable prices, this no frills eatery is a great place to take colleagues out for lunch or to even meet with friends who work nearby in FiDi. There’s also an available takeout menu, in case you need to take back a salad or two to your buddies in the office.


saturday night magazine March 2010


l™ Drop In. Have Fun. Eat Wel
CALIFORNIA - COLORADO - HAWAII - TEXAS - WAHOOS.COM Special Events Catering and Party Packs available. Give the Gift of Food! Wahoo’s Gift Cards make perfect presents! www.snmag.com

March 2010 saturday night magazine




the scene

LA / OC / SF
los angeles listing:
6611 hollywood blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028 323.462.EAST east-hollywood.com



niC’s Beverly hills
453 North Canon Dr. beverly hills, CA 90210 310.550.5708 nicsbeverlyhills.com 3

rOCksuGar Pan asian kiTChen
Westfield Century City 10250 Santa Monica blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90067 310.552.9988 rocksugarpanasiankitchen.com


514 N. La Cienega blvd. West hollywood, CA 90048 310.289.1940 aguradining.com

1608 Polk St 415. 345-1690

614 Pine St 415. 399-0882

Sun-Thru: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm Fri-Sat: 11:00 am to 12:30 am Happy Hours: 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm Late Night Specials: 10:00 pm – 12:30 am (Friday & Sat @ Polk only)


Orange County listing:
ra sushi
155 5th St., Ste. 183 huntington beach, CA 92648 714.536.6390 rasushi.com

“What we can’t Rock, we’ll Roll”
• 2004 Best SF Sushi Bar … San Francisco Examiner • Happy Hour Daily - Drinks 50% off, Appetizers 25% off • Special cocktails and Premium Sake • Lounge, VIP Room and Music • Late Night Specials - 2 for 1 All Sake & Beer 2

3 ThirTy 3
333 bayside Dr. Newport beach, CA 92660 949.673.8464 3thirty3nb.com


san Francisco listing:
BarBaCCaO enO TraTTOria
220 California St. San Francisco, CA 94111 415.955.1919 barbaccosf.com


BuTTerFly resTauranT
Pier 33 @ bay St. San Francisco, CA 94111 415.864.8999 butterflysf.com 3

246 Kearny St. San Francisco, CA 94108 415.398.2827 rickhousebar.com


in the 30 years that i have been a law professor i have never seen a worse job market for lawyers. even at the most elite law schools, many students are finding it hard to get summer jobs or to land positions after graduation. by Erwin Chemerinsky
Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California, Irvine, School of Law
many WhO aCCePTeD JOBs at large law firms have been told not to report for six months or a year. Some law firms have found alternative arrangements for the new law school graduates that they have hired. Last May, Mayer brown, a Chicago-based law firm with offices all over the world, told some associates that they would be working in the legal offices of some of its clients at a salary of $60,000, down from $160,000. There was no guarantee of continued employment after one year of this arrangement. The alternative was no job at all. I have received countless calls from former students who have been laid off by their law firms. I have received such calls from first year associates who graduated last spring, from second year associates, from more senior associates in the fifth, sixth, and seventh year of practice. Senior lawyers, too, are being laid off. Last April 28, the Atlanta law firm of Kilpatrick Stockton announced that it was laying off 24 lawyers. Soon after, Mark I. Levy, an attorney in their District of Columbia office who was laid off, committed suicide. Levy, 59, had been a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Clinton administration and had argued 16 cases in the Supreme Court. Nationally, thousands of lawyers have been laid off. Even more staff members at law firms have suffered the same fate. And it is not just law firms that are suffering. Legal aid offices have experienced dramatic losses of funding and also have had to lay off lawyers and staff. As the economy recovers, there is every reason to believe that this will improve. For those considering going to law school, they have reason for hope that the market for lawyers will be vastly improved by the time they graduate. In fact, initial reports are that law schools are receiving a record number of applications this year. This likely reflects confidence in future prospects. It also follows a familiar pattern that law school applications soar in recessions when opportunities for graduating college students are limited.

The markeT FOr

“n a t i o n a l l y, t h o u s a n d s o f l a w y e r s h a v e b e e n l a i d o f f. ”
I fear, though, that those being left behind are the current victims in the legal profession of the economic crisis. My sense is that the legal profession is largely turning its back on these individuals. The response of lawyers to those who have lost their jobs is generally sympathy, relief at being spared, and fear of being next. I believe that the profession has the duty to provide affirmative assistance to those who have lost their jobs. This, in part, is what


saturday night magazine March 2010


it means to be a profession. The practice of law is not left to individuals to be on their own however they choose. They are required to be part of a collective, an organized bar, which also provides for its members. It is common for the organized bar to provide services ranging from counseling to insurance benefits. There is also a moral duty to help our colleagues. The reality is that but for circumstances, any lawyer could face the consequences of the economic downturn and many likely still will. When our colleagues suffer, we should and must help. yet, I have heard little about actual assistance from the organized bar. The American bar Association did a survey of state and local bar associations. It found that 72% have due waivers and payment plans for attorneys who are facing economic hardship. 34% are offering career counseling and 24% are offering personal counseling. Some are offering internet seminars on interviewing skills and lunchtime strategy sessions for out of work lawyers.

“ the pressure mounts on lawyers to w o r k e v e r h a r d e r, e v e r l o n g e r h o u r s ”

So much more needs to be done. The bar needs to provide a fund to assist lawyers who have lost their jobs. bar dues should be suspended everywhere for those who have been laid off. For those with jobs, bar dues should be increased to provide a fund to provide financial assistance to lawyers who have lost their jobs. The amount of the increase can be done as a progressive tax based on a lawyer income. Requirements, such as pro bono work, can be tied to receipt of the money. Law schools, too, need to do much more. Law schools need to explore the possibility of suspending loan payments by students who have been laid off. Law schools need to organize their alumni to provide assistance to those who have lost their jobs. Career service offices in law schools must make helping laid off graduates a top priority. At the same time, the bar needs to be cognizant of the likely ethical consequences of the economic downturn. The pressure on lawyers to please clients is increased exponentially in the current economic climate. The reality is that attorneys and law firms need desperately to keep their clients. My sense, after over 30 years as a lawyer, is that a very large percentage of serious ethical violations come when lawyers go too far in their effort to please the client or get the results the client wants. At the same time, the pressure mounts on lawyers to work ever harder, ever longer hours. The associate or even the partner wants to show those in charge that he or she should not be the one laid off. One way to do this is to find a way to bill even more hours. As I talk to former students who are unhappy in the practice of law, it is often the pressure to bill enormous number of hours that is at the root of their dissatisfaction. This pressure and even the pressure to engage in false billing has increased greatly. There is no easy solution to these ethical pressures. but they will not go away by being ignored. The former Chief Judge of the New york Court of Appeals, Judith Kaye, asked me last year what our profession can do to help the many lawyers who are out of work. I said honestly that I did not know, but her question has haunted me ever since and every time I get another call from a student who has lost his or her job. It is the key question for the legal profession at this time.


saturday night magazine March 2010


on the cover


hoW We Met

coBie sMulders
As sexy tomboy Robin Scherbatsky on the CbS hit sitcom How I Met Your MotHer, COBie smulDers keeps the laughs coming with her witty banter and sarcastic comebacks. Off-set, Smulders is a bit softer in her delivery, but the laughs are just the same. Arriving at our shoot at the beautiful hotel Erwin, a couple miles from her Venice beach home, Smulders is upbeat, grounded and downright goofy.
PhOTOGRAPhS by BoBBy Quillard


PhOTO ASSISTANT casper Brindle hAIR by ian jaMes MAKEUP by aGostina March 2010 LOCATION: hotel erWin, magazine saturday night venice Beach STyLING by MiriaM sternoFF


on the cover
WheTher CraCkinG uP The CreW between shots or jumping on the bed in the middle of our penthouse suite, it’s not easy keeping a straight face around the 27-year-old starlet. With such a zest for life, it’s hard to believe Smulders is also a mom to an eight-month old daughter – though she is sure to leave the shoot on time to get home to her little one. It can’t be easy balancing such a hectic lifestyle, but Smulders assures us she has little to complain about. snmaG: What initially drew you to the character of Robin? COBie smulDers: The whole show is really sweet and funny. I actually hadn’t done any comedy before so I was interested in doing that. When I read Robin I thought it was a strong, independent female role, and I was excited to play that and some extreme comedy. She gets put in some of the most insane situations. snmaG: Was the character originally Canadian like you? Cs: halfway through the first season, they were thinking about making Robin a Canadian. They thought it was really exotic, which I don’t understand. They wanted to use her being a Canadian to point out the flaws of the American system. Canada has health care and good school systems and the government is better managed. There was one episode about that, and the rest of it was making fun of Canadians. They made her Canadian because they liked that I was one. snmaG: What can you share about this season? Any major surprises in store? Cs: I know Robin is starting another relationship with her co-anchor Don so I know that will be happening. I don’t know how it’s going to manifest itself or what kind of relationship it’s going to be, but they’re going to have us together pretty soon.

“Halfway through the first season, they were thinking about making Robin a Canadian. They thought it was really exotic...”


saturday night magazine kiM www.snmag.com DRESS by aBs ShOES by jinny March 2010 ALL JEWELRy by Malinda Maria


snmaG: If it were up to you, would Robin end up with Ted or barney? Cs: Tough question. Probably Ted because, even though barney is a lot of fun, I just feel like it’s one of those relationships where there’s a lot of excitement, but there are a lot of ups and downs. With Ted, it’s pretty sturdy and he’s loving. snmaG: Can you imagine yourself being in a relationship with a guy like barney Stinson? Cs: No. I was in a relationship with someone like barney and it did not work out. snmaG: Will we eventually find out who Ted winds up marrying and who is the “Mother” in the show’s title? Cs: yes. hopefully, in Season 11. snmaG: There’s an episode where barney receives “Robin 101” instruction from Ted. What would “Cobie 101” entail? Cs: I am an avid photographer. I own equipment that was made in the 60s. My favorite is a hasselblad. I take a lot of pictures and have learned to develop them on my own. I was going to build a dark room before I had a child, and the dark room turned into a playroom. I’m going to be studying marine biology, I’ve always really been into it, and I’m taking some classes starting in March – right on the beach at Santa Monica College. I love to eat, which is problematic when I’m on a television show. I’m of Dutch descent, my father’s Dutch and my mother’s british. My legal name is Jacoba. Not even when I was in trouble was I called Jacoba. but it’s cool to have a secret alias. snmaG: you’ve had some really great guest stars on the show and we hear Jennifer Lopez is about to do an episode. What can you tell us about that? Cs: I have no idea who she’s playing. She’s going to be working with Neil [Patrick harris] a lot so maybe she’s going to be a conquest of his.


March 2010 saturday night magazine


on the cover
snmaG: Which guest star has been your favorite to work with? Cs: Sarah Chalke I loved and she became a really good friend of mine. She became a good member of our group. She sort of came in and it clicked. britney [Spears] was interesting. She was really nice and fun to meet. Tim Gunn was fun. he was super nice and happy to be there. snmaG: Who are you hoping will come do an episode? Cs: I don’t know if Meryl Streep is available. I’m sure she’s busy shooting an Oscar-winning film but if she can squeeze us in, I’d love that. snmaG: Are you close with your cast mates outside of work? Cs: Definitely. We’re all really close. Everyone’s super nice and normal, and I’m so thankful that there’s no drama on our set. Everyone’s very down to earth and gets along super well. We all hang out on and off set. We’ve been together for five years now so I spend more time with them than I do with my family. snmaG: Any funny on-set stories? Cs: There’s a lot of music that happens on our set. Everyone’s very musically inclined – a lot of piano and guitar playing. We play games in between scenes. There’s a lot of laughs, hanging out, eating. So much food at all times. snmaG: Who makes you laugh more – Neil


saturday night magazine reWash 2010ShOES by French www.snmag.com by skinny TOP by anne taylor JEANS by March connection RING

bANGLES/EARRINGS by Malinda Maria


Patrick harris or Jason Segal? Cs: Jason. he makes me laugh a lot, on and off camera. If he does something funny or starts to laugh at himself it just sets me off. snmaG: Do you ever have trouble getting through filming with these guys? Cs: Absolutely. Oh my God. I’m the worst at it too. I’m the one who’s always breaking right away. Jason and I spur each other on when we do that. snmaG: you and Alyson hannigan had babies around the same time. Do you guys exchange parenting tips? Cs: Absolutely. her daughter is on set all the time. Mine’s at home most of the time and

she comes in if I have a lighter day. When they do come in, they play together. It’s nice to go through it with someone on set because it can be demanding in terms of “I need a bigger shirt,” and you don’t want to be a pain in the ass with the wardrobe. snmaG: how have you managed to balance work and motherhood? Cs: It has its good and bad days. Our show has one of the best schedules on the planet. We shoot three days a week and rehearse the other days. It’s pretty easy going, and they’re very accommodating so it makes it a lot easier. My guy is really helpful and a great dad, and he’s around to help me with anything, so we’re a really good unit.

“I was going to build a dark room before I had a child, and the dark room turned into a playroom.”


March 2010 saturday night magazine


on the cover
snmaG: Any plans to do more films in the future? Cs: I sure do. I’m running out of the house right after this to go to an audition. We’ll see what comes of it. It’s hard because you have just a couple months of hiatus so you have to find something that shoots in between then. but that’s the dream, to go on to do movies and do different roles and try new stuff. snmaG: What are your favorite L.A. spots and what do you like to do on the weekend when you’re not filming? Cs: Well, I’m on Abbot Kinney a lot. Usually, me and my dude just bike down there and go for dinner and go grab a drink or bike down the beach and go down the path. We stick to the west side and hang out with friends down here. That’s why I like living in Venice because I can hop on my bike and go anywhere I need to go. snmaG: What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday night? Cs: Find a sitter, and have me and my guy take our bikes out, go to our friend’s house, have some drinks, head out to dinner and just hang out and connect with friends and laugh. have my daughter sleep through the rest of the night. have my daughter not wake up until 7 a.m. the next day.


by Jillian Gordon

“I was in a relationship with someone like Barney and it did not work out.”


saturday night magazine March 2010 DRESS by sWeet like hoMe CUFF by Micha

www.snmag.com EARRINGS by Melinda Maria


March 2010 saturday night magazine


Our resident experts say it best.
“Ross gives you the tools to pursue your dreams. It definitely wouldn’t have happened without Ross.” – Matthew Dashnaw, MD '09 Neurosurgery Resident

“I am who I am today because of Ross University. I’m a doctor, I attained the residency I wanted, and I made friends for a lifetime.”

“Ross University was the only medical school I applied to. It has a great track record and I’m just one of thousands of success stories.”

“Psychiatry gives me the ability to work with my patients every step of the way and ensure they are getting the most wellrounded treatment possible.”

“My clinical rotations at Ross inspired me to choose family medicine — it allows me to be very hands-on and treat patients of all ages.”

– Paola Portela, MD '07 Pediatrics Resident

– Armin Kamyab, MD '08 Surgery Resident

– Judie Kwolek, MD '05 Chief Resident, Psychiatry

– Kim Nguyen, MD '07 Chief Resident, Family Medicine

• We place more graduates into U.S. residencies annually than any other medical school in the world • All clinical rotations are completed in the U.S. at nearly 70 top teaching hospitals • Students spend 16 months at our technologically advanced campus in Dominica • Alumni network of over 7,000 successful physicians practicing in all 50 States including over 800 in California

For details visit RossU.edu or call 877-ROSS-EDU

Attend our Information Seminar
Irvine, CA, Saturday, March 13, 2010 San Francisco, CA, Saturday, March 20, 2010 Register online at RossU.edu

School of Medicine


saturday night magazine March 2010

“WhaT i Wish i kneW”



We hate to break it to you, but aside from keg stands and dorm room hookups, college is actually supposed to be preparing you for life in the real world – i.e. a career. still not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life? We sought out today’s top entrepreneurs, business leaders and experts in their field and asked, “What do you wish you knew at the start of your career that you know now?” We suggest you listen up.

Career aDviCe FrOm The exPerTs
“I wish someone had drilled into my head that things are never as good or as bad as they might appear. I’ve spent days, weeks and months flipflopping from feeling awful to feeling elated, and it’s created a lot of wasted time and stress.” — Ben Lerer, Founder of thrillist.com Magazine is a pretty good example of a dream realized.” — Mike Gillespie, Head Coach uC Irvine Baseball

Ben lerer

“At Syracuse, I took many journalism, English and broadcasting courses. What I didn’t take was a psychology course. Working in television sports with high profile announcers, and even young broadcast assistants, I now realize how valuable a couple of psych courses would have been. As a producer or executive producer you are in charge and sometimes you have to sell your team on ideas. This takes, at times, a delicate touch. Those who do it well tend to be very successful in this business.” — ed Goren, eD GOren President of Fox Sports “begin planning for retirement from the day you start work and don’t let anyone tell you that your dream cannot be realized. Saturday Night

“Determining and then doing the right thing will ALWAyS benefit you and everyone around you. It can and will contribute to financial success, mike eGGers career development, relationships with family and friends, and provide a positive sense of self that is also respected.” — Mike eggers, Pac-10 referee “I wish someone had taught me the lessons of paying my dues. My first job, even after significant marketing internship experience, was to take returned cell phones and update the software while logging each phone’s serial number into an Excel sheet. however, I kept my mouth shut and did my job until the right opportunity came my way. I was brought into a marketing meeting and was able to offer up my advice on a campus ambassador program. One month later I had a job in marketing, but only because I had a good job earlier and appeased my boss. To sum it up: you are not too good for anything. Learning = progress. And nearly EVERyONE you will work with has a college degree.” — ross resnick, Founder of roaming Hunger

kelly WearsTler “My advice to someone interested in a career in interior design is that an education is mandatory – you have to be informed. Plus, you must be able to work well with others because interior design is all about collaboration. If you are creative, willing to work hard and a good listener, you should go for it. If you are interested in expressing your creativity solely as an individual, do not aspire to an interior design career. It’s also important to know how to sketch and draw – you have to get your ideas across. Educate yourself in art, furniture and design history. Understand the process.” — Kelly wearstler, Kelly wearstler Interior Design

by Kiowa bryan


March 2010 saturday night magazine




lOs anGeles CiTy COnTrOller

WenDy Greuel

as the city controller for all of los angeles and a working mother, Wendy Greuel has a full schedule. luckily, this ucla grad managed to find some time to share what pursuing a career in politics is all about and what a day spent as city controller entails.

by Jillian Gordon

snmaG: What did you major in at UCLA and how did you end up pursuing a career in politics? WenDy Greuel: When I was student body president of my high school, I was honored by Mayor bradley with a youth leadership award, and they invited me to be part of the Mayor’s youth council, which I ended up serving on during college. My family thought I was going to run the family business, which is a building supply company. We didn’t really have accounting at UCLA so I was an econ major. I changed to political science my junior year because of an internship I had with Mayor bradley my last two years of college and because I felt like it was a great way to have an impact. They offered me a job when I graduated so I got the bug. snmaG: What was it like working for the Clinton administration? WG: It was fabulous. It was an exciting time to be able to work on issues that I cared about. henry Cisneros was secretary of hUD (housing and Urban Development) and Andrew Cuomo was assistant secretary. It was an opportunity to work on issues of homelessness and housing and job creation, homeownership, a number of things that were near and dear to my heart as a staff member for Mayor bradley. snmaG: Now as City Controller, what would you say is the most challenging aspect of your job? WG: I would say the budget crisis and the economic situation we’re in. I’m the front, the watchdog, and I pay all the bills. I’ve been sounding the alarm bells for several months about the fact that we are spending more than we have. I have been encouraging the Mayor’s council to take immediate action, and we’ve been pushing to say you need to do something now to avoid a fiscal meltdown.

people,” and that sums it up pretty easily. Public service is about helping others and using your skills and experiences to provide a good quality life for people in this city. snmaG: Can you take us through a typical day on the job for you? WG: Every morning, I usually have a breakfast meeting with someone who is a community activist working on implementing an audit to business leaders who want to see the government work more efficiently. My days are really filled with auditing division or fiscal reporting, going through and providing the information to the City Council members about what our fiscal and financial situation is. I go out at nights and talk to community groups pretty much every night. It’s a 24/7 job. The big difference between the job I have now and being a City Council member is I don’t have to sit through lengthy City Council meetings. In my last few weeks of council, I counted the hours I was in meetings and it was 25 hours so now that 25 hours I spend working with departments and community leaders to help improve city government.

“There is no defined career path,
it’s just making sure that you like what you do.”

“I’m the front, the watchdog, and I pay all the bills.”
snmaG: What is the most rewarding part of your job? WG: The most rewarding is the fact that a part of my job is to work at how we can do things more efficiently in the city and effectively. What that means is we’re able to say we saved money. As a result, there are things we can highlight and change and we can provide better service for the community. It’s funny because my six year old, who was four at the time, asked me to come to his school and describe what I did as a job. I said, “honey, how would you describe what I do?” he said, “Mommy, you help

snmaG: how do you balance being a working mother? WG: It definitely is challenging, but I think there are several things that help. One is I have a great kid who goes with the flow, he’s willing to go to events on the weekends with mom and dad, and I try to manage my schedule so that I can take him to school a few days a week, be home in time to read him a book or help him do his homework. It’s a balancing act, and some weeks I’m better at it than others. snmaG: What advice do you wish you knew at the start of your career that you can reflect on now? WG: Do as many internships as you possibly can and learn about what you like. Also, know that no decision you make is forever. People should look at it as an opportunity and if it’s not the job for them, make a change. Circumstances happen and you take advantage of it so there is no defined career path, it’s just making sure that you like what you do, that when you wake up every morning you’re excited about going to your job because you spend a lot of hours doing that career.


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5250 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601

where Creative Innovation begins
Open House • Saturday, March 6, 2010
Check-in begins: 9:30 AM Presentations begin: 10:00 AM
At The Art Institute of California — Hollywood Open House, you’ll be able to:

• • • •

Learn more about our programs. Tour our facilities and get a feel for our school. Speak with current students, faculty, and admissions staff. Learn about student services, scholarship opportunities, grants, and financial aid (available to those who qualify). • Get information on student housing.

Brand new is the NORM.
To RSVP for this event, find out more information, and to download a complimentary poster, visit:

Or call us: Toll-Free: 877.468.6232 • Local: 818.299.5100
We believe in studying the past, but not so you can dwell on it. At The Art Institute of California — Hollywood, innovation is expected. We offer programs in the following areas: culinary • design • fashion • media arts
Join our mobile community. Text AiH to 89074 to get important information on school-related news and events.

Accredited Member, ACICS


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OF The uniTeD naTiOns FOunDaTiOn
elizabeth Gore is the executive director of Global partnerships and nothing But nets for the united nations Foundation, a public charity that works on behalf of the un to solve global problems. a graduate of texas a&M university, where she majored in Financial development, Gore now works to manage partnerships and cause marketing strategies implemented in the programs and campaigns of the Foundation.
by Ivana Wynn

elizaBeTh GOre

snmaG: you began your career in animal science. how did you go from animal science to nonprofit work? elizaBeTh GOre: I became interested in an issue on our campus. One of my friends had dropped out of school because there was no child care facility on our campus and I was shocked to find out that all the schools around us had child care facilities except ours. From protesting to going to the student government, we finally got the permission to build the children’s center. It was an amazing opportunity to see a need and help fulfill it. A lot of people think that being in nonprofit is just being a do-gooder but you can be a badass CEO. your product is helping people. snmaG: Can you tell us more about what you do for the United Nations Foundation as Executive Director of Global Partnerships? eG: There are two things I do: The first is to build partnerships for the corporation, like Clinton or Gates foundation and to work together to get a joint outcome. It could be working with Nike to ensure that young girls are protected in the developing world or working with the NbA to combat malaria. The second is building innovative campaigns like the Nothing but Nets campaign for malaria. We’ve done one for climate change and The Girl Fund is coming out in the spring. snmaG: how are you able to form partnerships with big companies? eG: by building relationships, building our own rolodex of companies and partners that want to work with us. Relationships, in any career, are your number one avenue to success. snmaG: how do you ensure you make a good impression with these companies? eG: Always under-promise and over-deliver. Always being professional but also being yourself. We’re in a new age of letting your personality shine through no matter what it is, and I think people value that. I like having an edge, being from Texas I’m a young, blonde girl. I’m working at this big, male environment of the UN. I’m proud of it.

snmaG: you have traveled all over the world for your campaigns at the UN. how have these travels affected you personally? eG: The most I’ve been impacted in a long time was in Ethiopia three months ago. I was touring schools that are for girls who were forced into marriage from five years old or had fled from being married early. I was struck by these little girls who had been through so much and they were so happy just to be able to go to school. It was the biggest luxury to them and that made me value everything we have in this country – the abilities, the nice cars, lattes, and they are so thankful to get a pen, a piece of paper, and two hours with a teacher.

“I’m a young, blonde girl.
I’m working at this big, male environment of the UN. I’m proud of it.”

snmaG: What is the most challenging part of your job? eG: you never check off or finish a to-do list for this job. There’s always some humanitarian disaster. We’re not going to end climate change tomorrow. That can get you. Everyone on my team can work 20 hours a day for the rest of their lives, legitimately. It’s part of the balance. I’ve got to go home and get some rest and start again tomorrow. On the flipside, the best thing about my job is that because of the resiliency of all the people we work with, whether in Africa or Latin America, there are always lives being saved, strides being made in malaria or hIV so we really see the tangible progress that the UN is making.


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“This is not a race. your career is a marathon. your decisions need to be based on that. Get out of bed everyday and try hard to do a good job. Money and happiness will follow.” — Jim urie, President of universal Music Distribution “To not agree and sign up to every event, promotion or advertisement sent my way. In the beginning, it seems exciting to participate in all promos, and you think it expands awareness for your brand. The reality is that it’s super costly and has minimal exposure.” — Anastasia Soare, Creator of Anastasia Beverly Hills “Well, I can remember my father telling me about five years into working for myself, that all self-employed people are idiots! his logic was, if you work for the city water department, when you clock out, your worries end there. Working for yourself, you are never off the clock, you never have paid vacations days, and being sick is just a mood and not a day off. All the pressure is on you 110% of the time. This came from my father who worked for himself since the age of 17 and died six months ago at 59 years old of a heart attack. Was it work related?” — Al Borda, Ceo Skin Industries

anasTasia sOare

“I wish I would have known to treat my body a little better! Although I’m only in my 20s, I have started to feel the toll pushing my body to the limits has taken on me physically.” — Freeskier Sarah Burke “No matter how crazy your job gets, your life will never contain as much drama as the life of a high school student.” — Suzanna Gordon, 10th grade english teacher for Sherman oaks Center for enriched Studies

al BOrDa

sarah Burke

allen Blue “you can get any job in the world if you are smart and get things done. but don’t forget that getting things done is more important.” — Allen Blue, Vice President of Product Strategy and Co-Founder of LinkedIn.com

“I wish that I moved to Los Angeles sooner. I arrived when I was 34 years old.” — Dean Schramm, Agent and Ceo of the Schramm Group talent Management

Summer 2010 Los Angeles
Six Week Summer Acting Intensive Two Week Intensives:
• Musical Theatre • Camera Technique & Auditions
800.222.2867 1336 North La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Celebrating our 125th Anniversary
Apply Now!

• One Person Show • Advanced Camera Acting



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keiThCeO OF POPChiPs BellinG FOunDer &
as the Founder and ceo of popchips, keith Belling knows a thing or two about snacking. in fact, he’s a bit of an expert. here’s how he launched a healthy chip alternative for today’s snacking fanatics.
by Jillian Gordon

snmaG: Where did you go to school and what was your major? how did you get into creating a brand like Popchips? keiTh BellinG: I describe myself as a serial entrepreneur. I went to UC Davis and majored in economics. My plan early on was to go to law school and practice Real Estate Law and then go into Real Estate Development. I went from Davis to hasting in Northern California. I practiced for a firm called Morrison & Foerster, it was a big national firm. I always knew I didn’t want to be a lawyer. I had a business opportunity, one of my clients owned a little chain of coffee bars and the next thing I know, I quit the firm and took over the company. It was before Starbucks. snmaG: how did that segue into creating Popchips? kB: I found that I really liked creating businesses. It’s always about passion. you have to do things you like. I’ve always been a big snacker and in 2004 I started thinking I wanted to do something in the natural food industry. I used to take my bag of fried chips and hide them under my sandwich when I was in the deli line. I don’t know if I would hide them from myself or other people. It was a guilty pleasure. There had to be a better alternative. So I started working with a partner who had worked on my internet company for me and we found a manufacturing business that would allow us to make Popchips and we bought it in October, 2005. snmaG: This is an independently owned company. What kind of money goes into launching a product like this? kB: There’s no real formula for something like this. It depends on the business, the timing, opportunity. In this case we bought a manufacturing business that afforded us some economies because we had an operating business that we could use to create Popchips. So while it required a higher investment up front, it gave us a platform to build Popchips out of. We spent a year and a half in product development, the packaging, branding, getting ready and we launched in May, 2007. snmaG: What was your target audience at the time when you were creating the product? kB: We were looking for people that were anxious for a healthier lifestyle but not necessarily obsessed with it. The people that have active, healthier lifestyles and were looking for an alternative just like we were. Our demographic has evolved and we’ve learned more about it as we’ve gone along but I think we weren’t looking to have a product that was just for women, men, or kids. We wanted to come up with a snack that would appeal to a broader audience. snmaG: Could you elaborate on your marketing strategies, in terms of distribution? kB: We look at our distribution in terms of sales and marketing. being with

Virgin Airlines is as much about marketing as sales because it’s great brand association. We also work with hotels and college campuses like UCLA and USC. We’re on corporate campuses like Dreamworks and Google. These distributions have as much to do with marketing because it’s a great way for people to sample the brand. snmaG: When it comes to creating the flavors, is your aim always to mimic the classic potato chip? kB: We felt we were already coming at the consumer with something that was pretty different, in terms of being popped instead of baked or fried. What we didn’t want to do is go and give them some unusual, unexpected flavors. We thought it was important to have barbeque, original, sour cream, salt and vinegar and do them really well. A product like ours has to taste good. If it doesn’t, nothing else matters. Unlike some things where you might sacrifice taste for health, clearly snacking is not one of them.

“Unlike some things where
you might sacrifice taste for health, clearly snacking is not one of them.”

snmaG: Where do you see Popchips growing in these next five years? kB: We’d like to see it as a real alternative to fried and baked. That people can say some people want fried, some want baked, and some want popped. We’d like to be what you think of when you think of popped chips. One of the ways we put it is we’d like to do to the snack aisle what Vitamin Water has done to the beverage aisle. They created a whole new category. snmaG: What piece of advice do you wish you knew at the start of your career? kB: Follow your passions because no matter what you do everything’s a roller coaster. There are days that are really terrific and others that are really challenging, and it’s the passion that gets you through those times and makes you enjoy the great times. I always tell people that being an entrepreneur, it’s going to be twice as fun and twice as hard as you’re ever going to expect.


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Life. Learning. Leisure.




Available to Lease 213.743.5000 or at westarhousing.com
www.snmag.com March 2010 saturday night magazine 37

“I wish someone had told me how important internships are. I spent all of my college years partying and slacking off, which was obviously fun, but when I got out into the real world, I was stuck with an entry-level mailroom job while others who had interned were getting the assistant jobs that I wanted. Now, when I’m looking at resumes for prospective employees that are coming out of college, internships are the first thing that I look for. It’s really all about ’real world’ experience when you get out of school.” — Chris Detert, Ceo & President, American rebel Pr

Chris DeTerT

“Keep friends as friends and only bring in employees that have experience in the industry and love what they do. Also, have a good attorney who watches over you.” — Carole Cole, Founder & President, the Carol Cole Company and Creator of NuFACe “Treat every day as a learning experience. Learn as much as you possibly can from the more-senior people in any organization you are with, while you can, because before you know it, you will be the more-senior person and will be expected to have the wisdom of the ages.” — Gregory L. Young, Attorney at Law, robert A. Sternberg, A Professional Law Corporation

CarOle COle

“Follow your passion. If you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing, then change it.” — Congressman Steve Kagen, u.S. House of representatives from wisconsin’s 8th District “I wish I knew that you could go to law school without having to become a lawyer. Sports teams and leagues aren’t run by sports people anymore, they’re run by lawyers.” — Bill Shaikin, National Baseball writer for the LA times

COnG. sTeve kaGen

“Something I learned early on was the importance of establishing personal contacts. Connections have to be built. Those personal details help make you a person on the other end of the line, rather than just an anonymous caller on the phone, asking for something.” — rich Best, Senior VP Booking, Live Nation/So-Cal – Music “Make sure that you truly understand technology and how technology interfaces with marketing because you really need to understand analytics and how the web works and how technology works. Marketing is a game of numbers and technology, so you have to know the basics of marketing, but you also have to understand the systems behind it so that you can match the business with the programs you are doing.” — Matt Malloy, the Vice President of Zipcar for university

maTT mallOy


CheF eli kirshTein “To realize you will make mistakes and to take them in stride and learn from them.” — Chef eli Kirshtein, ”top Chef,” Season 5

Ben silverman “That’s what she said.” — Ben Silverman, Ceo & Founder of electus and executive Producer of the office

Right now, a family is beginning to heal.


Ad Dea Firs Pub Sec Spe

Right now, you could love your job more than ever.
Graduate Programs at Argosy University

  


Relationships are healing, education is improving, businesses are succeeding—thanks to the work of Argosy University graduates that make a difference every day. Advance your career potential and love your profession more than you ever thought possible. Make this your right now. Argosy University.

    



Argosy University, Phoenix 2233 W. Dunlap Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021 Argosy University, Inland Empire 636 E. Brier Dr. San Bernardino, CA 92408

Argosy University, San Diego 1615 Murray Canyon Road San Diego, CA 92108

Argosy University, Los Angeles 5230 Pacific Concourse Los Angeles, CA 90045

Argosy University, Orange County 601 S. Lewis Street Orange, CA 92868

        

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Degree programs, delivery options, and start dates vary by campus. Argosy University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association (30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602, 1.800.621.7440, www.ncahlc.org).


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sae institute


if your ideal career path doesn’t involve becoming a doctor, lawyer, or business tycoon then you are in luck! We have put together a list of awesome alternative specialty schools that can help turn your passion into a money making career. these schools can teach you the skills to become anything from a gourmet pastry chef to a forensic scientist. the best part is that most of these schools are consistently accepting applicants, which means you can start next year or even next week!

by Kara buettner

sae insTiTuTe, losanGeles.sae.edu
Who should apply: you should apply if you are passionate about music and want to eventually have a career in the music industry, audio education, or sound and media. application deadline: SAE has quarterly start dates and an admissions representative will guide prospective students through class availability and the enrollment process. What you’ll learn: you can do an Electronic Music Production program, which will teach you to record, edit, assemble, and prepare effects for recording as well as create audio mixes for TV, radio, CD recordings, DVD recordings and DJ sessions. SAE also offers an Audio Technology Program that will teach you about every aspect of the recording process, including copyright laws, as well as being able to prepare a budget for recording a music CD, including preproduction, studio costs, musician’s rates, hire equipment and supplies.

los anGeles and neW york, aada.orG

ameriCan aCaDemy OF DramaTiC arTs,

Who should apply: AADA looks for serious students seeking intensive summer training for two or six week sessions. Admission to six-week session is by audition only. application deadline: June 1 for U.S. Students, May 1 for International students What you’ll learn: Coursework will include Acting, Voice and Speech, Vocal Production and Movement. All classes are taught by professional instructors — each one an expert of his or her craft as an actor, director, vocal artist or dancer. Training may be accepted for credit toward other programs. The six week intensive is a stand-alone course and may not be taken concurrently with the two week intensive classes offered by AADA. Admission to the six week program is by audition.


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lOs anGeles Film sChOOl, laFilMschool.edu
Who should apply: you should apply if you are interested in receiving your Associate of Science in film or if you are interested in becoming a filmmaker, computer animator, video game creator or interested in audio recording.

FiDm (FashiOn insTiTuTe OF DesiGn anD merChanDisinG), FidM.edu
Who should apply: Anyone interested in receiving a bachelor’s degree in business Management or an Associate’s degree. FIDM offers specified majors such as Jewelry Design, International Manufacturing & Product Development, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Fashion Design, business Management, Entertainment Set Design & Decoration, and Interior Design. application deadline: FIDM operates on a rolling admissions deadline with classes starting quarterly but official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and an essay response are mandatory to apply. Also, each applicant will need to complete a project designed specifically for each major. What you’ll learn: FIDM’s curriculum integrates creative and leadership skills to develop graduates for the global industries of fashion, visual arts, interior design, and entertainment. Once you graduate, you will be prepared to start your own company within the field or at least work for the fashion company of your dreams.

allianT inTernaTiOnal universiTy,


la FilM school
application deadline: Applications are accepted monthly with the next set of classes starting March 1, 2010. What you’ll learn: Aspiring filmmakers, animators and gamers will get to hear from an array of different and interesting guest speakers (such as actor Jeff bridges or the screenwriters of movies like The Proposal, I Love You, Man, and Star Trek) and learn the ropes of the business in order to fast track your career in the entertainment world.

Who should apply: This private university has four separate schools such as the School of Forensic Studies and the School of Professional Psychology. you should apply if you have a specific major or area of interest within the social sciences or forensics. you should also consider Alliant if you are interested in a multicultural experience. Over 40% of undergraduates are international students and the University offers a number of study programs in other countries, such as China and Japan.

le COrDOn Bleu, cordonBleu.edu
Who should apply: Apply if you are looking to receive a bachelors or Master’s degree in hospitality Management or a Diploma or Certificate in the Culinary Arts program. application deadline: The application deadlines differ according to program and location (Paris, Sydney, London, Tokyo and more) but most programs begin in January, April, and July and run for two months or four months before you move on to a different session.

alliant international university
application deadline: Applications are accepted on a year-round basis. Many of the programs fill early, so submitting your application between November and January in order to begin matriculating in August is best. If you want to begin with a Spring or Summer session, then it’s best to submit your application three to four months prior.

le cordon Bleu
What you’ll learn: you can learn everything from basic kitchen operations to more advanced techniques like how to create gourmet pastries, commercial cooking, and advanced superior cuisine skills.

What you’ll learn: This is the place to be if you want an education with a focus on discovering knowledge and searching for answers! With an emphasis on multiculturalism and internationalism, students will be trained to become professionals in the area of their choice and be exposed to their major on a global level versus just a national one.


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art institute oF caliFornia


arT insTiTuTe OF CaliFOrnia—hOllyWOOD,

Who should apply: you should apply if you are interested in receiving a Diploma, Certificate, Associate degree or bachelor’s degree in Culinary Management, Fashion Marketing and Management, Graphic Design, Media Arts & Animation, Industrial Design, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics or Web Design & Interactive Media. application deadline: Applications are accepted every quarter with the next quarter starting April 5, 2010. What you’ll learn: Depending if you are interested in design, the media arts, or fashion, you will learn the business practices needed for your career choice as well as the professional demeanor that matches the current industry standards. Take advantage of the prime location and the technology savvy environment you will be learning in.

ex’pression colleGe
application deadline: Ex’pression College is constantly accepting applications but a personal essay, all transcripts, and a portfolio for those applying to selected majors, such as Animation and Graphic Design, is required. E-mail any specific questions to admissions@expression.edu What you’ll learn: you will learn how to channel your creativity and imaginative ideas into perfected aesthetic design in order to be at the top of your game for whatever creative field you intend to pursue. This school is specifically designed to parlay your specific talents into a career within the rapidly growing digital arts industry.

ex’PressiOn COlleGe, expression.edu
Who should apply: you should apply if you are interested in majoring in Motion Graphic Design, Animation and Visual Effects, Game Art and Design, or Sound Arts.


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UC Riverside Summer Spain Travel Vietnam Study England Program

Challenge your senses and open your imagination while you explore exotic Vietnam, discover the far-reaching influences of Spain’s Past and Present, or spend five weeks walking in Shakespeare’s World in England.

UC Riverside Summer Travel Study Program July 26 to August 28, 2010
Hue, Vietnam • Madrid, Spain • London, England
Grab your passport and pack your bags!
Students earn 8 units of UC credit by taking two classes during the five week program. Check out the website for more information and to download your application today!



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Alliant International University

Don’t just find yourself. Create yourself.
The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University is celebrating 40 years of moving psychology forward. Examples of CSPP innovation include a national postdoctoral master’s program in clinical psychopharmacology and international programs in Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico and Singapore. The California School of Forensic Psychology is developing a legacy of students who will assume leadership roles in the profession of forensic psychology. Positioned at the intersection of psychology and law, forensic psychology is one of the fastest growing areas of psychology. Faculty are drawn from forensic sites such as corrections, courts, public policy, and governmental entities. They bring a wealth of practical and culturally competent skill to the classroom.

Excellence in Education Since 1969 California School of Professional Psychology
Clinical Psychology PhD and PsyD programs

Forensic Careers Begin Here California School of Forensic Studies
Forensic Psychology PsyD Forensic Psychology PhD
Clinical Licensure Track Psychology, Policy, and Law Track Degree Completion

Marital and Family Therapy MA & PsyD programs

Forensic Behavioral Studies BA

Accepting applications now. 1.866.U.ALLIANT • admissions@alliant.edu

Fresno • Irvine • Los Angeles • Sacramento • San Diego San Francisco • Mexico City • Hong Kong • Singapore • Tokyo
employer and educator. 44 saturday night magazine March 2010 Alliant is a private, nonprofit, WASC-accredited university and an equal opportunity



March Madness teaMs to Watch
by Kiowa bryan

the month of March brings a few things to mind - st. patrick’s day, spring break, and of course, March Madness. With every game being do or die, you won’t want to miss a second of the action. so whether you are trying to show up your friends or just learning about the ncaa tournament for the first time, take a peek at this guide to “the Big dance” before you fill in your brackets.

Cal GOlDen Bears - Most thought that the talent on the Golden bears this year would have blown away the rest of the conference but they just can’t seem to find their rhythm. On more than one occasion Cal has blown a substantial lead and lost due to their lack of defensive unity. They have all the ingredients needed to run away with the title, it’s just a matter of whether they can find their timing. arizOna sTaTe sun Devils - ASU isn’t living up to the hype that surrounded it pre-season. They have a well seasoned team but just can’t seem to pick up any wins that matter. Even without James harden, the Sun Devils were expected to be threatening but if they want to compete for that top spot, Ty Abott better keep on his hot shooting streak, and he better find some help - and fast. uCla Bruins - After a disastrous start to the season, the bruins have staged a pretty nice comeback and are now clawing their way back to the top. Even though they lost a lot of starters this year, UCLA’s program is so stellar they were expected to remain on top of their game. Trouble was it took the bruins most of the season to find their grove. It’s not going to be easy but if they end up peaking at the most opportune of times there will be a lot of sports writers eating their words.

kansas JayhaWks - Considering the first basketball coach at Kansas was the originator of the game, I guess it should be no surprise that they have dominated the big-12 and been among the elite teams over the last few decades. This year should be no different with all 5 starters returning including superstars Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins. As if there wasn’t enough depth already, their freshman class showcases some top recruits including the hyped up xavier henry - who has most definitely lived up to his expectations. I won’t be surprised at all if the Jayhawks take home the Championship, or at the very least shoot their way to the Final Four. kansas sTaTe WilDCaTs - Since Kansas and Texas are almost always number 1 and 2 in the big-12, the 3 spot is where the competition lies. That prize looks as if it will go to the Wildcats this year and rightfully so. This team includes a lot of young talent, but if anyone can handle rookies it’s coach Frank Martin who in his first year (‘07-08) at Kansas State coached a team that included 9 freshman to their first appearance in the big dance in 12 years. In the same year Kansas defeated their rival team KU for the first time in 30 meetings. Guards Denis Clemente and Jacob Pullen have been on a roll this season and have carried the team, handing Texas their first upset of the season after starting 16-0. Last year wasn’t so pretty but this year the Wildcats are looking forward to playing well into March.


March 2010 saturday night magazine


duke photo courtesy of: jon Gardiner, duke photography

BiG Ten
miChiGan sTaTe sParTans - When people think of Michigan State, they often think of the infamous 1979 NCAA National Championship game nicknamed Magic vs bird. Magic Johnson and the Spartans ended up taking the title from the undefeated Indiana State Sycamores led by Larry bird. Little did anyone know back then, that these would become household names that would be remembered for generations to come. The Spartans haven’t let down that legacy, competing in the big dance for the last 12 years and just falling short of the title in 2009. Team leader and scorer Kalin Lucas looks to lead the Spartans back to the bitter end once again and with the rebound skills they possess, it’s definitely a possibility. OhiO sTaTe BuCkeyes - There was a lot of panic in Madison when superstar Evan Turner had a freak back injury and was projected to be out for 8 weeks. Instead, he was back on the court in 4 - returning just in time to steal the thunder from Robbie hummel and beat Purdue. With a team comprised of sophomores and juniors, the buckeyes possess the experience necessary to challenge in the big Ten. If any one team is fired up to go far in the big dance its Ohio State - in case you forgot, they were the team that lost to Cinderella story Siena last year.

for the yellow Jackets this year. A great recruitment class, plus a few experienced starters from last year, equals a recipe for success - especially after such a disastrous 2008-09 season. Is it possible for a team to go from no post season appearance whatsoever to the elite eight? I guess we’ll have to sit back and find out. Wins over Duke, Clemson, and UNC prove that they have what it takes to make in the NCAA Tournament, question is just how far. Freshman recruit Derrick Favors and Junior Gani Lawal have dominated in the paint this year and as long as GT can clean up their free throws, they will be a team to be reckoned with.

BiG easT
villanOva WilDCaTs - This year the amount of talented teams in the big East is astounding. It may be one of the most difficult and talented conferences that we have ever seen in the history of college ball. Any given week this season, 5-7 of the top 25 ranked teams in the country have been big East teams. That being said, Villanova will probably stand at the top of the conference list come the end of the season. Although they did lose some key starters this year, they acquired one of the best recruitment classes of ‘09. Another secret weapon: Scottie Reynolds. he’s one of the sickest, yet most accurate 3 point shooters you’ll ever see. The biggest fight for the Wildcats this season will most likely be off the court - for playing time that is. Making it to the Final Four last year was great, but Villanova’s got loftier goals in mind this year. syraCuse OranGe - With so much talent leaving this year, a lot of people thought that the ‘Cuse would have a hard time even getting into the NCAA Tournament. They sure are proving us wrong. Starting the season 12-0 was not in any sports forecasters’ crystal ball for Syracuse, but they managed to accomplish it. Wesley Johnson, a transfer from Iowa State, has proven to be a huge asset and leads the team in Pts. per game. It’s not going to be easy like is usually is, but the Orange is in line to make it to the big dance once again this year. GeOrGeTOWn hOyas - The hoyas have a lot to prove after failing to make it into March Madness last year, but if anyone likes to surprise people its coach John Thompson. his unconventional techniques and thought process always have people wondering what he’s going to do next and with the now seasoned team leadership of Greg Monroe, anything is possible. Who knows, they might even overtake UConn this year. I don’t think we should expect to see the hoyas go the distance, but they will definitely win a couple games come March. COnneCTiCuT huskies - Just when everyone had written off the huskies, they went and beat then #1 ranked Texas to claw their way back into contention. With an emotional season involving Jim Calhoun’s health scare, these boys are pumped to win for their beloved coach and are using that added motivation to inch their way back into the rankings. The huskies’ backcourt in unparalleled and includes the likes of superstar Jerome Dyson who has averaged around 19.5 pts per game this year. I don’t see a conference title in UConn’s near future, but they will definitely hold their own come March.

kenTuCky WilDCaTs - The “winningest team in college basketball history” wasn’t so winning last year, failing to make it to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 18 years. With a new coach (John Capilari) and an insane recruiting class, Kentucky is back atop the SEC where it belongs. There was some doubt as to whether the Wildcats would have the shooting power they needed this year, but freshman John Wall has risen to the challenge and is proving the skeptics wrong. With three freshmen starting this year, it’s unfathomable to think of what this team will accomplish in the coming years, but for the present “Cal’s Kids” have their eyes on at least the final four. vanDerBilT COmmODOres - With only one of last year’s starters gone and the replacement a better shooter than before, the Commodores are expecting nothing less than a NCAA Tournament bid. They have depth, experience, and no weaknesses. The SEC is no picnic, but they’ll get 5 or 6 bids and Vanderbilt will be one of them.

Duke Blue Devils - With the fall from grace of last year’s NCAA champions UNC, Duke stands alone atop the ACC this year - even with the absence of experience in the point guard department. Jon Scheyer and Nolan Smith have more than made up for it and will no doubt lead the blue Devils well into March. Add the stellar shooting ability of sophomore Kyle Singler in the front court and you have a group of starters that will be near impossible to take down. The ACC may be weaker this year, but Duke is not so look out. GeOrGia TeCh yellOW JaCkeTs - All the pieces are falling into place


saturday night magazine March 2010



BriGham yOunG COuGars - There is only one name to remember on the cougars this year and that is Jimmer Freddette. he has far exceeded anyone’s expectations, breaking the school record on Dec 28th with a 49 pt game. Freddette could take on the Mountain West Conference by himself, so byU will easily nab that prize, it’s just the NCAA Tourney that could be a bit tricky. They’ve made it the last 3 years but never past the first round. Something tells me that this year will be different, but don’t get your hopes too high - Jimmer can’t play 40 minutes a game.

sTOCk uP
BiG Ten - With at least four legitimate Sweet 16 (and beyond) candidates, the conference can stake their claim as possibly the best conference not named the big East. COrnell - The big Red are in the Top 25 and came deadly close to knocking off the favorite Kansas Jayhawks in Lawrence. syraCuse - Not even in the Top 25 in the preseason, the Orange are the favorite to win the big East and wrap up a #1 seed in the tournament.

GOnGaza BullDOGs - This is an entirely different team from top to bottom then it was a year ago. The only returning starter is guard Matt bouldin and he has done a fantastic job of leading the youngsters, including surprise freshman superstar Ellias harris. Where this team excels is in FG accuracy. With the ability to rack up those 3 pt shots, the bulldogs will threaten even the best ranked teams. Sometimes change is good, and Gonzaga hopes to prove that theory and better on their sweet sixteen appearance of last season.

aTlanTiC 10
TemPle OWls - Things didn’t look great for Temple coming into this season but coach Fran Dunphy seems to have filled in the holes left by last year’s departures. Many didn’t expect to see them make it to the NCAA Tournament, but there are no quitters in Philly. A lot of pressure was on guard Ryan brooks to step up to the plate and he has delivered, averaging over 16 pts a game. Add to the mix the frontcourt talent of Lavoy Allen, who came out of nowhere last season and has only improved since, and you have the makings of a third straight A-10 title.

nOrTh CarOlina - The defending champs are now fighting for their lives to make the dance this year as they sit near the bottom of the ACC. PaC-10 - A conference which was looking to move on up the ranks after getting six teams in the tourney last year is now looking at possibly sending only one team this year. It’s a bad sign when the biggest stories that have come out of the conference have been the sanctions imposed on the various schools. Texas - Preseason many thought the Longhorns would have a chance to compete for the national title, but thus far have choked in nearly every big game they’ve played.

nOrThern iOWa PanThers - Whoever says size doesn’t matter is lying. Measuring in at 6’9” and 7’1”, Adam Koch and Jordan Eglseder dominate in the paint and with size like that, opponents are going to be scared to try and steal the ball. This dynamic duo leads the team in pts, and will carry the Panthers straight to another conference title. Who knows, they might even win a couple games in the NCAA tournament.

BuTler BullDOGs - As usual, butler will barely break a sweat while taking top honors in the horizon Conference. Problem is, in such a low caliber conference they wind up being seeded too low in the NCAA Tournament. This was the case last year, and the result was getting knocked out against LSU in the first round. They do have a stronger, more well seasoned team then last year with 9 players returning whom all saw a lot of playing time last year. The hardest part will be making it through the first round, but if they do that they’ll be in fighting shape to take on whatever challenge comes next.


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A lush, sultry floral fragrance with jasmine, gardenia and sandalwood. >> $50 (1.7oz) / sephora.com

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Collection of three 1 oz bottles moving from spice notes to freshness and woods. >> $49 / getjackblack.com
50 saturday night magazine March 2010 www.snmag.com


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saturday night magazine March 2010


by Ivana Wynn


pioneer mvh-p8200bt
If you’re looking to update your car’s audio system, Pioneer’s latest AV receiver allows you to play music and video from your iPod and view pictures from an SD memory card on a 3’ LCD screen with the Digital Photo Frame feature. built-in bluetooth makes hands-free calling convenient. The receiver also has hD and Satellite radio available and is customizable with different color options. >> $370 / pioneerelectronics.com

eGo portable hard drive
Ranging from 250 to 500 Gb, Iomega’s eGo Portable hard Drives are a stylish and convenient way to store thousands of hours of music and millions of pictures. The exclusive Drop Guard feature will protect your hard drive even when dropped up to 51”. Also included is Iomega’s Protection Suite, a collection of software like McAfee VirusScan Plus and Mozyhome online backup service, and a 3-year limited warranty.

>> $85-125 / go.iomega.com

sanho hypermac external battery
The hyperMac comes in four different sizes (60/100/150/222Wh), powering Macbooks for a minimum of 10 hours and easily recharging iPhones. The hyperMac can power a Macbook and USb device at the same time. It also provides power for the Macbook while simultaneously charging the internal battery and actually makes the internal battery life span longer!

>> $200–500 / hypershop.com

This small and portable speaker includes high quality audio and has a special patented gel-audio technology designed to turn any flat surface into a speaker. Plug in your laptop, mp3 player, phone, or portable gaming system and experience a full bass response. The K-box lasts up to 20 hours and is rechargeable through USb.

>> $75 / kerchoonz.com


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KodaK slice touchscreen camera
Kodak’s new 14 megapixel touchscreen digital camera, Slice, features a 3.5’ screen. The Slice Search feature allows you to sort by person, place, event, location, or by any of the manual tags you use for your pictures and will recognize faces. An internal memory of 2 Gb stores 5,000 pictures in hD resolution. >> $350 / kodak.com

become the star of your favorite movies like The Godfather, Terminator, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory by acting in scenes provided by yoostar. This set comes with a studiograde web cam, portable green screen and stand, remote control, and 20 scenes. Additional scenes are constantly being added on yoostar.com and are available for purchase. Currently, yoostar is only compatible with PCs, but a Mac version will be out later this year.

able planet true fidelity nc300 headphones
Ideal for the traveler, student or music lover. The NC300b features an adjustable headband, superior sound quality and clarity, patented LINx AUDIO technology, removable in-line volume control for easy adjustment to safe listening levels and stateof-the-art active noise cancelation (ANC). Also included is a protective case and airplane adapter.

>> $130 / ableplanet.com

>> $170 / yoostar.com

Grid-it orGanizer cpG10
Cocoon’s Grid-It Organizer offers versatile and adjustable organization for your electronics. Straps of all sizes on the organizer can accommodate cords and devices like an iPod, cell phone, digital camera, or as small as an SD card or USb drive. All effects are held firmly in place, making it ideal for travel.

>> $20 / cocooninnovations.com


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toP 5 iPHoNe APPS
by Ivana Wynn

There’s an aPP FOr ThaT!
> air sharinG <
A file storage application that works with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Conveniently transfer any files the iPhone can read, including images, Microsoft Office, PDFs, and web pages, from your laptop or home computer using WiFi. [$2.99]

> shazam encore <
Whether you’re at a loud bar or party or in your car listening to the radio, Shazam will listen to the song playing and give you the title and artist of the song. Videos on youTube by that artist will appear as a tagged option as well. The newest version of this app offers recommendations. [free]

desKpro brewer
Keurig’s single cup brewing system is convenient for any college student in need of coffee. The DeskPRO heats 8 ounces of water within three minutes and leaves no water in the brewer. 10 K-cups, Keurig’s sample coffee of different brands and types, are also included.

> yelp <

>> $90 / keurig.com

If you’re not sure where to eat, yelp will direct you to local restaurants and makes use of the iPhone’s GPS system to get you there quickly. View reviews and post your own using the “Quick-Tips” feature. [free]

> ivideocamera <
An updated version of this app will allow those who can’t afford to get the new iPhone 3GS to shoot video at an improved 10 frames per second, resolution up to 320x426 and 15 minutes of record time. Uploading your video onto the web is simple with iVideocamera. [$.99]

> livestronG calorie counter <
Now you can keep track of your caloric intake on the go. Calculate your daily calorie target based on your current weight and goal. Search an extensive database of nutritional information and 2,000 fitness items which tell you how many calories you have burned. [$2.99]

Griffin aircurve
The AirCurve is an acoustic amplifier that amazingly needs no batteries or power to play music from your iPhone. It will not drain battery life from the phone either. The design is simple and will not take up much space, perfect for a desk or nightstand. Although the AirCurve will not charge your iPhone it has a built-in slot that can feed a dock cable from your computer or power adapter through the bottom. >> $20 / griffintechnology.com


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nme.com hipster music bible

the hype machine Music lovers’ mecca

The UK’s New Musical Express (NME) magazine started running in 1952 and has become something of an institution in the indie music industry. So it’s no surprise that nme.com is still the best site to visit for all your hipster rock needs, including album reviews, breaking news, festival and concert dates, photo galleries, videos and merchandise. And, of course, the fact that it’s british means you get to hear about the coolest new bands like Passion Pit and La Roux before they hit the US.

The tagline at hypem.com sums up the site pretty well – “Every day, thousands of people around the world write about music they love, and it all ends up here.” So basically, instead of spending hours surfing music blogs looking for a downloadable MP3 of the new Kid Cudi or Vampire Weekend song, you can just hit up The hype Machine. Geared more towards new artists and rare remixes, it’s a music lover’s dream and dead simple to use – each track includes a play button and links for sharing or downloading.

beat port all things electro

musicovery personal playlist

For all you electro lovers and house heads out there, your destination website has got to be beatport.com. here you’ll find a wealth of riches covering all the sub genres of dance music from deep house to trance and drum ‘n’ bass. you can search and then stream or download MP3s of the latest tracks and mixes from the world’s best DJ acts, including Deadmau5, Tiesto, Carl Cox and Crookers. you can also sign up for a MybeatPort account with which you can connect and share tunes with other dance fans.

Ever feel like your iTunes Genius is just going through the motions and doesn’t really understand you? musicovery.com takes the same song-matching premise but makes suggestions for you based on your selections of genre, artist, year, mood and even dance tempo. For example, type in dark electro from 2007 and you’ll hear some dirty dance tunes from the likes of Daft Punk, Gorillaz and Moby. Endless combinations to indulge every mood, and you can use it with your iTunes library.

chart riGGer pop dispatches

last fm pandora plus

We are loving the fact that electro pop acts like Lady Gaga have ousted so many of the dirty emo rock bands from the charts, airwaves and 2010 musical landscape. And we love keeping up with our favorite pop stars on chartrigger.blogspot.com, an aficionado’s guide to all the new releases, videos, remixes and general happenings in the world of pop music, from an interview with David Guetta to Goldfrapp’s new single and cussing out Justin bieber and Taylor Swift. We’ll never be popless again!

We still love Pandora but the clever folks at last.fm have taken the idea one step further. Just type in an artist you like and they will provide you not only with a radio station playing similar music but photos, videos, local concert listings and news on that artist. Ultimately, it’s a user-powered music service so it helps to sign up for an account, download the Scrobber (software that adds your music library to your Last.fm profile) and have fun interacting with your musical neighbors!


saturday night magazine March 2010



March 2010 saturday night magazine


Alice in Wonderland  Walt disney pictures march 5 She’s Out of My League  dreamworks skG march 12 by Carla Thorpe

CasT: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp sTOry: It’s more of a “Return to Wonderland” as 19-year-old Alice goes back to reunite with her old pals and finally put an end to the Red Queen’s heinous reign. Buzz: The perfect storm of director Tim burton with beloved source material, great casting (although we’re not totally psyched about Johnny Depp as the Mad hatter) and stunning visuals. And all in 3D! The Bounty Hunter  columbia pictures march 19

CasT: Jay baruchel, Alice Eve sTOry: Average young dude Kirk lands the perfect girlfriend but then struggles with the insecurities that come with the territor y. Buzz: We love Jay baruchel and pretty much ever yone in the cast of this romantic comedy so we’d be happy to pony up $12 for a ticket. here’s hoping the script is wor thy of the actors. The Runaways  apparition march 19

She’s Out of My League
actress lindsay sloane is something of a young hollywood veteran, having kickstarted her career in 90s classics like Sabrina the teenage witch and Bring It on. this month, she stars in She’s out of My League and later this year you can see her in comedies the other Guys and A Good old Fashioned orgy alongside stars like Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg,
snmaG: Tell us about your role in She’s Out of My League… ls: I play Kirk’s [Jay baruchel] ex-girlfriend. I break up with him at the beginning of the movie because I think I’m better than him and then when I see he is being pursued by this perfect girl Molly, I realize I made a big mistake and try to get him back. basically, I play a horrible person!

lindsay sloane

CasT: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard butler sTOry: A bounty hunter takes great pleasure in bringing in his ex but, once together, the dueling duo soon find themselves on the run from some New Jersey mobsters. Buzz: Gerard butler has no business doing comedy and using “From the director of Hitch” as a selling point doesn’t instill us with much confidence but this might be wor th a look. Clash of the Titans  Warner Bros. pictures march 26

CasT: Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning sTOry: A biopic about the formation of groundbreaking 70s chick rock band The Runaways, and the friendship between guitarist Joan Jett (Stewart) and singer Cherie Currie (Fanning). Buzz: Coming off a positive debut at Sundance, this indie flick should do pretty well, mostly thanks to its sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll storyline and the built-in fanbase of its twilight stars. Hot Tub Time Machine  MGM march 26

snmaG: have you ever had a dating experience similar to kirk or molly’s? ls: I definitely feel like I’ve dated out of my league in the past. I will leave that vague for my ex-boyfriends to interpret on their own. I married up, that’s for sure. snmaG: What’s your best piece of dating advice? ls: be yourself and don’t play games. If it seems like you have to over think and analyze every move, it’s probably not a good match. snmaG: you recently did an episode of How I Met Your Mother – how was that experience? ls: I had such a great time! It’s a show that I actually watch and every time I see it I think, “Wow, they look like they are having so much fun.” And, they are! snmaG: What’s your Oscar prediction for Best actress? ls: That’s a hard question to answer because I haven’t seen everything yet but I will say that Gabourey Sidibe blew my mind in Precious. She is a fun bubbly woman in real life and there is no trace of that person in the movie. So good! [ read our extended interview with lindsay at snmag.com/lindsaysloane ]

CasT: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson sTOry: All you need to know is that it’s based on Greek mythology. That means you get men and Gods fighting for supremacy, plus giant scorpions, serpents and The Kraken. Buzz: This remake of the 1981 classic delivers another heroic dose of Avatar star Sam Worthington along with some amazing effects that should kick ass in 3D.

CasT: John Cusack, Rob Corddry sTOry: Four washed-up guy friends throw a crazy hot tub party and are transported back to 1986 to relive their glory days. Buzz: We hope, for John Cusack’s sake, that this bro-driven sex comedy can replicate The Hangover’s success. The R-rating, some retro 80s references and a Chevy Chase cameo should definitely help.


saturday night magazine March 2010


by Lorraine K. Lee

in the spotliGht

Paula PaTTOn oF PreCIouS
PP: I don’t know if I ever get mentally prepared. I think that you just jump in head first and you try to give it everything that you’ve got and at the end of that movie, it took a lot to get out of that character to be honest with you, and to get out of that headspace. snmaG: Do you think there’s one message in the film that stands out? What do you hope that viewers take away? PP: For me, I hope more compassion. The realization that we all have a story and you just can’t judge people by what you see, that you have to know that everybody has a story and so hopefully it breeds more compassion and love. I think that you can’t help but leave that film feeling your heart more open and less judgmental. snmaG: Did the film change you at all? PP: It certainly opened up my heart and it certainly made me also tap into my own strength to think that Ms. Rain is a really strong character who isn’t allowed to always show her emotions. There’s a way of tough love with Ms. Rain that was important to the character and I think that that stuck with me. snmaG: What are you looking forward to most about being a mom? PP: I’m looking forward to so much, I can’t wait to meet this little guy. I’m beyond excited for so many things, I just can’t wait to meet him. snmaG: What do you have planned for your future, personally and professionally? PP: Well I did a movie this summer with Queen Latifah and Common called Just Wright, and that’s going to come out late summer, early fall, and so that’s up next for me. snmaG: What was it like working on Just Wright? PP: Oh, that was a blast. It was so much fun. We laughed all the time.

paula patton is quickly becoming a household name. not only has she starred in movies with a-listers like denzel Washington and Will smith, but she can currently be seen as Ms. rain, precious’ [Gabourey sidibe] teacher and mentor with plenty of tough love to give in director lee daniels’ critically acclaimed Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire. up next, patton has motherhood to look forward to with husband musician robin thicke and the release of a movie, Just wright.
snmaG: What made you decide to take part in Precious? Paula PaTTOn: I read the script and it made me cry and I thought it was magnificent but I have to tell you I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t know how to play the part, Ms. Rain. I couldn’t wrap my head around it but my mom , who’s been a school teacher for 35 years in the Los Angeles public school system, she loved it and I thought, “In honor of my mother who always wanted me to be a teacher, I should take on this challenge.” snmaG: What specific advice did your mom give you that helped you get in character as a teacher?

“I thought I might be having the premiere in my mother’s living room. We had no idea it would do what it’s done.”
PP: It was a lot of watching her as a child that I remembered, because my mom was one of those teachers that went above and beyond the call of duty, would bring students home, would help them pay for books after they were in her classroom, and help them through college and things, and so my mom was very influential in that way. snmaG: The film has received a lot of acclaim - did you predict that it was going to receive so much attention while you were filming? PP: Not at all. It was this small independent movie, and we didn’t even have distribution, so we often joked that I thought I might be having the premiere in my mother’s living room. We had no idea it would do what it’s done. snmaG: The film touches on a lot of sensitive issues like abuse and rape. how do you get mentally prepared to act in a movie like this one that shows these issues in a very real way?

G ive away!

We’re giving away five DVD copies of award-winning drama PReCIOuS, starring Gabourey Sidibe, Paula Patton and Mo’Nique. To enter to win a copy, email us at giveaway@snmag.com with the answer to the following question: Who plays precious’ social worker in the movie?


March 2010 saturday night magazine


on the box
by Carla Thorpe


Tune in: Premieres Tuesday, march 2 at 10 p.m. on nBC Since there are apparently no new ideas left in h-Town, NbC has (not unwisely) decided to take Ron howard’s 1989 movie and remake it into a TV show centered on the very large and very imperfect braverman family. Less neurotic than Brothers and Sisters and more meaningful than Modern Family, Parenthood follows the everyday drama surrounding three generations of bravermans, all struggling with their own issues and trying to relate to one another. Need more incentive to watch? The stellar cast includes Peter Krause and Lauren Graham and the creative talent comes from shows like Friday Night Lights and The West Wing.

how to maKe it in america

Tune in: sundays at 10 p.m. on hBO The clever folks at hbO have taken a dash of Entourage, some twentysomething angst, New york City and a backdrop of the current recession to create what could potentially be one of the coolest new shows this year. It follows two street-wise brooklyn entrepreneurs, ben and Cam, as they attempt to make a name for themselves in NyC’s fashion scene. There are only eight eps so don’t miss it!

Tune in: Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TnT Southland was canceled last year by NbC to make room for the now-defunct Jay Leno Show. Nice job. Thankfully, TNT picked up the ensemble cop drama, co-starring The O.C.’s ben McKenzie, and we get to enjoy its second season. Don’t expect too many car chases and gunfights though – it’s characterdriven, gritty stuff centered on the daily life of LAPD street cops and detectives.


nurse JacKie

Tune in: Premieres monday, march 22 at 10 p.m. on showtime If you missed the first season of Nurse Jackie then get thee to blockbuster stat and catch up before Season Two starts. Emmywinner Edie Falco heads up the cast of this brilliantly dark, witty comedy about a well-meaning yet flawed nurse trying to juggle her husband, kids, secret boyfriend, crazy co-workers and addiction to pill popping. Not to mention her patients. you’ll love it, trust us.

who do you thinK you are?

Tune in: Premieres Friday, march 5 at 8 p.m. on nBC based on a successful british show, this new series from executive producer Lisa Kudrow sets various celebrities on a journey of selfdiscovery as they trace their family trees. Each week, celebs including Sarah Jessica Parker and Spike Lee will delve into their ancestral history (and therefore American history itself) to uncover inspiring stories of love, war, heroism, tragedy and triumph.

snmaG: For someone who has never seen the show, how would you sell it to them? mr: Sexy people doing sexy things, around a pool. Oh yeah and I’m there, too! Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW! snmaG: What can we expect when the show returns this month? mr: Now that the murder has been solved, the show is a lot more fun and romantic. There’s a lot more comedy. Jonah becomes involved with Ella but it’s not so easy getting over his five year relationship with Riley. Oh, and Amanda continues to stir the shit. snmaG: Do you prefer Jonah with riley or ella? mr: I truly can’t decide because they’ve each brought out some fun parts of Jonah for me to play. With Riley he has a history that informs his impulsiveness and inspiration, she really grounds him to a sweet and comfortable spot. And with Ella, he has new levels of physical, emotional and creative space. Also, the element of the unknown

with Ella adds a fun level of intrigue for him. snmaG: Do you like the fact that Jonah is the “nice guy” or would you prefer he was more of a bad boy? mr: In the upcoming episodes we get to see Jonah where I prefer him, right in the middle of the moral barometer. To me, the ambiguity present for an audience when a “good guy” screws up and makes a mess of things is much more interesting than either a “good guy” who doesn’t rock the boat, or just a “bad boy.” We all screw up. Everyday. And I love showing that and exploring that. snmaG: What Tv shows are you currently watching? mr: I don’t really get a chance to watch much TV, but there is one show that I will bend my schedule around: Modern Family. It’s brilliant! [ read our extended interview with Michael at snmag.com/michaelrady ]

michael rady
Melrose Place
With his good looks and boyish charm, it’s not hard to see why 28-year-old Michael rady was cast as the love interest in movies like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and shows like Greek. he’s currently starring as aspiring filmmaker jonah on Melrose Place and tells us how the struggling drama has been given a fun revamp for 2010.


saturday night magazine March 2010



With the cast oF
sara canninG
after guest starring in shows like Kyle XY and Smallville, 22-year-old sara canning caught her big break by landing the role of jenna in the cW’s monster hit series. We sat down with sara to get some insight into playing elena and jeremy’s aunt and her favorite tv shows. snmaG: What did you think about the show when you first started shooting? Were you at all surprised it became such a success? sC: When I read the pilot episode, I was struck by how much I connected with all characters right away. To be honest, it’s still shocking and incredible to see how dedicated and widespread our fan-base is. It’s great that there’s such a huge audience to go on this journey with us. snmaG: Does it feel weird to play aunt to actors who are so close in age to you? sC: Nina [Dobrev] is my roommate and a very close friend, and Steven [McQueen] is a great friend as well – so the concept of them being my family on the show doesn’t seem weird at all. I think the family dynamic between Jenna, Elena and Jeremy feels natural too - Jenna is young herself and experiencing the pains of growing up and gaining responsibility just like they are. snmaG: What’s something people might not know about nina? sC: Nina is a chocolate fiend. If I bring chocolate into the apartment, she asks that I hide it so she can’t find it. snmaG: is the cast really tight? sC: The cast is extremely close and I feel very privileged to work with such a fun, talented, genuine group of people. We’ve had a great time exploring Atlanta together. Everyone’s pretty adventurous, so whether we’re taking weekend trips to the lake or having dinners, we stay pretty entertained. snmaG: What Tv shows are you watching right now? sC: I love 30 rock. Tina Fey is the ideal woman. I also really like Big Love and Dexter.

by Ivana Wynn and Carla Thorpe

THe vampiRe DiaRies
zach roeriG
Before being cast as tVD’s Matt donovan, zach roerig was best known for his roles in As the world turns and Friday Night Lights. We chatted with the athletic 24-year-old to find out what he looks for in a girlfriend and why he’s taking tap classes. snmaG: matt seems to have moved on from his relationship with elena and losing vicki. What’s coming up for him during the rest of the season? zr: Viewers can expect to see Matt allowing himself to be happy and seeking contentment. Caroline will be a big part of that. snmaG: What kind of girl would you consider to be your type? zr: In my mind I picture my perfect girl being a lover of both animals and nature with a great sense of humor. If I have that I’ll be a lucky man. snmaG: how are you liking all the increased press and fan attention? zr: I’m taking it with a grain of salt. Filming in Atlanta has its perks as far allowing us to really focus on our work. At the end of the day, it’s nice to see and feel the appreciation of everyone’s hard work. snmaG: Who is the funniest person on the cast? any practical jokers? zr: Ian [Somerhalder] is the best for one liners; as far as practical jokers I’d say I’m surrounded. Very fun group of people. snmaG: We know you can throw a football thanks to your role on Friday Night Lights. are you into any other sports? zr: In high school I ran track, played football, and wrestled. Now I find myself surfing, snowboarding, longboarding down broadway in NyC. between you and me, I used to take tap as a kid and then quit due to ridicule from peers. That has always been a regret of mine so I recently started taking class again. snmaG: What are some of your favorite movies? zr: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Fast times At ridgemont High.

Katerina Graham
prior to landing the role of Mystic Falls’ resident witch Bonnie, 20-year-old katerina Graham already had a diverse background in entertainment, from being a Fanta girl to starring in 17 Again with zac efron. We recently talked to katerina about her current favorite music artists and whether Bonnie will ever find a love interest. snmaG: Bonnie is really close to her grandmother. Who are you closest to within your own family? kG: My parents. snmaG: Who do you hang out with most on set? kG: Definitely the girls - Nina, Sara and Candice. I love them so much. snmaG: Do you read anything about the show or the cast on fansites or gossip blogs? kG: All the time. I stay very connected to the fans and support their sites, blogs and art. snmaG: Will Bonnie ever find a love interest? if you could choose, who would you like to see her with on the show? kG: I’m not sure if bonnie will ever have a love interest. bonnie’s focused on bonnie right now and I like that. Not sure who I’d like to see her end up with that’s currently on the show. snmaG: how are you balancing your singing career with being a series regular on a Tv show? kG: I’m focused on the show when I’m working on the show. When I do music it’s on my off time, when I’m not shooting and when I can dedicate myself to it. snmaG: how was shooting The Roommate with leighton meester, minka kelly and alyson michalka? kG: I loved working with Leighton and Aly. both are artists and actresses so we all shared similar mentalities. snmaG: What music artists are you listening to right now? kG: Gaga, Gwen, Kylie, M.I.A., Janet and Robyn.


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video Games
[never puttinG it down ]
aliens vs. predator sega of america Available on xbox360, PlayStation3 and PC

[awesome ] [pretty Good ]
vancouver 2010 sega of america Available on xbox 360 and PlayStation3

[blah ]

[unplayable ]

The AVP game franchise has been around for nearly as long as the creature films themselves so it’s no surprise that Sega are finally releasing this next-gen version. Now it’s up to you to decide which of these two badass killing machines would win in a fight. The Predator has cloaking and wrist blades, but the Alien could just bite your head off. you can also play as a Marine and engage in 3-way multiplayer online modes to really get the gory death count moving. 

Since we’re all wrapped up in Winter Olympics fever right now, you might find yourself craving some bobsleigh action or ride on the half-pipe. Thanks to the Official Game of the Winter Olympics, you can go for gold in 14 adrenaline-fuelled events, including giant slalom, snowboard cross, ski jumping and bobsleigh. There are also challenge modes in which to fine tune your skills, multiplayer split-screen action and online head-tohead competition. 

endless ocean: blue world nintendo Available on Wii

darK void capcom Available on xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC

Tired of only playing games that involve shooting aliens, racing cars or playing sports? Probably not. but if you are, then this might be the perfect, relaxing solution for you. here you can dive into oceans all around the world to discover hundreds of real-life species of sea life. you also get to explore shipwrecks, dodge sharks, befriend dolphins, find treasure and buy supplies for your island. best of all, you can connect and dive with a friend via Nintendo wi-fi connection. 

This might sound like your typical sci-fi action, humans versus aliens, third person combat game but what sets Dark Void apart is its unique vertical combat system. In a parallel universe called The Void, you take on the role of resistance fighter Will and must use his rocket jetpack for gravity-defying, in-space combat with alien foes, and even hi-jacking UFOs in mid-air. The 3D action is a great twist and adds a freedom of movement you don’t get with a lot of games. 

battlefield: bad company 2 electronic arts Available on xbox360, PlayStation3 and PC

ace attorney investiGations: miles edGeworth capcom Available on Nintendo DS

This online vehicle warfare game focuses a little less on boring strategy and a little more on intense, ‘blowing shit up’ destruction. We like that. Take control over a selection of land, sea and air vehicles, customize your weapons and gadgets and take down your enemies in open world battlefields ranging from snow-capped mountains to jungles and desert oases. you can also choose from single player campaign, multiplayer modes or new squad gameplay. 

If you fancy yourself as a detective, you’ll enjoy taking on the role of famed prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, investigating crime scenes, collecting evidence, confronting suspects and bringing the guilty to justice. you can use the DS stylus to uncover evidence at the scene along with “logic” mode and interrogation techniques to solve each puzzling case. With over 15 hours of gameplay, this is perfect brain exercise for long road trips, flights or boring lectures! 


saturday night magazine March 2010


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