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Tribe 4 Years 23 Startups


Failures : 7
Dormant : 2
Funded : 9
Early Stage : 3
Making Revenue : 5
Moving to Maturity : 2

Was it fun?
Why did some fail?
Why do other succeed?

Origins of Scrum

rugby approachwhere a team tries to go the distance as a unit,
passing the ball back and forthmay be=er serve todays compe??ve

Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka,

The New New Product Development Game

Scrum is part of the family of methodologies called Agile

Origins of Scrum

Responsible for the product backlog

and maximizing the product ROI.
Represents the users
Clearly expresses backlog items
Orders them by value
Ensures visibility

Responsible for delivering a poten;ally shippable

increment of working so>ware.
Cross funcZonal
Developer as Ztle
Denes pracZces
4 to 9 persons

Responsible for the scrum process

Removes impediments
Facilitates scrum events
Facilitates communicaZon

Single source of requirements for any changes to be

made to the product.

Living list that is never complete
Ordered: value, risk, priority & necessity
EsZmated by the team

Used to assess when work is complete on the

product increment.

Dened by the product owner
Unique for the whole team
Must allow immediate release
Quality increases with maturity

Two part ;me boxed mee;ng: 8h/1m sprint.

1. Denes what will be delivered in the increment
Team selects items from the product backlog
and denes a sprint goal
2. Denes how the increment will be achieved
Items are converted into tasks & esZmated

15 minute ;me-boxed event for the Team

to synchronize ac;vi;es.

What has been accomplished since last meeZng?
What will be done before the next meeZng?
What obstacles are in the way?

4 hour ;me-boxed mee;ng

Product owner idenZes what has been done
Team discusses what went well, what problems it
ran into & those that were solved
Team demonstrates what it has done in a demo
Product owner discusses the backlog as it stands
EnZre group collaborates on what to do next

Improves the process.

Inspect how the last Sprint went
IdenZfy and order the major items that went well
and potenZal improvements; and,
Create a plan for implemenZng improvements

Start to make a Product Backlog 15 Minutes

Think of high level stories that you need to build
Can be development or other tasks
Describe in one line

Make priori;es in the Product Backlog 10 Minutes

Give a individual value to each Item
Think for yourself from your Role
Values are between 0 - 100

Sprint Planning 10 Minutes

Think of the size of the storie
Dene sizes animals, buildings or values
Dont think in hours

Daily Standup

What did you yesterday?
What were the problems?
What are you going to do today?


Wrapping up and Ruby Tribe Example

Q & A