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Things to do:

1. Obtain the list of volunteers who gave their names through:

a) During the exhibitions
b) Through the website
2. Buy a bounded file to keep all receipts
3. Get transcripts of lectures from Namrita and Saudip by 2nd of July:a) Contact the respective lecturer for edits and confirmation
b) Send for publication
4. Write a short write up on the Museum and send it to Ms. Pinky Anand for further
5. Make a one page brochure.
6. Get CA to file papers for FCRA clearance.
People to follow-up with:
1. Meeting with designer on 28th June at 3:00 pm
2. Meet the in charge of Rashtrapati Bhavan for:
a) information on the role of the Viceroy House during the partition
b) Contact Pranab Mukherjee on information on the effect of Partition
on the Bengal borders
3. Find a contact person in Lahore who could provide information on the usage of trains
during the days of Partition. The contact person could be a historian, academic or
4. Contact Ratnesh Mathur (private archivist) to obtain the book on tourism of India
circulated in pre-Partition India. To use as reference for maps of railways for various
5. GM Kapur (director of Intach) to find more information on Punjabis who settled in
Calcutta post Partition.
6. Contact Svati for update on Oral Histories obtained in Calcutta