How to Stop Being a HenPecked Husband and Control Your Wife There are hundreds of thousands of husbands who

always remain at the receiving end from their wives. They may be marshals, generals, colonels, police chiefs, administrators, strategists or human resource developers, but at home they become sheep(ish) when it comes to dealing with their wives. Their pants start sliding down the moment their wives just look questioningly upon them. That you are a hen-pecked husband means that you always stoop to obey the commands of your wife whether they are just or unjust and you like them or not. A hen-pecked husband has to kill his soul in order to maintain peace with his wife. He cannot truly enjoy the happiness of married life because he remains under the constant fear of being nagged, rebuked and reprimanded by his wife. A sense of deep inferiority complex grips his mind and he cannot discharge his business or office responsibilities intelligently. He cannot lead a happy social life with his head held high. The very idea of a hen-pecked husband trying to control his wife is self-contradictory, impossible and ludicrous. But believe me it can happen and you do not need to learn black magic to make it happen. The question is how you can stop being nagged by your wife and save your face before your children, friends and guests and above all your own self. Since you have lived with your wife for some time, you must have learnt her about likes and dislikes; expectations and aversions. Discuss with her about how you can keep her happy. Admit your physical and financial limitations. Put yourself in her place - empathize with her. This would help you to avoid looking at her needs from a male’s point view or become arbitrary in your judgment about them. You may seek the help of your grown-up daughter, sister or a woman friend to understand a woman’s perspective. You should also learn to draw a line between the just and unjust. Learn to resist her unjust demands firmly and assert yourself nonviolently if she persists with her old habits. At the same time, it does not mean that you should stop talking with her or meeting her dayto-day needs. Tell her that both of you are setting bad example before your

children. While your son may imbibe the habit of his father and become a hen-pecked husband after he marries, the daughter will learn from her mother to behave in the same with her prospective husband. Both of them will ruin their married life. Explain your problem to your children if they are grown up and seek their cooperation. Your wife loves her children and can better understand and appreciate their point of view. Don’t ever withdraw into yourself and become an incommunicado out of protest. Don’t allow your ego to come in between you and your wife. Every war is basically a war of nerves and patience, though the use of the word ‘war’ with your loved one looks inappropriate. Keep persuading her as you remain firm on your stand. But don’t be overly rigid at the same time. Since old habits die hard, you may allow her to have her way once or twice. You are not out to completely break her down. But make her conscious that she will have to change her attitude. Should there be any limit to your patience? No, you have to have a limitless patience. You should not think of breaking away from her. Remember, you love her despite her bad habits. Your sincere love and affection despite her resistance will not go in vain. Rest assured, a time will come when she will see your point of view or just wear out. You would want to read the following two articles as well Saving Your Marriage - How to Take a Complete Control of Your Spouse and Avoid Conflicts Forever Saving Your Marriage - Tips to Know If Your Husband is Lying and What to Do to Stop Him More Articles

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