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1. Define architecture.
Architecture is the art or practice of designing and
building structures.
2. What does an architect do?
Architects are trained professional designers. They work
on constructing buildings and build the environment.
Architects chain creative design with an inclusive array of
technical understanding to offer integrated solutions for
natural and built environment. There are five stages in a
project that the architect has a variety of roles in:
Architect associates with the client about the
requirements, budget and expectations. This
information is then used to form the design brief.
Analysis the brief and conditions of the building site
and then decides the most suitable location and
orientation. He/she then develops ideas through
sketches, models and plans. These ideas are then
incorporated into concept design drawings
Design development, documentation & building
approvals: They compare concept drawings with the
brief which leads to developing technical details for
the project with the project team. After this, detailed
drawings along with specifications of the project are
then arranged for the builder. The drawings are then
lodged for the local authority building approvals.
Construction: Architect works with builder and the
project team to confirm that the project is in
accordance of the drawings

After construction: the projects warranty period is the

architects responsibility to follow up important issues with
the client and builder
3. What skills does an architect need?
Communication skills
model making
logical analysis
creative thinking
lateral thinking
negotiation skills
coordination skills

4. What different groups/roles do architects work with?

Aerodynamics engineer
Electrical engineering
Interior and exterior design
structural engineers
project team

5. How do you become an architect?

Have interest
Bachelors Degree
Professional certificate