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Good Neighbor (Individual) Award Nomination
The first annual Monroe Township Municipal Alliance Good Neighbor Award (Individual) recognizes the
accomplishments of outstanding civic individuals from Monroe Township who are committed to enhancing the
quality of life in their communities.
The award will honor an individual resident of Monroe Township who volunteers their time and energy into making
their community a place that they are proud to call home. Individuals may have made contributions to other
neighborhoods or community projects; town-wide or worldwide concerns.
Submissions should address social, physical and/or economic, environmental issues determined to be of
importance to the neighborhood.
Any individual, Neighborhood Association may submit an application. You may nominate yourself.
The independent judging committee will be judging based on ONLY what you include in this nomination; they may
have NO PRIOR knowledge of individual or their history.
To nominate someone for the Good Neighbor Award, submit the following:

A completed cover sheet (attached to this document page 2).


A brief nomination letter that states why this person should receive the Good Neighbor Award (attached
to this document page 3.)

List only the major actions, events, projects that can be attributed to this individual. How
did the nominees accomplishments promote strengthening the neighborhood/community
for future success? Describe the positive results/outcomes achieved as a result of the
project/individual or group effort These accomplishments can include things that have
occurred between the last calendar year.

Completed Nomination applications must reach the Monroe Township Municipal Alliance by 4 PM, Friday
July 29.
Applications will not be returned.
All nominees will be honored announced and a winner will be selected during National Night out on
Saturday, August 6, 2016. The event will be held at Owens Park, 700 N Tuckahoe Road.
Only the attachments requested for the Good Neighbor nomination will be accepted for consideration.
Any member of the community may submit the completed application by submitting a completed form by mail,
email, or hand-delivery:
Monroe Township Municipal Alliance
125 Virginia Avenue
Williamstown, NJ 08094
856-728-9800 Ext.258
Electronic or


Good Neighbor (Individual) Award Nomination Cover Sheet

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