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My sister has a hamster. His name is Fluffy. He is 1 month old.

He is fat and
lovely. My sister plays with him every morning, in the kitchen. She makes him do
tricks for her. He can hop and run. She likes him because he is very sweet.
Your partners sister has a new pet. Ask him about it.

My brother has a

My brother has a new smartphone. It is an iPhone. It is white and big. He plays

games on it and texts. He likes it because its useful. He uses it every day. He
keeps it in his bag.
Your partners brother has a new smartphone. Ask questions to find out about it.

My favourite wild animal is the fox. I like foxes because they are shrewd and
clever. Foxes live in forests. They eat shrubs and small animals. They sleep at
night and look for food during the day. They have red fur and pointy ears. The
run very fast.

Ask about your partners favourite animal.

My favourite cartoon is Scooby Doo. Scooby is a dog which can talk. Scooby is
brown and it has got black eyes. It can run, it can walk and it can understand

what people say. Scooby solves mysteries with Shaggy. I like Scooby because it is
funny and silly. I watch this cartoon in the evening, at home, in my living room.

Ask about your partners favourite cartoon.