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Construction Technology 1 (QSB 1514 / BLD60104) & Building Material (BLD62003)

Assignment (Group Assignment, maximum 10 members)

Total percentage (BLD60104): 25%
Total percentage (BLD62003): 20%

Deadline: 12 pm, Week 12

As a professional quantity surveyor, you need to advise your client on all the
elements of buildings in term of its cost taking into consideration of the building
appearance. Your client proposed to build a single-storey bungalow in Subang Jaya.
By taking the proposed building as an object of the study in this assignment, your
group needs to produce the following:

Part 1
You need to design the building yourself by taking into consideration its loading and space.
Items that need to be designed are its foundation, floor, walls, ceilings, windows and doors,
ironmongeries, space ladder (handrail and baluster), shelves, counter and cabinet and
others. You need to propose a suitable type for each of the items stated above to complete
the design of a bungalow. The entire proposal needs to be supported with an explanation of
the description together with reason of choosing. You also need to sketch and label the main
components of the bungalow design together with photo or diagrams.

Part 2
Next students must examine the materials that are used in these spaces. Observe the floor,
walls, ceilings, windows and doors, space ladder (handrail and baluster), shelves, counter
and cabinet and others. Explain about the suitability of materials used for each space. You
may also include the layout plan of the building to help portray the spaces and materials
All pictures and descriptions must be creatively arranged and to occupy the A3 size board.
Each panel must state the name, student id no and title of assignments. The numbers of
board are limited to not more than 10 pieces. Marks will be given individually, based on
verbal and board presentation.