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Role Play 1

RM Brief

You are Rajesh, working as RM with Reliance Mutual Funds. Today you came to meet
Ms.Aruna, Admin Head of ABC Ltd., Its a very potential company, has 150
employees in Sr. Manager Levels interested in investment. Aruna had bitter
experience with Reliance Insurance and Reliance infocomm, with great difficulty you
are able to get appointment. Today, your objective is to convince Ms. Aruna for

ABC Ltd Aruna Brief:

You are Admin Head. Today, Mr. Rajesh, RM with Reliance Mutual Funds is coming to
meet you. He called you several times earlier, you were not having trust on Reliance
group as such because of your previous bitter experiences.

Your Stand:

Get convinced only if the RM is able to convince you on Values of RMF

Accept only if you feel RM is genuine in his explanation

Role play 2

RM Brief:

You are Suresh working with RMF. Today you are going to meet Mr. Umesh, an IFA.
He generates very good business for RMF. Past one month he is not generating any
business, but doing good business for other MF. Today you have come to understand
if there are any concerns. He is very important IFA to your business.

IFA Brief:

You are Umesh, IFA with RMF. Today Mr. Suresh, RM for RMF is meeting you. You are
not very aggressive in your behavior. You are not convinced about RMF customer
service, your couple of customers is constantly complaining they are not receiving
statement of account; there ECS is triggering regularly on time but they are not
getting unit detail, they very potential customers who gives you lot of business.

IFA Stand;

You are very clear unless RM does not clear all your customer problem you
will not do business for them
If RM solves your problem and assures that this is not repeated in future,
than you will agree to do business
If he does not sound convincing, tell him you wont sell RMF.

Role Play 3

RM Brief:

You are Anand meeting ABC Bank (6 months back joined Wealth Manager)
Laxman. For the last 6 months he is not giving any business to you and focusing
only on competition. He is not convinced with your product and its performance.
However, If explained with documentary proof, can be convinced to sell RMF.

Distributor brief: You are Laxman Wealth Manager joined six month back. You are
not convinced with Reliance Mutual Fund products and you feel it does not gives
good returns and commissions are very low. Since you do not like RMF, you stopped
selling it.

Distributors Stand:

Dont pay much attention to RM when he is explaining; listen only if he is

sounding confident.
Get convince to sell only if RM is able to show comparative returns and better
track record.

Role play 4

RM Brief:

You are Srikanth working with RMF. Today you are going to meet Mr. Govind, an IFA.
Company has increased your targets and you need to convince IFA on revised target
and contribution from Govind is very important.

IFA Brief: you are Govind, IFA with RMF. By nature you dont work under pressure nor
take pressure.
You are not convinced about the RM revising your target. Only factor which can
convince you is additional incentives.

IFA Stand:

Initially you will not get convinced, you do not want to take additional
Get convinced only if RM can give you special incentives

Role Play 5

RM Brief:

You are Sanjay working with RMF. Today you are going to meet Mr. Rajender, an IFA.
Rajender is very aggressive person by nature, IFA had heated argument with your
manager in last meeting. In fit of anger your manager went overboard and used unparliamentary language. Rajender is very influential person. Today you come to
pacify and rebuild the relation.

IFA Brief:
Your are Rajender, IFA with RMF. You are very unhappy with RMF and decided you
will not do business with them. As you know Sanjay is cool person, you agreed to
meet him.

IFA stand:

You will bent upon not doing business with RMF

If Sanjay is really emphatic in his approach than you can think of patching up

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