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Create ASL And Sourcing Rule From BPA

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/14/2010 - 12:47



1. Check the following profile options

PO: Allow Auto-generate Sourcing Rules = CREATE AND UPDATE

PO:Allow autocreation of Oracle Sourcing documents= Yes

MRP: Default Assignment Set

Profiles can be set at User, Responsibility, Application and Site Level After setting or adjusting any profile, log back
into the application.
2. Change the PO Approval Workflow definition using Workflow Builder:
- Create Sourcing Rule Flag: "Y"
- Update Sourcing Rule Flag: "Y"
- PO SR Rule Name Prefix: "PURCH" - Default Value
- PO Assignment Type ID for SR: "3 - Item level "
- PO Sourcing Organization ID: Set to Inventory Org in which ASL needs to be created
Complete Process
1. Create A Blanket Purchase Order
Item should be taken for which the ASL and souring rule is required
Effectivity date for the BPA should be specified
2. Save and Approve this Blanket Purchase Agreement.
3. Run the Workflow background process
Item Type : PO Approval
Deffered Activity: Yes
4. Navigate to the Supply Base> Approved Supplier List
Query on the Item and check ASL is created
Go into Attributes and Document is attached with the specifed Release method
5. Supply base-->Assign sourcing rule
Query the assignment set defined in MRP: Default Assignment Set
Query the item mentioned in BPA and note down the sourcing rule attached against that item
Verify the Sourcing rule
The sourcing rule and approved supplier list automatically created as global upon BPA approval. In 11.5.10 a patch is
now available to allow users to create local sourcing rules through the "Generate Sourcing Rules and ASLs from
Blanket Agreements" concurrent program. After applying Patch 4923689, customers would have to add the
concurrent program "Generate Sourcing Rules and ASLs from Blanket Agreements" to a Request Group that they
deem suitable for users to be able to access it.