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Space frame analysis

Theory of 1st and 2nd Order

Dynamic with Response Spectra
Nonlinear Calculations


Statik-5 is a comprehensive tool for the design and analysis of plane and spatial frames according
to 1st and 2nd order theory. The program offers excellent modelling capabilities for structural geometry and loading. The state-of-the-art interactive user interface is fully graphical and easy to
learn. It was optimized for fast data input and efficient data modification. Like all programs of
cubuss series 5, Statik-5 uses the intuitive object-oriented graphics editor, print manager (cubus
Viewer) and project manager (cubus Explorer).


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Structural Model
y General plane and spatial frames
y Virtually unlimited number of elements and
nodes (limitation due to available computer
memory only)

y Constant or linear varying cross sections
y Automatic linear interpolation of cross secy

tion geometry for intermediate points

Structure lines with linear varying cross sections for the modeling of arbitrary curved
structure geometry
Eccentric connection to members and supports
Hinges (with or without elastic spring) at
members end
Truss members, acting in compression or
tension only

Cross Sections
y Extensive library of hot-rolled steel sections
y Extensible library of parametrized sections
(solid, thin-walled, reinforced concrete sections)
y Fully graphical definition of general, userdefined sections (polygonal shape, composite, reinforced, prestressed etc.)

y Individual support conditions (blocked, elastic or free) for each degree of freedom
y Supports with compression or tension only
y Constraint conditions for nodes and individual degrees of freedom

Loading Model
y Nodal, member and surface loads grouped
to load cases

y Nodal loads: Forces, moments, prescribed

y Member loads: Concentrated or linear distributed loads (force, moment, strain, curvature) in global or local directions (including
projective directions)

y Trapezoidal loads over a member serie

y Member loads with eccentricities
y Surface loads: Concentrated, line and area


loads positioned on a plane surface with automatic load transfer to selected (underlying)
supporting members
Acceleration loads for self weight and earthquake
Cross sections (also composites) with their
mass per lenght
Combined load cases (as linear combination of other load cases, for calculations after 2nd order theory or nonlinear)
Load generators for highway bridges etc.
Code specific characterization of loadcases
to actions

y Linear elastic analysis according to 1st and

2nd order theory including initial deformations

Initial deformations can be generated automatically after different criteria
Nonlinear analysis of load cases for nonlinear supports and members
Buckling load and corresponding eigenmode
Dynamic analysis: Natural vibrations and
response spectrum
Analysis of long-term effects due to creep
and shrinkage

General Results
y Numerical and graphical output of section


results in tables, diagrams or plots. Automatic generation of result sections due to

geometry and local position of loads
Superposition of results of different construction stages
Selective output generation (working planes,
partial subsystems, selected objects etc.)
Automatic or interactive labeling of graphical
Result browsing: Display of diagram values
at current cursor location
Special notification of diagram zones, where
given values are exceeded
Units and number of digits for labeling and
table output user defined for every kind of
Result presentation in user defined units and

Results for Load Cases and Load Combinations

y Section forces, reactions, member deformations and nodal displacements

y Cross section results:stresses, strains etc.

at cross sections edges or user defined
positions; extreme values per stress component and material

Results for Envelope Values

y Result superposition: Automatic according
to national codes (actions, design scenarios,
limit states) or manual (interactive definition
of superposition rule)
y Envelope values for section forces, member deformations, support reactions
y Envelope values for section results (stresses, strains etc.)

Results for Influence Lines

y Influence lines for user defined moving loads
RC Design and Cross Section Analysis
y Automatic post prossesing with analysis program FAGUS-5 for reinforcement design

y Linear and nonlinear cross section analysis:

e.g. design, ultimate load, interaction diagrams

Supported National Codes

y EC2, DIN, E-DIN, SIA, OeNorm, EH91,
GReek Norm etc.

User Interface

Print Manager (Cubus Viewer)

y Fast and efficient, fully graphical input of

y Editable preview of all output data: Chang-



structural elements (members, supports)

and loads using the intuitive, object-oriented
graphic editor in 2D and 3D
Working with user-defined partial subsystems, working planes and views for simplified input of complex structures
Multistep undo/redo function
Optimized interface for fast data input and
data modification of single objects and series of objects
Integrated object search for defined properties
All graphical data in layers for easy visibility
and selectability changes
Highly interactive structural analysis: Actual
results are recalculated on the fly after input
modification (e.g. geometry, cross section,
supports, loads etc.)
Multiple document interface with simple data
exchange (copy and paste)
Integrated CAD drawing functions for supplementing output with dimension lines, constructions, notes, sketches etc.
Configurable user interface (colors, symbols
sizes, fonts, units, output accuracy, predefined settings for dialogs etc.)
Extensive online documentation: Context
sensitive, printable form, full text search
Microsoft Windows application (NT4, 2000,
ME, )

ing print order, scales, colors, visibility

y User-defined page layout ( page format,

company logo, texts, borders etc.)

Project Manager (Cubus Explorer)

y Project explorer with Windows-Explorer functionality

y Additional functions for project archieving,

compression and decompression

y Graphical preview of projects


Optional Modules

y Import and Export of DXF-files

y Export of all numerical and graphical data into

y 3D extension: Analysis of spatial structures

y Nonlinearities: Nonlinear analysis (supports

other Windows applications (clipboard,Word,

Excel etc.)
y Text interface for import of structural and loading model
y Import of STATIK-4 projects

and truss members)

y Specialities: Bucking, construction stages,

curved structure lines, nodal constraints, axis
point for cross sections
y PT module: Prestressed and post-tensioned
y Dynamics: Natural frequency and response
spectrum analysis
y Long-term effects

Sample Structures


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