Reflective practice week notes

Duration: 110 minutes
Critical path
- Important for all to be here
- One class will lead to the next
- A lot will be shared in PowerPoint
- Special needs
- Doing resume and different cover letters
Introduce someone you don’t know very well
- Tell something about them in class
Meeting for Child educators
- What would you do if you were not afraid?
o ECE – 1 week symposium
o Sort of looking at that professional lens
o Sometimes we don’t live to our full potential
Post PowerPoint every Wednesday
Video: Civility
- More about somethings about respect
- Students actually will participate even they have strong convictions because
they are afraid of offending others feelings
- Professors want the classroom to be a public space, but for the students they
think it will be a private space
- They want to talk to the professor when they want to end the class
- Working with young people
- United life council – liaison
o Work well with one another
o Need stability
o To help the whole community
- Being civil with one another
- Respect each other and listen to be heard and have an open mind
- Choose civility
o Respecting other people
o Manners
o Shows how you respect yourself too
o You’ll be working closely with the group
- Policies and procedures
o Will be posted online – new manual for the year
o Students have rights – if you don’t agree with something
o Can go with Joan – new 2nd year coordinator
o Academic integrity – if you have memo from disability services – will
take that and talk with the lecturer
- Critical Path
o In order to be successful

teaching  Will be done in class initial Project  Philosophy – 10%  Resume -10%  Preparation for mock interview – 5% .resume  13th – will looking at philosophies of teaching  5% .o o o o Look at this be here Fall 2015  ONB group  Readings will be assigned and post on Blackboard  E-mail through the class blackboard site  Pay attention to the announcements and e-mail  In class – worth 5% o Start looking at resume  Jump into the content  Look at skills assessment  Post under the assignment  Week after – find an inspirational quote o Start to do teaching philosophy o Extra credit – resume  2 weeks – rough draft  Randomly with a peer – exchange resume o Using the resume group work o Give feedback  20 -25 minutes – in class  Goal: sit with different people  September 29th  October 6th – review any documents  10% . facilitation will be done In class assignments – 20%  Document sharing  Reflection – class peer review  2 weeks – to submit  Worth 10%  Nov 10th – interviews  Mock interviews  Portfolio to share with one another  Information will be given  Decide – December 1st . and submit  Board rooms – in groups of 5  Interview with each other. in class – part of 20%  Cover letters .2 weeks to do.8th – mock interviews  Mock interviews – 5%  Peer review of cover letter – 10%  Mock practice.

after the interview Interview itself  Need information on that  Feedback – 5%  4 peers – reflection – include 5% Assignments  Due next week  When applying a job – resume o Going through the interview o Being placed in a vulnerable position o Competition for one another – when in the field  Next week o Sharing resources with one another o Small assignment – worth 5%  Give one sheet  Come to class prepared – no need to fill out  While talking with each other.   Portfolio – 20%  Prep – 5%  Reflection – 10% .g. fill this out  Put three job postings or website where you find it out  E. Indeed – put posting o YMCA from Indeed  ABC day care – at charity village  Have a cover letter example from the internet  Seat with a peer  Check in if documents are complete  Group of three o Give a little bit more of information o Basically cut down if you are looking for the job o Bottom part:  Printed or rely on internet access  Prepare to share those in class o Work be checked and shared by peers o 3rd part: state why you would use information sharing by others  Make up your own quote o Make your own quote – it has to speak about you as a teaching  It has something to be about education  Reading of philosophy – it should become clear why you’ve picked the quote .

APA format o Know the person who quote it or not o Find the source – may use Google  Next week: Document sharing  Come to class prepared  Have the sheet Check for announcement for next week    Cover     o .Go into reading Go into different textbooks Go into Pinterest or Facebook o letter Must have the same fonts. same header Use Arial Bold – most of the student use RAC – only acronym to be used Statement of Teaching Philosophy  Set-up  Not in APA format  Following by teaching and learning philosophy  For the assignment – quote .