OTHELLO PG.81 act.2sc.


Jonathon Miller Mom Eng 101, Per.3

Othello Good Michael you have guard the night. Let’s teach you honorable restraints and not celebrate past the point of discretion. Cassio Iago has direction on what to do,but it wont hold up in my personal opinion. Will I do it. Mark Mummert Mom Eng.101 Per.3
Othello Michael, goodnight. tomarrow at your earlyest convenience let me speak with you(to desdemona) we are married the consumation are to ensure lets go make love togethergoodnight (othello and deademona)exit(with attendants) Cassio welcome iago we must to the watch iago not for an hour, lieutenant tis not 10'o'clock are general sent us out early for the love of his desdemona. let us not blame him. thay have yet to have sex and she is ready cassio she is a fine lady iago and i'll warrent her "playfull" cassio she is provacitive. but i think shes innocent iago well to happyness in there bed! come lieutenant i have wine and i have two cups that would hold a great amount cassio not tonight i dont take well to dinks.i wish we had anuther forn of entertainment iago but there are friends but one cap...fine ill drink for you.


-Maribel Castaneda Miss Yu Eng 101, per.3

CASSIO I've drunk only one glass, watered down, and I'm already drunk. I'm not a heavy drinker and I don't think I could take any more. IAGO What are you talking about, man? It's night of celebration and the men are waiting.

CASSIO Where are they? IAGO CASSIO By the door. please invite them in. I'll do it, but I don't like it. He exits

IAGO If i can just get him to drink one more cup along with what he has already drunk, he'll be as offensive and eager to fight as a young girls dog. Now I'm sick of fool Roderigo who's all in love and has been drinking toasts to Desdemona with pots full of drink, and he's on guard duty. I've got the men from Cyprus drunk and are quick to take offense. I'll try to get Cassio to do something in front of these drunkards that may offend everyone on the island. Here they come. If my future turns out as i hope it does I'm free and all set. Enter Cassio, Montano, and Gentelmen, (followed by servants with wine.) CASSIO Oh my god, they gave me to much to drink. Are you serious? it was little, no more than a pint.


Bring in more wine!

serena sanchez Pg.91 translations IAGO – {aside to roderigo} I’ll pray for you after the lieutenant, go. MONTANO And this great sorrow that the proud black man. should be careful of a place as his second in command. With one of a weakness that has grown to be apart of him which it is grafted. It was a honest action to say so. To the black man. IAGO Not me , for this fair island I do love Cassio a lot and I would do a lot to cure him of this evil- {“help, help! within} But hark! What noise? Enter cassio, purging rodiergo CASSIO- You rascal! Montono what’s the matter, lieutenant?

CASSIO- a person teached me the duty? Ill beat the knave into a bottle encased in woven twigs or wicker work. RODERIGO – beat me ‘ CASSIO – do you pout ,rogue?{he hits roderigo} MONTANO come ,come . your drunk. CASSIO- drunk? {They fight} IAGO – {aside to roderigo} Away I say! Go out cry a roit. [roderigo exits}] Nay ,good lieutenant.-[gods will], gentlemen! – help!, masters , here’s a goodly watch indeed. [a bell rings].