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aes INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY CERTIFICATE OF CLASSIFICATION Nr DKRO/BKO/20130826 143508 SEA STERLING 14565) Ship's Name Register Nr NIGERIA LAGOS: Flag Port of Registry SEA PETROLEUM & GAS COMPANY LIMITED Owners This is to cenfy that the above named ship has been entered in the Bureau Veritas Register Book with the following classification symbols and notations | a HULL & MACH Oil tanker ESP Unrestricted navigation ICE CLASS ID ‘This certificate is issued within the scope of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Division General Conditions, AtLAGOS: on 26 August 2013 Limit date of validity 23 May 2017 B. KOUASSI By Order of the Secretary Signature and stamp SEA STERLING Name of Ship 14565) Register Nr ENDORSEMENT FOR ANNUAL AND INTERMEDIATE SURVEYS ‘The endorsements refer to the completion of periodical surveys only. Annual survey 1 {from 23-Feb-2013 to 23-aug-2013) Completed at: TAIZHOU on: 20/04/2013 by: YAO FANG-LIN, FRANK Fame, Signature and stamp Compieted at Annual survey 2 on {Grom 23-Feb-2044 to 23-aug-2014) by: Name, Signature and stamp Compieted at Intermediate survey on: {from 23-F¢0-2014 to 23-au9-2015) by: Annual survey 3 {from 23-60-2015 to 23-2u9-2015) Annual survey 4 (Grom 23-feb-2016 to 23-2u9-2016) Conditions of vali 1. This certificate remains the property of Bureau Vertas, Name, Signature and stamo Completed at on: by: Name, Signature and stamp Completed at: on: by: : tame, Signature end stamp 2. Ths cartficale cannot be used in connection wih the sale of ship without permission of the Society. 3. The valdty of the assigned cass 's carcitioned upon due compliance with the requirements of chapter 2 ofthe Rules regarding notably ‘agequate maintenance and operation ofthe sip and declaraton of defects tothe Society. ‘4. The lest pubished Ries of Bureau Vertas Manne & Offshore Division and the General Condiions are apoicabe. Lp. - aeNNO NIGERIAN MARITIME ADMINISTRATION AND SAFETY AGENCY CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE OR OTHER FINANCIAL SECURITY IN RESPECT OF CIVIL LIABILITY FOR BUNKER OIL POLLUTION DAMAGE Issued in eccordance with the provisions of Article Vil of the International Convention an Civil Uiabilily for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001 [__ orletiers laddress of owner| ] ae Name of ship | Gr | ner Pisfnctive number) por of Regisny |_qdame,and SEA STERLING |4126 i7i7 SNXF LAGOS SEA PETROLEUM & GAS COMPANY LTD,KM 14, LEm KKI EPE EXPRES WAY, AGUNGI, | LEKKI. STERLING BANK PLC. | STERLING TOWER 20 MARINA, P. MvB 12735, | LAGOS. This is to certify that there is in force in respect of the above named stip a policy of insurance or aher financial security satisfying the requirements of Article Vil of the Intemational Convention.on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001 Type of Security P&I Cover Duration of Security 17TH SEPTEMBER, 2013 - 17TH SEPTEMBER, 2014 LODESTAR MARINE LIMITED WALSINGHAM HOUSE, 35 SEETHING Nome! BEA ngarass LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM _-= ‘—_ a. 4 Th cetificate is valid unt 47TH SEPTEMBER, 2014 0 3} sued ot LAGOS-NIGERIA On....24T_ SEPTEMBER 20135 Issuing/Cerlifying Offices. Name ASABNARAs Se N (MRS) pepe DOMEM for DG/CEO.NIMASA ‘Signature: et x ue Mie Lene ‘TEN io Wh lle NIGERIAN MARITIME ADMINISTRATION AND SAFETY AGENCY _ CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE OR OTHER FINANCIAL SECURITY IN RESPECT OF CIVIL LIABILITY FOR OIL POLLUTION DAMAGE Issued In accordance with the provisions of Article Vil of the International Convention on Civi Liabilly for Oil Pollution Damage, 1992 | Distinctive number) Name and parte tue || ae nT STNET betters | Port of Registy address of owner | WT SEA STERL+ 4126 | 1717 | SNXF LAGOS SEA PETROLEUM | ING * & GAS COMPANY | | LTD, KM 14, LEKKI EPE EXP- RESS WAY, AGU-| NGI, LEKKI, STERLING BANK PLC. STERLING | TOWERS 20 MAR-| INA, PsM.B 12735, LAGOS This is to cerlify that there is in force in respect of the above named ship a policy of insurance or otner financial seovity satisfying the requirements of Article Vi ofthe iniemafionsl Convention on Civil Labi for il Pollution Damage, 1992. x Type of Security P&I Cover Duration of Security 17TH SEPTEMBER. 2013 - 17TH SEPTEMBER, 2014 Name and Adcress of the Insurer(s) and/or Guorantor(s) LODESTAR MARINE LIMITED Name. WALSINGHAM HOUSE, 35 SEETHING ‘Address LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM SEPTEMBER 2014 This certificate is valid unt) _ 177 isuedo) LAGOS-NIGERIA On 24TH SEPTEMBER, 2013 issving/Ceniifying Officer: Name _ ASAGWARA, S.A (MRS) No DKRO/BKO/20130823094884 PU INTERIM INTERNATIONAL OIL POLLUTION PREVENTION CERTIFICATE Issued under the provisions of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973 as modified by the Protocol of 1978 relating thereto, as amended, (hereinafter referred 10 as "the Convention”) under the authority of the Government of FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA by BUREAU VERITAS (Note : This Certificate shall be supplemented by @ Record of Construction and Equipment.) ‘Name of Ship Distinctive Number Gross, or Letters Port of Registry Tonnage IMO Number BY No: 145653 SEA STERLING SNXF LAGOS 4126 9607318 Deadweight of ship (metric tons) (forall ankers) = 6025.0 ‘Type of ship Oil tanker Ship other than oil tanker with cargo tanks coming under Regulation 2(2) of Annex 1 of the Convention Ship other than any of the above ‘THIS IS TO CERTIFY 1, That the ship has been surveyed in accordance with Regulation 6 of Annex I of the Convention; and 2. That the survey shows thatthe structure, equipment systems, fittings, arrangement and material of the ship and the condition thereof are in all respects satisfactory and thatthe ship complies withthe applicable requirements of Annex I of the Convention, ‘This Cerificate is valid until 23 January 2014 ‘Completio date of the survey on which this certificate is based : 23/08/2013 Issued at LAGOS, on the 23 August 2013 Valid only when the Supplement No. DKRO/BKO/20130823094912 is available for inspection, BURRAU VERITAS HkOUASS! Shore erm mana vay 2 months “Interna mana vii 5S months NE 7413001 Page t FORM B No DKRO/BKO/20130823094912 SUPPLEMENT TO THE, INTERNATIONAL OIL POLLUTION PREVENTION CERTIFICATE, (OPP CERTIFICATE) RECORD OF CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPMENT FOR OIL TANKERS In respect ofthe provisions of Annes | of te International Convention forthe Prevention of Polisi from Ships, 2973, as modified by the Prowocol of 1978 relating thereto (herdinalter referred to as "the Convention”). Notes coil tankers and ships ‘of Annex T of the Convention, For the third type of 2. This form is to be used for the first two types of ships as catego ‘ther than oil tankers with cargo tanks conring under regulation 2 ships as categorized in the LOPP Certificate, For A shal be used, 2. This Record shall be permanently attached 10 the IOPP Certificate. The 1OPP Certificate shall be available on board, the ship at all times. 5. ff the language ofthe original Record is neither English nor French, nor Spanish, the tex shall include a translation ino one of these languages. * 4. Entries in boxes shall be made by inserting cither a cross (X) for the answers "yes" and “applicable” ora dash (-) for the answers "no" and “no! applicable” as appropriate. 5. Unles othenwise stated, regulations mentioned inthis Record refer to regulations oC Annex fof the Convention and resclutions refer to those adopted by the Intemational Maritime Organization 1, PARTICULARS OF SHIP 1.1. Name of ship: SEA STERLING BY Regiser: 145684 1.2. Distinctive number or tetters : SNXF 1.3. Port of Registry = LAGOS 1.4, Gross tonna 4126 1.8. Caring capacity af ship Get m3} 2 6001.7 1.6 Deadweight of ship (in metric tons) (regulation 1.23) > 6025.0 1.7. Length of ship (in m) (regulation 1.19): 105.748 NE 2616. Page 18 FORM B No: DKR0/BKO/20130823004012 NAME OF SHIP: SEA STERLING BVREGISTER: 145655 1.8, Date of build 1.8.1, Date of building contract 25/02/2008 1.8.2. Date on which Keel was laid or ship was ata similar stage of construction 17/05/2008 1.B3. Date of delivery 2405/2012 1.9. Major conversion (if applicable) 1.9.1, Date of conversion contract ~ 1.9.2. Date on which conversion was commenced —- 1.93, Date ofcompletion ofeonversion—- 1.10. Unforeseen delay in delivery: [-} 1.10.1 The ship has been accepted by the Administration asa “ship delivered on or before 31 December 1979" under regulation 1.28.1 due to unforeseen delay in delivery [-] 1.10.2 The ship has been accepted by the AdminiStration as an “oil tanker delivered on or before | June 1982" under regulation 1.28.3 due to unforescen delay in delivery [1 1.10.3 The ship is not required to comply with the provisions of regulation 26 due to unforeseen delay’ in delivery LAL Type of ship = [=] 1.11.1 Crude oll tanker De} 1.11.2. Product carrier [1 L113, Product cari [71 LIL. Crude oil / product carrier [41 1.11.5, Combination carrier ion ion ro rapt carrying fuel oil or heavy diesel oil as referred to in regulation 20.2, oF lubricating oil 11.6, Ship other than an oll tanker, with cargo tanks coming under regulation 2.2 of Annex Lof the Convention 11.7. Oil tanker dedicated tothe carriage of products referred fo in regulation 2.4 R 1 1.11.8. The ship, being designated asa “cre ol tanker” operating with COW, is ase designated asa "product carriee™ ‘operating with CBT for which a separate OPP Centficate has also becn issued {-1 1.11.9. The ship, being designated as.a "product caries" operating with CBT, is also designated as a “cre oit canker” ‘operating with COW, for which a separate IOPP Certificate has also been istued 2. ROULPMENT FOR THE CONTROL OF OIL DISCHARGE FROM MACHINERY SPACES BILGES AND OIL FUEL TANKS (regulations 16 and 14) 2.1, Carriage of ballast water in ol fuel tanks : 171 The ship may under normal conditions cary ballast Water in oil fue tanks 2.2. Type of ol filtering equipment fitted : [1 1. Oil filtering (15 porn) equipment (regulation 14.6) {1 2. Oil filtering (15 ppm) equipment wit alarm and automatic stopping deviee (regulation 14.7) Approval standantst : 1, The separating fikering equipment [1 {--has beon approved in accordance with resolution A.393(X) [+1 2. has been approved in accordance with reselution MEPC.60(33) [Dx] 3. has been approved in accordance with resolution MEPC.107(49) + Refer 0 eccmmendation on iternanenal performance and et specications of y-water separating equpinent and ol cater mers adopted bythe Orgamcaton on 14 November 1977 byresltion 4 393(%), which superseded rescues 4222/0, Bute aforence i mak to De Cucelines and specifications fox pollution prevention equipment for machinery soaces bilge adopted by he Marne Brirnanen Prsecan Commute ef the Organization by resolution MEPC SO(33}, hoch fective only 1993, superseded revolutions A 393.0) and A44(XD ond Yo he rewsed gules und _specictins Jor pollution preveniion equipment jor machinery spaces of spe adeped bythe Marine Essiranment Protection Commies of the Orguntction by Resolution MEPC:107(9) whic. effcove ah} Jamaary 2005, superseded resol MPC. 40/33), 39300 and AAD, NE 2412K- Page V6 FORM B No : DKRO/KO/20130823004912 NAME OF SHIP: SEA STERLING BV REGISTER: 34565) [-1 4. has been approved in accordance with resolution A.233(VE1) {-1 5. has been approved in accordance with national standards not based upon resohation A.393(X) oF A.233(VID) [+1 6 has not been approved [+1 2.3.2. The process unit has been approved in accordance with resolution A.A44(XI) 2.3.3. The oil content meter [71 1 has been approved in accordance with resolution A.5900X) [-) 2.hes beer approved in accordance with resolution MEPC.60(33) Ex] 3:has been approved in accordance with resolution MEPC.107(49) 2.4, Maximum throughput ofthe system is 1,0 m3/h 2.5, Waiver of regulation 14 [-1 25.1. The requirements of regulation 14.1 and 14.2 are waived in cespect of te ship in accordance with regulation 14s. [-1 The ship is engaged exclusively on voyages within special area(s) : [-1 25.2. The ship is fitted with holding tank{s) for the otal retention on board of all oily bilge water as follows > “Tank Tdentificanon “Tank Location Volume (m3) Frames (irom) = (to) Tateral position C3 5 Total Veume (m3) [+1] 2.5.3. In liew of holding tank(s) the ship is provided with arrangements to transfer bilge water (othe slop tank 2A. The ship is required to be constructed according to regulation 12A and complies withthe requirements of [1 paragraphs 6 and either 7 or 8 (double hull constraction} {1 paragraph 1{ (accidental oil fuel outflow performance). 22 be] The ship is not required to comply with the requirements of regulation 174. 3. MEANS FOR RETENTION AND DISPOSAL OF OIL RESIDUES (SLUDGE) (regulation (2) AND OILY BILGE WATER HOLDING TANK(S)/0ity Bile wauer holding tank(sh are not required by the Convention, f such tanifs) are provided they shall be listed in Table 33) 3.1. The ship is provided with off residue (sludge) tanks for retention of oil residues (slugde) on board as follows “Tank Identification Tank Locat Volume (m3) Frames (rom) ~(to) WDA OT TR. re. se Soe OT eet 3.82 TH. Sune OT TRinFA 2 ina NE 2a12K- Page 48 FORM B No: DKRO/BKO/20130823004012 NAME OF SHIP: SEA STERLING BYREGISTER: 145655 Tank Identification Tank Volume (m3) Frames (from) = (to) “Total Volume (ni) 3.2, Means for the disposal of oil residues (sludge) retained in oil residues (sludgs) tanks : [=I 1. Incinerator for oil residues (sludge), maximum capacity kW {+1 2. Auxiliary boiler suitable for buing oil residues (studge) [+1 3. Other acceptable means (scare which): DISCHARGE TO PORT RECEPTION FACILITIES 3.3. The ship is provided with holding tank(s) for the retention on board of oily bilge water as follows: “Tank Tdenti Tank Location Volume (3) Frames (from) - (to) Tateral posi ETE FRAT RIS CONT oe “Total Volume (m3) 4. STANDARD DISCHARGE CONNECTION (regulation 13) Lx] The ship is provided witha pipeline for the discharge of residues from machinery bilges to reception facilites, fitted ‘with a standard discharge connection in accordance with regulation 13, 5. CONSTRUCTION (regulations 18, 19, 20, 23, 26,27 and 28) $5.1, In accordance with the requirements of regulation #8, the ship is I-1 1. Required to be provided with $BT and PL and COW, [-1 2. Required to be provided with SBT and PL. [+1 3. Required to be provided with SBT [-1 4, Requited to be provided with SBT or COW [+1 5. Required to be provided with SBT ot CBT [-1 6, Not required to.comply with the requirements of regulations 18 ‘52. Seuregated ballast tanks (SBT) 1-1 1. The ship is provided with SBT in compliance with regulation 18 [-1 2. The ship is provided with SBT’ which are arranged in protective locations (PL) in compliance with regulation 18.12 to 1815 [x] 3. SBT are distributed as fotlows : Tank Volume (m3) Tank ‘Volume (m3) TI aa (Fy 2.07 We er: 297.07, aa) 21.12 NZ aT 29.11 my 200.51 WS TS 216.59 NE 212k -Page 58 FORM B No = DKRO/BKO/20150823094912 NAME OF SHIP: SEA STERLING BY REGISTER: 145651 Tank ‘Volume G3) Tank ‘Vaokaie (3) Fi oat Cy 200.25 Wes BS) 208,28 15 et) 201.25 NS Bw (S) 208.25 Fe wT O) 0 NG aS 20.27 Total 270.2 m3 5.3. Dedicaved clean ballast tanks (CBT) [-1 1. The ship is provided with CBT in compliance with reaufation 18.8, and may Operate asa product carrier 2. CBT are ditibuted as follows : Tank Vatame Gr) ‘Vokume (3) Towa cs] {-1 3. The ship has been supplied witha vatid Dedicated Ciean Ballast Tank Operation Manual, which is dated [+1 4. The ship has common piping and pump arrangements for ballasting the CBT and handling Cargo oft [-1 5.'The ship has separate independent piping and pumping arrangements for ballsting the CBT 5.4. Crude oil washing (COW) (-1 1. The ship is equipped with a COW system in compliance with regulation 33 {-1 2, The ship equipped with a COW 5,000) [-13. The ship complies with regulation 21.1.2 [-1.4. The ship complies with regulation 21 4.2 (600 < deadweight tonnes < 5,000) {-1 5. The ship does not carry "heavy grade oil” as defined in regulation 21.2 of MARPOL Annex | 5.8.8 The ship is subject to regulation 22 and x} .1 complies with the requirements of regulation 22.2 [-1 2 complies with the requirements of regulation 22.3, [-1 3 complies with the requirements of regulation 22.5, E-1 5.8.9 The ship is not subject to regulation 22 5.9 Accidental oil outflow performance [x] 59.1 The ship complies with the requirements of regulation 23 6. RETENTION OF OIL ON BOARD (regutation 29, 31 and 32) 6.1. Oil discharge monitoring and control system [+] 61.1-The ship comes under category oil tnkeras defined in resolution | AA96(XII) | A.S86(14)* [x] 6.1.2:The oil discharge monitoring and conirol system has been approved in accordance with resolution MEPC.108(49)** “= Kor ol anters the hel of which ure laid. whic ort similar stage of construction. an er afr 2 October 1986 shouldbe ted witha system opposed under resolution 4. 386(14) 2 Oi tankers te hocleofwhichare lou. or which area a smiler age of consruction. on or fer I Jamey 2005 should be fed wi a system approved wer resoution MEPC.108(49) 6.1.3, The system comprises : {e} 1. control unit x] 2. computing unit [1 3.caleulating unit 6.1.4, The system is (2 1. fited with a starting interlock ae] 2. fitted with auiomatic stopping device NE 26124. Page 718 FORM B No : DKRW/BKO/20130823094912 NAME OF SHIP: SEA STERLING BY REGISTER: 14565 6.15, The oil content meter is approved under the terms of revolution 39300) AS86(14)"** © MEPC.108(49) suitable for = [+1 Lerude oil De] 2. black products x) 3. white products *9* Kop ol content meter inetd on tankers Bult prior to 2 October 1986, xfer to he Recommenclion et imemational performance and test spefictons fr olhy-mater separaing equipment and ot ctent meters adopted b) the Organization by resolution 239368. Far a content mews as art ofeschorge montcrang and comel stems installed on tankers bul om oF afer? Otaber 158. raforto the Cuidelins and specifications oro ‘dschange mentoring and conrol sem for ol tankers adopted by the Orgonaton by reselaton ASBO(T4). For cont Metro Part of AChE oustoring and corre ystems installed on tankers the heel of whch ae lad are tn smiar stage of construction emo ile | January 208, refer 0 the reise Guest specication for ol discharge movitring and control stems fr cil taners adopted by the Organization by reslon MEPC 10818), [=] 6.1.6. The ship has been supplied with an operations manual for the oil discharge monitoring and control system 6.2. Slop tanks. [=] 6.2.1. The ship is provided with dedicated slop tank(s) with the total capacity of m3 which is % of the il earrying capacity, in accordance with = (x) 1. Regulation 29.2.3, {-] 2. Regulation 29.23.1 {-1 3. Regulation 29.2 [-1 4, Regulation [-1 62.2. Cargo tanks have been designated as slop tanks 6,3, Cilwaterimterfice detectors * {x] 6.3.1. The ship is provided with oil / water interface detectors approved under the terms of resolution MEPC.3(XII1)* Sehr th Secian fo later nerf eect doped bythe Marine Ensen Pract Comm te Orgiiation by eon ane settin 6.4, Exemptions from regulation 29, 31 and 32 [-] 644.1. The ship is exempted from the requirements of regulation 29, 31 and 32 in accordance with regulation 2.4 [-] 6.42 The ship is exemped from the requirements of rezulation 29, 31 and 32 in accondance With regulation 2.2 6.5. Waiver of regulation 31 and 32 6.5.1. The requirements of regulation 31 and 32 are waived in respect of the ship in accordance with regulation 3.5. The ship is ‘engaged exclusively on : [-1 1. Specific trade under regulation 2.5 [-1 2. Voyages within special area(s) = [-1 3. Voyages within 50 miles of the nearest land outside special area(s) of 72 hours oF less in duration restricted to : 7. PUMPING, PIPING AND DISCHARGE ARRANGEMENTS (segulation 30) 7.1. The overboard discharge outlets for segregated ballast are located : [x] above the waterline [+1 below the waterline 7.2. The overboard discharge outlets, other than the discharge manifold, for clean ballast ‘are located (Only shoe ouets which canbe mentored or to be mduaed) [+1 above the waterline [+) below the waterline 73 The overboard discharge outl's, ther than the discharge manifold, for diny ballast Water or oil-contaminated water feom cargo tank areas are loexted. [-} Labove the waterline [-] 2. bolow the wateeline in conjunction with the part flow arrangemerts in compliance with Rezulation 30.6.5 1-1 3 below the waterine NE 2a12k- Page 816 FORM B No : DKRO/IKO/20130823004912 NAME OF SHIP: SEA STERLING BVREGISTER: 14568 74, Discharge of ol fiom cargo pumps and oil lines (regulation 30.4 and 30.5) 714.1. Means to drain all cargo pumps and ol lines atthe completion of cargo discharge [-1 |. drainings capable of being discharged to @ cargo tank or slop tank [+1 2. for discharge ashore # specia! smatt diameter line is provided 8. SHIPBOARD OIL POLLUTION EMERGENCY PLAN (regulation 37) [2x] 8.1, The ship is provided with a shipboard oil pollution emergency plan in compliance with regulation 37 [+1 8.2. The ship is provided witha shipboard marine pollution emergency plan in compliance with regulation 37.3, 8A. SHIP-TO-SHIP OIL TRANSFER OPERATIONS AT SEA (regulation 31) [J 8A.1. The oil tanker is provided with an STS operations Plan in compliance with regulation 41 9. EXEMPTION £-1 |. Exemptions have been granted by the Administration ftom the requirements of chapter 3 of Annex [of the Convention imaccordance wit regulation 3.1 on those items listed under paragraph(s) of this Record. 10. EQUIVALENTS (regulation 5) [+] 1. Equivalents have been approved by the Adminisération for certain requirements of Annex I on those items lst paragreph(s) of this Record. THIS 1S TO CERTIFY that this Record is correct in all respects. Issued at LAGOS, on the 23 August 2013, BUREAU VERITAS B. KOUASSI Ry Order of the Secretary NE 24124 Page 98 Transocean Shipping Ventures Private Limited STS TRANSFER OPERATIONS PLAN For compliance with MARPOL, Annex I, Resolution MEPC.186(59) Rev No: 00 Dated : 12.08.2013 English is Official Working Language on board this Vessel | Ship Name IMO No. | MI SEA STERLING 9607318 | be ‘TRANSOCEAN SHIPPING VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED 903, B-WING, GREAT EASTERN SUMMIT, PLOT NO. 66, SEC. 15, CBD BELAPUR, NAVI MUMBAI ~ 400 614, MAHARASHTRA ‘Tel : 491226120 0300/ 313, Fax : #9126120 0308, L Email : = sven eens segue 4568-5. -nevie24 within the General Conditions of Marine Division MYSEA STERLING - STS PLAN ih the applicable regyrements of ag se Arce Lh The vevie oti docyment does na D0 nh OfhsefdaOls. Lodestar Marine Limited Walsingham House 35 Seething Lane London, EC3N 40Q United Kingdom, T +44 (0)20 7068 8300 E: W: CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE REF: L1P9HH3S6T7 DATED: 28-Aug-2013, ASSURED: Sea Petroleum & Gas Co Ltd (Joint Owner) Sterling Bank PLC (Woint Owner} JOINT ASSURED: ‘Sea Shipping Agency Ltd (Operator) ASSURED'S COUNTRY: Nigeria VESSELNAWE | TYPE | BUILT | GT | CLASS [~ FLAG PORT imo SEASTERUNG | Tanker | 2012 | 4128 | Bureau | Nigeria Lagos) 9607318 (Clean) Veritas EVIDENCE OF INSURANCE This is to confirm that cover is in place, as per the Terms and Conditions itemised below. The Underwriters of this insurance are id evidence only of the and shall not be construed as evidence of any undertaking, financial or otherwis Insurer(s) to any othe PERIOD: 00:00 GMT LIMIT OF LIABILITY: CONDITIONS: SPECIAL CONDITIONS: jentified below under Security. This Certificate of Insurance or any Endorsement hereto is contract of indemnity insurance between the above named Assured(s) and the Insurer(s) on the part of the er party. 17-Sep-2013 to 00:00 GMT 17-Sep-2014 USD 50,000,000 each vessel, combined single limit, all claims inclusive of costs, fees and expenses either approved andlor incurred by the Insurer(s), any one accident or occurrence or series of accidents or occurrences arising out of one event Lodestar Marine Limited Protection and Indemnity Terms and Conditions Edition 1 (September 2012), including cover in respect of pollution and wreck removal liabilties, subject to the Conditions and the Special Conditions set out in the Policy of Insurance. Including 4/4ths collision liability in accordance with Clause 8, MISDIRECTED ARROW CLAUSE Including Transocean Shipping Venture Private Limited (Technical Managers) and Sterling Bank PLC (Mortgagee Bank) as Co-Assureds, subject always to the policy and the following + Lodestar Page 1 of 3 a RSA™ Loestar Marne Limes. Register bprice: The ss Bicng, 193 Marsh Wal, Londen €24 956 Registre n England, No, 7681817 lesesxar Marine Lites is an. appoints recesenate af Pro Insurance Slutins ita wich sautorsed and rested Oy the Fnanca CenduetAutroty, WARRANTIES: DEDUCTIBLE(S}: + Lodestar Page 2 of 3 special terms: 1. The Co-Assured named above may recover from the Insurer the amount that he is found liable in law to pay, which is correctly the responsibilty of the Assured 2. This clause does not revise the Assured's obligations under this policy to jointly limit their ability 2. The maximum amount recoverable under this policy to settle the liability shall only be paid: once, regardless of the number of Assureds involved EXCESS P&l WAR RISKS CLAUSE Cover is extended in accordance with clause 68, to include P&! war risk liability in excess of the Ship's hull value, subject to the following special conditions 1. A Ship's Hull Policy is in force at all times including cover for perils in the current Institute War and Strikes Clauses - Hull - Time (1.17.95) (CI.281) with Protection and Indemnity and Crew inclusion clauses (or equivalent clauses) for not less than the hull value of the insured vessel. 2 All provisions of Clause 68 including sub sections 68.1, 68.2 and SPECIAL CONDITIONS 68.2.2 are maintained throughout the period of this policy, 3. Cover under this clause will autornatically terminate on expiry of notice given by the Insurer under Clause 68.1 4. Cover under this clause is subject to the vessel remaining within the policy Trading Lim ‘Sub Limit of Liability, USD 50,000,000 al! claims in the aggregate inclusive of costs, fees and expenses either approved and/or incurred by the insurer, any one accident or occurrence, each vessel. The vessel's proper hull value forms a deductible from this Sub limit All other terms of this policy remain unchanged. Trading West African Waters, USD 20,000 from all collision claims, each accident or occurrence, USD 20,000 from all loss or damage to property claims (FFO), each accident or occurrence, 25% from all contamination and admixture claims. subject to a minimum of USD 15,000 and maximum of USD 25,000, each single voyage. USD 7,500 from all claims in respect of seamen, each accident or occurrence USD 5,000 from all other claims, each accident or occurrence Claims arising from a single incident may be subject to more than one deductible. “Locestar Marine Limited’ Resisteres Off: Thess ulcing. 193 Marsh Wal, London £34 956 Registre In knglan, No, 768187 {esta Marine ime ean appo}et representative of Po aurance SautiansLmiad which is athoses and elated by te Financil Conduct Authority [ PREMIUM: Fixed premium as agreed by the Insurer(s). Premium is the amount due to the Insurer(s) and any local taxes must be added to the amount and paid separately ané may nol be deducted from the premium due to the Insurer(s) Subject to cancelling returns only. ‘SECURITY: | Up t USD 50,000,000 undenwmiten by Lodestar Marine Lirited for and ‘on behalf of Royal & Sun Aliance insurance ple (No. 93792) - Registered in England and Wales at St Mark's Court, Chart Way. Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1XL, England. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority Signed V4 29-Aug-2013, Mv, David Mahoney -' Lodestar Marine Limited _ + Lodestar Marine Limited RSA” ncn, E18 956, Ragstered In Erland, No. 7681817 leh ls autanse and regates by the Farce Conduct Autnety. + Lodestar Page 3 of 3 ‘oestar Marne trite’ Reltered Office: Thess Bukaing 392 Marsh Wa cesar Warne United san append representative of Pr nsrance Solutions mie odestar spar London, EC3N 40Q United Kingdom T: +44 (0)20 7068 8300 €: W: ENDORSEMENT NO: 001 attaching to and forming part of POLICY NO: LIPSHH3S6T7 VESSELIS: SEA STERLING EFFECTIVE DATE OF ENDORSEMENT: 23 December 2013 It is hereby noted and agreed that the Limit of Liability in respect of Vessel SEA STERLING has increased from USD 50,000,000 to USD 500,000,000 with effect from 23 December 2013. All other terms remain unamended. Soret Y) Dated: 24210018 (dyn, David Mahoney Underwriter Lodestar Marine Limited + Lodestar RsAw “odestar Marine Limited Registered Office, Tho Isis Bullcing, 193 March Wal, London, £14 956, Registered in England No. 7681817, lodestar Marine imited isan eppointes representative of Pre Insurance Solutions Limited which is authorises and regulated bythe Francia services Authority Certfeate no: LGSs300260 Rees. Interim International Ship Security Certificate Issued Under the provision of the Intemational Code forthe Security of Ships and Port Facies (ISPS Code}, undor the authority of the Government of the Federal Republi Porat epsty rose onnage 40 mureer ‘of Nigeria by Lloyd's Register EMEA SEA STERLING ste Lagos on Tanker aus sonrate Nae ate Company ‘Teanacesan Shishing Ventures Private Cited Asses ite Company 903, Great Eeetern Summit ‘Wing, Pot 6, Sector 16, C90 Belper 00614, Naw Munba Maras [Company ientfcaon number 5528988 Isis «suoicuent, consactive iter Catete? Wo. 1 Yes, dt of nue fil Irn Cofete ‘This Ship Secunly Plan has been approve for ans on Beha ef the Goverment ofthe Federal Republic of Nigesa at complying with the Reguatons sited below eS Ti 1S TO CERTIY haltheequments of sain 1842 of he BPS Code nave been congo wh This creates isoves pursvento secon 10 fhe ISPS Cod, SOLAS 74 Chapter XI-2 Regulation 4 Inthe development ofthe Ship Security Plan, in accordance wth ISPS Code AlG4, the provisions of ISPS Code 818.10 13.8 rave been ul laken inl account and applied as aprrepite fr the ship Ts stocentr 1. to escent yen an any atone eacity equipment ole spas been vere in ecotance wih sect 18 of pat Act tnelSP5 Coce, 2. matin veseston snow al th scanty sysiem a any associa scuyequpenet fhe zip is at esac ater at ‘ta be shan ecpis whe apical regurements of chapter Hof re Convemton ai pa Aina SPS Coes 2. Ratine spe provaed win an approves Sip Seen Pan, ‘Thuaday, 27 February 2016 Comptin dao he veseation on wre his cena based Saturday, 31 August 043 | H. Banveatae suneyorta nye Register EMEA A utatiay of Units Ragates Grp ited jes Regt Gu Lima ales a EsCaves wt ac ees Cn eae ny soc ve ‘ite Rose tg urs tases anna en yoo ne reo en Coty en Cenficte na: CHE 1303065, Fage 1 of 2 wows Document of Compliance Issued under the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974, as amended, Under the authority of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by Lloya's Register Asia ‘Name ofthe Company Transocean Shipping Ventures Private Limited Address ofthe Company 903, Great Eastern Summit, Wing, Plot 66, Sector 15, CBD Belapur 400614, Navi Mumba, Maharashtra India Company identiicaion number 5528994 Thi to cetity thatthe Safety Management System of the Company has been audited and that it complies withthe requirements ofthe International Management Code forthe Safe Operation of Ships and for Pution Prevention (SM Cade) for the 1ypts of ships Hated below (delete asanpropriate) co ssagee Hii $9005 Catt | Satta eath Bele are Ol Tanker Chemica Tanker Ge Con Mobile dishote Deng Hat — ‘other Cargo Ship This Document of Compliance is valid until 25 duly 2018 subject 10 petioical veifcation. Completion date of the verification on which ths ceicate based 26 July 2013, Issued at Chennai on 10 September 2013 ‘A subsidy of Lloys Register Group Linites See pusgraph 11.2 0f e 5M Cone yo Reger Group ted its afaes and subsides ond thei especve offices, employes or agents a, india and ellen, eer toi tis case as oye Reise’ oes Regier asses no responsibly and shal nt be kale oa psn for any los, damage or expense cused by ance onthe formation or ace m th document x Power proved, uss Nt person hae signed» contact wt he feant Loyd Register ema forthe provsion atts normeton or ‘eco and that cae ony respon obi acevo th ets ad canaton et out na Cone Fexm 2180 01208) Certfieate ng CHE 1303065 age 2 of 2 Endorsement for annual verification ‘This isto cently that 2 he periodical verification in accordance with regulation 1/61 ofthe Convention ané patagraph 13.4 ofthe ISM Code, the safely management system 1s found to comply with the requirements of the ISM Code 1 Annual Verification Signed! Pace Date 2° Annual Verification Signed: Pace Date Annual verification signee: Pace bate 4° annual Verification signee: Pace Date Ferm 2180 2012.08) Certticate no: LOS1900269 Page tof loves, Interim Safety Management Certificate Issued under the provision of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974, as amendeo, under the authority of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by Lloyd's Register EMEA. Pantieuaes of Sp Name ot Ship SEA STERLING Distinctive numbers orleters SKF Por otresisny Lagos ype ehio Ol Tanker Grosstonmage 4.126 IMO number 9807318 Name of he Company” Transocean Shipping Ventures Private Limited ‘Adtess ofthe Compeny 803, Great Eesteen Summ, ‘Wing, Plot 65, Soetor 18, CBD Belapur 400614, Navi Mimbak, Maherashira India ‘company wenticalion numbel 5528988 “Ths ito cemy thatthe requstamenis af paragraph 14 4 of he ISM Code have been me and that he Document Intern Documegt of CComplonce of ne Ccmeny i relevant Lo his ship. “hi intr Safty Menagement Cercle is vaké wnt 27.02.2014 _sujectto the DeewmentInlerm Document Completion dale ofthe verfcaion on which his cereale ie baced: Saturday, 34 August 2019, Issued a: Lagos. on ‘Saturday, KOIAT EA Yat H. Banyaoghob Surveyor io Uoyats Register EMER A subsiiay of Loys's Register Group Limited ‘ne vat of is ntcen Safely Management Centiicte is extended to Srconcod a: on Signe Surveyerto A subsiiay of Lois Regiter Group Limited 1 see porapraph 1 2arme 6 coae loys Reps: Grou te, alas and sbshare 4 her eapacveofersonoyaes mesa inst nccolectvy, radios clause Lor’ Regier ops Royer esses ho eaPennby ad shat a be fal any perso ft 3 mss, Guage cx ean Cause yee ninesomson sce intns docuertcrhowsoeve’ sewsaa. rissa geean nae vane acto we he evan yes Peaster ny Oe

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