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What Does Kleem Mean?

The following information is a script from a Pillai Center YouTube video where Dr. Pillai
discusses the love mantra Kleem. You can find the video at the following link:
Kleem - The Mantra of Love
The mantra Kleem will do miracles. Most of the time people write hundreds and
thousands of books on how to develop trust; how to develop love and relationship. But
this single mantra, Kleem, can do wonders. It can develop trust because you are not
doing anything. You just simply repeat it and then it will bring you the trust and which is
unconditional and also will bring the right person. So, it is a divine gift that was given to
us from the divine beings who specialized on Kleem.
How Does Kleem Work?
No one knows how it works because it is something like a seed. There is a seed for an
orange. There is a seed for an apple. There is a seed for a lemon. And then how does it
work? How does this lemon produce, only brings lemons? And then the orange
produces orange? Nobody can really figure it out. It is a mystery of creation. The same
way, Kleem is the sound that will create Love. Nobody knows. It is not in the realm of
our understanding. It the energy itself, something like, as I gave the example of a seed.
It is a seed sound. The seed carries that energy. Kleem carries the energy of
How Do We Use "Kleem"?
There are many ways of using Kleem. You can just go on saying "Kleem Kleem Kleem
Kleem " all through the day. Then you'll have more than a few relationships. I have seen
that; in some cases. A girl came to me in Los Angeles when I was teaching a course.
She was crying and crying, and I said 'why are you crying?' She said, 'my boyfriend left
and I am so upset.' I said, "Do you want another relationship?" "Yes, I do." Then I gave
her this Kleem sound. The next time, three months later, she said she has 5 boyfriends
after her.
How Mantras Work
Any mantra, not necessarily Kleem, but Shreem, Om or any mantra works is: The
number of times you use it. If you turn your mind into mantra, this is what the Yogis say,
then you don't think any other thought, but only Kleem occupies your mind, then you
can create any number of boyfriends and girlfriends. And this is true of other sounds,
If you just say "Kleem Kleem Kleem Kleem Kleem" 10 times and you are negative for
the other 99% of time, it's not going to work. So the way it is, your mind should be
thinking the sound all the time. You know, and if you can't do it, at least take 1,008
times. One Thousand Eight times will take about an hour and within that hour, you will
have really done something very powerful to create or attract relationship.

The information below consists of notes from Gina Guerrieris (or Jai Radha) conference
call about the Kleem mantra on Sunday, February 14, 2016 (Valentines Day).
What is love?
Love is Light the Highest Intelligence in the world. Love flows through the fiber of
every being.
Quotes from Dr. Pillai on love:
Love one another unconditionally and you will be enlightened.
Love is life and life is love.
Love can be:
Love of the gods, celestial beings, Divine beings
Love can be family parents, siblings
A platonic relationship
A romantic relationship
Life plants, animals, nature, the stars and cosmos, etc.
Self-love We are the love that we want to give, that we seek, etc. We are the
embodiment of the conscious creation of love
So many ways to love and generate love!
Kleem creates harmony and love, but gives you the ability to attract new ones. You can
also attract more business opportunities, more friends, etc.
Kleem is best used when attracting the following types of love relationships:
When youre a woman seeking a man.
When youre a woman seeking a woman.
When youre a man seeking a woman.

How should you chant Kleem?

Chanting out loud brings the vibration into the physical realm.
Chanting silently brings the vibration into a very subtle level.
Chanting in meditation for a deeper state. Sitting or lying down. Clear your
thoughts and focus only on the mantra.
You can write the chant as well. Writing works on different levels all at once
mental, subtle, and physical.
Chant it throughout the day. You can always upgrade to a different way of
chanting later.
Just go on chanting says Dr. Pillai.
Be sure to give your practice some commitment and dedication!

Archetypes Associated with the Kleem Mantra

Goddess Parvati

Parvati, who is the spouse or consort of Lord Shiva, is the goddess behind the Kleem
mantra. Parvati is the source of love in the world. When we connect with the archetypes
we get to know that energy better because we want to map that energy in ourselves, in
our own being.
Altar to Parvati:
If you wish to have a deeper connection with Parvati, create an altar, a sacred
space, for her. Provide something sweet; have a picture or yantra of Parvati; light
a ghee lamp or candle, flower(s), and cup of water. Maybe have a beautiful cloth,
keep it clean. The mantra to call her is: Om Kleem Parvatiyei Namaha. The most
powerful time to connect with Parvati is on Mondays (moon day). On other days
of the week, chant during the Moon hora. Parvati is doubly powerful on Mondays
during the Moon hora. (Go to to download the Hora Watch app to
find out when the Moon hora occurs in your time zone.)
Lord Krishna

Kleem is also associated with Lord Krishna, he and his wife Radha represent
transcendental love. Perfect harmony and unity between them.

Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Why is he called Krishna? The

answer is because the word Krishna means he who attracts everyone. In Krishna
you find an expression of the Vishnu archetype who appreciates the beauty of every
creation, enjoys life full-heartedly, and yet is liberated and detached from
everything. He strides past all boundaries of common belief systems and follows his
heart to live his life. He taught that the heart holds the key to instructions from the
What a wonderful expression of love!
The most powerful time to connect with Lord Krishna is on Wednesdays. Hes
doubly powerful on this same day during the Mercury hora. On other days of the
week, you can connect with him the best during the Mercury hora of that day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times during the day should I chant Kleem?
The standard for chanting any mantra is 108 times a day. We of course encourage you
to do more if you can.

2. What are the best ways to chant Kleem?

There are 3 ways to chant Kleem:
Chant out loud.
Chant silently.
Or write the mantra by hand.
Chanting out loud brings the vibration of the mantra into the physical realm. Chanting
silently brings the vibration into a very subtle level of your being. Even chanting in
meditation brings the energy into a deeper state. Writing the mantra works on different
levels all at once: mentally, subtly, and physically.

3. If I choose to write the Kleem mantra, how many times do I write it? And then

what do with the paper?

If you are writing Kleem, we suggest that you write it 108 times a day. If youre unable
to do that, you can write 9 times, 27 times, 54 times, 108 times, or 1,008 times a day.
Once you have finished writing with the paper or notebook, you can:
(1) Burn it and place it outdoors;
(2) Keep those high vibrational notebooks around for inspiration;
(3) Do something creative with them like turn into art
Just dont through the papers away in the garbage!

4. If Im a gay male looking for a gay male partner for a love relationship which
mantra do I use?
Use the mantra Aim (pronounced like the word Im). This mantra is under the
influence of another goddess, Saraswati. The best time to connect with her is during a
moon day (Monday) and/or during a Moon hora.
And if Im a gay woman looking to attract a female? The mantra Kleem is best to use in
this case.

5. I found a video or audio of someone else chanting Kleem. Should I use it?
It seems like youre very excited about Kleem and thats great. But keep in mind that
when youre listening to someone else chanting Kleem you are also accessing or
connecting with their consciousness. This can be problematic if you do not know who
the person is or what kind of consciousness they have. Its best to only listen to Dr.
Pillais audio or video chanting Kleem. As Gina Guerierri states, Hes the real deal.

6. Should I combine Kleem with other mantras?

Its ok to use other mantras in your overall daily mantra practice. However, Dr. Pillai
does not suggest that you combine Kleem with any other mantra while youre chanting.
In other words, just chant Kleem. And once youre finished, you can use another mantra

7. Is there an initiation that I need to go through in order to use Kleem?

No special initiation is required to use Kleem. Listening to Dr. Pillai chanting the mantra
is all that you need.

8. What else am I supposed to do while using Kleem?

Hold the thought of what you desire to manifest in your minds eye, or in your 3rd eye
while you chant or write Kleem. Use the intention statement that you created above or a
visual picture of it. Be sure that you have a clear intention and that you see it in your
minds eye (or 3rd eye) while writing or chanting.

9. I want to help someone else with manifesting love in their lives. How do I go
about doing that?
First of all, thank you for being such a loving and giving person! We greatly appreciate
people like you in the world today.
Dr. Pillai does NOT recommend that you chant Kleem (or any other mantra for that
matter) for another person. If you chant the mantra for someone else it will bring that
persons karma into your life. And we have plenty of our own karma to deal with, thank

you very much! Each one of us is responsible for our own spiritual journey. If a person
wants to practice the Kleem mantra they should do so on their own.
The BEST thing for you to do is to pray for the person and their situation. Praying is
definitely ok. We also suggest that you invite them here to our Facebook group
(, lead them to the links on how to
do the Kleem mantra practice, and/or share this document with them so that they can
start their own practice.
10. For the ladies: If I am on my menstrual cycle, can I still chant Kleem?
Absolutely. Theres no problem with you chanting during your cycle. If you have a statue
of Parvati or Krishna, then avoid touching it during your cycle. But chanting is ok.

11. How long should I chant the mantra? How many days?
The basic rule of thumb is to keep chanting until you get what you desire. In some
traditional practices, you should chant for at least 40 or 120 days and sometimes longer.
But the basic rule of thumb is the best option. Keep chanting until you get what you
desire (or at least until the Divine give you something better).

If you have any more questions, please post them on our Facebook
group, Manifesting With Mantras [Dr. Pillai] at



If you are new to Dr. Pillais work, we recommend that you begin familiarizing
yourself with the following audios and videos that provide information on the Kleem
mantra in the group. There are various videos and information provided there. You
can also find information at the Pillai Center YouTube channel or Human Evolution
TV as well.
1. Get the audio meditation
Get a FREE AUDIO of Dr. Pillai chanting the Kleem 108 times by signing up for the
FREE online course Sounds For Success. This course also provides other mantras
that you can use in different areas of your life (like health and wealth) including the
Kleem audio. And its free! All you need to do is register for the course.
Here are the basic steps to receive the free audio:
a. Go to
b. Click on the Courses tab
c. Look for the Sounds For Success course and click on it
d. Add the course to the shopping cart
e. Go to the shopping cart and register for the course
f. Once youve signed up, go to the Sounds For Success course
website to find the free Kleem audio (as well as the other free mantra
2. Informational Videos
Here is a video link of Dr. Pillai discussing the Kleem mantra: (Dr. Pillai discusses the
Kleem mantra.) (Includes Sanskrit
symbol for Kleem.) (Dr. Pillai is chanting the

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Dr. Pillai is such a generous spirit that he has provided many videos for you to watch for free on
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(With continued use of Kleem, we certainly hope that you will be able to do so!) You can benefit
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