Rick Robertson and his brothers Robert, Rupert and Robin run the family sweet shop in Sour

Street, Stourport, Lancashire, ST5 7TT. The phone number for the shop is 01987 345223. They have an Excel database containing their sales list, part of which is shown below. a. b. c. d. e. f. Copy the extract of their sales list into Excel on your computer exactly as shown below (1 mark) Add a header and footer (1 mark) Sort the sales list into descending product order (1 mark) Sort the sales list into category order and within that sales value order (3 marks) Screen print a copy of the sales lists showing only the products sourced from Patels (2 marks) Screen print a copy of the sales list showing only those rows where the sales value was between £50 and £100 (4 marks) g. Add in an extra column between category and product and put into it the heading Product Code (2 marks) h. Sort the sales list so that the highest sales value is at the top and the lowest sales value at the bottom (2 marks) Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Category Loose sweets Bars Bars Loose sweets Bars Bars Boxes Bars Boxes Loose sweets Product Jelly Babies Dairy Milk Whisper Midget Gems Truffles Crunchie Quality Street 250g Flake Mini Milk Ices Chocolate raisins Sales value (£) 95.78 26.05 2.50 43.81 2.50 11.85 121.66 89.40 34.50 64.88 Sales Quantity 511 191 9 235 5 36 87 156 333 98 Source Patels Patels Jacksons Greenhas Pates Patels Jacksons Greenhas Jacksons Jacksons


If you were to code two columns which would you choose and why. What codes would you use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of coding (8 marks)

Rick has received the following letter from one of his customers. Draft a reply ready for Rick to sign. (20 marks) Jean Walsh The Farm Cottage New Farm Chester CS2 4ZZ 12th March 2007 Rick’s Confectionary Sour Street, Stourport, Lancashire, ST5 7TT Dear Mr. Robinson When I came into your shop last week I left but forgot to pick up the things I had bought. I suppose it’s a sign of getting old that I am so forgetful. I would be grateful if you could let me know if anything was handed in and if so, who was the kind individual so that I can send them a reward. Yours sincerely Jean Walsh

Rick has been working out the wages by hand but now the employees get performance related bonuses and commission on sales, plus overtime pay, the process has become too complicated. In addition Rick has decided to do his accounts on a spreadsheet. Complete the spreadsheets below following the instructions given Rick No. of hours worked Rate of pay per hour Wages for the week 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 48 £16.23 Robin 48 £8.00 Rupert 39 £8.00 Robert 28 £6.50

Copy the above table onto a spreadsheet Center the headings Using the formula (hours worked x rate per hour) calculate the week’s wage for each employee Add an extra column and in an appropriate cell shown the total wage bill for the week Rick and Robin have done more than 40 hours so they get a 50% overtime extra for the time they spend in the shop over 40 hours per week 6. Enter an extra row before the row labeled wages for the week and label this rate “sales” 7. Enter the sales results for each employee Rick £200.56 Robin £456.76 Rupert £766.87 Robert £344.34 8. Enter an extra row labeled “commission” 9. Using the formula (sales x 2%) calculate the commission for each employee 10. Add a header to your spreadsheet showing your name and a suitable spreadsheet title. 11. Print off your completed spreadsheet 12. Print off another copy showing the formulae used 13. Because Robert is only part-time he gets a lower rate per hour than the others in the shop. Send a memo to Rick outlining any problems this might create. 1. Insert an extra row at the top of the spreadsheet and add a suitable title 2. Add a header to your spreadsheet showing your name 3. Using a formula calculate the cost of goods by adding purchases, opening stock and direct costs 4. Using a formula calculate gross profit by deducting cost of goods and closing stock from sales 5. Using a formulae calculate total expenses 6. Using a formula calculate net profit by deducting total expenses from gross profit 7. Embolden the results you created 8. Print off your completed spreadsheet 9. Print off another copy showing the formulae used

Sales Purchases Opening Stock Direct Costs Cost of Goods Closing Stock Gross Profit £376,223.99 £87,112.66 £112.443.88 £83,442.98


Lighting and Heat £45,334 Indirect Labour £132,444.32 Insurance £221.64 Stationary and Phone £87644,32 Rent and Council Tax £123.445/12 Total Expenses Net Profit

Write a report using an appropriate layout and section division based on the following topics • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The benefits and disadvantages of different payment methods The benefits and disadvantages of fringe benefits The different employment legislation rules The advantages and disadvantages of using a recruitment agency The benefits of mail merging and the steps to use to complete this technique The benefits of using databases including different types of data The rules contained within the Data Protection Act The different types of computer networks A comparison between methods of communication An analysis of working from home in terms of benefits and costs to the business A comparison of different methods of using charts and diagrams to show results How the Internet has changed the way people work and shop A comparison of cellular and open plan offices How to ensure your employees are safe in their workplace

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