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Eastplats gets new board after ouster
Eastern Platinum (Eastplats) is to review the “recently proposed transaction” to sell its Crocodile River
mine for US$50m to a Chinese company following a board coup at the firm’s annual general meeting on
The Eastplats board led by David Cohen, was ousted and replaced by representatives of the so-called
‘dissident’ shareholder, Ka An Development Company. A new interim CEO, Peter Clausi, has been appointed whilst the executive committee has been disbanded. George Dorin is Eastplats’ new chairman.
- The Audit Committee was reconstituted to include Michael Cosic (Chair), George Dorin and Sam Wang
- The Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee was reconstituted to include Sam Wang
(Chair), George Dorin and George Pirie
- The Safety, Health and Environment Risk Committee was reconstituted to include Douglas Perkins
(Chair), George Pirie and Michael Cosic
- The Executive Committee was disbanded
- Peter M. Clausi was appointed interim Chief Executive Officer of the Company
- Andrea Zhang was appointed
interim Chief Operating Officer of
the Company, with authority to assume operations and supervision
of the Company’s South African
- Anton Lubbe was appointed Vice
President, South African Operations, reporting directly to Mr.
“We are pleased with the results of
the Meeting and with the manner
in which the Board, its committees
and senior management have
been reshaped”, stated Mr. Dorin,
the newly appointed Chair. “We
believe strongly that this Board,
with the able assistance of the
new senior management team,
has the experience, knowledge
and commitment to lead EastPlats
forward at this crucial, turning point
in its history.”
The company says in a SENS
annoucement that in the short
term, the board intends to conduct
a detailed review of EastPlats and
its subsidiaries to determine what
changes, if any, would be desirable in light of such review and
existing circumstances. Among
other things, the board will be
carefully reviewing the company’s
current care and maintenance
program and its potential strategic
alternatives, including the recently
announced proposed transaction
The Limpopo MEC responsible for Agriinvolving the sale of the Compaculture and Rural Development, Mme Joy
ny’s South African subsidiary, BarMatshoge, was buried last week Saturday
plats Mines Limited, which holds
after dying in a car accident. On Friday
the Crocodile River Mine.
flags in the province flew half mast. The
The board expects to report a
municipal flag in Ohrigstad (what is left of
number of material changes and
it) maybe needs to be replaced ...
developments in the coming
weeks and months, as its review of
EastPlats progresses.


Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad

8 July 2016


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8 JULY 2016

Dare to care and pick it up!

On Friday 1 July 2016 Modikwa employees and the management team parƟcipated in an Environmental AnƟ-LiƩering Campaign.
Braving the early morning cold, employees could volunteer to parƟcipate and
walked from their various shaŌs and work areas to the bus stop near the mine entrance while picking up liƩer.
The iniƟaƟve came from the Environmental Leader, Mr James Ndou and his team
with support from the mine’s management team.
Modikwa PlaƟnum Mine is an ISO 14000 cerƟfied mine and part of this is that
their environmental policies and implementaƟon thereof comply with internaƟonal
Taking pride in their workplace and creaƟng a safe and neat working environment
brought together the volunteers who collected the liƩer on Friday. Mr Ndou encouraged employees to keep the mine clean because a clean mine is a safe and producƟve
mine. The Business Leader, Mr Mtshengu praised everyone for their contribuƟon and
told them that they should not only keep the environment clean at the mine, but also
use the branded Modikwa bags every parƟcipant received to collect liƩer in the car,
bus or taxi and not throw liƩer outside the windows.
AŌer this clean start to their day, employees returned to work encouraged to keep
Modikwa clean.

8 JULIE 2016

should be a
last resort

When one of the previous station commanders at Burgersfort SAPS declared that
Burgersfort is one of the most lawless towns
he has ever seen, he did not exaggerate.
Crime varies, but a very prevalent crime
is not obeying the road rules.
With massive taxi industry in town and
often tense relations between the small intercity taxi’s and their larger quantum counterparts, competition for business is strife.
This means they more often than not,
simply ignore safety factors and stop anywhere without warning or taking safety of
themselves, their passengers or other drivers
into account.
This photograph was taken in Dirk Winterbach road when one such a taxi simply
stopped in peak traffic to pick up a passenger.

This week protest action heated up again in
the Greater Tubatse Municipality.
Reports of protest action by communities
living near Steelbridge, Kalkfontein, Tukakgomo and even as far as Moroke surfaced.
Some business people had to deal with truck
and bakkie drivers being intimidated and
threatened while roads were blocked with
tyres, rocks and old burned wrecks.
This came at the same time that Minister of
planning, monitoring and evaluation in the
Presidency Jeff Radebe said that there have
been a number of violent protests in various
parts of the country. “The reasons for the
protests vary, but inevitably the legitimacy of
protests get undermined by lawlessness and
When viewed in a vacuum, a case could be
made to excuse such behavior depending
on the prevailing circumstances. However, that argument falls flat given the many
avenues that are available in our democracy
for people or communities to address any
Communities and individuals who are unhappy can express their dissatisfaction through
a number of constructive platforms. These
include public participation forums, Izimbizo,
public hearings and other processes.
These platforms and others are part of
government’s commitment to an open society
which values and relies on the input of its
citizens. We are a caring society that guarantees the rights of all through the Constitution
and the Bill of Rights.
The government needs your support in
building stronger communities and ensuring that we work for communities. All South
Africans should play an active oversight role
in their communities and hold government
to account. Public oversight will ensure that
government works for the people and that
services reach those they are meant to,
especially persons living in rural areas, the
poor, women and children.
Thus, locally communities are also asked to
not resort to violence and rather follow the
proper channels when it comes to airing your

It is all systems
go for the election
The Chairperson of the Inter-Ministerial
Committee of Elections, Minister Des van
Rooyen, says it is all systems go for Local
Government Elections to be held on 3
August 2016.
“With a successful elections registration
process done, the announcement of the
election date and its proclamation and the
decision of the Constitutional Court now
known, as government we can definitely
say that it is all systems go towards the
local government elections,” said Minister
van Rooyen. The Minister also noted that
all South Africans have the responsibility
to strengthen democracy by voting in the
coming Local Government Elections, and
urged them to make their voices heard by
going out in numbers to choose the local
government leaders of their choice.
“We are confident that the 3 August 2016
polls will definitely be free and fair and we
are happy that all political parties have
signed a code of conduct agreeing that
they will strive to ensure the existence of
a free and fair local government elections.
He further urged South Africans not to
disenfranchise themselves and go out
to vote in the coming Local Government
Elections because “Local Government in
in your Hands and each and every vote
contributes to strengthening our democracy”.



Patience please
While Steelpoort town is still undergoing major changes residents should please be patient with temporary blockages to ensure safe
construction in areas that are affected.
Currently the new Pick n Pay is under construction and large scale stormwater drainage system and other infrastructure has been done.
Last week saw traffic being redirected around town to reach the centre while construction of the taxi rank is in process.



8 JULY 2016

No respect, no rules, no safety
“Name and shame them!” that was the request from a reader tired
of struggling with Burgersfort’s traffic. “Let the traffic cops then
fine them because you’ve got the evidence”. Simply pushing in
front of vehicles, no matter where is a major problem and contributes to the slow movement of traffic at peak times.

The driver below skipped the line waiting at the traffic light to simply try and push in front of everyone. In the process also blocking
the turn-off to the left.

1 John 4:10 (NIV)

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an
atoning sacrifice for our sins.

R37 clearing controversy
A recent decision by Sanral to improve safety
on the national roads included proper clearing of vegetation next to the roads.
This saw teams working along the R37
between Burgersfort and Polokwane clearing
bushes and trimming overhanging trees.
Local residents were however very upset when this
clearing and trimming also
included simply chopping
off trees that are 30 or 40
years old and up to 50m
away from the road.
Bakkies collecting wood
has collected most of the
bigger pieces of wood but
many branches remain
and rather block than
improve visibity.
The Lydenburg based
company clearing bushes
between Burgersfort and
Lydenburg referred the
newspaper to Sanral, saying their mandate comes

from them and all is being done according to
prescribed standards in the name of safety.
Sanral did however not confirm that the section between Lydenburg and Burgersfort is
part of the directive and will be investigating.

8 JULIE 2016


Fords in FOCUS
The editor of Platinum Gazette looked at
the e-mail from McGee Ford in Lydenburg
inviting the newspaper to a Ford Performance Day at the Boekenhoutkloof Traffic
Training Centre in Pretoria. Mustang – a car
the editor always wanted to drive was on the
menu with the new Focus RS, Focus ST and
Fiesta ST.
Needless to say, the invitation was
accepted and he remembered an incident in
Standerton almost 15 years ago. As he just
left a café on a Sunday afternoon, a pitch
black Ford Mustang with V8 engine came
screaming past. It was left hand drive with a
woman behind the wheel. It swept around
the corner with a wisp of smoke from the
tires as the rear started to break away on
the live rear axle and then it was gone. The
woman later became a colleague and is still
a good friend.
Platinum Gazette’s editor phoned her up,
asking her what she remembers about the
car? “That Mustang was a 1969 model. It
just begged to be driven, it did not feel like
and ordinary car, more like something to race
with. The manual gearbox was terrible, no
sync and you had to double clutch it all the
time. It was a brilliant car”.
Not much have changed. “This a brilliant
car, I wish a could have one” was the first
comment from Platinum Gazette’s Beánnla
Celliers when the editor brought the new
(right hand drive) 5 litre Mustang GT to a
halt after a session on the open road on

Saturday. The six-speed gearbox was very
slick and precise. The sound of the V8 was
glorious and it whisked to the red line almost
without the driver noticing.
Later in the morning on the track with an
instructor the V8 auto was driven. Balanced
an poised on the track and the short straight
only allowed for 180 km/h before braking for
the sharp left pit lane.
The 4-cylinder mustang convertible was
also driven. It looks good, but it does not
sound nearly as good as the GT.
Much more performance from the new
Focus RS, the big news of the day with its
more powerful engine, innovative four-wheel
drive modes and a big hit amongst the
younger attendees.
This car could be compared on the track,
on the open road and on a skid pan (in driftmode) with the Focus ST and Fiesta ST. In
the end there was no comparison. This is
Ford’s current pride and joy destined for
the world market. It is an amazing car with
amazing performance at a more affordable
price than it’s competitors. Very good.
And then there were also the more expensive options on display. We could touch
and sit, but not drive. The Roush conversion
for the Mustang gives you a supercharger on
that V8, upgraded suspension and the likes,
as well as nothing left in your bank after
acquisition.In retrospect it was a successful
marketing day for Ford and a day full of thrills
for customers and media. Thanks McGee!




8 JULY 2016

‘Censorship’ and local music content - your views
The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng has
recently been facing a fresh onslaught of
criticism for decisions regarding content and
editorial policies.
In May the SABC announced that all 18
their radio stations will play 90% local music
and only 10% international music. When this
was announced Motsoeneng explained that
language barriers will not be a problem and
that cross-pollination of music is very important. This means that RSG which is mainly
an Afrikaans radio station could end up
playing Zulu and other language songs and
the same applies to other language specific
stations. The music focus will fall on genres
such as Kwaito, Jazz, Reggae and Gospel.
This decision elevated Motsoeneng to
hero status with many local musicians – to
the point where a group of South African
artists picketed outside the broadcaster’s
offices in Auckland Park to show support
while an anti-censorship protest was taking
place this week. Tebogo Sithathu, President
of the Musician’s Association of South Africa
said “an attack on Motsoeneng is an attack
on artists”.
The anti-censorship protest came after
Motsoeneng’s controversial decision to stop
airing footage of violent protests. In the wake
of this the SABC’s acting CEO Jimi Matthews also resigned due to the “corrosive”
atmosphere at the broadcaster.
At a media briefing Motsoeneng however
claimed that censorship is an English concept and he “doesn’t know it”. He dismissed
the statement that by not airing footage of
violent protests, the broadcaster is censoring
the news.
This decision regarding news policy led
to journalists being suspended after showing
their disagreement with the decision. The
Independent Communications Authority of
SA (Icasa) also held a hearing to investigate
why the decision was taken. At the hearing
the SABC defended the decision saying
they don’t want to encourage people to burn
things and be violent for the sake of the
camera. They added that it could give impressionable viewers the wrong idea about
doing things. They explained that verbal
reports about the violent protest action will
still be given. Gilbert Marcus who acted on
behalf of Media Monitoring Africa, Save our
SABC Coalition and the Freedom of Expression institute told the hearing that the SABS
had not considered other ways of reporting
on violent protests. He said that these could
include warning viewers before airing the
footage or providing context. His argument
is that a report can be misrepresented by a
journalist without the context of the footage
as background. “TV is a visual medium.
That what distinguishes it from radio and
print mediums. It is intended to depict truth
and reality. “ He said that by not airing the
footage “The viewers are kept ignorant.
They are treated by the SABC much as the
apartheid regime treated them. We thought
that was a matter of the past”. Icasa has no
power to reverse the decision taken about
the protest coverage.
Platinum Gazette asked readers what
they think about the whole controversy.

Left: Mr Thokozane Masilela said: “There
should be changes. It should go back to
what it was. People are oppressed with
freedom of speech. The ruling party should
sponsor the SABC 100% as the ANC is
always interfering and speaking on behalf of
the SABC like now again with the resignation of Jimmy Matthews. The people have
a right to know and see all the news. There
is no transparency now. The music is also
limiting the country. They are taking away
people’s ability to think and be inspired by
international artists”.

Ms Noorbibi Mia, Ms
Razia Mia and Ms
Naeema Mia said:
“It is oppression of
freedom of speech.
We want to see all
the news. Management should
be changed and
things should not be
censored. We have
a right to be exposed
to all that is available”. With them is
Safiya Mia.

Mr Patrick Simelane said: “The SABC should
report on everything. It is like in apartheid
now. They should not choose what issues
they like to report. They report good things
on the ruling party and not much opportunity
is given to the rest of the parties in South

Mnr. Riaan Eksteen en Me. Maria Eksteen
sê: “Dit gaan oor vryheid van die pers. Hulle
neem dit weg en ‘n mens wil weet wat aangaan. Hulle moenie doekies omdraai nie”.

Ms Suzan Shabangu and Ms Precious Paile
said: “It is not right that they don’t want to
show and properly report on protests. We
want the news. The radio stations should
play more international music – we like it
more than the local music”.

Ms Modiegi Mohoaduba said: “People have
to know what is happening where and when
it is happening. We need to make informed
decisions based on the news we get. The
SABC radio must play all international music.
The manager (Motsoeneng) should review
these decisions”.

Mr Tebogo Maapoga said: “At first I thought
it won’t work when it comes to the local and
international music content of radio stations.
But now it is interesting. I am actually listening to my radio now. Local is lekker! When it
comes to the news we should however get it
all. If we don’t know what is happening, how
can we make informed decisions? If I go to
Malamulele and I cannot see that they are
burning things and don’t know the risks, I can
put myself in danger. The problems at the
SABC should be addressed and solved”.

Mr Elvis Komana said: “It is worse now than
in apartheid. We need to know what is happening. The top boss should resign. If they
employed me I would stop this nonsense”.

Me. Rika Fourie sê: “Hulle moenie die nuus
sensor nie. Ons soek al die nuus. Dis hoe
ons elke dag weet wat aangaan. Ek sal ook
graag meer internasionale musiek wil hoor”.
By haar is Zian.

Mr Andries Ndebele and Mr Tebogo Mokgotho said: “We have to know what happens
in the news. The way they do it now is not
right. They are taking away our right to
access of information. The public have a right
to know what is happening. When it comes
to the music. If they play 90% local music it
is still good, but we mostly watch the music
channel on DSTV instead of listening to the

Mr Phoku Tinner and Mr Sidwell Sibiya said:
“The SABC must get a new boss. We are
poor when it comes to South African music.
The international music is good. Here we
only have a few good artists in especially the
Hip Hop genre. In South Africa they take one
line and speak four minutes about one thing.
International artists talk about a lot of things.
They should also not hide the news. They
now hide the fact that the people in South
Africa are unhappy”.

8 JULIE 2016


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Established in terms of Section 92(1) of the National Water Act, 1998
(Act No 36 of 1998)
Government Gazette No. 89/23053

The Associations’ main operational and administrative offices are situated at their Havercroft /
Olifants River bulk water supply utility, approximately 120 km southeast of Polokwane and 80 km
northwest of Burgersfort in the rural village of Modubeng.
The Association currently have a vacancy for a suitably qualified and experienced electrician.
Principle accountabilities will include:
• Planned maintenance & fault finding on all electrical installations (High & Low tension)(High tension
switchgear (11-5.25kVA) • Planned maintenance on all electronic equipment • Plan and implement
maintenance schedules • Solve complex technical/electronic problems • Ensure continuous availability of equipment and plant • Set standard work methods & procedures • Identify training requirements
• Assist in the practical training of apprentices & operators • Promote safety in workplace • Assist in
budget control

The Mayor of Greater Tubatse Municipality Cllr
Ralepane Mamekoa invites members of the
community, business, youth formations, civil society
and all interested parties to be part of the following
activities to honour Nelson Mandela Month:




12 July

Handing over of Praktisser Hawkers



Requirements of Position:

14 July

Handing over of Burgersfort Stalls



• Qualified Electrician (Olifantsfontein); • Wireman’s Licence • Competence to perform Simmer code
Fault finding: Siemens S7 systems • Experience on Telemetry & Field Instrumentation: PLC & Scada
• Preference: Win CC programming & communication systems

15 July

Pass out parade of Traffic Wardens

Tswelopele Sports


16 July

Handing over of Ohrigstad Sports



• Computer literate • Sound knowledge of effective planned maintenance • Logical reasoning & numerical fluency • Distinct ability to adapt to remote living conditions.

18 July

Cleaning Campaign

Steelpoort, Dresden,
Riba Cross


Please indicate experience in CV

19 July

Handing over of Moeng Community



In the event that you do not hear from the Company within a period of 21 days after the closing date,
your application shall be deemed unsuccessful. The CV’s of unsuccessful candidates shall not be
returned unless requested.

21 July

Graduation Ceremony of YES

Batubatse Primary


26 July

Handing over of Maphopha Access



Competencies/skills required:

Interested candidates are invited to forward a detailed CV to:
The HR. Manager, PO Box 2075 POLOKWANE 0700 or facsimile on (013) 216 8003
Tel.: (013) 216 8000 or mail to:
Closing date for applications: Friday, 29 July 2016

Mohlala JNT
Municipal Manager


8 JULY 2016

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Killers live up to their name
On Saturday 2 July a soccer tournament took

place at Leboeng.
Killers F.C.
slaughtered the other

teams to become the champion.
Participating teams were Killers F.C.,
Mates F.C. and Makgalane F.C.

The final was between Killers F.C. and
Mates F.C. and the match ended 3-2 in
favour of Killers.

(Information & photograph: Willy Matjie)

Kom ondersteun die Ratels
Die Laeveld Ratels speel hierdie Saterdag
op Ohrigstad in die semi-finaal van die
Die publiek is welkom om hulle te kom

ondersteun. Die wedstryd word by
Laerskool Ohrigstad gespeel en begin
om 15:30. Ingang by die hek is R10 per
persoon. Kom kuier en skree saam.