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Julina Mary Rosary S.

The rising of Malacañang of the South is in preparation of the country for federal
form of government as President-elect Rodrigo Duterte would govern the country both from
Malacañang and Panacan, Davao City where the Malacañang of the South is located
regardless of the hours to be consumed in travelling. One of Duterte’s main concerns is to
change the country’s form of government to federal from presidential to have greater
autonomy and having equal distribution of funds within different state.
“Federalism is system of government where powers are distributed between central
government and regional governments.” (
Federalism Government tends to allocate powers to the national and state governments for an
efficient conduct of each government’s services since state governments is given an authority
to make its own policies’ or its own solutions’ to its problems. It is all about bringing the
government closer to its people.
Aspects affected
Federalism encourages each state to formulate its own strategy for economic
development – strategies which are more effective due to closer understanding of local
culture, resources and skills. Through the different strategies tried by different states may
produce innovative ideas whose success may be implemented by other state or by nation.
A state accumulating lesser revenue will remain in the same situation as well as state
that gathers greater portion. Thus, inequality between state governments may exist.
Since the national government will be divided into 3 branches meaning federalism
ensures that all powers is not centralized into a single person or group of people, since
excessive power among a single group tends to be corrupting.

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