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Project Head:

12, Rue de la Folie Regnault
Tel: +33 153 27 93 47
75011 Paris, France
Mob: 00 33 6 22 15 40 98 Email:
Organised by EXPODIENCE:

Finally, a property fair

in Paris!
Held in a luxurious setting in an exclusive location
catering to the most esteemed buyers

The American dream within arm's reach:

Investing in Florida real estate against the backdrop of a
highly innovative property market

Situated in the heart of Paris, the Fouquets Hotel is an

exceptional location offering guests an unrivalled hotel
experience, and will be opening its doors to all exhibitors
participating in the Florida Real Estate Exhibition.
Exhibitors will be looked after from the moment they
arrive at the airport, and will be driven directly to
Fouquets Hotel BARRIERE.
They will be treated to a 2-night stay in the hotel with
access to the restaurant throughout the event.
A cocktail meet-and-greet will also be organised for
visitors on both days of the real estate exhibition.
Throughout the day, soft drinks and canaps will be
available free of charge for visitors and exhibitors.

The 1st International

Florida Real Estate Exhibition
Buy or invest in an apartment, house
or condominium
A host of real estate agents and construction companies
specialising in villas, townhouses and condos will be
available to answer your questions, all under one roof.
Exhibitors will also be presenting new projects currently
under construction
A chance to present an exclusive preview of your
properties, while meeting potential investors and buyers.
Investors and buyers need professional guidance in order
to purchase or invest with confidence.

No hidden costs for your investment!

In order to simplify the purchasing process for French
buyers, realtors and construction companies will examine
each investment file on an individual basis with the client.
The 1st Florida Real Estate Exhibition aims to attract
buyers from France and neighbouring countries
(Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxemburg).

A communications hub for real estate

Gathering all major players in the Florida real estate

Meeting buyers and investors.

Encouraging exchanges between sellers and buyers from
the sector in order to facilitate purchases.

Providing exhibitors with the right kind of high-end

clients, ready to invest or purchase in Florida.

Exchanging information on some of the issues

associated with buying and legislation.

Exclusive Access to a selection of prestigious properties

in Tampa, Orlando and Miami.

Establish your portfolio in Florida with a range of

properties, from townhouses to condominiums, as well as

exceptional villas with panoramic ocean views and beach
Apartments located in the most desirable districts of
Florida's most attractive cities.

Enhance your company's international reputation.

Why Florida real estate exhibition ?

2 million licensed realtors in the USA.
5 million properties sold every year.
Surround yourself with the right people, choose the best
location to buy, and check you have all the right
Where, what and who to buy with - everything you need
to know !

Call upon the services of a trusted, qualified realtor.

Choose the right neighbourhood for you.
Obtain all necessary permits.
Find a property inspector you can trust.

Find a new property or renovation project, or buy

properties seized during asset forfeitures. What types of
properties are being purchased? Condos, townhouses, or
residential villas ?
What charges will I have to pay when I invest in the USA?
Taxes, property charges, loans, inflation, rental yields, etc.
Buying processes and financial yields.
Who should I speak to ? Why invest in property in the
USA as opposed to another global market ? Is this the
right time to invest ?
How is the market regulated? Where should I borrow ?
In France or in the USA? Which bank should I choose ?
What type of tax status do I need? What kind of capital
gains can I expect? Will I be subject to a wealth tax ?

The Florida Real Estate Exhibition will consolidate your

market position and strengthen your company image.
An exclusive opportunity to present your properties to
potential buyers:
Enjoy an immediate return on your investment
Develop your market share.

Event visitors
A luxurious space in a prestigious location for the most
esteemed buyers.
The event is designed to attract individuals of higher
socioeconomic status wishing to meet and negotiate in
confidence at a more exclusive style of event: medical
professionals, legal professionals, chartered accountants
Our advertising campaign will feature on digital media, TV
and radio, as well as in mainstream press in France and
neighbouring countries, allowing us to attract between
2000 and 5000 visitors.
Visitors to the event will be presented with a variety of
offers, new projects and luxury properties.
Visitors will find:
Properties currently under construction.
New properties
Condos, townhouses and villas.

French citizens can buy, rent and sell properties in Florida

without needing permits or a visa.
The "Washington" Franco-American agreement, signed in
1984, allows French investors in the Florida and US
property markets to avoid double taxation. A financial
lawyer, immigration lawyer and chartered accountant will
be present at the event to answer any questions and
provide guidance for investors throughout the duration of
their real estate project.

We are planning a major media campaign
worth over 30,000

The Florida Real Estate Exhibition
Sunday 27 and Monday 28 November 2016

Hotel Fouquets BARRIERE Paris

Exhibitor - Enrolment
To enrol for the Florida Real Estate Show in Paris FRANCE, you must return to the organiser by mail the completed application form
together with your deposit of 30%. On receipt of your form, the organiser will send you a proposal for the invoice corresponding to your
You must return to the organiser your signed confirmation with the company stamp applied. If you fail to reply within 7 days, the
organiser will re-allocate the proposed location and your request will be cancelled.
Participation requests not accompanied by a deposit will not be considered.

Payment Terms :

30% on reservation ---- 30% on July 20, 2016 ----- balance on September 20, 2016

For any reservation request submitted after August 15, 2016, the total payment is due immediately.
I the undersigned (name).. Company
Declare that I have been informed of the conditions applying to participants in the Florida Real Estate Show in France, and the general
regulations whose main elements are outlined below:
Authorised signatory.... Tl Fax...
GSM.. Adress.....
ZIP/Postcode City Country...
E-mail Site web: www...


Flying ticket / two-way trip, Florida Paris for 1 person
Car transport CDG Fouquets BARRIERE two-way trip
2 nights in hotel Fouquets BARRIERE 4 stars
Breakfast included

Pre-equipped area with a table and two club chairs (included
Plasma screen + DVD)
Package : = 8.500
VAT (20%) :... =
Total Price : =

How to Pay : - by bank transfer to: Expodience 12 rue de la Folie Regnault - 75011 Paris - France
Banks details : Crdit du Nord
Bank: 30076
Branch : 02056
Account N: 25709000200
Chek key : 03
IBAN: FR 76 3007 6020 5625 7090 0020 003
Swift address : Nord-FR-PP
Enclosed the sum of. as payment of deposit (30%)
Intra-community VAT N.................................................................................................
Principal activity....
Description of products on show.
The exhibitor acknowledges that he has been made aware of and has accepted the regulations governing the show and undertakes to apply all
due care in decorating his stand and to make the outstanding payment for his stand before September 20, 2016 at the risk of losing his rights.
Name of your stand...

Observations :

Commercial :.

Signed in (place) , On (date) ..

Company stamp
Signature of the Exhibitor

Marc Assous, - Expodience, 12 rue de la Folie Regnault 75011 Paris -

Tl : 00 33 1 53 27 93 47 - Mobile : 00 33 6 22 15 40 98 Email :
RCS B 489 447 235

GENERAL TERMS OF SALE - Forming part of the Internal Rules of the Florida Real Estate Exhibition
GENERAL PROVISIONS Article one Miscellaneous The terms and conditions of the organisation of the trade fair, such as the opening date, the duration, the location where the trade fair is to
be held, its opening and closing times, and the price of the admission tickets shall be determined by the organisers who may modify them subsequently from time to time. Should the run of the
trade fair be extended, exhibitors may request permission to close down their stands on the originally set date, although they shall be barred from removing the wares which are exhibited or
altering the appearance of the stand prior to the new date set by the organisers. If the trade fair cannot be held owing to a serious, unforeseeable or economic reason, all applications for
participation shall be cancelled and any moneys which remain after paying off any expenses which were incurred shall be distributed among the exhibitors in proportion to the moneys paid by
each of them. The exhibitors hereby pledge to comply with and to enforce compliance with the provisions of the technical guidelines which shall be provided to them. Exhibitors shall be liable to
the organisers for any failure to comply with the specifications imposed by the owner or principal tenant of the premises upon which the trade fair is being held. The organisers shall not be liable
for enforcing the provisions of these rules.
PARTICIPATION Article 2 Terms governing participation The organisers shall determine the categories of exhibitors and shall draw up a nomenclature of the goods and/or services which they
may exhibit. Exhibitors may only showcase equipment, goods, processes or services which they themselves manufacture or design or for which they are agents or dealers, in which case they
must enclose with their application a list of the brands whose goods and services which they plan to exhibit or present. The organisers may examine the exhibitors proposed lists of goods and
services and exclude any goods and/or services which they consider do not correspond to the goals of the trade fair or they may admit goods or services which do not fall within the scope of the
nomenclature but which the organisers believe are of interest to the trade fair. In accordance with the provisions governing the holding of authorised events, exhibitors cannot present any
products or equipment which do not meet French regulations, save in the case of products or equipment which are designed to be used solely outside France; exhibitors may not publish any
advertisement or promotional material which contains any misrepresentations or which might constitute unfair competition. Exhibitors may not present apparatus, goods or advertisements for a
brand which are not exhibited at the trade fair. Exhibitors may not represent themselves, by the use of posters, a chain or group of companies, an association or a union. Article 3 Applications
for participation Any person wishing to exhibit at the trade fair must send an application for participation to the organisers. Unless the organisers turn down the application for participation, the
very sending of this application shall constitute a firm and irrevocable undertaking to pay the full price for the rental of the stand and to pay all the related costs. Article 4 Control over admission
to the trade fair The organisers need not provide any justification for the decisions which they shall take over applications for participation. Should the organisers reject an application for
participation, the moneys paid by the applicant shall be refunded, minus a handling fee which shall be retained by the organisers. The same shall apply in the case of persons who submit
applications for participation which are put on the waiting list, if they cannot be allocated a stand owing to a lack of availability come the opening of the trade fair. The organisers acceptance of
prospective exhibitors applications for participation shall be deduced from the nature of the response which is sent to each applicant. For instance the organisers response may consist of an
invoice which is sent to an exhibitor. Any application for participation issued by a prospective exhibitor which goes into receivership or administration for any reason come the start of the trade fair
shall be null and void even if it was previously accepted and a stand was allocated to it.
This shall also apply to any application for participation issued by a company which files for bankruptcy between the date on which it issues its application and the opening date of the trade fair.
However, if such companies are legally authorised to continue operating, the organisers may decide to honour their applications for participation nevertheless. Article 5 Transfer/subletting
Unless they are authorised to do so in writing by the organisers beforehand, exhibitors may not transfer, assign, sublet or share all or part of their stands at the trade fair, whether free of charge or
in return for consideration. However, several exhibitors may be authorised to make a joint presentation, provided that each of them shall have submitted an application for authorisation to do so
and a request for joint participation to the organisers. Article 6 Withdrawal Should any exhibitor pull out or fail to occupy its stand for any reason whatsoever, any moneys already paid by that
exhibitor or which remain fully or partly due by that exhibitor for any reason whatsoever in connection with the rental of its stand shall accrue as of right to the organisers, even if the stand in
question is subsequently rented to another exhibitor. If for any reason whatsoever an exhibitor fails to occupy its stand 24 hours prior to the opening of the trade fair, it shall be deemed to have
withdrawn from the trade fair. The organisers may thereupon dispose of that exhibitors stand, and the latter may not claim any reimbursement of moneys paid nor any compensation, even if the
stand is then allocated to another exhibitor.
FINANCIAL TERMS Article 7 Price The prices of the stands shall be set by the organisers and may be reviewed by the organisers in case of significant changes to their components, such as
changes in the prices of the materials, manpower, means of transportation and services as well as changes to the applicable taxes and social security contributions. Article 8 Terms of payment
The rental of the stands and all related costs shall be paid on the specific dates and in accordance with the payment terms set by the organisers and notified to the exhibitors in the trade fair
participation packs. In the case of last minute applications for participation, the first instalment shall be equal to all the moneys which should already have been due normally come the date of the
late application. The same shall apply to exhibitors who are on the waiting list and who are allocated a stand at the last minute after another exhibitor has pulled out. Article 9 Payment default :
Should any exhibitor fail to comply with the payment instalment dates and the terms of payment which are mentioned in the foregoing article, the organisers shall be entitled to apply the
provisions of article 6 withdrawal.
STANDS Article 10 Allocation of the stands The organisers shall draw up a plan of the trade fair and shall allocate the positions of the stands at their sole discretion, though they shall take the
exhibitors stated preferences into consideration as far as possible, as well as the nature of the goods and/or services which they are planning to exhibit, the layout of the stand which they are
planning to set up, the registration date of the exhibitors applications for participation and their seniority. The organisers may alter the size and layout of the areas requested by individual
exhibitors. Such alteration shall not entitle exhibitors to rescind their undertaking to take part in the trade fair. The location of each stand which is allocated to an exhibitor shall be notified to that
exhibitor by way of a plan. This plan shall set out the measurements of the stand as accurately as possible. Wherever possible, it is up to each exhibitor to ensure that the dimensions shown on
the plan are accurate prior to setting up its stand. The organisers shall not be liable should it emerge that the dimensions shown on the plan differ from the actual dimensions of the stand. The
plan shall show the general division of the islands surrounding each allocated stand. These indications, which shall be valid on the date on which the plan is drawn up, shall be provided for
information purposes only shall be subject to changes which may or may not be brought to the attention of the exhibitors. Any complaints concerning the position of a stand as shown in the plan
must be made within eight days. Once this deadline shall have expired, the proposed location shall be deemed to have been accepted by the exhibitor. The organisers cannot book a particular
location within the trade fair or guarantee its availability from one trade fair to the next. Moreover, an exhibitors involvement in previous trade fairs shall not give it any right to book a particular
location within the trade fair and shall not grant it any priority in the allocation of specific locations. Article 11 Installation and decoration of the stands The installation of the stands must fit in
with the general plan drawn up by the organisers. Subject to securing prior written authorisation from the organisers and subject to complying with the technical guidelines, the exhibitors may
build stands incorporating a mezzanine floor. The rules governing the construction of such stands are available from the organisers on request. The exhibitors shall be responsible for decorating
their stands. The organisers shall be entitled to reject the layout or presentation of a stand which does not meet the general criteria of the trade fair. All stands must meet the safety rules
stipulated by the authorities as well as the organisers general decoration standards and signage conventions. The organisers shall set the conditions governing the displaying of promotional
materials and advertising, the use of any sound or light generating apparatus or audiovisual systems, as well as the terms governing the staging of any shows or events, attractions, promotional
operations, surveys or opinion polls within the confines of the trade fair. The organisers shall also determine the conditions under which photography, filming and sound recording shall be allowed
within the confines of the trade fair. The organisers shall be entitled to reject or modify any designs or facilities which they consider are not in keeping with the general appearance of the trade fair
or which might constitute a nuisance to neighbouring exhibitors or visitors, as well as any designs or facilities which are not in keeping with the blueprints and mock-ups which the exhibitors
submitted beforehand for approval. The organisers may also revoke their authorisation in case of any nuisance caused to neighbouring exhibitors, to circulation within the trade fair or to the
holding of the trade fair. Article 12 Reinstatement The organisers hereby disclaim liability for the structures or facilities which are built by the exhibitors. The exhibitors shall take the stand
positions in the state in which they find them and shall leave them in the same state come the end of the trade fair. Exhibitors shall be liable for any damage which is caused to the premises and
facilities in which the trade fair is being held, either by themselves or by their facilities, equipment or goods.
ASSEMBLY AND DISMANTLING TIMESCALES Article 13 Assembly and dismantling The organisers shall set the timetable for assembling and installing the stands prior to the opening of the
trade fair. The organisers shall also set the timetable for dismantling the stands, removing all materials, equipment and wares as well as reinstating the stand positions at the end of the trade fair.
The organisers may commission contractors to perform any dismantling, removal and reinstatement operations which have not been performed on time by a given exhibitor at that exhibitors
expense. The organisers shall be entitled to levy penalties on the exhibitors and claim damages from them for any failure on their part to meet the deadline for vacating their stand positions.
Article 14 Special authorisations Any assembly work, any installation of machinery or apparatus which cannot be installed or assembled other than by accessing the stands of other exhibitors
may only take place subject to securing the organisers authorisation on the date set by the latter. Article 15 Goods Exhibitors shall be in charge of the transportation and of taking delivery of
the goods which are destined to be exhibited on their stands. Exhibitors must comply with the organisers instructions concerning the rules applicable to incoming and outgoing goods, such as in
respect of the circulation of vehicles within the confines of the trade fair. Any goods and equipment which are brought to the trade fair may not under any circumstance be taken out throughout
the duration of the event.
CLEANING Article 16 Cleaning The exhibitors shall ensure that their stands are cleaned in accordance with the terms and timescales set by the organisers.
INSURANCE Article 17 The organisers insurance policies and civil liability The organisers shall take out an insurance policy to cover the financial consequences of their civil liability as
organisers of the trade fair. Exhibitors may request sight of copies of this insurance policy so as to be aware of the risks covered and the duration of the insurance policy.
SERVICES Article 18 Utilities As set out in the technical guidelines, exhibitors wishing to link up their stands to the electricity, telephone, water or compressed air networks must submit
applications to do so within the requisite timescales. Exhibitors shall be expected to pay for such link ups, which shall only be possible subject to the technical limitations of the exhibition
premises. Any applications for such link ups must be sent to the designated contractor using specific forms provided for the use of the exhibitors. Article 19 Customs Exhibitors shall be
responsible for performing all Customs formalities in connection with any goods and services originating from abroad. The organisers shall not be responsible for any problems which may arise in
the course of performing these formalities. Article 20 Intellectual property The exhibitors shall be responsible for protecting their intellectual property rights over the equipment or goods which
they exhibit in accordance with all prevailing and applicable legal provisions (such as by lodging French patent applications). These measures must be taken prior to the presentation of the
equipment and goods in question at the trade fair. The organisers hereby disclaim all liability for this. Article 21 Authors union Given that the organisers have not signed any agreement with
Frances socit des auteurs compositeurs de musique (SACEM) authors union, exhibitors must deal directly with SACEM or with any other competent body if planning to use the music of any
author in any way whatsoever within the confines of the trade fair. The organisers hereby disclaim liability for this.

CATALOGUES Article 22 Catalogues The organisers alone shall have the right to publish and sell the catalogue of exhibitors as well as wielding all rights over advertising in this catalogue.
The organisers may however grant a concession over all or part of these rights. The exhibitors shall be responsible for providing all the information which is required to draw up the catalogue to
the organisers. The organisers hereby disclaim liability for any omissions or for any errors which may crop up as part of the reproduction, composition or otherwise. The organisers shall be
entitled to modify, remove or group any entries whenever they deem this to be useful, as well as to turn down or alter the texts of paid advertisements which they consider harmful to the other
ENTRY PASSES Article 23 Exhibitors entry passes Exhibitors entry passes providing access to the trade fair shall be provided to the exhibitors subject to terms and conditions set by the
organisers. Any unused Exhibitors entry passes which have been delivered by the organisers and paid for shall neither be taken back nor refunded. Article 24 Invitation cards Invitation cards
to be used by exhibitors to invite their visitors shall be delivered to exhibitors subject to terms and conditions set by the organisers. Any unused Invitation cards which have been delivered by the
organisers and paid for shall neither be taken back nor refunded. Only passes, invitation cards and tickets which are delivered by the organisers may provide access to the trade fair.
SAFETY Article 25 Safety Exhibitors shall be expected to comply with all the safety measures imposed by the authorities or by court order, as well as with any safety measures imposed by the
organisers. The organisers shall be entitled to check that these measures are being complied with. The organisers shall monitor compliance with all safety measures. Any decisions taken by the
organisers in connection with the application of all safety rules must be performed immediately.
SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES Article 26 Application of the rules concerning the settlement of disputes Any infringement of the provisions of these rules and of the trade fairs rules published
by the organisers may result in the exclusion of the exhibitors who break these rules without any warning. The same shall apply to any failure to comply with the rules governing the design or
appearance of the stands, non-compliance with any safety rules, any failure to occupy a stand, or showcasing goods other than those which are listed in the application for participation. Should
this be the case, the exhibitors who are involved shall have to pay a penalty to the organisers to compensate them for the tangible or intangible damage caused to the event. The penalty in
question shall amount to at least the cost of participation which remains to the organiser, although the organisers may be entitled to claim additional damages from any offending exhibitors. The
organisers shall have a right to impound any items which are exhibited and any elements of furnishing or decoration belonging to the exhibitors in order to enforce the payment of the penalties.
Article 27 Changes to these rules The organisers shall be entitled to take decisions on any matters which are not dealt with by these rules or to issue new rules whenever they shall deem this
to be useful. Article 28 Disputes Should any disputes arise, the exhibitors pledge to submit them to the organisers prior to resorting to legal proceedings. Any legal proceedings which are
brought prior to the expiry of a period of fifteen days as of this declaration shall be inadmissible. The courts with jurisdiction over the area where the organisers registered address is
located shall have sole competence to deal with any disputes.