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10-05-22 Press Release: FBI Complaint against Michael Libow – Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, and Gail Hershowitz – Mara Escrow, Both of Beverly Hills, California on Conspiracy of Real Estate Fraud and Extortion Los Angeles, May 22 – Dr Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles County resident filed complaint with FBI White Collar Crime Squad supervisor Steven Goldman against Michael Libow – real estate salesperson at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, and against Gail Hershowitz – formerly escrow officer at Mara Escrow, both of Beverly Hills, California. [1] The complaint provided compelling evidence of conspiracy by Libow and Horowitz in a real estate fraud and extortion scheme against Dr Joseph Zernik, pertaining to property at 320 South Peck Drive, Beverly Hills, California, in collusion with Countrywide, later also with Bank of America Corporation. The essence of real estate fraud in the case, perpetrated David Pasternak – former president of the Los Angeles Bar Association - was opined in a letter by highly decorated FBI veteran, fraud expert James Wedick, provided as part of the complaint. The complaint provided further evidence, including a November 2004 signed statement by Hershowitz, where she indicated that the real estate purchase agreement for the property was faxed to her by Libow on September 22, 2004. However, the evidence provided in the complaint documented that later, both Libow and Hershowitz eliminated from escrow and brokerage records the September 22, 2004 purchase agreement record. Instead, both Libow and Hershowitz introduced another, unauthenticated record as the real estate purchase agreement. The complaint stated that a reasonable person, not even a fraud expert, would surely conclude upon review of such record, that it was the product of computerized image processing and adulterations including elimination of the fax transmission header imprints, and placement and replacement of graphic signatures and initials, using “cut and paste”. The complaint also provided documentation in an August 2008 letter by Mr Wedick that FBI Special Agent assigned to the case agreed with Mr Wedick that Dr Joseph Zernik was indeed the victim of real estate fraud, and that it was within the duties and obligations of FBI to investigate and provide protection in such case. The complaint further stated that since January 2008, FBI repeatedly promised the US Congress to investigate, and later to “speed up” investigations of conduct of sub-prime lenders that caused the current economic/ financial crisis. The complaint further stated that lawlessness in Los Angeles County, California, which was reflected in the complaint, was contrary to duties and obligations of the US government pursuant to international law – the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and also contrary to the Basel Accords on international banking. The complaint requested FBI and the Los Angeles White Collar Crime Squad to initiate investigation in the matter, to provide Dr Zernik equal protection under the law, and to return to Dr Zernik’s possession his lawful property at 320 South Peck Drive, Beverly Hills. Copies of the complaint were forwarded to US banking regulator – John Dugan – Comptroller of the Currency, to chairs of the House and Senate judiciary and banking committees, to United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, and the Basel Accords Committee on international banking. ### LINKS: [1] May 22, 2010 FBI complaint of conspiracy in a real estate fraud and extortion scheme by Libow and Hershowitz: •

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