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Identify the Procedures Used:
The audit procuedure we used is divided into two categories.
a.) The initial steps of auditWe begun by notifying and securing a permission from the audit party about
the date and time of the audit. Planning as a next step is conducted by the
auditor before the audit so as to recognize the main areas of risk of concern.
This step is generally completed in a series of meetings with our group and
the audited party. The audited party through its administratos describes the
areas of concern to us in addition to the schedule of employees which must
be consulted.
b.) The actual auditThe next step includes communication. It is essential for the audit team to be
consistently in contatct with the audited party especially during the actual
audit. When the initial audit is accomplished, the draft audit is prepared as
the next step. The draft audit describes what was done and found. The draft
will then be presented for review, edit and suggestions for changes on areas
of concerns to rectify error. The final audit report is presented to close loose
ends., discuss the response of the audited party and address the audit scope.
This inludes the audit feedback which involves implementing the suggested
changes as well as the auditos review and verifies the quality, adherence and
effects of these changes.

Provide proper documentation of your test

Audit A
Audit B

Record the audit process in an appropriate manner


Prepare a draft audit report

Prepare your draft report:
Draft suitable management letters in relation to a statutory audit (4.2):
To whom this may concern,
I, together with our group, as an indispensable requirement for the School of
Business and Computing BTEC HND in Management/Marketing/Computing
and Systems Develoment, would like to request your good office, through its
senior auditor to accept, evaluate and consider the attached audit findings
for the SISFU Student Center A and B particularly in relation to its fixtures
such as chairs, tables and a like.
The findings stated in the final draft of the report is evaluated and verified by
each of the member of our group and has passed through tedious scrutiny in
compliance with the rules on statutory audit. Furthermore, recommendations
as to the action to be taken vis-a-vis to the maintenance of the properties are
herewith attached.
The team kindly requests the celerity of action to be taken as some of these
materials are needed to be fixed or replaced.
I, in behalf of the group would like to thank SISFU for the cooperation and
patience during the audit process. May this activity help in the betterment of
the school's service and eventually to the satisfaction of its stakeholders.
With all sincerity,
Prince Raden Sakaluran

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