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Republic of the Philippines)

I, DR. ROMEO C. HOFILEA SR, of legal age, Filipino, married and
resident of Pagadian City, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with
law, do hereby depose and say:
That I am the School President of Southern Mindanap Colleges,
Pagadian City;
That we have a former employee named: ASUNCION ARNANTE
HERRERA from AUGUST 1964 to DECEMBER 1970;
That the above-named employee is a bona fide member of the Social
Security System bearing SSS No. 10-0007737-5, that it is our obligations to
our employee to register them all with the SSS not just a compliance but for
their future well being;
That sad to note that the contribution of ASUNCION ARNANTE
HERRERA was posted erroneously, hence this affidavit to correct and to sow
confusion in the future;
That in order to straight the her records, the same be posted her
remittances to SSS No. 10-0007737-5 not to 10-007-730 or 10-007-737;
That I am executing this affidavit to attest the veracity to the
truthfulness of the foregoing statements and for whatever legal intent and
purposes that this may serves best;
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 12 th day of
April, 2016 at Pagadian City, Philippines.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME THIS 12 th day of April, 2016 at
Pagadian City, Philippines.

Doc No. 76
Page No. 8
Book No. IV
Series of 2016