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Hunt for HART a vital mini challenge fundraiser for our new project partners

To develop further relationships with our new partners - HART
Raise vital funds to help assist HARTs work in the community
Have our volunteers gain a better understanding of the new projects objectives and spread
the word of the importance of HARTs goals.
Our focus this month was to run a mini challenge fundraiser for our new project partners, HART.
HART stands for Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust and aims to improve the lives of animals in Nepal.
HARTs first base was set up in Pokhara and they have since set up a new base in Chitwan with the
government veterinary hospital. Animal welfare is a low priority in Nepal. Dogs roam the streets in
packs, foraging for food on rubbish heaps, fighting, mating and giving birth in conditions of squalor
and disease. Rabies is prevalent throughout the area. Animals die painfully from infected wound,
traffic accidents, untreated tumors and diseases or are culled by local authorities with strychnine.

Street dogs waiting to be de-sexed and vaccinated against rabies

Team In front of the old HART gates

The mini challenge was designed by our intern Corie Owen who has been working with HART for the
last 4 weeks. As part of Cories leadership award she decided that she wanted to help HART further
and decided to design a scavenger hunt. HART is a UK charity and funds are essential to keep them
going. All donations they receive are used directly for the benefit of the animals, and funds are
needed regularly to change the conditions of the animals in Nepal.

Arm wrestling with a local shop keeper

Bus team selfie

So the scavenger hunt was planned with 30 crazy and fun

questions and the teams were picked from a hat. When it
came to the race day the 3 teams made their teams customs and mascots. Challenges such as eating raw chilies,
arm wrestling a local and cow selfies were included. It was
a great day for the volunteers to have some time bond and
visit places they might not have thought of going. Every
team enjoyed the challenge and created many memories!
We were also able to raise 115 GBP. HART had told us
that they really needed help with purchasing a new medical cabinet, a stainless steel operating table and to refurbish the HART vehicle. We have spoken to HART about the
funds and they would like to purchase a new operating
table. Presently, HART is using a folding plastic table which
works very well when they are performing clinics or camps
but when at the center a more stable hygienic table is required.

Cow team selfie

HART relocated to a new facility in September. Once they are settled in the new table will be purchased so that HART can continue helping to eradicate rabies, help injured or sick animals and help
to reduce the street dog population humanely.

GVI would like to thank Corie Owen, all of our volunteers and HART for participating in our mini challenge. We really look forward to helping and supporting our new partners in the future to enable
them to develop further as an organisation.

Corie Owen, Mr. Sharma and James Barnes at HART