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A Detailed CV 2010




Date of birth : April 22, 1979
Nationality : Rwandan
Marital status : Single
Home address : Po. Box 4793 Kimironko-Kigali/Rwanda
Cell phone : (+250) 078 830 85 50
Home office : Kimironko near the main prison of Kimironko/ Kigali
Work Office Address : Po. Box: 06 Kibungo/ University of Kibungo
Office B6 Clinical Psychology Department
E-mail address:


Qualified and holder of an European Masters (Masters of Arts) Degree in Clinical Psychology
and Psychopathology,
Have experience with psychological and health care of Orphans (OVC) and Vulnerable people
related to genocide and HIV/AIDS especially adolescents and tremendous skills in program
planning, management and evaluation; proposal development, training and team building. I am
result focused and able to finish assignments within set deadlines.

1. 2008 -2009: University of Picardie Jules Verne: Faculty of Human sciences and
Philosophy; Department of Clinical Psychology& Psychopathology: European Masters in
clinical psychology & psychopathology. Psy. M.A
2. 2000-2004: National University of Rwanda: Faculty of Education; Department of
Clinical Psychology: Bachelor’s Degree : Clinical psychologist B.A
3. 1999-2000: Intensive course in English in EPLM ( School of modern languages)
National University of Rwanda: Certificate of English
4. 1998-1999: Pre-philosophy Major Seminary of Rutongo /Kigali (one Year:
5. 1999-2001: Senior Seminary of Philosophy /Kabgayi (incomplete): Attestation
6. 1991-1998: Secondary school at Junior Seminary of Ndera-Kigali Latin and Bio-
chemistry: A Level Diploma
7. 1985-1992: Elementary and primary studies Kanombe school
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Head of Clinical Psychology Department at University of Kibungo 2009 up to now

Researcher and evaluator of LWF NGO Project on Trauma healing, reconciliation and
conflict management after Genocide in Rwanda January-February 2010

Facilitator and consulting presenter in a training on trauma and counseling in favor of local
community leaders organized by Lutheran World Federation/ Eastern province (LWF):
December 2009

Internship as Clinical-Psychologist in Neuropsychiatric Hospital Pinel/ North of France for six

months. December 2008- May 2009

Conference in Germany/ main presenter: "Rwanda: To cope with trauma after genocide "
Freiburg University- Germany. May 2008

Conference/main presenter: “Psychological trauma and healing after the war” in favor of
soldiers/section Ngoma Rwanda-Eastern Province. March - April 2008

Clinical Psychologist (group and individuals psychotherapies): Center UBUNTU - Caesar in

favor of widowed woman & orphans from genocide 1994, once per week. 2008-2009

Consultant/ “Module: Traumatism and care “Justice and Peace Kigali Commission. November

Consultant/analyst: Assessment of the LWF project “The impact of Traumatism on unity and
reconciliation – Rwanda/Eastern Province" October 2007

Consultant and monitor of the project of LUCS/UNR in partnership with university of Ottawa
on HIV/AIDS working with Canadian consultants designated by the Canadian Society for
International Health: September 2007

Clinical psychologist dealing with psychotherapy in favor of genocide widows and adolescent
orphans as well as vulnerable children twice a week 2007-2008

Consultancy: Elaborate and teach the module on traumatism and PTSD in Rwanda in favor of
Local government leaders; in collaboration with the Diocesan Commission of Justice and Peace
(DCJP)/ Kigali /October 2007

Consultancy: Analysis and evaluation of the project of LUCS(University League for HIV/AIDS
Control)/NUR in partnership with the University of Ottawa on gender aspect and HIV/AIDS with
the Canadian consultants delegated by the Canadian Society for International Health /September
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Part time lecturer/National University of Rwanda in the Faculty of Social Sciences,

Administrative and Political (SSAP)/ Social-Work Department in the 3rd year, day and evening
programs [Course: Psychopathology and interventions] October 2007-2008

Lecturer/University of Kibungo (UNATEK) in the Faculty of Education, Department of Clinical

Psychology Day, Evening & Weekend programs / [Course: Animal Psychology in the 1st year and
Principles and methods of psycho-diagnosis exams in the 2nd year] July - August 2007-2008.

Study trip in Uganda: empowering & capacity building of the local NGO’s and taking in charge
people living with HIV/AIDS (2005). Certificate of participation

International training in Research methods and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
management with the Restorative and Peace institute of / USA (July/2005): Certificate of

Convenient practicum in clinical psychology; taking in charge psychiatric and psychological

problem in Rwanda / Service of Psychosocial Consultation (SCPS) during two months May -
June/2005: Attestation of participation.

Psychologist and Consultant as investigator and analyst in the compilation of data on field
(different domains of health) in Rwanda with the Public Health school (Masters program) 2004-
2006: certificate.

Co-organizer and Participant in the international workshop organized by the AUA (African
Universities Association) which took place in Rwanda from 10th to November 15, 2006 with the
topic: " acceleration of the answer to HIV/AIDS in higher institutions and African universities "
Alpha – Palace Hotel / Kigali - Rwanda:

Co-publisher on the NUR development of HIV/AIDS policy, Financed by the African

Universities Association: 2006

Teacher of Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry in secondary school: King David Academy
(academic year 2001).


TRAVELS: Austria, Belgium, Burundi, Congo Kinshasa, France, Germany, Uganda.

HOBBIES: Anthropological and psychological behavioral research, project innovations, working with
adolescents, traveling and swimming.


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1. In collaboration with Dr Naasson MUNYANDAMUTSA Ph.D: Psychopathology and

HIV/AIDS suffering patients: What is the dominant clinical picture? 2007
2. Strategic plan of LUCS (University League for HIV/AIDS control) 2002-2006
3. Standard Plan of development activities of LUCS 2007
4. Evaluation and Monitoring of Trauma Healing and reconciliation/ LWF Project in Eastern
Province 2007-2008
5. Masters thesis: “The role of a Clinical psychologist in Neuron-psychiatric Hospitals”
Philippe Pinel Psychiatric Hospital/France

Related to Youth adolescents’ health and HIV/SIDA
Psychologist in charge of youth adolescents & gender commission in LUCS (University League
for HIV/AIDS control)/NUR 2003-2007:
- To assure the daily management of the commission within the League
- To prepare working documents for meetings
- To set strategies and conceive activities of the yearly action plan
- To elaborate reports of activities
- To coordinate activities and sensitize youth in general on the prevention issue of AIDS
and the STDs
- To advocate and to create the partnership with other universities and other institutions in
relation with youth and gender
- To organize research
- To elaborate for the sponsors, the financial and narrative reports of activities
- Focal point of the LUCS/NUR to the National Commission against AIDS (CNLS)
- To assure the follow-up and assessment of activities
- To organize workshops and sensitization of young adolescents in the NUR and the

Organizer and facilitator (2001-2006) of trainings, seminars, and workshops (financed by

CNLS/MAP/LUCS/UNR) in the domain of HIV/AIDS multidisciplinary approaches: pair
educators, academic youth-associations that have in their assignments the fight against the

Trainer and facilitator of fresh students at NUR (2001-2006) on changing behavior concerning
HIV/AIDS, and decision making for Rwandan girls in sexuality

Conceptualize and Design posters used by the Rwandan Universities; in the war against
HIV/AIDS (2003-2006)
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Organizer of broadcast productions (University Radio known as Salus Radio) in the domain of
HIV/AIDS: BCC (behavior change communication) approach and living positively with
HIV/AIDS in the university (2004-2006)

President of students’ association in clinical psychology, for mental health promotion/

(AEPCSM/UNR asbl) (2004-2005)
Initiator of the partnership between AEPCSM/UNR and the Imbuto-group from Germany; in
favor of Rwandan youth emigrants in Europe

Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Works,
SPSS, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Initiation to some software such as Epi-info, Épi - Data,
Photoshop_Adobe, and Internet browser.


Languages Writing Speaking Listening

French Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Very good Excellent Excellent
Kinyarwanda Mother tongue
Swahili Very good Very good Very good

1. Dr MUNYANDAMUTSA Naasson MD, Ph.D., Systemician and familial Psychotherapist
Institute of Research and Dialogue for Peace (IRDP), Deputy and Research Coordinator
(Phone: 250 573431 / 250 0788300883 /
2. Dr GAHUTU Bosco, MD, Ph.D., Professor FACMED/ National University of Rwanda (250)
530328 /
3. Dr RUTEMBESA Eugene Ph.D. Dean of the Faculty of Education and Psychology/National
University of Rwanda (Phone: 250 0788426866)
4. GODARD Marie Odile Ph.D., Psychoanalyst and Prof. of the University/ University of
Picardie Jules Verne / France Email:

I, hereby declare that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

May 04th, 2010