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Raymond Central High School

1800 West Agnew Road

Raymond, NE 68428
Phone: (402) 785-2685

Course Syllabus

Business Management
Mr. Dunker

Course Description
This course is designed to teach the theory of entrepreneurship, impact of the economy on
business, and management styles. It provides an overview of how a business operates including
business ethics, forms of ownership, planning and production, marketing strategies, product
development, pricing and promotion, and utilizing human resources. Students will write a business


Required Textbook (Required to bring everyday)

Business Management, 13e, Burrow, Kleindl
Publisher: South Western Publishing Company


Unit 1 Managing and Management Responsibilities
Chapter 1
Managers and Managing
Chapter 2
Management, Supervision, and Decision Making
Chapter 3
The Manager as Leader
Chapter 4
The Planning Function
Unit 2 Environment of Business Management
Chapter 6
The Nature of Business
Chapter 8
Economic Environment of Business
Chapter 9
International Environment of Business
Unit 3 Business Organization and Management
Chapter 10
Managing the Form of Business Ownership
Chapter 11
Legal Aspects of Business
Chapter 18
Credit and Insurance
Unit 4 Production and Marketing Management
Chapter 20
Nature and Scope of Marketing
Chapter 21
Product Development and Distribution
Chapter 22
Pricing and Promotion


Supplies Required
The student must bring the following items to class every day: Textbook, Pen/Pencil,

Raymond Central High School

1800 West Agnew Road
Raymond, NE 68428
Phone: (402) 785-2685


Attendance is important to overall success in the classroom. A large portion of the test and quiz
questions will be taken from class lectures, discussions, and in-class assignments. All missed
assignments and late assignments will be handled according to the policies set forth in studentparent handbook.
*A student is tardy if the student is not in their seat when the bell sounds.*


The grades will be based on a point system. The total points a student accumulates is divided by
the total possible points to determine the students grade.
Daily Work: Study Guides
Note Taking and Questions
Class Discussions
Case Problems
Review Sheets
Tests: Objective Tests will be given after every chapter. This test evaluates the students ability to
understand business concepts. Tests will consist of True/False, Multiple Choice, Matching, and
Short Answer Questions.


Business Classroom Expectations

1. Students will follow the procedures and policies described in the Parent/Student Handbook and
follow guidelines that assure them being safe, respectful, and responsible. For maximum
educational benefit, students may not leave to go to the restroom, get a drink of water, etc. during
instruction time. Students may be allowed out of the room only during work time at the discretion
of the teacher.
2. Incomplete or late work is not permitted. Incomplete or late assignments will receive a grade of
70% or below if turned in the day after the assignment has been assigned. If the assignment is not
turned in the next day it will be 0 in the gradebook. This policy is outlined in the Student-Parent
3. No candy, gum, pop, or food is allowed in the classroom. Water will be permitted in clear plastic
bottles only.
4. Plagiarism and cheating on tests, quizzes, or daily homework is not allowed.
5. Talking between students is not allowed. Calling out answers or making comments without
permission is not permitted. Excessive talking and repeated talking will result in a reduction of
participation/effort grade and if necessary, a detention. Profanity is not allowed.
6. Students are responsible for any damage caused to textbooks while in their possession, fines may
be assessed.
7. Students will show their courtesy to the janitor by keeping the room clean. Students should
exhibit responsible behavior at all times.
8. Students will demonstrate good work habits: promptness, time management skills, and respect
toward peers, and appropriate behavior.