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Rubber Band Passing

This activity was use to involve all the members in a group activity which
aims to create a happy atmosphere within the groups. It was also use to
establish trust and coordination between the members of the group and as
they do the activity, it activates each member to exercise camaraderie
within their respective groups.
Participants have to group themselves equally first, before starting the
activity. Then, each group must form one line, making sure that each member
will be separated from each other within a yard (dipa). Each group will be
given three rubber bands. Then, they will all be asked to hold a pen in their
mouths. When the signal is given, the first person in the line will pass the
first rubber band to his/her proceeding member by hopping and without
taking assistance from their hands. The rubber band will be passed from one
person to another only through the use of the pen held by their mouths. The
rubber band has to be passed from the first person to the last person and
then will have to come back to the first person following the same
procedure. If the rubber band falls to the ground, then it must be brought
back to the first member, which is their reference point. Do the same
procedures, adding a rubber band per round. Until three rubber bands came
back to the first member on the line. The group who finishes first will be
the winner.
Discussion Questions:
After the activity, groups will be asked, which group was last and why? and
which group was first and why? Other than that, the groups will also be asked
about the lesson that they have learned from the exercise and the experience that
they have garnered in this activity.

Each member of the group should participate on the said game.
The only needed materials needed are PENS and RUBBER BANDS.
Approximate Time Require:
The game might consume 15-30 minutes of the class hour.

Balagtas, Jhoy Anne Mae A.
Bautista, Mare Nella A.
Pahati, Pia Roelen C.
Shindo, Mithuko T.
BS Psychology 3D