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Shree Sundarkand Path

This article is dedicated to those who are experiencing problems and are struggling to get out of them. There
are many who ask and call me daily to get more information and acquire the Sunderkand. The following most
powerful remedy can be followed by those who are sincere enough to read it.

"RECITE THE SUNDERKAND : It is the fifth chapter of the one of the holiest book called the "Ramayana".
It sings the praises of Shree Ram and gives a beautiful description of Shree Ram's ambassador Hanuman's
strength, knowledge and wisdom. Lots of people hesitate to read the Ramayana due to its lengthy duration.
However, a quick alternative is the Sunderkand. When Lord Rama completed his leela and was ready to return to
Vaikunt, then Hanumanjee requested to go with him. Lord Shree Ram then blessed Hanumanjee asking him to
stay behind to assist his devotees on earth during this troubled period of Kaliyuga.

Therefore, wherever the sweet melodious words of Ramayana/Sunderkand are recited whole heartedly Lord
Hanuman makes his presence prevails automatically.

The mantras are a sound that creates the positive divine vibration. The Sunderkand is a flow of pious
mantras. The moment one does Sunderkand recitation regularly, it crushes the negative thoughts. It gives
one materialistic boons and spiritual upliftment. By reading Sunderkand with full-faith and devotion from
the bottom of the heart, one can reap the following benefits easily.

1. It improves financial situation and ensures a stable source of income.

2. Helps open the way jobs.
3. Guarantees removal of all kinds of black magic and negative energy.
4. Helps in legal matters and to overcome enemies.
5. It is "Ram Baan" (the arrow of Lord Rama, most effective) for incurable diseases. It ensures good health.
6. It removes the ill-effect of the planet Saturn, Rahu and Mars from your horoscope.
7. It will definitely makes you fearless and full of confidence.

8. It shows the solution to each and every problems in your life.

9. Bring peace and happiness in mind and soul.
10. Gives prosperity at home.
11. It will bring you one step closer to God.
12. A most sinful person purifies himself by reciting Sunderkand.
The above benefits of reading Sunderkand are just the tip of the iceberg, the list goes on and on. If you have a
particular aim, it is an undeniable fact that daily reading of Sunderkand easily accomplishes your objective.
1. Sunderkand can be done any day, anytime. However, for the greatest benefits one should at least recite on
Hanuman Jayanti, Ram Navami, Navratri on Tuesdays, Saturdays and full moon and no moon days.
If you are doing alone, it is better you do it early morning around 4-6 in Bhrahm Mahurat.

Before commencing Sunderkand one should take bath and wear light colored clothes.

Recite in a clean environment and be vegetarian that day.

Sunderkand should be done with empty stomach and fasting on Saturdays or Tuesday gives maximum benefit.

A group Sunderkand can be done any time but gives maximum benefit when done after 7pm in the evening.
Sunderkand done in a group with music is Ideal.

While doing Sunderkand one should not get up - at the same time, phone should be switched off, no break or no
intra or inter talking.

Sunderkand done after understanding the meaning of the verses mentioned therein gives instant result.

Sunderkand necessarily be started by AAHAVAN [invitation verses of shri Hanumanji] and ended by

2. If you are surrounded by many problems and have a specific aim, then do it for next 31, 51 or 101 days
3. It is best to light a ghee diya in front of Lord Hanuman's picture whilst reciting this.
4. It takes about one hour to complete and should be recited in one sitting.
5. It pleases all the deities.
6. Females cannot read on their periodical days of the month.


"MOST IMPORTANT: When you are moving into a new home, one night before (anytime between 7pm to
11pm) family members must recite the Sunderkand at the new house as the new house was vacant for some time
and may be occupied by the subtle bodies (spirit, ghost, bad wind). Reciting Sunderkand will remove these
negative energies.

REQUEST: I request humbly to all the heads of temples and priests to do group recitation of Sunderkand at
least once a week at the temple so, there will be mass benefits to the community at large as it is the golden
key to resolve all problems.

"Special Note: Many who have read the Sunderkand previously reported miraculous positive changes in
their lives. It is a very valuable religious book and a greatly respected book.
Please recite it as much as you can. It removes all type of negative energies. All the astrologers, palmist, priest
will agree on it without doubt.

Most importantly, faith and devotion are vital elements of Sunderkand.

"Jay Shree Ram"