Hi everyone and welcome back to my Victorian Legacy.

I’m sure you all know how this goes by now, so I won’t recap, so if you’re new you might want to read the previous chapters first. Before we start I would like to say that at one point I really didn’t think that this chapter would get finished so I hope that you are as glad as I am to see it here. I’ll explain everything later in the chapter, so let’s crack on.

As you may remember the last chapter ended with some rather unpleasant goings on, namely Henry being arrested for the attempted murder of his brother, my heir William. The sims community is a very close knit one, and some of the regulars at Boolprop.com having heard about the events made the journey to Regalton to see my simself and find out how things were getting on. “Angela, Gin how lovely to see the two of you, please come inside.” *** Angela aka thepiepers5 writes Th’a Simple Life GintasticNecat writes The Science of a Legacy go check them both out after reading this.

“Thank you both for making the journey to Regalton, I know that things have been a bit hectic in both of your legacies lately so it is good of you to take time out to visit me.”

“That is quite alright m’dear, I was looking to take a break anyway, the whole business between Ocean and Menidia had left me feeling a trifle exhausted. Plus, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear a bonnet now could I?” “It is a very nice hat I must admit Gin.” “Yeah it’s slammin’ I love it. By the way have you re-decorated?”

“Yes I have actually. I downloaded some lovely new wallpapers and so I’ve been on a bit of a decorating kick. Since I’ve always thought that my mansion was slightly more Georgian than Victorian I decided to try them out here. Do you like?”

“Yes they look very nice. Have you also been decorating over at the Legacy house?” “Erm…” “Well have you visited there lately?” “Uhh…” “Di have you not been to see them at all?” “Well…” “You’re avoiding it aren’t you?”

“Oh but it’s just awful over there at the moment. When I told Allyn and George what had happened Allyn just started crying and cried and cried and cried, I’ve never seen anyone breaking their heart like that, and George just stood there with his arm around her and this look upon his face that I couldn’t interpret, and then Evie came into the room asking why her Mama was crying which made Allyn cry more, which started me off and…it was horrible.”

“This is obviously very distressing for you Di, why don’t you try to approach going to see the family from a different angle. Perhaps update us with what has been happening with one of the generation two spare’s family?” “Oh my fishness that is a good idea Angela. It’s always nice to see what the spares are up to.”

“Yes I like the sound of that. An awful lot has happened since we last checked in with Elizabeth, and I was unable to update with them last chapter because of what happened, so let’s get over there now.”

It’s been a while but the last time we were here Harold had just grown up into a sweet looking but very mean child. Well it turns out that he loves to have snowball fights with his father, but the toe-rag doesn’t like to wear a coat. Cue warnings about the social worker coming to take him away. “Haha that really would cause you trouble would it not voice?” Yes it would, but since you would end up living in the orphanage or with another, and quite possible poorer family, do you really want that? “Umm, had not thought of that. I will go and get my coat” Didn’t think you had.

His brother John grew up to be an incredibly cute toddler, although I’m not too sure that the now elderly Rover is happy about it. “Me wuv Wover, all fuzzy.” Arrrr?

I love sim toddlers, and even having so many in the main house last generation hasn’t put me off, so I’m always a little sad to see them become children. Having said that I do look forward to seeing how they turn out when they grow up, so I guess the feelings balance each other out. “Well I for one am very glad that you are becoming a big boy John, no more getting up in the middle of the night to see to you. You can now sleep right through.”

I think that John looks a lot like his brother and father, just with his mother’s skin tone. He is a lot nicer than Harold and Elizabeth though and I think he’s going to be a heartbreaker when he’s older.

Harold has also grown up again. I think I now know what upset him most about my comment earlier about where he might end up if he was adopted; it wasn’t the thought of living with another family, but rather the thought of living with a poor family. You see Harold has taken after both parents and rolled fortune. “Well yes I am sure that if I set my mind to it I can endeavour to become very successful in the city. There is a fortune to be made there if you know how, and I of course will find out.”

This update of the Skinner family is really a succession of birthdays because I’ve not kept you all updated with them for so long. Arthur was the next one to blow out the candles, and like all the inhabitants of Regalton so far has aged extremely well. He’s also one of the few sims to grow up into an almost suitable outfit, although he grew up before blowing out his candles

He was followed a few days later by Elizabeth. “Now my wish, what shall it be? Yes that is a good one.”

As you can see I actually threw a party for her, one which I attended myself, but things didn’t exactly go to plan… “Woot, congratulations Elizabeth.” “Than you Di.” “Wait, what are you doing?” “I am taking a slice of cake to the dining room so that I can eat it.” “But, but what about the sparkles, and bad back, and grey hair and sagginess?” “Oh, I do not think I am going to do that today. Too much hassle.” “Huh?” Feeling very confused I exited cameraman mode to find that rather than getting older, Elizabeth had got younger. I’ve had this happen before when I’ve used aging off and tried to grow a sim up, but I don’t use it in the legacy ‘hood, and I hadn’t played a non-legacy house before this one. I tried cheating her asp down and having elixir, but each glass made her younger, so...

After exiting without saving, I tried again. I couldn’t be bothered with the party this time, but Harold brought home burning_owl so there was a simself presence there. “Yes we have sparkles this time, looks like things are going right Di.” Good, I have no desire to have more immortals than are necessary in this neighbourhood. *** burning_owl is another regular at Boolprop.com, and has just started publishing the Henson Legacy

Age hasn’t tempered Elizabeth any and she still seems to get very irritated with dealing with things she has no patience with. “Yes, you met someone new, how lovely for you dear. Now if you will excuse me I am sure that there is something else I should be doing.”

With both of his parents now elders, Harold decides that it is now time for him to leave for university, and don’t Arthur and Elizabeth look thrilled about it. “So Father, Mother the hansom cab is outside, my trunk is packed, I am off to Sim State University, wish me luck.” Arthur: ‘I really must speak to the Creator about installing ceilings in our house.’ “Sorry son, did you say something?” “Father! Mother tell him what I just said.” “Have you not gone yet? I am tired and I want to go to bed.” *sigh* “Goodbye both of you.”

For all of you wondering who Elizabeth was speaking to earlier, it was John who has become a teenager. I was sure that I had taken pictures of his birthday, but I can’t seem to find them, so here he is afterwards. I’m sorry about the lack of pictures John. “That is quite alright my dear, and may I just say that your plum dress accentuates your colouring exquisitely.” Oh, um, thank you, um, you’ve made me blush; I’ve forgotten what I was going to say. Yes, um, John here has rolled romance, and is quite the charmer.

“So that is what has been happening at the Skinner household. As for Violet, well I’m hopeful that she will let me publish another excerpt from her diary at some point, but I can give you a run down now. Her and Thomas’s honeymoon got off to a bit of an awkward start when his children and Elizabeth decided to tag along…”

“Diane, you have got to stop procrastinating! You’ve been going on about Elizabeth for long enough now. I know that it is never easy to go back to see a family after a tragic event such as the end of your last chapter, but they are the stars of this story, not the Skinners and not the Harrisons.” Gin “Uh-huh, that’s true Di.” “Look, both of us know that this is not easy, but if we can go back to the Simpletons and Tegenarias after what they have experienced then you can go back to the Legacys.”

*sigh* “You are right; I know you are right, I’m being silly really. It’s just I feel so guilty about it all, after all I did have an inkling that Henry was up to no good, and I had gotten Robert to keep an eye out for me, but it was not enough. I really should have done more…” “Di stop blaming your self and move on. The family can’t stagnate because you are wallowing in selfpity.” “I know, you are right, self-pity over, it is time to go and visit the family.”

Henry’s actions had shocked the whole family, but none more so than Allyn. She had prided herself on being a good mother, and yet one of her sons had plotted to kill his twin. George would often walk into a room to find her sobbing her heart out, and although he would try to comfort her he knew that his words were only a temporary salve to the wound.

So it was with a heavy heart that William, my generation three heir had arrived home from university. After changing into some more suitable clothes to the ones he had grabbed for the journey home he sought out his father. “Father, how is Mother?” “Not good my son. She is finding it very difficult to cope with your brother’s actions. She has started to shun all of our company, and leaves the room if any of your younger siblings enter it.” “Oh that is very worrying to hear. This is not easy for any of us, but I never thought that she would be so cold to her children. Perhaps the events of today will help her to begin to recover.” “I hope so William, I hate seeing the woman I love so upset.” *sniff* “I can see why you have been putting this off Di.” “Would you like a tissue Angela?” “Please.”

Having just arrived home from school Evelyn had seen William’s coat hanging from the coat stand and then heard his voice. She dashed upstairs to see him. “Welcome home William, now you are home will Mama be happy again? She is very sad and when I ask Papa what is wrong he says that Henry has done a very bad thing. What bad thing has he done William? Is it worse than breaking one of Mama’s ornaments, is it?” “Slow down little bird. I know Mama is sad, but I hope that my wedding will cheer her up somewhat.” “And Henry?” *sigh* “Henry has done something very, very bad, far worse than breaking an ornament.” With the insight of a big brother he suddenly asked “Why are you asking about if it is bad than breaking an ornament anyway little bird?”

“No, no reason, I certainly have not broken an ornament. Will you play rock paper scissors with me?” “Well I have to get ready soon, but I’m sure a couple of games will not hurt.”

They played for about a sim hour, and I just had to include this picture of Evelyn when she lost. First she would pull an angry face, then this one, she really is one of the sweetest children I’ve had in my game. “Aww William you beat me.” “Oh Evie, I am sorry, one more game?” “Yes alright.”

*sigh* ‘I know that I should be getting ready for my wedding, but I just cannot summon up the energy or motivation.’ Oh William I cannot tell you how sorry I am about this, if I could make it all better I would. “Oh hello Creator. I know you would, but this is something that we just have to deal with ourselves.” *sniff* Well before you get ready you might want to witness your brothers’ birthdays.

I was pleased to see that Allyn managed to drag herself out of her apathy for Alfred and James’s birthday, but as you can see she still looks rather sad. This is one of the things I love about this game, the animations are so amazing, and from this angle at this point in the animation Allyn really does look sad. It is things like this which make it a great experience writing using the game. But I digress from my story-telling.

James soon followed his brother growing up, and once everyone had grabbed a slice of each cake, it was time for them all to get ready for William and Beth’s wedding.

The wedding was taking place after dark so that Anne could be there, and her attendance did take Allyn’s mind off of the fact that Henry wasn’t there for a while. “Anne, darling do you really think that that is an appropriate dress for a wedding? What has happened to the one I bought you for Christmas?” “It is not elegant enough for a wedding.” “But the one you are wearing, really Anne you could surely have found another more suitable one?” “I like it Mother, besides the ceremony is starting.”

Everyone agreed that it was a lovely ceremony, even George who had missed part of it owing to the fact that since he had become an elder his bladder had shrunk to the size of a pea. “Father you are late!” “I am sure I have not missed anything of any importance James, now what is going on?”

As they sealed their union with a kiss, even Allyn managed to smile, and all were hopeful that this would be the start of a much happier chapter in the family history.

Welcome to the family Beth. “Thank you Creator.” Let me tell you all about her: Beth Legacy nee Trimble she is a Pisces with the personality 5,3,7,3,7. She’s also a knowledge sim who wants to be a mad scientist, I’m afraid that that is not going to happen. She moved in with §2399, not a lot, but at least it’s more than her mother-in-law.

With William and Beth about to leave for their honeymoon in Takemizu Village I track down Allyn hoping that she would be chatting to her eldest daughters. Instead she is upstairs away from everyone else. Not joining the party Allyn? “No I am going to bed.” But everyone is down there. “I said I am going to bed. Goodnight.” *sigh* I really wish there is something that I can do for her, but I think that she is going to have to deal with this in her own way. Hopefully if I can get generation four on its way she will start to cheer up.

Trying to put thoughts of Allyn out of my mind for the time being, I follow William and Beth on their honeymoon. I was a bit unsure as to how them going on honeymoon would work, y’see the only other time I had attempted it was when Violet and Thomas got married. Maybe it was because they wed on a community lot, but Catherine, Frederick and Elizabeth had gone with them, so I’d had to cancel the holiday and rebook it as a normal holiday. Thankfully things went fine with this two and they were soon checked into their hotel.

Once settled in they head to Takemizu Pagoda and Market to buy souvenirs for those at home. As an aside I wish that you could buy more than two types of souvenir from each destination because I think that the display shelves at home look odd filled with the same items to get the benefits they bring, but hey ho that’s just me.

Whilst his wife pursues a more materialistic activity William tries his hand at tending to the Zen garden in front of the pagoda. “I am finding this very relaxing Creator, but the solitude is part of that, so if you do not mind I would rather that you take your commentary else where for the time being.” Um, oh, okay then.

Meanwhile Beth had finished up making her purchases and noticed a local practising Tai-Chi not far from the Zen garden. Hoping to be able to join in with this ancient form of exercise she approached him. To her great surprise he would not allow her to take part, instead he insisted that she answer a riddle, and when she did he bowed to her and told her she could now travel like a ninja before suddenly vanishing.

Feeling rather confused Beth joined her husband for lunch where they dined on a local delicacy chirashi. “This place is perfect do you not think William?” “Hmm? Oh yes this is certainly very tasty, and not something that you would find at home.” “You are not listening to me are you darling?” “About an hour, then we could head back to the hotel.” “Darling I just saw a dragon fly over head.” “I have not given tomorrow much thought dear, but if that is where you want to go, then we shall.” *sigh*

The next morning Beth rises before William and orders room service so that she can hopefully have his full attention. “Darling, I’ve been thinking about what we can do today, and I noticed as we were walking home yesterday evening that there is a nearby spa. Perhaps we could go there?” “Hmm? Yes that sounds nice. Is there any tea?” “There is a tea set outside, it is not the Indian tea we have back home, but we could try it if you like.” “Yes, I am feeling rather parched. I will just get dressed.”

After pouring the tea Beth decides to speak to William about how she is starting to get rather worried about him. “William I know that things are far from easy at the moment, what with the events at the end of university, but please, I am your wife and I love you very much. You can talk to me and share your feelings and worries. You do not have to keep them to yourself” “Mmm this tea is very refreshing. Completely different to what I am used to but delicious all the same. Did you say something dear?” *sigh* “It is of no consequence William, do not worry about it.”

The walk to the local spa takes the two of them past a local shrine, and William makes an excuse to Beth so that he can go and make a wish. “I do so hope that this works.” He doesn’t tell me what he wishes for, but the shrine glowed green, so I take that as a good sign. As another aside (yeah I’m full of them this chapter lol), I still love the lighting changes that Seasons brought, and it’s pictures like this that bring that home to me. These were taken with my old video card, the graphics look even better with my new one but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to translate well to my pictures so you might not see the difference. *sad face*

On arriving at the spa both William and Beth head to have massages. Beth being the knowledge sim that she is persuades the masseuse to teach her the acupressure method of massage. Whilst she is learning though she cannot help but share some of her worries. “I really do not know what to do. Every time I try to bring up the subject he is either not listening, or he changes the subject. Is it me do you think? Perhaps he is regretting marrying me?” “I do not think…” “He has made no move to touch me either since the wedding. When we go to bed he bids me goodnight and turns his back on me.” “Well…” “I just felt so sure that he was the one, and now I just cannot be sure that he loves me.” Oh dear, I think I’m going to leave the two of them.

Next door William is enjoying his massage. “You are very tense Mr Legacy.” “Hmm? That is not surprising given what has been happening in my life recently.” “Hopefully we can help you to relax during your stay Mr Legacy.” “Hah, I feel that I would need to stay here forever to make any difference.”

Their massages over the two of them head to the natural hot springs the spa is built around. After sitting in silence for a bit William suddenly asks “Did I ever tell you about the map I found as a teenager?” “Map? No I do not recall you ever mentioning a map before.” “Oh, well I was digging in the garden one day, Mother had the idea that she might like to extend the vegetable patch and I was helping out, when I found a map to the Pagoda in the Shadows in the mountains surrounding Takemizu Village. I brought it with me, do you want to see if we can find it?” “I, well yes I do. I have heard about this pagoda and if the stories are true there is a wise man to be found there who will impart pearls of profound wisdom to those who seek hear them.” “Oh, shall we go then?”

With the help of the old, tattered map William had found as a teenager, they managed to find the Pagoda in the Shadows without too much trouble. “I cannot believe that it was so easy Beth, we have found the place.” “I never doubted we would William.” “Is that the Wise Man over there meditating?” “I believe it is yes.” “Err excuse me sir, we would like to speak with you. Sir? Oh dear Beth I am getting no response, perhaps he is deaf?”

Thankfully Beth had been paying much more attention to what had been going on around her since their arrival and had learned the local way of saying hello. “Oh Wise Master, we come seeking a way to truth and enlightenment.” “Ah, someone who has taken trouble to learn how to respect elders. Would you mind giving me a hand? My knees… not as young as they once were.”

Whilst William set about trying to make tea the Wise Man took Beth to one side for a little chat. “I sense you are troubled. Please tell me.” “I am fine really, it is of no consequence.” “I am over one hundred years old, and I am wise man. Do not think you can fool me so easily.”

With this prodding, and making sure that William could not hear Beth unburdened herself for the second time that day. The wise Man listened sympathetically, nodding and making appropriate soothing noises, and when she had finished he said simply “Time.” “I am sorry, but I am not sure that I understand.” “Your husband need time Mrs Legacy. His brother’s actions have shaken very core of his being and altered family dynamic permanently. Only thing which will make difference is time. Share your feelings with him, but be aware that all you can do to help is be there for him when he need you.” “But he hardly notices me as, as a woman.” “Ah, that more physical than spiritual I cannot help you there, perhaps you should make yourself heard on that front? Now you like to learn Dragon Legend?”

Having learnt the Dragon Legend and grabbed a quick bite to eat they head back to their hotel. “Well that was rather an eventful day would you not agree dearest?” “Hmm? Yes William it was. Seeing the Wise Man was certainly a very thought provoking experience.” “Yes, that legend was a bit far fetched was it not? Oh well it will make a good story to tell the rest of the family I suppose.” “Yes.”

The wise Man’s advice fresh in her mind Beth decides that now is the time to tell William some of her fears. “William, do you love me?” “What? Of course I do, I love you more than I can say. What on earth has brought this on?” “Well, you have not made a move to touch me since we wed. I realise that this is an emotionally difficult time for you, but I had imagined that our wedding night would involve, well…, more woohoo than sleep, yet sleep is all we did. I am worried that you do not find me physically attractive, I know I am probably being silly, but it is how I feel.”

“You are being silly Beth. I know that I have been…emotionally distant lately, but that has nothing to do with why we have not woohooed.” “It does not?” “No, you see dearest, the house is full.” “I do not understand.” “There is no room for us to raise a child in our house whilst my siblings are still at home, and so we cannot try for a baby. Difficult as it is for both of us, that means no woohoo until Alfred and James leave for university.” “Oh, I understand now…Do not take this the wrong way dear, but I hope they leave soon then.” “So do I.”

With William reassuring Beth as to his love for her I realise that it is time to do something I have been putting off. Allyn and I have to speak to Henry and find out exactly why he acted in the way he did. “Hello Allyn. Thank you for meeting me here. I know that this is not going to be easy, but I really think that the two of us need to hear what Henry might have to say.”

“Oh Miss Di, I really wish that I did not have to be here at all, but I do need to hear from him. I need to know how and why my son changed so much.” “If you’re ready then, the constable is waiting by his cell. Shall we?” “Yes. Let us get this over with.”

“Hello Henry.” I said as I approached his cell. “Oh what are you two doing here? Come to gloat over how William has ended up as heir after all Di?” “No Henry, surprisingly enough your mother and I have come to speak to you about why you did what you did.” “Oh.” From the far cell came a gleeful cry “Haha Henry was wrong, Henry was wrong!” “Oh shut up Suzie.” “You said you loved me Henry, how is telling me to shut up loving?” “Constable, please can we go to the interrogation room before this degenerates into a full blown argument?” I asked. Dorian nodded at me and stepped forward to unlock Henry’s cell.

Once seated in the interrogation room I feel it is time to start the questions. “Henry I have to say that I am disappointed beyond measure with your actions. I just don’t understand why you felt you had to try to kill your brother.” “What is there not to understand? I want to be heir.”

“But Henry it had already been explained to you on numerous occasions that the first born son will always inherit in this family. I realise that it may not make much sense to the younger sons at times, but it is how it has traditionally been for centuries.” “Just because it is a tradition does not make it right Mother. I was, still am, eminently more qualified to be heir than William. It was only bad luck that I was born second. I grew up at each life stage before William, making him the younger, but I was still passed over.” “Because you were born second. Just because you transitioned at each age first does not alter that.”

“It should Miss Di. So because you would not take any notice of the fact that I was suddenly the elder, I had to make plans for other methods of proving my worth. I tried outlining the reasons to you why I should be heir. True in my youthful way they did not make the impact I wished them to have, but I did keep trying, talking to others whom I thought would have influence over you, I even approached Will himself, but all to no avail. It became clear to me that the only way William would not be heir was if he was not capable, so I tried to destroy his health with a particularly nasty virus. When that looked like it would fail I tried to call into question his mental health, all the while I was setting up for if everything failed and I had to get rid of him permanently.” “Suzie.” “Suzie. The mental state of a cow lends itself to manipulation very easily.”

“Henry, I really do not understand where all this venom and anger towards your brother has come from. We explained to you that being a spare would be a good life, without all the restrictions your brother would face.” “But I do not want the life of a spare.” “I think we will end up going in circles if we pursue that avenue Allyn. I would like to know though how you managed to keep it all as secretive as you did with me watching the house, also did you really not care if he died?”

“Well you do not see all you would like to Miss Di, there is often more going on than you realise, is that not right Mother? Besides I did have some help.” “The mysterious calls?” “Yes.” “Who were they from?” “It does not matter. I have not heard from her since I have been incarcerated, and I doubt I ever will now. She is not important, she merely helped me to obtain certain supplies I needed and helped with training Suzie. As to whether I cared if William died? No, after all what is he to me but an obstacle in my way?” “Err, your brother, your twin...”

“Enough! I have heard enough. I want to go now.”

“I am so sorry you had to hear all of that Allyn.” “That is not my son in there Miss Di, I did not raise him to become that, that monster. I raised him to be a good, caring and loving boy, not that…”

“Except, except I did. Did I not? I am the only mother he has had, and if he has turned out that way it is my fault. I am a terrible mother, look at Anne she is also a monster…” “NO, Allyn you are a fantastic mother you have raised nine amazing children. As I’ve said before Anne is not a monster, she is just differently alive.” “Hah I have heard a couple of rumours about her and the company he keeps Miss Di…” “They are just that Allyn, rumours, she is a lovely sim. I really don’t know what went wrong with Henry, but I seriously doubt that it is any thing you or George have done.”

“I would like to believe you Miss Di.” “Allyn please do, it’s the truth. Now are you going to be alright walking home on your own, or do you want me to come with you?” “I will be fine.” “Okay, take care of yourself Allyn.” “And you Miss Di.”

Allyn did get home safely, but I must admit I was worried about her so I went to check on her. I found her tucking Evelyn into sleep later that night. “Goodnight little bird. You will not grow up to break your mother’s heart like your brother has will you?” *sniff*

Hoping that William and Beth will be more cheerful I head back over there for the last day of their honeymoon. William is still trying to find his own peace of mind by trying out some of the local traditions such as meditation. “ommmmmmmm.”

He decides to buy his wife some jewellery just to make sure that she realises how much he loves her. Whilst waiting at the till the Unsavoury Charlatan makes an appearance and pickpockets the shop assistant. I must admit this left me slightly speechless, I know that you can fully interact with them, but I never thought that the game would allow them to be robbed. Thing is, William didn’t even blink about it happening either. ‘Hmm what an interesting trick.’

The following morning it is time for them to leave. “Well Mr Legacy I hope that you have enjoyed your time with us here.” “Oh yes it has been…a nice break, and I have certainly has lots of time to think.”

Back home William is thrilled to discover that his mother had baked a wedding cake. He had been a bit worried that going on honeymoon would mean that he would miss out on one, but thankfully that was not the case. Unfortunately all the rest of the family was in bed so he and Beth just helped themselves.

Like many simmers I am still trying to work out if there is a correlation between personality and cake shoving. I expected William to feed the cake nicely to Beth (he’s nicer than average and pretty tidy whilst being rather serious) and that’s what he did. Cheering ensued and I felt that I was making progress on finding out who would shove, and who wouldn’t. However, due to circumstances I will explain later I had to get these two married again, and because I love it so much I had them eat cake again, only this time he shoved it. Maybe he just isn’t nice enough to feed it every time.

They soon settled into married life, and were the picture of domestic contentment. William had found a job in show business, he did not want the fame but it was the highest paying job he could find a t the time and he had plans. He was often to be found scouring the property section of the newspaper, but would not be drawn on what his intentions were. As for Beth, well she was kept content learning all she could from the bookshelf of learning. She still craved physical intimacy with her husband, but she knew that it would not be long before his brothers left for university and so she was prepared to wait.

George has been trying to cheer Allyn up the best way he knows how, by reassuring her at every opportunity how much he loves her. As with his parents the fact that they are no longer restrained by the try for a baby rule has also helped their relationship and they are constantly hugging and kissing. “I love you so much my darling, you are the most wonderful woman and mother in the world.” “If only I could truly believe you George.”

After a very short teen-hood it’s time for James and Alfred to move out to university. I feel a bit guilty about this really, but I’m starting to get impatient about getting generation four in its way, so they have to go. “One cab please.”

“I cannot believe that James left without me.” I know, he was obviously in a hurry. I’ve actually noticed that these two are actually the only to pictures I have of James and Alfred as teenagers, so I wanted to use both.

With more space in the house William and Beth can finally get to work on producing the fourth generation. “Mmm some privacy please Creator?”

Y’know normally I would, but I wanted to put in a picture of the googly hearts just to prove that I really did make them wait until there was space in the house. I think it was about seven nights what with their honeymoon as well, no wonder Beth was starting to feel anxious.

The next morning as she prepared breakfast Allyn was seen smiling for the first time in goodness knows how long. Allyn, good morning, you are smiling for once. “Yes creator, I heard a lullaby last night, and since George and I are too old now, I am certain that my son and daughter-in-law are going to be giving me a grandchild soon. For the first time in days I feel almost happy.” Good, I am glad. I also have to say that just like his father and grandfather, William got a lullaby on the first try too.

Beth was to be found later that morning tending to the garden and singing under her breath. Morning Beth, I see that you are very cheerful this morning. “Why yes Creator. How I could ever doubt that William loved me I just do not know.” Well things have been very emotionally charged around here lately, so I’m not surprised that your emotions also began to ride high. “True, but things are starting to look better now.” Yes, and I am thankful for that.

Since Allyn was starting to feel slightly more cheerful and her son would soon become a father, she decided that it was time she and George celebrated the fact that they had been married for nearly forty days. With the obvious exception of Henry all of her children were invited, and she spent much of the night catching up with them all. “We leave for Twikii Island in the morning Mother, I am so excited about it, it is the furthest we have been so far, and I cannot wait to see how different their culture is to our own.”

“My dear, although I am pleased that you are so happy travelling the world with Hannah, I cannot help but think that it is time you thought about settling down and finding a husband.” “A husband? I do not think I am the type of girl to find a man and settle down with him.” “Oh you just have not found the right person yet dear, now have you seen Anne?”

Allyn finds Anne in the drawing room where Robert and William are busy singing a sea shanty round the piano. “Anne, why are you wearing that dress? Is there something wrong with the one I bought you for Christmas? I hardly ever see you in it.”

“No Mother, not at all, it is just…being laundered at the moment. This was the nicest dress I could find to put on.” “I really wish that you would get rid of it Anne, it is not a suitable dress for a young lady to wear. Perhaps we can go out dress shopping one night?” “Of course Mother, I will give you a call to see when you are free.” You know she never will: this dress is Anne, I’ve not seen another that would suit her as well, but interestingly enough, this is not the dress I downloaded for her to wear. That one didn’t show up for YAs so I put her in this one. As soon as I saw her in it I knew this was hers.

This being a Legacy party, there is, of course Myshuno! And as you can see I was there too chatting to Robert. “That black eye still looks nasty Robert.” “I know Miss Di, I am pretty sure that it has something to do with the fact that you have not been to my lot lately.” “Ah, yes that would explain it.”

Whilst the party was in full swing and the guests were starting to tuck into the buffet Beth decided to pop. Generation four really is on the way, and I am so excited about this because I’ve never made it past generation three with any of my families. “That really is some kick.”

I’m not the only one who is concerned about Robert’s eye it would seem and Violet is soon seen questioning him about it. “I take it your no good brother did that when he tried to attack William?” “Yes Aunt Violet.” “You really should have been able to defend yourself you know Robert.” “I am aware of that Aunt Violet, he just took me by surprise.” “Surprise or not, you are a well-muscled young man, he really should not have got the better of you.” “I know Aunt Violet, it will not happen again.” “I should think not.” The party was a roaring success, and although Allyn was still devastated by her son’s actions, she was now permaplat and so feeling much more content than she had for a while.

The next morning whilst bringing in the morning paper George was approached by a young man. “Good morning Mr Legacy Sir.” “Good morning err…?” “Frederick Harrison sir.” “Ah my sister’s stepson. What can I do for you today?” “I was wondering if I could take a moment of your time sir?” “Umm, yes come in.”

After exchanging pleasantries Frederick took a deep breath and explained the reason for his visit. “Mr Legacy, I came here today to ask you for your daughter Enid’s hand in marriage.” “But, surely you are related?” “Only through marriage, not blood. If your sister had not married my father we would not be.” “I am not entirely happy about this Mr Harrison.” “Mr Legacy, permit me to be blunt. To me it is simple. I love Enid with all my heart, and I cannot bear to be apart from her. I hate to say this, but even if you do not give us your blessing I will still ask her to be my wife, and I have the feeling that she will say yes.”

“If you love her so deeply that you would do anything to be with her, even estranging her from her family, then I suppose I have no choice but to give my blessing. Besides, I really think that my wife has lost enough children.” “Thank you sir.” This is one romance that I did not plan. I’ve been using Two Jeffs’s crystal ball to find spouses for my extended legacy family, and I was most surprised to find the Enid and Frederick were a perfect match. I decided that who was I to argue, after all they weren’t technically related and so they got to stay together.

With everyone at school or work Allyn took the chance to speak to Beth alone. “Beth I know that I have not spoken to you properly since you joined our family, but I would like to say that I am extremely glad that my son has married you, and I am looking forward to the birth of my first grandchild.” “Oh thank you Mrs Legacy…” “Beth, we are family now, you must call me Mother.” “Mother, I realise that things have not been happy here, but I really do hope that the birth of my first child will herald in a much brighter future.” “As do I my dear, as do I.”

That night when he got in from work, William excitedly called his family round him. “Now I know that you all have been wondering what I have been up to always looking in the property section of the paper, and I am pleased to say that I am now ready to show you. Shall we go?” “What go out?” “Yes Mother.” “But it is far too late.”

“But...” “No William, I am sorry. Evelyn is already in bed, and Charles here is dead on his feet, it is time for him to have a bath and go to bed himself. You really should have thought of this and tried to arrange this for a different time.” “Aww, Mama I want to go with William.” “No Charles you are going to go upstairs and have a bath and go to bed.” “But Mama…” “Bath and bed Charles Ernest Legacy, now!” “Mother, I really think…” “No William, we are not discussing it. You can go out if you really wish, but I will be staying here with your siblings and you father. It is too late”

So in the end only William and his wife journeyed out that night. After a short walk they arrived outside a small building. “Tadaa!” “I do not understand William it appears to be a small shop.” “Not just any small shop my darling, it is our small shop. Come inside.”

“I decided that it was time we started to think about what we could leave our children, and what better than a thriving family business. Not only that, think how close it will bring us all as we build it up! I thought we could call it Beth’s Bric-a-Brac and sell tasteful ornaments for our neighbours’ homes. What do you think?” “It is a good idea I agree, I am just a bit surprised that you did not share your thoughts with me. I am your wife William.” “I wanted it to be a surprise my love. Oh look, I think I see our first customer approaching.”

William approached his first customer, a playable I knew all to well. William I really should warn you about Matthew… “Oh shush Creator, I am sure that I can handle my first customer. Can I help you sir?” But… “Shush. Sorry about that sir, the Creator, you know how she is.” “Quite alright shop keep. Now I am looking for some tasteful knick-knacks to adorn the shelves of my home. Perhaps you can point me in the direction of some?” “Certainly, this way sir.”

“What sort of price range are you looking for?” “Oh I do not have any money.” “What?! You come in here to browse the shelves, but you have no money? Just how did you expect to be allowed to take the goods home? Or are you just doing this for fun? Aggravating honest shopkeepers who are just trying to scrape together a living. Get out now!” I did try to warn him.

As William threw Matthew out Beth stood there in a contemplative mood. ‘You really do have a good father my baby. His intentions are good, but I just wish he would share them with me more.’ Me too Beth. “Beth darling I am so sorry about that, perhaps our next customer will be serious about shopping here.” “I am sure they will be, but darling I am feeling rather tired, can we go home please?” “Oh but of course. You should have told me sooner if you were getting tired. We do not want anything happening to you now do we?” So the two of them closed up shop and started for home.

As you can see, things were going well. Generation four was well on its way, the members of the family were happier than they had been since William arrived home from university; and the family business had just been purchased. In the mean time I had also successfully upgraded my video card and processor, so my game had never played so well or looked so good. I started my spares rotation full of optimism, knowing that the next time I played the main house I would be at the stopping point for this chapter and would be able to start to write.

That optimism lasted until I exited Anne’s house and found that the walls weren’t showing up in the neighbourhood view. I thought it odd, but went back into the lot to make sure that they were still there. As the lot loaded I noticed that the blue square where my sims normally stand was empty, but since they were all still there (along with the walls) when I got into the lot I didn’t worry too much, and put it down to a graphical glitch. Annoying, yes because I might end up having to turn viewable neighbours, a feature I love, off, but not critical.

I thought that until the next day when I went to review the pictures I had taken. Every single one looked like this. Are the expressions on my sims faces not exquisite? Can you not just see the emotion in the animation? No. I was not a happy bunny. I had put some new lots into the game recently, and although I was not sure if they had caused this I went in and deleted them and moved a few families around. Success, my pictures came back. For three days.

I couldn’t believe it when after playing the Halls at Sim State the walls had once more disappeared when I exited the lot. I checked the pictures, and they were once again black. I made up quite a few new swear words when for four hours I tried demolishing lots and moving sims to no avail. I pulled my downloads folder. Nope didn’t work. I deleted my groups.cahe. Nothing. In desperation I finally pulled the entire Sims 2 folder and let the game generate a new one. SUCCESS, the new pictures actually showed what I had just snapped and not inky blackness. I put my neighbourhood into the new folder. The pictures I took were once again black. Arrghhhh. Okay, I thought, this is a recent problem with some data in the neighbourhood folder, I can roll back to my last backup. Wrong. I’ve been having problems burning to DVD, and although the computer said that this DVD had burned successfully, and it recognised there was data there, it got to a certain point and was unable to continue reading it. The disc was useless.

I was in a quandary. I could keep playing for the time being, hoping that the glitch was not indicative of a major problem. Trouble is I would not have been able to share the rest of the story with you easily, and I love doing that. I did think about using screen dumps, but the number of pics I take per chapter (1277 for chapter 8 alone) meant it wasn’t really viable. So, I rebuilt the entire neighbourhood in a clean Sims 2 game and populated it with clones. The only sims not clones are Allyn, who’s this ‘hoods Allyn Thomason, and Beth who I remade in CAS. I’ve fixed all the family ties, relationships and skill points with SimPe, and William, George, Anne and Beth all have the same interests as before. There are differences to be found, but they are mainly to do with the placement of lots and don’t affect gameplay or the challenge in any way. It took two weeks to do, but I hope it was worth it, and that I have seen the last of the glitch.

Truth be told, I had been feeling that I was letting things get away from me a bit, and the blackout, had pushed me to the limit, so I decided to call in some help. “Thank you all for coming, I know that you are all busy and have problems to deal with in your own legacies, so this means a lot to me.” “Not a problem Di.” *** From the bottom left clockwise we have Angela thepeipers5 in the blue dress, we’ve already met her, but say hi again. Aphrodita who writes Keeping Up With the Joneses. Me, you’re er reading my legacy right now. MichelleFobbs A Planetary Apocalypse. GintasticNecat wave at her again. DrSupremeNerd The Vetinari Dualegacy. Hbcirce Geogacy. Jonny JWoodsBuzz A Grave Legacy

“So how can we help you?” “Well the thing is Doc, I feel that things have gotten away from me lately. I still think that I should have been able to stop Henry, and to tell you the truth I worry about what he is going to do next, and I was wondering if you could all help me in keeping an eye on him?”

“Certainly, I think we can all do that.” “Thank you Michelle. Thing is I’m also worried that I might have left the door open to him slightly with the re-build.” “Oh?” “Yes. You see, in order to get all the portraits in the Legacy Society House, and because I wasn’t sure how fixing the family ties would go, I created William as a teen with the main family, and Henry as a YA with the rest of his brothers, bar Charles. Technically here Henry is the eldest, and although I didn’t touch him until William had moved to university, if he finds out…”

“But he was moved into another lot when he left university, he didn’t go back to the main family, that means that he can’t be heir.” “I know that, and you know that, but Henry, even if he knows that, will still look for a loop hole. I made the mistake of underestimating him before, I don’t want to do it again.” “Out of interest, have any of the family mentioned the re-build?” “No, it is as if we have started from where we left off, but that is not to say that one of them won’t. I’m especially worried if they bump into a townie they think they know, because names are different here, and I know for a fact that there is no grandvamp who looks like Count Jerry.”

“That is worrying, but not unduly so. They should have no memory of ever meeting them in the first place, it would only be if they found your archives and found mention of them, but that is highly unlikely.” “True, the whole thing just has me on edge.” “Understandable, and we will all help you.” “Thank you.” “Did you want owl and Patrick to help too?” “Normally I would hesitate to burden teens with a task such as this, but they are simselves, so yes, please let them know.” *** Patrick, aka strangerhood7 writes An Impossibly Perfect Legacy and has also had to use clones to fix a glitch recently. Burning_owl, we’ve met.

Back in the Legacy house things are once again as they should be. The only differences being the fact that the house is nearer the road, there are a few items missing and the family friend count has bottomed out to zero. Because of this, I’m more than happy to let the family chat to whoever phones up. “Yes, this William Legacy…”

“Really? I was not aware that it was common knowledge…Well I must say that this is a surprise…thank you for letting me know…My family is very well, thank you for enquiring about them, and your?...uhhuh…really…?” I think I’ll leave him to it.

“Well, how did it go? Do tell me.” “Perfect Henry. I do not believe he suspected a thing. We will run the advertisement for a couple of days just to make sure, but I do not think you need worry.” “Excellent.”

The next morning William is once again engrossed in the newspaper. “Ah-hah, just what I have been looking for.” What is William? “I have found a job in the criminal career, so I can start working on my life time want.” Oh, that’s good, I suppose. I just can’t help but have trouble when I think of you as a criminal mastermind… “As I have said before, it is just a career, it is not as if I will be a real criminal.” Still…

With his career sorted out, William sets about getting the business off the ground. I don’t know about you, but I find that I have days where it is impossible to get anywhere with the businesses my sims own. Every interaction elicits a negative response. This day was one of them, with the only star earned coming from Gin here.

Of course, because it was one of those days, Gin took it back, then gave it again. “Hmm, these Legacy Orbs are rather reasonably priced…then again I am sure I could get them elsewhere…hmm, maybe not.” After a few hours William (alright, I) had had enough and decided to call it a day.

The day is still eventful though as that evening Beth goes into labour. “Owwww, this HURRRTTTTTTSSSSSSS.” Oh I know Beth, just spin and it will all be over.

As always with these events, the whole family comes to see, including their guest that evening, Arvicanthis Tegenaria from Gin’s legacy. “Shrew-hoo is most fun, but the birth of the resulting shrewlets is rather heart pounding.” “Hah I know, I did it ten times…Wait…What?...Shrewlets?” Oh don’t worry about it Allyn, Arvi here is a shrew. “No he is not!” Yeah, he is, honest.

Here she is, my first child of generation four, little Alexandra Allyn Legacy. I am so excited to see her, as this is the furthest I have ever got generation wise in all the years I’ve been playing. She has her father’s exact colouring, and it will be interesting to see how she turns out.

So this is where I will leave you. Thank you all for reading, and I hope that you enjoyed it, this chapter has certainly ended on a happier note to the last one. Thanks go out to all the creators of the fantastic CC I use, most of it is from MTS2 and All-About-Style. If you see anything you like, drop me a line and I will try to find a link for you. Thanks also to the authors whose simselves I’ve used here. Most of you comment in my thread at Boolprop.com, so this is my little way of saying thank you and that I appreciate it. You also write kickass stories and I wanted to shout out to you, so yeah.

Violet, can you say banned4lyfe?

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