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The Pittsburgh Press

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sunday, June 9,1907
In supplement:
The Greater Sunday Press Woman's Magazine, page 5


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He Will Send You a Reading of Your Life, an AstralPsychic Chart and Horoscope, and a Copy of His
Astrological Book, Absolutely Free of Charge

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For You!

Your Real Life Told mf Lal


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"Would >ou like tn know, for the asking* what the future lias in ture for you? VtVmfd u h<? ^ny ^
advantage to >ou to know h* your health will be ; how your hunt ness will g n ; wlietWf you u d l be
happy or unhappy ; what your weak points and stning: characteristics are, and how to improve your condiiion. fuuincuuU social!},' and physically ? II bo. he it is an opportunity you should jipraNp at once* It
will cost you nothing- It you arc pleased, tell your m ends. YlvdCs advisable. \u ii will he dwing
i Item si favor,

Professor Lewis m New York City seems to have If fled the red nf m ystery that has enve foped
the science o? A>tnm*\ for cenuirie- past. t\im binnig hK knowledge **f ISyeluc l*ou*r with hi*. ufi*
derful system *A A^trolo^} , he hs.% brought hts me;h *d d*m ti to ;m ;J>"> *!ttiei> ici^uJte ha Trading
the i tranuc working* ot ihe planets tinder sign one is horn with am azing accuracy, So **tart-

im arr hs> p r t d t e i u t h a t those v*ho receive them are almost earned back to the dsy* at great mir*
and fom-d to believe that Pr<*?V-^or Lev. t* must be po^sew-d of a strange but wonderful pow er.,
E \u t a*tr**1*^14cr> Mud amazed at the accuracy with which h** foretells the future*,
f I mh! *i-di a free :rt;adtn|Lf o f vour htV
predicts u* for tfir tudaiicr *4* the ye:t* mi ; ?r^inhnd
A ^'au r^y^ira-
:4 \ mi \%i-h to know yotsr hicky aiul unlucky pei inI^; pitliH^ to avoid;

uhiii f*pp* *rtunit:c'H cTAsp:

r't.- *arite a ^hnrt I* u*'r to Profes>.-ir

eiiemir-,, 1ovi% nutrrta^e ur^, iiii\ t*K( >irkRo^ni 4t>, Xo 43 \\ 27th h ir i Xeu York