Welcome, welcome, welcome.

It’s that time again, when I invite you to share in what has been happening in my legacy family’s lives. So make yourself a cup of tea, grab a scone (don’t forget the clotted cream and jam), and pull up a chair whilst we travel back in time to Victorian England, and the growing village of Regalton. If you are new to this, you may want to read the preceding chapters to get to know everyone a bit better, and to understand the handicaps I’m using.

When we were last here Beth had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl, the first child of generation four, Alexandra. There was much celebrating in the house, not least from me because I have never got this far with a family before. Her birth brought much needed hope and optimism to the family following the aftermath of Henry’s despicable acts. “Coochie-coo. She is perfect Beth, how did we manage to create such an amazing creature?” “Well, William the night your brothers left for university…” “I know that dear, it was more of a rhetorical question.” “Oh.”

Allyn especially dotes on her granddaughter. Her youngest two are still children, but it looks like she has been missing having a baby in the house. “There have always been babies in my house Creator, it feels empty when there are none.” I know, I just wondered if you were not fed up with dirty nappies by now. “No, not really. Hush now little one grandma is here.”

William, as you could probably tell, is overjoyed to be a father. Despite the fact that he re-rolled to Fortune in university, he still acts just like a family sim a lot of the time. “My little princess you are so precious and Papa is going to make sure that you have everything that you want and need.”

When she manages to get near her daughter, Beth is a good parent too, and since she is the current heir’s spouse, she is also now in charge of the family garden. You can see that the garden is at the side of the house, rather than the front here. That’s because of the fact that I built this house closer to the road than the original one. I have big plans for the house and garden this generation so I’m not too bothered by this difference. “These weeds grow so quickly, I wonder if there is a way to prevent that from happening?”

Life has returned to normal, and once her daughter was settled in her cot, and the garden seen to, Beth is more than happy to sit down with a book from Gabe’s bookshelf and study something new. “Ah, so a layer of mulch can help to keep weeds down. How very interesting.”

Given the fact that only the first born male can inherit in this family, Beth and William soon got to work on baby number two, and one night whilst William is at work, Beth pops. “Oh, I am with child again. pleased.” Yes, as will Allyn. This is rather an exciting predicament, and I know that William will be

Despite things seeming to be going so well, I still have my reservations, and so SimDi makes a trip to the local prison to see PC Dorian Kauker. “Ah Miss Di, it is so pleasant to see you again.” “Thank you PC Kauker, I only wish the reasons for our meetings were pleasant.” “Yes, Mr Legacy does seem to cause upset at every opportunity.” “He does, and it is about him I wish to speak to you.”

“Really, what can I do to assist you?” “I have arranged for some friends to help me to keep an eye on him. They will be popping in occasionally to make sure that all is well. I also trust that you and PC Centowski are keeping him under observation. If his behaviour starts to cause you concern and for any reason you cannot get hold of me, I want you to reach them instead.” “But if course Miss Di, any thing to help.” “Thank you, it is much appreciated. I have had enough of drama this generation.”

With as many measures to keep Henry in check as I can think of in place, I go to catch up with William at the Family business Beth’s Bric-a-Brac. William had bought the shop in the hope that it would help to bring the family together and make it stronger. It is certainly very popular and is frequented by some very discerning members of the public. “Why yes Miss Circe, we only stock the finest goods here, perhaps you will allow me to show you some of them?” “Yes why not?” *** hbcirce is the writer of the Geogacy, an excellent read.

His siblings are often to be found in the store too, and are rather fond of giving William loyalty stars. “Well, he is my brother Creator, and I admire all that he is doing as heir. I am sure that this business will be in the family for generations to come.” I hope so Charlotta, I’m growing rather fond of this little place.

Of course, not every sibling thought that the service was particularly good. “William will you hurry up and ring in my purchases. The sun has come up and I need to get home before I fry!” “I am going as fast as I can Anne. I still have not got used to this new fangled till.” And perhaps it would be better if you didn’t go shopping so close to dawn Anne? “voice you are not helping matters here, when I choose to go shopping is up to me.” Yes Anne.

In the meantime it was time for the next two of George and Allyn’s children to graduate from university and finishing school. I’m pleased to say that Robert graduated with a first class honours degree, whilst Enid came top of her class. Apparently the tutors were most impressed with her grasp of table planning. Allyn of course attended both parties. “Mother, it is so good to see you, but you appear to have forgotten to wear your bonnet.” “Yes I was in a bit of a hurry when I left the house and clean forgot to put it on.”

Not long after he graduates Robert ties the knot with Cecilia. There are so many children this generation that I don’t want to move them all back home before moving them to their eventual homes. To me this is too easy a way to earn money for the family, and I kinda like the fact that the Legacys are still pretty poor, despite living in a big house. So they are either being moved onto an empty plot of land, or straight into their future houses. As you can see the wedding was well attended, by Robert’s family and simselves. Gin “Pst Di, that lady behind you is wearing the exact same dress as you.” “I know, stupid RealMe forgot that she gave Mary the bride’s mother the same dress. embarrassed I could just sink into the floor.” *** Gin writes the fantastic the Science of a Legacy. I am so

Of course not everyone who was invited made it to the ceremony. “Anne, I am certain that we should be somewhere. Robert invited us over for a reason, but I am blowed if I can remember what.” “Hmm, sorry ‘Lotta what was that?” *** The Wrenworth House is the Cromberg by Bitsy at Boolprop.com, she has many wonderful houses in the creations forum so go and check them out.

Enid also gets married shortly after graduation. There was thick snow on the ground the day of her wedding, but it had mostly melted by the time she walked down the aisle. Again most of her family are there to wish her and her husband, Frederick Harrison well.

Of course there has to be cake, and it turns out that Frederick is a cake shover, and doesn’t Enid look pleased about it? She did laugh, but I reckon she was thinking, “just you wait until we are alone Fredrick Harrison, you will be so sorry.”

The day after Enid’s wedding it is time for Charles and Evelyn to become teenagers. I can’t believe that the last two children of generation three in the main house are about to age. Although I really wanted to get the ten children impossible want, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it. It was a bit manic at times, but it was also a surprising amount of fun, and I’m kinda sad that these two are about to grow up. “Is the Creator jabbering on again Charles?” “Of course she is Evie, you know how the voice likes to talk.” “Well she had better be quiet at our party.” “We are not having party Evie because we have to share our birthday with Alexandra.” “Oh, that is not fair.” Truth is, today is going to be very eventful, and I don’t want any unnecessary sims under my feet.

Allyn, of course is still in regular contact with all of her children, bar Henry, so it’s not unusual to find her speaking to them on the telephone. “Hello darling how are you? Good, and Hannah?…I’m sorry that you cannot make it today, I know that your brother and sister would have liked to see you…No none of your other siblings will be here either…”

Her phone call to Charlotta over, it’s time for the first birthday of the day. Allyn gets to do the honours, after all she has had plenty of practise. “I cannot believe that you are about to grow up little one, it seems like only a couple of days ago that you were born!”

“Here we go…” Allyn expertly throws Alexandra up into the air for the sparklies whilst the family stand around and cheer.

She came back down as this gorgeous toddler. Alexandra is yet another Gemini, with the personality 5,9,9,3,1. So that means that she is like most of the children born into this family then. She looks so much like her daddy: that is definitely his nose and mouth, and I’m pretty sure she has his cheekbones too. If I’m right, she is going to be the spitting image of Charlotta when she is an adult.

One birthday down, two more to go. Charles is the next one to a cake. “Hurry up and blow the candles out Charles, I want my turn!” “But I have to think what I want to wish for!” “But hurry up about it!” “Evelyn leave your brother alone, he will blow the candles out when he is ready and not before.” “But Mama…” “There, I’ve done it Evie!”

I think that Charles looks remarkably like Henry, but with different colouring. He definitely has George’s nose, Allyn’s mouth and cheekbones. He rolls fortune, and his LTW is to own five top level businesses. “This picture is most pleasing to the eye. I wonder how much it is worth…”

Evelyn finally gets her turn at a cake. “Now that slow coach Charles has finished, what shall I wish for?…Yes of course, what more could I want!”

Evie is vying with Anne for my vote on the prettiest girl this generation. I really think that she has a brilliant combination of her parents’ genetics, having George’s nose and mouth, and Allyn’s cheekbones. She rolls pleasure, which I think is the perfect aspiration for her. Her LTW is the same as her father’s, that is to become a game designer. “Thank you for my card Robert, I am sorry that you were not here. How is Cecilia?...Good, the morning sickness has subsided then?...Oh Robert I have to go, there appears to be a disturbance in the drawing room…yes I will speak to you soon, good bye.”

Disturbance is certainly one word for it. Much to my dismay Death has turned up to claim Allyn. ALLYN LEGACY YOUR TIME HERE IS AT AN END, YOU MUST COME WITH ME. “What? Now?” YES, THAT IS WHY I AM HERE.

“Two weeks ago I would have gladly gone with you, but I have responsibilities here. My first grandchild has just become a toddler and I have three more on the way. I cannot possibly come with you now.” I AM AFRAID THAT YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. “But…” I AM SORRY. “Very well. But did you have to bring Doreen and Betty?”

YES, THEY ARE PART OF THE DEAL. DO NOT WORRY, YOU WILL NOT BE SEEING MUCH OF THEM AFTER WE LEAVE. “Oh good. Can I come back and visit whenever I like?” OF COURSE. “We had better be off then.” *sniff*

Allyn Legacy Spouse: George. Children: Charlotta, Anne, William, Henry, Robert, Enid, Alfred, James, Charles and Evelyn. Grandchildren: Alexandra. LTW: Reach golden anniversary, achieved. Died age: 68ish (the re-build makes it difficult for me to be sure) Inheritance: left money to a total of 12 sims, all her children (including Henry, he was after all still her son), George and SimDi. Oh Allyn, Allyn, where to begin? The only family sim I’ve played to never once roll the want to have a baby, you never the less gave birth to ten. Nine of them turned out wonderfully, and I still don’t know what happened with Henry. You were a fantastic mother to them all. From the moment you moved in you were one of the most awesomesauce sims I’ve ever played, and I am going to miss having you in the house so much.

George had just arrived home from work when Allyn died, and not realising what was happening, went straight to have a bath. Once he got out the reality hit him and he started bawling. “Wah, my beautiful wife has gone.” I know George. “I’ve loved her since I was at university.” I know George. “I miss her.” So do I George, and it’s only been an hour.

As the sunsets over Regalton the inhabitants of a very gothic mansion rise. Anne always gets what she wants, and thanks to a totally autonomous kiss, her and Mathias are now in love. This new found love manifests itself in lots of autonomous romantic actions. Honestly, I sometimes feel like I need to throw a virtual bucket of water over them, and the thing is they only have one bolt. What they would be like with three doesn’t bear thinking about. *ding dong* “Mmm maybe I should get the door Anne.” “No, leave it to Maximillian, or Emily-Rose…see I heard the door open.” “ANNE YOUR FATHER AND BROTHER ARE HERE TO SEE YOU.” “Drat. ON MY WAY MAXIMILLIAN.”

“Father, William it is so good to see you, but what are you doing here?” “Can we go somewhere to talk darling?” “Of course, Maximillian will take your hats and coats. Come through to the drawing room.”

Once settled inside Anne notices how William and George are dressed. “William, why are you and Father wearing mourning clothes?” “Umm…”

“Annie my darling, I am afraid that I have some very sad news. Your mother passed away at six o’clock this evening.”

“What? No…” “Annie, breathe.”

“But Mother! No she cannot leave us, she just cannot! I need her here with me!”

“Annie, come here. This is so difficult for all of us. Mother was the centre of our family, and now that she is gone, we all feel empty inside. We just have to be there for each other, and work hard to stay close. It is after all what she would want.” “I know William, but she is gone…” “I know dear sister, I know…”

After a couple of hours Anne had calmed down enough for George and William to feel that they could leave her. Under the pretence of using the lavatory William went off to find Mathias to ask him to look after Anne, whilst George took the opportunity to reassure himself that his daughter would be alright. “I love you Annie, you know that.” “I know Papa.” “We all miss her, but we will get through it. Your mother made sure that we were a strong family.” “I know Papa.” “You will call me or one of your siblings if you need to will you not?” “Yes Papa.” “Are you alright with William and I leaving now?” “Yes Papa.” “Good. I will speak to you tomorrow.”

It was well past midnight by the time William and George arrived home, but they would not be getting an un-interrupted nights sleep. “Oooo, William, wake up…owwww.”

In some ways it is only fitting that there is a birth in the family following a death, but I really wanted Allyn to meet her second grandchild. Everyone meet Edward George Legacy. Since the first born male inherits, he is my fourth generation heir. As you can see he has both William and Beth’s blonde hair, green eyes like his mother and grandfather, and most probably William’s skin tone. His birth was celebrated by the family, but there was a tinge of sadness too because of Allyn’s absence.

Whilst George and William had been in contact with the rest of the family, there was one member neither of them were too keen to tell, so it fell to me. Rather than do it through the voice in the sky trick, I sent my simself. “Hello Di, to what do I owe this pleasure?” “Henry, I am afraid that I have some very sad news for you.” “Oh?” “I am sorry to have to tell you that your mother died last night.” “Right.”

“I am very sorry about this…” “Right. I would like you leave now.” “Is there any…” “Just go.” “Right. Goodbye Henry.” Making a mental note to have someone check in on Henry, my simself leaves him alone in his cell.

With no Allyn in the house, George takes on the role of caring for the babies when Beth and William aren’t around. “So, you are my first born grandson are you? Let us take a look at you. Hmm, yes, green eyes just like me. You will do nicely little Edward.”

He also makes sure that he spends lots of time with Alexandra, and is the person to teach her how to talk. “Say Grandad Alexandra.” “Ganda.” “Well done my dear, now can you say it again.” “Uh-uh.”

George does eventually teach Alexandra to speak, as Beth finds out when she is giving her a bath. “Mamma.” “Oh my word you said Mamma, you clever girl, wait until I tell your father he will be so excited.” “Mamma, where Ganma?” “Oh…”

Charles appears to be dealing with things in his own way. “Hah take that Evie!” “Ow ow ow ow ow! Get off of me!”

“That really hurt Charles!” “I am sorry Evie, I only meant it as a bit of fun, and because, well you can be rather annoying at times.”

“Fun! I do not call that fun Charles!” “I said I was sorry, and you have to admit you can be annoying!” “Well you, you need a haircut!” “Do not!” “Do too!” I think I’ll leave them to it.

Downstairs William who has just returned home from work is blissfully unaware of his sibling’s bickering as he chats on the telephone. “Speaking…Oh hello how are you?...ah huh…Really?...Oh hang on a moment the wife is coming downstairs…”

“That is better…now what were you saying?...No! Really?...how on earth did he manage that?...Oh I see…yes I can see that that will be a problem…”

“Hmm, but I think that I may have a solution for you…yes it does, but I am sure that I can make it happen very soon…”

The next morning George is up and out of the house early. There is something he has decided that he needs to do, but has been putting off. This is not a visit he has shown any inclination to make before now, and in fact I have been unsure as to his real feelings about his second son. That is about to change. “Good morning Mr Legacy.” “Morning Constable. I would like to see my son if I may.” “Certainly sir, please follow me.”

After escorting George to the cells PC Kauker asks him if he would rather speak to Henry in the interrogation room as Allyn and I had done. “No, constable staying here is fine.” “Then would you like me to stay sir?” “No, I am sure that you have many things to be doing with your valuable time, we will be quite alright.” “Very well sir.”

Henry is the first to speak after Dorian has left. “So Father, what brings you here? I have not seen you for years.” “I am well aware of that Henry. You have been informed of your mother’s death?” “Yes, Miss Di came and told me yesterday. I am most upset at the news”

“Hmph. Well I have to say that I made myself promise not to come and see you whilst your mother was alive. I did not share my true feelings over your actions with her, for fear of wounding her deeper than you already had.”

“The truth is what you did Henry was truly despicable! You plotted to kill your brother your own flesh and blood.” “Oh father, please do not go on…”

“I HAVE NOT FINISHED! It had been explained to you that you could not take over as head of the family, but that you would be able to live your life as you wanted to, but that was not good enough for you, you had to try to convince everyone that you should be heir and in the end you even contemplated fratricide.” “Father…”

“The shame and the hurt you have caused this family is unbelievable, and I know your mother never got over it. It may appear that she died of old age, but I am convinced that she really died of a broken heart caused by your actions. You killed your mother and I can never…”



“Respect is a two way street, and you have shown me little of it throughout my life Father.” “What did you just say?” *sigh* “Nothing Father.”

“As I was saying, you broke your mother’s heart and I am convinced that that is what killed her. I cannot forgive you for that. As far as I am concerned, you are no son of mine.”

“Oh for goodness sake! I cannot believe I am hearing this. Listen to yourself Father, do you not have any idea at how ridiculous some of what you are saying sounds!” “Just when I thought that you could no longer surprise of hurt me with your behaviour, you go and do it again Henry.”

“Oh really, well maybe it is time that I told you some home truths Father. You are blaming my actions on shortening Mother’s life, but have you thought that I am not the only one of her children who might have caused her pain. Look at Anne, not only did she choose to live an unnatural life as a vampire, but she is also consorting with a number of different gentlemen friends. If I can hear about this in prison it would not surprise me that news of her exploits reached Mother and that it had a detrimental affect on her health.”

“As for Charlotta, how dense do you need to be not to see that the reason she has not found herself a husband is because she is in love with Hannah.”

“The real reason you are so angry with me Father is that I am not so different to you and it scares you. You loved being the head of the family, and you find it difficult to let go of the power you had. Can you honestly tell me that you would not have done the same in my position?

“You may think me a foolish old man Henry but I am well aware of the lives my eldest daughters live, and I admit that I kept the knowledge from Allyn, because I knew how she would react at first, although she would never stop loving them. As for your other accusation, there is no way on this earth that I would ever contemplate harming a member of my family, and I cannot believe that the thought would cross your mind…”

“Oh please it is only the fact that you were the only son which stopped you from thinking as I do. I know you Father, I know how you think. You knew you were heir from an early age, and you loved that fact. Aunt Elizabeth has said that you would get jealous if you thought that the voice was giving her more attention than you. If you hadn’t been the heir you would have taken steps as I have.”

“You do not know me Henry, and if that is what you really think of me…” “It is.” “Then I have nothing more to say to you.”

“Goodbye Henry, you will not see me again.” “Goodbye Father.” With that George turned and walked out of the cell block, determined to never see his son again; too many things had been said on both sides which couldn’t be unsaid. It is true that George has always been proud of his position as second generation heir, but a lot of that is because he was told he was heir as a young boy. I can’t really say how he would have felt if he wasn’t heir, but I do doubt that he would have behaved as Henry has. He may be grouchy and willing to undermine me when he can, but he is not a nasty sim.

As George was taking the long way home Beth was tending to the garden. As you can see, I’ve been busy in the garden, but you will have to wait for the tour I’m afraid. “These tomatoes are coming along nicely, Maybe I should think about planting some pole beans and peppers, perhaps some aubergines as well….” “Beth darling, Father is home, I thought we could all go to the shop today, are you ready?” “Nearly, I have just a few more plants to water then I will be with you.”

Once she had finished the watering Beth, William, George and Charles set out for Beth’s Bric-a-Brac, leaving Evelyn to look after her niece and nephew. Whilst they were waiting for William to open up, one of his work colleagues walked by. “Can I help you sir?” “Hmm? No Mrs Legacy, I work with William, and just fought that I would pop by and see ‘ow fings were going. I see that your ‘usband has increased the stock ‘e is selling.”

“He has? Oh yes, he did say that he was always on the look out for new stock. Well if you feel like coming round to purchase an item, please do, we will be happy to serve you.” “Oh, do not worry Mrs Legacy, I am sure that I will be back at some point. Good day to you.” “Good day sir.” ‘Oh I did not like the sound of that, what if he comes to rob us? William will be so upset. No, I am sure that he will not do that, get a grip on your self Beth.’

Whilst Beth reassures herself over William’s colleague’s intentions, let’s take a look at the new stock William has procured. Always looking to maximise his profit, he has decided to branch out into selling paintings and prints.

They certainly prove to be very popular and even those not looking to buy one are attracted by them. “Oh they are new. We could do with a few more decorative touches back at the mansion, someone hasn’t got round to decorating our mansion yet. I wonder if Circe and Jonny would like any of them?”

*** DrSupremeNerd writes the brilliant Vetinari Dualagacy. Jonny or JWoodsBuzz is the writer of a Grave Legacy, a must read.

“Ah thank you for your custom Miss SupremeNerd, I hope that you were able to find what you were looking for?” “I was, yes, and it’s Doctor actually.” “Doctor?” “Yes.” “Oh, but you are female.” “And?” “Nothing.”

All in all it was another successful day in the family’s shop, and I’m sure that William would have been willing to stay open throughout the night, Beth though had to remind him that they had other plans. “William, I really think that we should close up soon.” “Why is that dear?” “Because darling both of our children are growing up today.” “Today? Is it really their birthdays already?” “Yes darling. I’ll start restocking the shelves if you will cash up.”

Once home William ad Beth head up to the nursery to wake up their children in time for the celebrations. “Well my son, it is time for you to become a toddler.” I actually can’t wait to what he looks like. I think that the baby to toddler transition is my favourite for that reason. You finally get to see what they look like, and find out what their personality is.

Because I grew Alexandra up early last time due to the fact that I knew there would be a lot going on that day, it is also time for her to become a child. “Oh I cannot believe that this is the last time I get to snuggle my daughter.” “Mamma hug!” “Yes darling, Mamma will hug you.”

The family once again gathers in the drawing room for the birthdays, and it’s William’s turn to play catch the toddler with Edward. “Up we go little man.” I warn you now, incredibly cute picture over the page, so be prepared for lots of awwws.

Awww, how cute is he? I know he has teethinchinitis, but still. He gets a lot of his features from Beth, which I think is only fitting given how much like William Alexandra looks. He has an angelic personality to go with his angelic looks too. He is an Aries whose personality is 8,9,7,3,8. I like this kid very much already.

When it comes to Alexandra’s turn at the cake, the whole family turns up, including Allyn. This is the first time she has been back haunting, and I would like to think that her being here today isn’t co-incidental. Unfortunately she seemed to spend all her time crying over the fact that I had moved her urn rather than watching her granddaughter grow up.

Even if ghosts don’t scare sims they do seen to be able to sense their presence, and I often find sims looking at them as they pass. “voice I cannot help but feel that my wife is around on this special day. I know that it is something she would have loved to see.” Yes she would have done George.

Even in death Allyn it seems attracts children, and Edward proceeded to follow her around until she went through the French windows in the dining room and out into the garden. “Gaaaa.”

Just as Allyn and Edward leave, Beth helps Alexandra out with blowing out her candles. “Fire.” “Yes, darling, do not try to touch it, it will hurt you.” “Fire.” “Here let me blow out the candles for you.” “Fire gone, me want fire back.” “No darling, you have to become a big girl now.”

Which she does. She is definitely taking after William, and is the spitting image of Charlotta at the same age. I was hoping to see quite a bit of diversity this generation, but I think that the fact that William and Beth are in effect new sims will put pay to that. I’m certain that the kids so far have William’s skin tone, so it looks like the tattoos are going to be around for a few more generations.

“Legacy, there is a phone call for you. I’ve put the telephone in the interrogation room.” “Thank you constable.”

“Hello…Oh it is you...I just thought that you may be someone else that is all…No I do not want to tell you who, it is none of your concern. Now did you have something to tell me?”

“Really? You have seen it?...That is good news, one of the better pieces of news I have heard lately actually…Hah no as long as you can keep an eye on it all should be well…Do not worry about that.”

“I am sure, listen…exactly, you can hear nothing. There is no narration because the voice is not here, she has no idea, and if we are careful we can keep it that way until it is too late for her to do anything about it. This will show her that I should have been heir, and that William, far from making the family stronger, will destroy it.”

The next morning and William is keen for everyone to go to the shop again. “So darling I thought that we could leave Alexandra and Edward with Evelyn again and open up the shop. I am quite keen to start training up our new employee Kacper, but think that it will be easier with more of us there.”

“Oh, normally I would say yes, but I am feeling rather nauseous this morning. Perhaps you could just take your father today?” “Oh, are you not well my dear?” “I am sure I will be fine this time tomorrow.” “Perhaps I should stay here with you?” “No I will be quite alright left to my own devices.”

“If you are certain. Have you seen Father this morning?” “Erm, yes, last I saw of him, he was in the garden, in his underwear.” “His underwear?” “Yes.” “Oh dear, I do hope that he is not slipping into senility.” “I do not think that that is the case William, he appears to be quite lucid when you speak to him, he is just a bit…distracted lately.”

Truth is George has been more than a little lost since Allyn died, and his visit to Henry has not helped his mood. He had been betrothed to her since the day he became a teenager, and had been in love with her since he was an undergraduate at university. For nearly fifty sim days he had been at her side, and now that she is gone there is a void he cannot fill. It is no wonder that he has started to act slightly peculiarly on occasion.

William finds George in what will become the kitchen garden. “So, um father, it is a lovely day to be out here in the garden is it not?” “Yes William, that is why I am out here.” “But perhaps you would like to wear something more suitable?” “What ever do you mean?” “Well it is, um nearly autumn, and um, perhaps you might start to feel the cold…”

“Look William I am not losing my mind, I brought yesterday’s paper out to the compost heap. Now what is it you want?” “Oh is that all? Not that I was worried you were losing your marbles Father but, *cough* I mean I wondered if you wanted to help me out in the shop today. Beth is not feeling one hundred percent and says she wants to stay here and look after the children. The shop is now too busy for only two members of staff so I would be very grateful if you could help.” “Well I suppose I have nothing else to do today. Just let me go and get changed and then I will be ready to go.”

Once at the shop George seems to be unsure as to why he agreed to be there in the first place. “So, what do you want me to do today William?” “Well, just help out really. If a customer needs some help finding a particular item you can show them it. You can also ring up their purchases in the till, whatever needs doing really. I am going to be training our new member of staff today, so I cannot be everywhere” “Fine. Well until you have some customers I am going to go and play darts in the staff room.”

Well the dart board seems to be as attractive to George as the chess board normally is to my employees. I learnt not long after getting OFB not to have a chess board on a business lot because otherwise the employees you think are on a quick break could very well spend eight hours playing against the customers. “I will be with you in a moment madam, Father we have customers, perhaps I can call upon you to help?” “What? Oh yes I am on my way.”

Once he is out on the shop floor George does something I’ve never seen him do before, he autonomously tries to hug Melissa Fancy here. “I’m sorry old man, but I just came in here to try to buy a wooden falcon, I really did not want an elderly gentleman to force his attentions on me.” “I was only trying to be friendly dear.” Urgh stop it now George. I know that the Doc has Crazy Gay Huggy Servo working for her back in the Dualegacy, but I really don’t want Creepy Huggy Dirty Old Man in mine.

With George now occupied with pursuits which don’t involve touching the customers, I get a chance to take a look at said customers. My attention was drawn to this man who appears to have dyed his hair to match his kilt (or maybe dyed his kilt to match his hair?) This is the first time that I have seen the reporter turn up in the new ‘hood, and I’m pleased to say that he was so impressed with the place that he awarded William the Best of the Best award.

Quite a few of his customers agree that William deserves the award, including Angela here who is quite taken with the quality of the merchandise on offer. “Hmm if I didn’t know any better I would swear that this is a genuine Stodgy Badger but of course the two of them are in the Sim National Gallery.”

*** Angela aka thepiepers5 writes the great Th’a Simple Life.

Once George has got over his tendency want to hug the customers, (I still can’t believe that). He actually proves to be a good salesman, although I’m not sure about some of the things which come out of his mouth. “Of course it is good quality, nothing but the best on sale here. My son takes delivery of several crates of freshly painted masterpieces each week.” “I do like it very much…” “Well then, what is stopping you from opening your wallet and purchasing this exquisite piece?” “Nothing.” “Good man, I will get someone to help you take this down. The till is right this way…”

William appears as stunned as I am. “Why on earth did he just say that?” It was a bit direct I will admit but the customer is now reaching for said wallet. “No I meant about…” Hmm? “Yes the customer’s wallet, as you said.”

Later that night Melissa Fancy decided that she wasn’t too put off by George and gave William the star he needed to get the business up to level ten. I think it took about a sim week in total, with liberal use of the energizer, so I’m rather happy with that. This is also where I will leave you. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks goes out to the wonderful creators of all my CC. Most of it comes from All-About-Style and MTS2. If you want to know about a particular piece, drop me a line either here in my GB or in my thread at Boolprop.com. Thanks also to those authors whose simselves I’ve pinched and stuck in corsets and suits. Join me next time as William continues to do what he thinks is right for the family.

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