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Job Safety Analysis


MUD/Shale Shaker System

Rig Name:



Cleaning Sand Traps , Mud Cleaners and Shakers

Work Team:


Created By:



Standard PPE:

Hard Hat, Steel Toe Shoes, Gloves, Safety Glasses, Coveralls.







Last Updated:


Test pit for atmospheric condition before


M- Personnel testing pit could trip on

materials and fall in the process. Gasses,
lack of 02, not having hole-watch.

EL/CT/PT- Ensure walkways are free of

materials and tools. Ventilate tank at least 24
hours before going into tank to work.
Competent person to test gas level before going
into tank to work.

Climb down into pit with standby man at

entrance of sand trap.

M/G- Falling while descending and

ascending ladder. Mud being washed could
affect the personnel in pit.

EL/CT/PT- Ensure good footing on the ladder

while descending / ascending ladder. Ensure
the standby man is present at entrance of pit
throughout the duration of the task. Use safety
harness with fall arrest ( Sala block.) Rescue
tripod in place.

Have emergency escape equipment and

standby person at pit entrance with escape

low oxygen for person in pit, suffocation

and tiredness or injury

Always have safety belt, SCBA, Lifeline, and

standby, brief team on task. Ensure rescue plan
is in place.

Cleaning sand traps with fire hose.

M/P/C- Personnel falling while pressure

washing sand traps. Pressure getting in
contact with any part of the body. Water
getting in contact with man washing sand
trap may affect body temperature. Oxygen

EL/CT/PT- Good footing and proper handling

of the fire hose. Use of proper PPE. Ensure gas
testing is carried out continuously and
monitored by standby man. Rig up manual air

Replace hatch covers.

M/G- Personnel falling while covering

hatch and ascending from the tank after
cleaning. He could also pinch his fingers
and have other body injuries.

EL/CT/PT- Watch out for hand and finger

placement while ascending ladder and handling
hatch cover and ensure o use the right lifting
techniques. Make judicious use of your PPE

Return all equipment to correct storage.

M- Tripping and falling while returning

equipment to storage.

EL/CT/PT- Ensure proper footing while

moving equipment to storage. Make use of
handrails and recommended PPE

Hold post job debrief and record any lessons

learned or events.

Not learning from past lessons.

Notify STS of any lessons learned or

events, so JSA can be updated and future
crews can learn.

22 Feb 2016

Assigned To

Fall Protection

Special PPE

Work Permit

Work Permit Certificate

Cold Work Permit

Confined Space Entry Certificate

Gas Test Certificate

Additional Equipment

Self Contained Breathing

Apparatus. Washing Suits.

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Job Planning Notes and Tool Requirement


1) Emergency Alarms.
2) Well control situations.
3) Standby man not in position.
4) Change of personnel on task without participation in previous JSA.