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Grits And Sweat

A Document by J.A. “Josh” Clayton/Eric Flame

The Master Zon

Grits And Sweat I

This document begins rationally with Aliester/Simon Alexander Crowley's words, do as

thou wilt is the whole of the law. Rationality often is the only real solution to everything,
but it is not always “pretty”, hence the title grits and sweat, like cause and effect, that is
the story of my life and all rationally lived lives: grits and sweat like cause and effect
rationally lived by without letup. So, here I semi-quote James Brown, Papa's Got The
Oldest Bag of all, but he could never really have a brand new bag, because the bag that
works has already been invented.
So, when I say “do as thou wilt is the whole of the law”, I mean it in the most rational
way imaginable and real. That is as simple as sewing and reaping, or cause and effect.
Rationally used and controlled cause and effect, the fuel of all rational productive self-
leaders, the lifeblood of fully-integrated honest man and woman. So, if do as you need to
to grow or “as thou wilt” is not the whole of the law, then what is? I will take the next
few paragraphs to answer that question.
The grits and sweat of life is the answer to that question, ultimately, one must work for
themselves to break through to the reality of the situation. That's what it all comes down
to in every genuine way; the reality. Nothing else matters, yet imagination and controlled
understanding do shape the reality of the situation. When cause and effect are in that
equation, it is ruthlessly hard work, grits and sweat to make it what you want it.
So, the whole of the law is do what you need to do to grow in those fancy words, “do as
thou wilt.”; I understand Aliester's time though, he couldn't have been clearer with his
message. Hide a plain, workable message in a fancy wrapper. Well, grits and sweat ain't
no presentation or looking good, they just taste good and sweet after cooking them with a
little honey on top to make them more palatable. A mountain of pureed hominy with
butter and honey on them in a hot little country kitchen may not seem too appetizing to
cook until after they are done and you can eat the appetizing result, but that's the beauty
of grits and sweat, when you know what you are going to get, you enjoy the process as
well as the result and the eating. So, maybe I should have named this “Sweat and Grits”,
because the process is in that order. You sweat while cooking and preparing the grits, and
then eat the grits. But I put the grits first to say, yes, this is the purpose and proof of this
document. The sweat in applying it is secondary when you know the good results of what
you do with the knowledge, especially the self knowledge, Knowing yourself is
especially sweeter than honey on the grits. Grits and honey themselves taste good short-
range. Self-knowledge is great long-range.
I'm well versed in what I am saying here, I more than lived it, I am it. Better than a
goddamn game of tag. So, what else is the oldest story in the universe and world?
Nothing else. Like there are no pedagogical infinities. Sweat, grits, honesty and all the
trimmings until you reach your goal. I didn’t say nothing about hard, it’s only hard if one
makes it hard. Understanding is easy, if you allow it – to use a term that Abraham and the
Hicks’ (Jerry and Esther) use in their works. Well, to quote another channel (Jane
Roberts/Seth/me before I was born in Hawthorne in 1975, A.D.): The point of power is
now. So, sure, sweat, grits and honesty is not only a “tasty treat”, it’s a way of life that
becomes easy, normal and real if you allow it to be. That is the big key, allowance. Self-
allowance. No matter how pan-determined things can be, it always comes down to
individual volition to genuinely do the right thing. Spike Lee made a movie about that
very concept. So, again I repeat Aliester Crowley’s adage: Do as thou wilt, is the whole
of the law. Your consequences are your consequences, your actions are your actions, as
mine are mine.
So, I think of the theorems I came up with from a good friend of mine named Derrick
Blakey’s Getto Chess game, and all results of play came to that same conclusion no
matter how I won the five in a row; by the way, you reading this document, find out more
about that game along with the game of life, at So life is a
chess game, no matter how you capture the king or get five in a row, your results are your
results, your actions are your actions and your consequences are your consequences, but
also, your benefits are your benefits and your rewards are your rewards, as are mine as
So, we are getting down to what Eric Flame meant by rational selfishness is a virtue.
Irrational selfishness is just foolishness, but rational selfishness is reasonable and honest
self-interest that goes to a value creator or a productive thinking performer in life. But to
go beyond what Eric Flame meant, this is Joshua Clayton speaking, your grits and sweat
is going to be your grits and sweat and you are the one that has to take initiative and
benefit from your own efforts even if it takes a fight or some work. That is the gist of
what I am saying. L. Ron Hubbard, said, “Survive!”, I say, “Thrive, no matter what it
rationally takes, thrive!” They are both old messages, but new for anyone who allows
themselves to understand them. Even Dr. Denis Waitley of The Psychology of Winning
fame understands this fact I’m talking about apparently from the programs he makes and
lives by. Sure Robert J. Ringer, understands “Survive!”, but Denis Waitley understands
my “Thrive!”, the essence of grits and sweat, baby. Or as James Brown says at the
beginning of “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag”: “This Is A Hit!!!!” The ultimate dance of
life, Papa’s got his bag. Not a brand new one, but his bag. To thrive is to go beyond mere
survival. To make and create your own power and even use it right in every way (I didn’t
say perfectly, I said every:) – that is fully-integrated honesty and wide-scope accounting.
This is a hit. Them’s some good grits with drippin’ honey, baby.
When you genuinely enjoy your life in that Mark Spitz, “We all love to win, but who
loves to train? I do,” way that’s when the genuine magic happens in existence. That’s
when the winning becomes and is real. That’s when the glass is full and enjoyed to the
empty and refilled over and over again with the best. So, I think of Leo Nocentelli’s
exuberance when playing “The Hand-Clapping Song” live with The Meters’ for the
millionth or billionth time on his guitar or the thunderous energy of Bruce Springsteen
during one of his many concerts all over the place, but beyond that, I think of the value
creator or value producer who genuinely enjoys his work achieving his goals and
enjoying the journey – thus I say, I love to win and I love to train. If winning on both the
training and completion of task ends were not everything, what is? Good training is
everything. Good winning is just as much. Not that I absolutely adore hard work, but I
understand what it takes – I just understand what it takes.
If honesty wasn’t was honesty does, gravity wouldn’t work in any way, sense or form
consistently and the laws of the universe and existence weren’t consistent, then nothing
would genuinely work. As E would not equal Mc2 (energy would not equal matter times
the speed of light squared) or time would stop at will, time stops for no one or no thing,
even objectively when time-travel is involved. Only subjective time stops and changes
and all of that. Primarily, objectivity directs the order, and subjectivity is directed by the
order, when it is the other way around, genuine chaos ensues. As Emile Coue` said,
imagination directs the will, that is how it is applied, objective concepts direct subjective
purposes, and when it is the other way around, chaos does ensue. Nature is a most
thought-process in itself in that Francis Bacon sense and way that when obeyed, it is
To create reality, reality must be rationally controlled. To understand what I am talking
about in the last couple of paragraphs, you must integrate reality, not create it and then
combine it into unique forms all your own. As a famous psychiatrist said about
personality, we create our personality by borrowing other people’s traits and making
them our own in our own unique combinations. For example, I “borrowed” the title of
this work from two James Brown songs, “Grits” and “Cold Sweat” – “Grits” was an
instrumental, and “Cold Sweat” was one of his most famous albums. Can you dig it?
Anyhow, reality is integrated, not created and there is nothing new or mysterious under
the auspices of total existence and the universe.
So, what else is new about sweat and grits??? Nothing? Nothing, except what I build it
into. Look, let’s get real, is the concept of a building new or the concept of a poker game
new? No. Nothing is new in existence, just different integrations and combinations. There
are no mysteries to existence, there are only mysteries to people. Honesty is as honesty
In the years since I became Zon, many things have happened that have convinced me of
all of this. Sure, and one of them was the total revision of this manuscript before I
genuinely got started in any genuine way. But that is usual with all of my works, a couple
of revisions, and then much editing before I genuinely get started. Does that sound like
Neo-Tech to many of you, I think it does. But indeed, I enjoy the grits and sweat of the
process as well as the achievement of my goals. Otherwise, it genuinely wouldn’t be
worth it in any way. So, what else is new? Patience is a universally acknowledged virtue,
even by the evil and good alike. So, this document is a free-for-all of sorts where it is all
“laid on the table” in every way that counts, in every way that matters. Beyond poker and
getto chess theorems or even traditional chess and contract bridge theorems themselves, it
all comes down to an honest and direct strategy to win in every genuine way and sense
that counts. Genuine Grits and Sweat comes down to real achievements when genuinely
and patiently pursued. Every vehicle serves its purpose and evolves, even Neo-Tech for
me, the Meters for Leo Nocentelli, Microsoft for Bill Gates, The Eagles for Glen Frey
and Don Henley, The U.S. Presidency for James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, The Beatles for
John Lennon and Paul McCartney, etc., etc. The point is that every vehicle serves its
purpose, gets you there and then evolves on to the next goal. That’s what I realized when
I became Zon, in every genuinely complete way. A genuine infinity evolves but it is not a
teaching or pedagogical infinity, it just grows to infinity in a positive way from zero.
Life’s good graces are always positive and honest, life’s bad graces are always
transitional. Laughing in the dark is not my style, but I’ve done enough of it to know that,
life’s bad graces are always transitional. Good always has that good immortally eternal
feeling, even when it doesn’t seem immortal or eternal. This is where the light comes in
like a breaking dawn through the darkness at first, then the complete light breaks out and
comes in like a beautiful morning with birds, chirping, that feeling and all then evolves
into a great day.
So, on to later: The night was clear, and the moon was yellow and the leaves came
tumbling down… When I think of Zonpower, that kind of “stagger lee drama” (in a good
way, of course…) is what it comes down to. I’ve always knew that the real Zon by nature
is a genuine, yet sincere showman. What else can fully-integrated honesty be other than a
sincere showman with honesty backing him as a foundation behind his showmanship in
every genuine way. So, again I say: The night was clear, the moon was yellow and the
leaves came tumbling down… Sure, there is substance to all the spook, believe me,
where do you think the concept of “spooky riches” really came from anyhow, it sure
didn’t originate from Frank R. Wallace, it came from the Master Zon himself. Me. Or as
was essentially said in the song “Stagger Lee”, the sureness of the good player will teach
the rest of you gamblers a lesson. And the great player, forget about it…! In the years
since I became Zon, I realized that even the good player is a loser compared to the great
player, because the genius is combined with common sense in every genuine way.
Neocheating may be a menace, but not to the great player, it’s just a waster of time all
around. Neocheating is an anticivilization thing that goes bump in the bicameral night.
That’s it. It’s a silly game of poker, blackjack, gin or bridge that went genuinely wrong –
no matter what the “immediate benefit”. Honesty is a working principle no matter what,
dishonesty doesn’t work at all no matter what “immediate benefit.” Dishonesty creates
another four-letter “D” word, debt – especially national size debts, and world size
deficits, et cetera. Show me the person who wants to hear total honesty at all levels
including what they don’t like and I’ll show you a great player who can and does, deal
with anything well. That is the operative sentence, be able to deal with anything well.
Honesty is as honesty does.
I can say many things in many ways, but what it comes down to is honesty in every way,
every day, every hour, every minute. So, after the clear night where the leaves come
tumblin' down, there comes the raking and the yard work, baby. There is always the
"clean-up man" after the mess is made. Always. Zon, the neo-tech man, the honest
worker, the value producer or whatever. There is always the clean-up man. Or as
Malcolm X said honestly, "when it gets too dirty, you've got to cleeean house." Yes, the
clean-up man always does his or her thing, make no mistake or mis-step, everything has
to be taken care of. Everything. From top to bottom, no spot missed. So, I can say many
things in many ways, but what it comes down to every time is that honesty which does,
says and is it all. That fully-integrated honesty. Denial is a river, sure, but reality is
everything. The reality of the situation must always be faced and admitted in every way
or you are sailing down the river of denial into oblivion. So, again I say "my pet
bromide:" honesty is as honesty does.
So, to continue this Grits And Sweat Document I say, when the reality of the situation is
admitted, it always gets better. When it is avoided, it always gets worse. What is must be
confronted and not avoided.
If it isn't confronted, it is contorted. It is as simple and direct as that. Indeed, when I
became Zon I knew this, as I saw genuinely nice, worthy people get "hated on".
Dishonesty may be touted as honesty, but reality cannot be looked at through rose
colored glasses and be able to be navigated right for long. "Get Shot Stagger [Lee]!!!!!!"
as he looks through the two whiskey glasses at the bullets coming at him... Madness is
always a rushed thing, like avoiding responsibility. The thinking performer always wins
while the lazy evader always loses, no matter what is "gained in the short term." Long-
term thinking requires not only thinking performance, but a total adherence to reason and
honesty so total, that it is almost "babbitty" and "ridiculous", but that is what it requires,
creativity comes when you are honestly established, not the other way around like the
lazy evaders "do it".
When I am said and done with this document, I'm saying what I mean and meaning what
I say. It may all be from "Square one on up", but that is the way it should be. From red to
black, from poor to rich, not steal it and "go sideways then down" so to speak. Upward
and developed is the natural way to go. Do the rules ever change when considering
universal law? Indeed, no. Like gravity and motion, it always works somehow.
So, now to change the pace 'a little bit'... I came to this conclusion about a baseball
player, the first to break the million dollar salary cap, James Augustus 'Jimmy'/The
Catfish Hunter. If the anticivilization can pay a guy a million dollars for throwing a little
ball, how ridiculous can it get when the show-biz style netherworld starts after I [well...]
make like a tree and leave. {this is a fancy way of saying that the inevitable whatever
happens to everyone} So, let's make no bones about it, I know what is planned for me,
why it is planned for me and how it is planned for me because of one word: honesty. Yes,
honesty. So, where does Catfish Hunter come up? Well, I was listening to a song based
on him that Bob Dylan wrote, but Joe Cocker sang, and I read his biography a while ago
and realized that the most "virtuous" type of guy in the anticivilization is either a simple
Forrest Gump type of guy in over his head like George Bush, The Catfish Hunter or even
Samuel Gompers or an evil, frustrated, but calculating "genius" like Richard B. "Dick"
Cheney or Richard M. "Dick" Nixon, and the "worst" kind of guy in an anticivilization is
a consciously honest, babbitty, svengali, Frederick Wallace Smith leader of Federal
Express-type/John Winston Lennon/Air America Pilot "weird-ass type", thinking-and-
action man like me who knows exactly what the fuck this is all about and knows what he
is doing. All right, shit, I'll do a song quote from Bob Dylan's "It's alright Ma, I'm only
bleeding" straight from Budokan, Japan in 1978: "And the Masters Make The Rules For
The Wise-Men and The Fools, It's Alright Ma, It's Life And Life Only!!!!" MY point is
folks to quote Joe Cocker's exact rendition of Catfish: "Lazy, steely-eyed night on Mr.
Phillies farm..."
Yes, I may seem to have that "Captain Jack Sparrow" goofiness about me, but so what, I
know I am the real winner like O.J. know who the real killer is. I look in the mirror and
see what he sees only the exact opposite, I see an innocent hero in that mirror and more,
that's all I see. I see the genuine best. And Catfish may have Worked on the field for a
few innings in the 1970s and then gone on, but a Black-Hat Advanced Concept Player
Works genuinely forever without stopping. When the poor player is over, the Advanced
Concept Player is still winning. Why? Because infinite honesty, determination and
patience have no conqueror. The absolute winner cannot be beat over the long run. The
lazy neocheater versus the working Advanced Concept Player. "Laaazy, steely-eyed
night..." As Bob Dylan said in the original "Catfish" song on his 'bootleg tapes'. I'm more
like "steely-eyed, slick and eternal - Joshface, man of infinite worth... He is a little babbitt
looking guy, but he gets it done... Joshface, man of infinite worth.." That's my play on the
Catfish song, but let us not mince words, that is me to a tee. The Master Zon of the Grits,
Sweat and all that takes effort and honesty and substance. Like my Dad Joe, I do not play,
I get it done. I may joke, but I do not play. Even worse than Malcolm X, I am a Field N-
[censored]. Well, you get the point. Hey, I can say it, you all see what I am in my picture
on the boards I am writing on, what else is new. But to get the N-word fully, you must go
on to fully get the effect. Good little incentive, anyhow, this document
continues next paragraph with an upped pace.
Well, we continue here for all of my readers and non-readers: When the thought came to
me to name this latest addition to the document, that Bob Dylan song "the groom's still
waiting at the altar" came to mind.. I don't know why, but we'll know why as I write this
post... Anyhow, women have many choices in character and all that stuff, but there are
only two choices for men, and they are very simple: loser or winner, akin to good player
or bad player, or any of those two pivotal types of choices. There is either yes or no, or
winner or loser. Honest or dishonest, bonanza or annihilation. Reality is as reality does,
the marriage to self as a winner has to happen before any successful sexual or even
genuinely friendly relationship between a man and a woman. And I underscore man for a
reason, because a woman's character can only reflect and build or whatever on a man's
winning or losing character. Sure a woman has choices, but man has the key choice,
winner or loser, and that is what woman gravitates to. Honesty, is the key healthy
characteristic in life, no matter what "they, the great authorities" say about "fudging on
this" or "fudging on that". Honesty is the grand measuring stick of genuine character.
Reality is what is. Winners are fully honest with themselves and all. I did not say, perfect,
but honest. Please note that in your Mark Hamilton mini-day planners and ten-second
miracle register sheets. But all things considered, winners really are honest, and execute
things honestly, but not always perfectly. Consistency and perseverance are what it all
comes down to, everything else is being a loser, from Thomas Edison and Lewis Latimer
& their light bulb to Elijah McCoy and Nikola Tesla & their inventions; honesty,
perseverance, vision and foresight are as honesty, perseverance, vision and foresight do.
That amkes winners. So, I repeat Walter Clement Stone's words at the beginning of one
of his book. The big secret is that there's no secret, it all comes down to effort. It can
happen sooner or later, but it all comes down to effort.
So, what is this thing called a great man or a great achiever? He is the man honest enough
and persevearant enough with himself to achieve. That's it. It's a man's world, but it
wouldn't be nothing without a woman or a girl. And when a man is a winner it is really
his world. When he is a loser, absolutely nothing works. I am not a sexist, but a total
rationalist who knows his role as a man. Winner, winner, winner. No other choice exists
for me, but that other choice may exist for other people. That's the problem, men stray off
target thinking that there are other viable choices than winner. Come on, "loser",
"homosexual", "crazy", "silly", "ridiculous", "irrational". No everybody naturally
gravitates toward winner and important at some level no matter what they say to the
contrary. Honesty is as honesty does. Here is where the Grits and Sweat document gets
good, I continue next paragraph.
So, Zonpower comes down to this: fully-integrated honesty, and the activated God-
Concept within man and nothing else. Man is in the driver’s seat with the help of woman,
nothing else, nothing better, everything ultimately gained. So, I misquote Patrick Henry
purposely: “I’ll take liberty, shun death and beat all the GodDamn odds like a stepchile’.”
Sure, it takes patience and honesty, or another more accurate word for Grits And Sweat.
So, again, I mention my good friend Derrick Blakey at and
what he gave me on a silver platter that links neo-tech and Zonpower to it all, which is
within this very document. Each man is the God-concept, and each Goddess-concept is
fuel for that man which is the God-concept, right down to babymaking. Sure, I am
slantedly sexist, but I am making up for that simple two-pronged choice man has in
character: Winner or Loser by finally adding depth and dimension to the idea and all of
that. Each man is the God-Concept when he is a winner, the Devils illusion when he is a
loser. The Devils’ illusion is a concept my Dad actually came up with, meaning
something so phony that it just cannot work in reality. Or illusorie` l’diable`. Well,
something like that in French anyhow. Later my Dad just used the word Maya to describe
bullshit without saying the word bullshit. He was more of a gentleman than Fredrick S.
“Fritz” Perls, I’ll give him that. Although, I use the word bullshit or his early-on word
bullcrap to describe, I say what I need and want to say without really censoring my mind
or fooling my mind too much. Okay, damn, I don’t fool my mind any. Happy now?
Indeed, I think you are. So happy that you’re half crazy with real sanity reading this stuff.
Now get ready: This is enough grits to make you sweat; When I think of the genuine
nature of epistemology, it all comes down to time, patience and effort in the most genuine
sense. So much so, that life is like the plumbing business, if you don’t have patience to do
the drain reconnaissance work, don’t get into the business. I know what I am talking
about, I did plumbing with my Dad and a few of his friends on construction sites. And at
this current writing, my plumbing in my apartment is being worked on. At this library I
am writing this current section after the semicolon from, I had a few computer problems,
but with patience, time and effort I got past them and started writing what you are seeing
here. Obstacles are nothing more than a test of that time, patience and effort, some pass,
some fail. Remember the Joan Rivers banquet principle that I talked about in other works
of mine, probably even earlier in this one. So, what is the essence of grits and sweat,
baby: Makin’ it work. When I became Zon, I realized this in the most genuine sense and
way. So, sitting at this computer (#13) at the Julian Dixon County Of Los Angeles Culver
City Public Library, I know, I have passed the test supremely, the real test that counts, not
that bullshit for grades public and most private schools have. That is Grits And Sweat,
and in future editions of this document on Ning, I’m not including links to keep it
moving, expanding and grooving on my end for you because putting them in takes too
much time, valuable time I could be writing stuff… So, anyhow, read the earlier versions
of this document to go to the links. So, to end this section, I quote James Brown: “Get
Up’ah!!!! Get on Up!!” (Grits And Sweat Movement II is next.)

Grits And Sweat II

Perfection is the ultimate imperfection, thus the conundrumal logic of life, as Hitler’s
goosestepping troops were not perfect or orderly, but destructive, and Bill Gates
microchips and computers ‘look’ chaotic, but the systems are the ultimate in operational
order and symmetry.
So, when I say that honesty is as honesty does, look within, that is where you will find
real God or real Goddess, a person that is fully honest with themselves.
Listen, when I became Zon, I realized that the honest man stands alone as an individual
concept, and everything gravitates around him, sure there are honest women, but they are
the support crew, “so to speak”. That’s why Zygon is a secondary or dividing zygotic
concept as woman has babies, and Zon is a singular or pioneering concept, and the roles
cannot naturally be changed or reversed. As in geometry a square cannot be a circle.
Rational change is rational change, but, reality is reality – and they both work naturally,
not unnaturally. So, I think of James Brown’s Hammond B-3 organ instrumental “Grits”
and how it shows through its organ and horn charts the nature of “fleshing it all out”. I
understand genuinely where he is coming from in every way, from that first opening horn
chart, to the last Hammond B-3 organ vamp. When I created Neo-Tech, I created it as an
“it” with no distinctions, but when I discovered Zon and Zygon, I realized that they were
distinctions in themselves as male and female fully-integrated honesty. Zon is male
energy, or singular. Zygon is female energy or pluralistic, like a Zygote that duplicates
(well almost).
One of my other points is that women can create life within them, and men have their
productive achievements trying to “play catch up”, in the anticivilization, men do a bad
job. In the Civilization of the Universe, men do a great job, even surpassing the women’s
power of life-creation with great medical advances making childbirth less painful and all
of that. But either way, fully-integrated honesty as a whole, Neo-Tech, Zonpower and
Zygonpower encompass all genuine working epistemology.
So, when I think of the meaning of the words fully-integrated honesty, I think of
something so full and whole that it is complete in every way, sense and meaning. Beyond
that, I am Zon – in that Walt Whitman/Eric-Garth-Hudson-Genetic-Method sense of
completeness within my soul in every way. What else is new? Nothing. It’s all older than
the hills. So, as I finish up this section at the City of El Segundo Public Library, I’m
basking in a genuinely joyous glow of being genuinely productive, honest and for real. I
can’t help but be anything else. God was the beginning, Zon is the end. There are no
pedagogical infinities, only genuine ones, not phony teaching infinities or (yes)
pedagogical infinities. Effort is the secret and honest, genuine results are the only answer
to everything. So, on to Grits And Sweat III after this, I wanted to follow up the long and
winding beginning with a powerful hors’d’oveurs for the rest of what I am going to write
in this document… James Brown doesn’t say “shake your money maker” after the bridge
of the Sex Machine song for nothin’!!!!

Grits And Sweat III

So, in all the madness, even with all the madness in this existence within the
anticivilization dominating Earth, it does not come down to money subjectively, but it
does come down to value in every valid way, no matter how invalid the government,
religion and all the establishment bullshit genuinely is. When I became Zon before and
within this anticivilization in a consciously full sense, I genuinely realized this in every
genuine way. It’s a funny thing, but it could be one of those what came first? The chicken
or The egg type questions, but it’s not. The chicken is always born from the egg with no
exception, thus the egg came first like a cell is evolved and then it divides into more as
proven in any proper laboratory…? Sure, most definitely and yes. Just like you have to
start cooking the grits first before you sweat over em’ as you’re cookin’ em’. Yes,
“lesser” Neo-Tech did come before “greater” Zonpower as the egg genuinely came
before the chicken, that’s how evolution works, growth. Long-term growth and genuine
infinities are the secret to everything in life and existence. It’s gritty, it’s work and it’s
like playing music, you always start with the first note and work your way to the bridge
and beyond the bridge to the last note, even with the original version of “Sex Machine”
by James Brown, you get past the bridge and ‘shake your moneymaker’, he put that line
in for a good reason. A very good reason. Reason is the grandest weapon in existence
when you know how to use it, I know that it is genuinely real, honest and true for me in
life, especially with my existence viewpoint and epistemology.
So, we get to my political philosophy, (which most people do not have explicitly by the
way…) I belong to the American Independent/Constitution Party that upholds objective
laws and honesty, and I am an Lassiez Faire` Objectivist/Ultimate Capitalist in the most
conscious of ways and senses. And I am pro life with one compromise, destructive
criminals and value destroyers shouldn’t be born or at least retrained to be productive at a
very deep level if they are going to be born. But all productive, honest, reasonable,
realistic people should have a chance to honestly exist at any level and in all good and
great ways. Yes, I do believe in a genuine winners-only society, sure. Where the best are
genuinely rewarded and the worst are genuinely penalized and reason rules the roost in
the most genuine sense. Another reason why I support Alan Keyes instead of Barack
Obama for President. I always tell my Mother and friends, that it’s always the honest
politicians that mean well that never get in ever, in any way unless it’s a lucky and
feckless Jimmy Carter type that “they”, the establishment can go, “see, honesty doesn’t
work in any way, shape or form, back to business as usual…” and the game goes on and
on. I don’t care what people think, I don’t care if I am ridiculous, I only care what is real
to me and honest, I only care what I genuinely love in life and existence. I love the
heroic, I love the happy. I love the best. So, I am nothing to this goofy losers’
“civilization”, so what. I am the best to myself and those I love, that is all that matters to
me. So, reaching this point in the Grits And Sweat Document, I know I have made myself
perfectly clear on my politics.
Now to my official religion, since you want to know that: Like G.I. Gurdjieff was a
lifelong Russian Orthodox Christian and died one, I am a Self-Realization Fellowship
Devotee in the Satsanga Yogoda Society just like my Dad became in 1970, I was born
one in 1975, and I’m going to die one, that’s it, I took the secret lessons with my Dad
where we wore the gray robes and orange robes and all of that (the boys wore gray robes,
and the Dads’/Fathers’ with them wore orange robes), and we learned the ins’ and outs’
of it all beyond what most people learn in those mail-order lessons, I read those by the
way, we did learn more. And who taught those lessons, every last one with the senior
monks standing guard at the door? Brother Terry Ananda. Hell, Dennis Weaver (the
Hollywood actor and lay minister there at SRF) even visited a few times and donated
money to keep our classes going at full steam. So, for those of you who claim I’m
“officially” a Godless-freak, look again. Also, in 2004, I was initiated by Roy Eugene
Davis into the same thing, so I have double indemnity and all of that. So, yes, I do
genuinely believe in God, just not some bullshit Santa-Claus-in-the-sky like most people
believe in, but God as objectively honest and impartial existence through evolution in a
genuinely reasonable way. And yes, I still practice meditation, chanting and prayer and
all of that, only consciously outside of the sleep state most people practice all of that in.
And Grits And Sweat III goes on after this paragraph. (Remember I am doing this full
document in real time, noting pauses and all, so keep reading it gets better.)
So what else is new in this anticivilization, almost everyone is genuinely asleep and using
a tenth of their brains for the past three-thousand plus years. And the ruling elites are
dishonest enough to like it that way only being half-awake and evil themselves. So, now
to ask a rhetorically silly question; but what do I mean by being half awake and evil?
Well I mean being like lazy queen bees living off of the worker bees efforts like a sickly
slug in the hive. They don’t enjoy the fruits of the labor, but take them all the same.
Sure, I can say what would be “approved” and “special”, but what good would that do. I
can say that politics, religion and sports are more than a silly pageant to pacify people,
but… Listen, the other day I was on the bus reading a tract from a Baptist Church in
Oxnard, CA or somewhere, it was on one of those big, long rapid buses with two parts
connected by a turning point. Anyhow, that tract identified three of the traps, but
forewent the biggest one as somehow “a good thing”, guilt, and a sixth one rarely
admitted even by the best of em’… Envy. Yes, there are four main traps in this
anticivilization before you beat the game genuinely, and two sneaky traps you must beat
to really get somewhere, envy and guilt. And boy those two sneak up on your ass when
you think you’ve beat the first four. Come to think of it, Jesus had to beat all six traps and
more – I’m not saying this from an experience standpoint, I am saying this from the
standpoint of genuine common sense realism in existence, and not just “this life”. I mean,
this is what Masters have to beat to get where they want to go. When I created Neo-Tech
and Zonpower, I beat the other four or five traps through productivity, but the sixth trap
was Zonpower’s and The Starfly-Cutter’s territory to beat, it was envy. Envy is the purest
part of normal human nature which is why normal human nature has to be risen above.
Or as a friend of mine named Dick Sutphen has said in a simple Zen riddle and parable to
me, “Wisdom Erases Karma” or the literal meaning of that statement, genuine wisdom
erases the destructiveness of cause and effect, not the constructiveness, but the
So, anyhow, envy is the most destructive and stultifying thing of all when it comes down
to it. For lumped in there with envy is jealousy as a corollary, people want others to envy
them, as my Mother has noticed with some people she has lived with in the different
places she’s moved to. I am not naming names, I’m just naming a condition, a genuinely
ridiculous condition.
So, what is important in life? The concept of “create your own”, whether it is life,
happiness or whatever. B.Y.O.B., build your own blessing. Don’t wait for anyone or
anything to do it outside of yourself. Your life is your best. That’s it. (Remember I am
doing this full document in real time, noting pauses and all, so keep reading it gets
So, when I became Zon, that was the final level, B.Y.O.B, B.Y.O.B and B.Y.O.B., build
your own blessing, be your own blessing, bequeath your own blessing. With the key
word being that genuinely individualistic word “own”. The essence of my thinking is
rationally individualistc and common sense logical, but genuinely creative in rational
ways. Thus, the whole B.Y.O.B. thing. Self-honesty is honored fully in this document. I
remember when I was a kid, I was at Rainbow Bridge Center, and we got this stationery
with slogans we wanted on it for our desks for a small fee, I put on my stationery
“M.Y.O.B. and B.Y.O.B. Mind Your Own Business and Build Your Own Blessing”, sure
it seemed like pretty advanced thinking for a mere boy of ten or eleven years, old, but in
life, I already believed that in the most deep and genuine senses. So, like Leo Nocnetelli
was mastering his sound with The Meters’, I was quickly mastering my philosophy and
all of that, and yes I did create Neo-Tech, Zonpower, Fully-Integrated Honesty and all
that. So, I refer you to “The Funk Brother Testament of I & O Publishing Company”
which is on, I suggest that you do read it and/or download it from
my blog at It has all my latest
thoughts and that book also in downloadable form. But Neo-Tech will always have a
special place in my heart, like the “Cissy Strut” does in Leo Nocentelli’s heart, as the first
thing I came up with. So, in this Grits And Sweat Document that I am now penning, I
hope to pull a lot of things together, and make everything clear, and have you understand
fully where I am coming from. Honesty is what comes down to. Honesty, not
“perfection” is the standard. If perfection was the standard, there would be pedagogical
infinities, and there are no genuine pedagogical infinities, you learn how to do and then
you do what you need or want to do. That’s it. There is nothing you have to learn to do
forever in life, all knowledge has an end. Sure there are endless creative combinations
and ways of doing it all, but you never learn the basics forever. That is the point that I am
making in every genuine way and sense. So, love is the engine of creation and survival
and beyond. Or as John and Paul of the Beatles said, “all you need is love…”, sure they
summed it up, but has the creation of good music really stopped? No. Although judging
by some modern pop, some people would debate that, but as soon as the mysticism of
pedagogical infinities is let go, all great things will rise again and better than ever,
because there will be ever more created from new and individual combinations of the
basics. The point of power is now. There is nothing to prophesy, except rationally. There
is only reality to act on and improve. Time does wait for no one, but everyone works with
time, when immortal, it’s on your side, when mortal it is against you. Reality must be
lived by to work with or for you. There is no real static, perfection is the closest thing to
genuine “static” and that is nothing more than an idea. Fear is the only perfection and
imperfection is active action and risk-taking entrepeneurship, yet that kind of
imperfection or “irrational” courage feels better and is better than that kind of “rational”
fear. I don’t mean recklessness or destructiveness at all, though, what I mean is the
ultimate rationality and order that comes with the most genuine of advancement wherever
it may be or is. (Remember I am doing this full document in real time, noting pauses and
all, so keep reading it gets better.)
If I am an idiot, so be it, for anticivilization/netherworld life is what happens to us when
we are making other plans. Better plans, Civilization of the Universe plans. Well, not
always, but you get my point, drift and all of that. When I created Neo-Tech, I knew there
was something looming that is and was and will always be better than that earth-bound
creation, something that genuinely explains it all as a non-pedagogical infinity. Well,
from out of the blue came a fact, I’m Zon and I run the show, otherwise what originated
from me would not have originated from me… Sure, I am the lowest man on the totem
pole, admittedly, and a big-time non-saint, for being this honest about it all, admittedly.
But hey, at least, I am giving it all that I genuinely can. Neo-Tech in this dream world
comes down to specialized units, Zon in the real world comes up to universal
consciousness. That thought crossed my mind when I was having lunch with Dr.
Champion K. Teutsch and talking to Derrick W. Blakey at the Main Inglewood Library.
God is not a concept, so much as a consciousness, an individual consciousness of each
person individually/proactively. So, the Zon concept created, solved and controls itself
with the self-regulating mechanism of honesty and totality. Remember, Be Your Own
Blessing. (Remember I am doing this full document in real time, noting pauses and all, so
keep reading it gets better.)
So, as I am not playing the fool here and laying it all down here bare-bones honest, there
is nothing else I can do but that, be honest. Isn't that what fully-integrated honesty is all
about though. Honest thinking. Honest action. Honest acknowledgment and action upon
reality. Even when I became Zon, it was the hardest thing in the world, hell, it could only
become easy from there. But the ultimate reality of this is this: Emotion cannot cloud
thinking in any way. That is the chief precept of the Good or Great Player even in poker
or “silly” games. Reality fun or not fun must be lived by and the game played properly no
matter what or in poker, the good player plays the hand right no matter what, and every
hand played properly won or lost is a win. That's what that means. Now, dig this: When I
became Zon, I became Zon fully and for the duration no matter what the reality that
confronts me, even death or whatever. I mean I am fully-integrated honesty, and I do
mean fully-integrated honesty without a shred of destructiveness or irrationality. (to use
Abraham Lincoln's words honestly:) With malice toward none, or more accurately, with
initiatory malice or force toward none. I do believe in rational self-defense however. That
is a genuinely important distinction to make in every way. Because as anyone can tell by
William Jefferson Blaithe “Bill” Clinton's use of semantics in the “That depends on what
exactly the exact meaning of 'is' is?” testimony in his sexual harassment trial, distinctions,
details, inductive reasoning and precise logic are always important no matter what is said
by those who think that it is not. Everyone has to be sure of what they are talking about
and all.
For example, today at my volunteer Meals On Wheels job, which I do for genuinely
spiritual reasons and all I accept is reimbursement for bus fare to get up there, I brushed
past a lady named Christine S. who I always say hello to, and said hello about three
minutes after I realized what happened and took off my headphones and CD Player
walkman as I was walking in there, now, she interpreted that as coldness on my part
initially until I explained what had happened, (this is a good example of semantics) I
explained everything to her and that I was listening to music and was “in another world”
for a few minutes, (classical music of course) and she understood the semantics after I
explained the situation to her. But I just wanted to give an understanding of how
semantics affects everything as a whole in life and everything from the shallowest to the
deepest levels, no matter what may be said by those “ruling elite” existentialists about it
being easy to make blanket statements easily in this modern civilization in actions or
otherwise. Indeed, honesty at every level is a pinpoint dynamic that becomes second
nature once practiced enough. Zonpower must be ingratiated at the highest and lowest
levels of a person's being to work in a genuinely fully-integrated way. Which is why I left
Earth-bound Neo-Tech for the less-evolved. Neo-Tech is only half the story, Zonpower
and Zygonpower are the whole goddamn enchilada. But it is all fully-integrated honesty.
If it wasn't all based on fully-integrated honesty and went only “halfway”like most
philosophies and religions then we would be mentionable and “acceptable” in the sight of
dishonesty. We do not need that. Being acknowledged by dishonesty is the most
destructive thing in existence, even to those that want to be, especially to those that want
to be. Politics, religion, philosophy, and all that, when they are overt and irrational as in
“they who are guilty of destruction screams the loudest” and the “don't think, just
accept...” approach destroys the worst through bigotry, fear, freeloading and destructive
game-playing. My thinking on this subject won't be found to be ridiculous to those that
are honest with themselves. When I became Zon, I gained that gift of being unflinchingly
honest with myself and everyone else I come into contact with, remember what I said
about thinking honestly with myself and all who count to me no matter what. But I'll
admit, I lie and cheat only to genuine destructive enemies and all of that kind of thing in
as self-defensive way. But I'm always genuinely and unflinchingly honest with friends
and people I genuinely love. Hey, I'm not saying I'm perfect by any means, I'm just
saying that I always strive for the deepest of honesty in my life in every genuine way that
I can in every genuine way. So, in life I use semantics honestly to work for genuine good
and great in every way. Not perfection, but good and great. That's it. Perfection is a mind-
created concept, but reality is what is and cannot be betrayed, reality is cold-blooded
honesty and as cold-blooded honesty as you can get. That's what it all comes down to.
Thus, it does not come down to being “a silver-tongued devil” for me in any way, or even
an “angel”, it comes down to being a good-intentioned person in the most genuine, honest
and “cold-blooded” sense, to myself and all whom I contact and all. This is the good, the
bad, the ugly and the pretty of being Zon in every way.(Remember I am doing this full
document in real time, noting pauses and all, so keep reading it gets better.)
So, I am genuinely in it for the long haul in every way, that’s it. When I became Zon,
there were and are no asides or fears, just rationally seeing it all through. That’s it. When
I think of fully-integrated honesty, that is what I most think of, seeing it all through. Sure,
that sounds like a (As mentioned above) “cold-blooded” mentality, but as far as this Grits
And Sweat document and all of my works and viewpoints are concerned, this is it, no
compromise. So, when I created Zonpower, nothing else seemed to matter, until the
reality that the Civilization of the Universe is not here or “now” hit me like a “freight
train”, it is in that far-flung future ‘beyond the pale of human understanding’ as H.G.
Wells once put it, he also said that ‘the man who raises a fist in violence has ran out of
ideas’; well both are the reality of the situation, I guess since ideas cannot be ran out of,
“pedagogical infinities” are real in that sense. The sense that there is always something,
like more music can always be made out of the same twelve to twenty four to thirty six
basic musical notes, twelve basic musical notes, twelve sharp notes, and twelve lower in-
between octaves. My point is, ideas are endless unless you want them to end, just so we
can “all do something stupid.” Well, shit, you get the point. As long as there is conscious,
subconscious, superconscious or any kind of thought, there will be ideas of all types.
“As ye believe” is the saying in the Bible, well, as long as there are thoughts, there are
ideas is what I interpret that to mean in every genuine way. So, the Grits And Sweat
document gets interesting here: When I became Zon, that bible verse in Matthew that
went “As ye believe, so ye are” stuck out like a sore thumb in my mind, especially when
my thinking went to most people’s negative, malevolent beliefs about life, the universe
and everything in comparison to my own affirmative, benevolent beliefs about life, the
universe and everything. So, again, I think of W. Clement Stone, saying at seventy-nine
years of age all those years ago about me at the I & O offices, saying with his hand on top
of my head, “This boy is right.” I was around twelve or thirteen years old at the time, but
to have such a man anoint me with positive believing in myself and my existence was a
genuine honor, I can tell you that. And I did not reply with the trite, I read your books,
and I know about Success Magazine, no, I just smiled. The biggest goddamn smile and
“yes” nod you’d ever see. Of course Jack Canfield, Frank Wallace and my Dad were
there too, it was a beautiful moment. For all of us, we all, I am sure realized different
things about ourselves and life, the universe and everything. Benevolence and holy
anointing come though honesty we all realized. Everything else is bullshit, to use
Fredrick S. “Fritz” Perls clinical term for nonsense. Not a lewd term at all when clinically
and honestly describing nonsense. Nope. And no, I never met Fritz Perls except as Seth in
the early 1970s during Jane “Rubert the Monk” Roberts “Aspect Psychology” books and
“he” was on “his” way out. Oh well, nothing is perfect is it? (Remember I am doing this
full document in real time, noting pauses and all, so keep reading it gets better.)
Well, anyhow, when I created Zonpower and Neo-Tech in this incarnation, I didn’t forget
to turn the lights off as I left the room, so to speak. And when I became Zon, that was all
that was written, done and all.
So, like I said, if The Civilization of the Universe was here, at least one bell and whistle
that genuinely counts would do the job. But there are none, this is a irrationally politically
and irrationally religiously dominated anticivilization full of forced apathy, mediocrity,
fear, denial and ultimate game-playing. That’s it, and to top it all of, the netherworld is
soon to happen here to-boot. 2012 is not a mentioned year for nothing folks. President
Aquarius in America gets in whether it’s another four years of Barack Obama or John
McCain at this writing, or four years of someone else, including Hillary Clinton. So, I
quote one of the few quotes in this original document, this one is from Alex Haley: “the
‘winners’ write the histories, and the ‘losers’ are their victims.” I know exactly what that
means: The “winners” are the “authorities” and the “losers” are the ruled and duped
victims of those “lucky” “authorities” who get the money and the “glory” of the
anticivilization, and let me tell you there are always many more “losers” than “winners”
in this kind of thing, this type of anticivilization or netherworld or whatever the hell,
fuck, shit, or crap this may be. So, as I write this document, I think of the few “winners”
that won the “humanoid sweepstakes” as I call being an elected official or government
“authority” and the many “losers” that get shot through the “croupuiers’-chute”. What is
a “croupier”, well it is French for the guy who controls the dice in a dice game, my Dad
taught me that one, and you’ll find that term used in a really big crap/gambling dice
game. The “authorities” are just idiot “winners” who happened to roll “the lucky seven”
and “go running with it.” And me, I’m the biggest “loser” like Frank R. Wallace who
rolled snake-eyes or two or three in their crap game a few too many times, and realizes
just what is going on with the dice. The weights are in the “winners” favor, and Plato &
Pericles (“The P & P Bullshit Factory”) loaded em’ a long time ago. Well, honesty gets
fucked when the ultimate cheating is involved, don’t it? Well, Aristotle, “if we are guilty
we will pay”, now Bob Marley sings, “I shot the Sheriff”. Anyhow, if I am the “bad” guy
for revealing and living by the facts, so be it. But even the biggest “authority” named God
has to admit in his Bible, that honesty is as honesty does. “Jesus, where are you buddy?
run dem’ money changers from the Shirley Temple, before she becomes Black.”
(Speaking of the “innocent” child on John Edgar Hoover’s lap named Shirley Temple.)
Does it all come down to concrete money and power when all is said and done, you bet
your ass it does. Everyone wants it and everyone needs it to genuinely do something.
Even if this anticivilization is a fixed showdown crap game, “we all love to win, but who
loves to train” for something real? To put Mark Spitz’s quote into proper context, and I
don’t mean Michael Phelps’s answer to that question either. Duplicate Mark Spitz and
become American Bruce-Jenner-style useless royalty. While everybody else does the real
work to survive. I’m at the bottom of the totem pole holding it up, while guys like that are
at the top, non-disabled, handsome, with all la’ happy returns, and all he had to do was a
few hours of work in a swim-meet in China. While I put a lifetime into developing fully-
integrated honesty, and for what?: To be ignored, called crazy, stupid, retarded, weird and
full of it and full of shit. All I roll is craps or snakeyes with dem’ bones I guess… While
Mike Phelps rolled the lucky seven, eleven and the trifecta. Something ain’t right. But
according to the “authorities”, everything’s okkkkaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy…. As Steely
Dan says in “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number”. As long as honesty doesn’t win a cent of
our real money and power. As long as they sweat to earn. As long as they work for what
they get with heapings and heapings of guilt and guys like Michael Phelps and Brad Pitt,
and chicks like Athina Onassis, Britney Spears, Angie Jolie and Paris Hilton get told to
enjoy their lives on the working stiffs’ backs. Have you noticed that the biggest winners
in the fully dishonest anticivilization crap game would be the biggest losers in an honest
society based on objective merit and real effort being rewarded.
But I lay blame, nor put fault on dishonesty in this sorry ass vault of reject nothingness. I
lay fault on the “unifiers” as Plato and Pericles, as Clinton and Cheney who laugh and
emptily grin away honesty like gin house blues to be avoided at all costs by Elmer
Gantry. Who needs the Josh Clayton/Eric Flame genuinely fun eternal 1980s. When you
can have modern celebrities living “better” than Gaius Caesar/Caligula. So, before I go
on friends, Romans, Americans, Chinamen, Countrymen, everyone, lend me your ears..
“Bump-bump-bump-bahhhh!!!!!” the horn goes. (Remember I am doing this full
document in real time, noting pauses and all, so keep reading it gets better.)
When I became Zon, all of this netherworld crap was rather expected by me, although it
wasn’t expected at all by “normal” sane people. They say preparation is the Mother of
proper action, well I know it and I know it too well, and I live by that. It’s that simple.
But to get rather complex: When all is said and done, God is just a roomful of computers
running the whole show, while the “people who run the show” don’t know what the fuck
they’re doing, generation after generation. Year after year, “new ruler” after “new ruler”.
They’re just a bunch of security guards and wizards of Oz behind the curtain “wowing”
everyone with bullshit, and ‘mushroom food’. All the time acting like masters and
serving an invisible, intangible master themselves. Ask them, who do you love? And
they’ll just say, I don’t mind dying as long as the game keeps going some-how. When I
became Zon, I realized I had to take things into my own hands and think on my own two
feet no matter how “insane” or “goofy” I am perceived. It’s been years of hell, years of
an adult dose of ass-whupin’, but I’ve got a handle on it all totally. And I would just like
to say here in that sincere [Bob-Dylanish way, without selling out], I ain’t got nothing
more to live up to except for my own honest expectations. That’s it. “The thing went
bump in the night, there was a fight, down the alley ice swang and flew, I won over
myself and you should’ve heard just what I’ve seen…” So, the question after that
modified Bo Diddley lyric is, “who do you love?” Well, I love myself, if you have the
same answer [yourself], then you are correct, because I did not ask that question in a
rhetorical fashion, but in a matter of fact fashion.
So, another question: What is a “ridiculous” man? Well a ridiculous man {without
quotes} runs this show. A “ridiculous” man, is a man to the core anyone can genuinely
admire, even the ridiculous men. Because he makes himself genuinely important, that’s
why, and doesn’t need anyone or anything outside of himself to validate him. And what
makes his woman “silly”? She admires and loves his ass as well as herself with high self-
esteem too. Hell, silly women {without quotes} are feminists who think they are being
independent by imitating their oppressors, the ridiculous {without quotes} men.
Let’s just get down to it, Josh Clayton/Eric Flame is “evil” because he’s honest about the
reality of the situation. There I said it, now let’s get good. This is the chimney on top
made out of the human skull as Bo Diddley puts it, and the second coming of blue-eyed
low John the conqueror {or John Steven “Colonel Zero” Bathias/Joachim Steelios
Bathias} as Bo Diddley and Eric Flame also puts it. Burn your cigar but and smoke it
now… On to Grits And Sweat IV! (Grits And Sweat Four being served up to you next, a
heaping plate of the great stuff.)

Grits And Sweat IV

“Hello darkness, MY old friend...” --Paul Simon in his 1991 concert in New York Central
Park without Arthur Garfunkel
Well, without any of the guys (my Dad Joseph Clayton, Jr., Frank R. Wallace or any of
the other ORIGINAL I&O principals) I feel like the poet without his one-man band or
any of the band for that matter, but, if that's the way it has to be, that's the way it has to
be. Like Paul Simon standing alone before thousands of people in Central Park in New
York singing his hits... Well, I am now being Zon all alone for myself, firstly and to
create a value for everyone else secondly, and to benefit all including myself, thirdly.
What relse is new? Nothing. Like there are no pedagogical infinities. So, again I repeat
Paul Simon's words as he said them in that concert: “Hello darkness, MY old friend.”
Yes, I've come to be with nonmysticism again. As the words of the profits are written on
the subway walls and tenament halls? Like the sounds of silent honesty breaking through.
So, as I write this, I think of how every human being for a long, long time has been
bamboozled in the most genuine ways and senses. When one awakens, get scared, others
will too. That is a bridge of hot coals to walk on ain't it.
So, spit in the wind, will you. Grits And Sweat is going to a whole old level, as opposed
to new: More Honesty, no thrilling language here, just “old fashioned honesty and
reality”, practical stuff that works. Not pragmatic, but practical. That's what makes this a
whole old level. Like gravity can be beat as a law, like nature can be beat as a force,
genuinely (they cannot). Indeed, if it works, it works, and it shouldn't be fixed if it is not
broken. But if it is broken on purpose, then what? Make excuses, right? Yes.
Let's have a war.(Remember I am doing this full document in real time, noting pauses
and all, so keep reading it gets better.)
And when we have a war, who does it satisfy? Those who want to make problems, and
want problems, from street gangs being serious in gunfight war to capitol of country
gangs playing war with bombs and napalm from air conditioned “war rooms” moving
thousands of “little people” troops like chess men. Well, I’m here to say that there is a
slightly better way to live than that at worst. I don’t know, sanely and peacefully like
little babbit working class citizens at least? “Old Harry Truman sold cheap suits and
dropped an atom bomb… Yee-hah!, Dr. Strangelove don’t make love, make war!!!!”
Whatever floats that boat and “to survive, I made a raft out of dead monkeys…” –Adam
Sandler in a 1992 Saturday Night Live skit. “To survive, I professionally kill people.” –
Most cigarette commercials when showing “in-boardroom action”. If only everything
were that honest. But honesty is good for a yawn, dishonesty is funnnnnn!!!! Isn’t it oh,
great and fair and balanced news-media, from local stations up to the national. Let’s all
look important and sexy, and not really be those things. Or as the line in that movie
“Boogie Nights” went, ‘let’s make better movies!’
So, I’ll say it here, news media men are cardboard cutouts, and news media women are
want-to-be porn stars. Now that we got that out of the way, we can talk about diharrea…
Okay, Johnny Carson get hit with the banana cream pies now… And pause for a station
break and identification. (Remember I am doing this full document in real time, noting
pauses and all, so keep reading it gets better.)
If there's something you need that you just don't have, just raise your hand as the great
Stax artist Eddie Floyd once said, ruffles on the shirt and all. So, here I am, fairly
standing in line, and doing my thing with grits and sweat. Waiting my turn like all
politicians who get elected do not, and every other freeloader who gets cuts and
complains unjustly does not. So, let me tell you this, I will tell it like it is, or “ah' mo' tell
it like it eisssss...” So, when I became Zon, I became Zon for the full duration and the fair
market value reality and fully-integrated honesty of it all. Everything and nothing else.
All at once. This is where I am genuinely going with grits, sweat and all that. Even if it is
“negative posterity”as both Cheryl Richardson (of Oprah “life-coach” fame) and Bob
Woodward (of Watergate and John Belushi “Wired” fame) would put it with their jaded
world viewpoints of this anticivilization being “something legitimate, fair, balanced and
honest.” or the infamous phrase used by them all when the shit hits the fan and they get
caught in it: “We don't see what's wrong.” The security guard who actually uncovered
Watergate should have gotten the fame instead of neocheating Woodward and Bernstein,
and you-know-who is just one of Oprah's toadies and not a legitimate authority on
anything. Hey why not have a little fun doing my writing job at the establishment's
expense, after all they have an unlimited account that is overdrawn. And if I get a fate
worse than Lenny Bruce so be it. I'm going to end this paragraph with a 1980s term that
makes not a shred of sense: Kajagoogoo. (Remember I am doing this full document in
real time, noting pauses and all, so keep reading it gets better.)
But, what does make sense in life is this: honesty, rationality, reality, reason, the good,
the great, the best, and finally the real. So, reality is good for a laugh for most. But for me
it is what is, that’s it. And I live by it like “a little bitch Babbitt” as some value destroyers
put it. But I do not see it that way, no. All things that are desirable stem from a core of
reason and reality in accord with one’s own individual rationality. Which means all
genuine personal value stems from one’s own individual rationality. I’m not preaching
here, I’m just laying it all down bare-bones honest how it is in life, existence and
everything for everyone from value destroyers all the way up to value producers and
value creators. No one can hide from reality. Not even “the bad guys who are above it
all”. Shifting the load does not make it go away.
Reality is what it all comes down to. Winning is living by reality, losing is not living by
it. That’s it. So like I said, shifting the burden does not make it go away. Playing
bureaucratic games does not excuse you from work (do you hear me value destroyers
from sneak thieves to politicians? Indeed, I know you do.) A winner equals a value
creating winner, and a loser equals value destroyer. If it wasn’t that simple, A would not
go to B, and so on.
So, to my way of thinking, there is no other way to be than to be “a ridiculous little bitch
Babbitt” man that lives by the objective rules, yet has his own honest, genuinely
individual non-conformist character. Honesty and reality are values that genuinely cannot
be betrayed without consequences. “Save your neck, save your brother, it looks like it
will be one or the other…” –Richard Manuel, lead singer of The Band in that song “The
Shape I’m In”; what can I say, that is how it is in all reality, that simple, that “cold”, that
concise. Shifting the load does not make it go away. Irrationality is ultimately and
genuinely never rewarded. When I became Zon, I realized this genuinely, implicitly and
really honestly. And as you know, I call it as I genuinely see it, know it and all.
Lazy evasion is the ultimate way of saying you’re sorry, and it’s not even a good
apology. A good apology is to make genuine amends no matter how long and genuine it
takes (do you hear me Mom.); love is the strength to make those amends, no matter what,
self-love is never to evade even the most uncomfortable reality, let alone the
comfortable. So, I quote Dr. Frank R. Wallace (Wallace Ward) himself and my Dad
Joseph Clayton, Jr. to me, “you are either a winner or a loser, there is no other choice for
a man. A woman has a myriad of character choices, but a man only has those two…
Winner or loser.” I agree with them, I give all of my male friends that advice myself and
live by that logic. The only real choice in life anyone has is to be moral or immoral,
honest or dishonest, realistic or unrealistic. They can cry the tears of rage or suck it up
and take genuinely rational action to rectify their horrors and make them heaven.
So, my thought process is quite simple, I am a winner. It is the losers like Ted Kacsynski,
Charles Manson, John Emil List and Ted Bundy that have complex and interesting
thought processes that whole books are written about and bullshit. My thought process is
simple, I am a simple winner like my Father Joseph Clayton, Jr., and Frank R. Wallace
(Wallace Ward) and anyone who tells you anything else about me, is a dirty rotten liar.
And you already know me, I am a simple “little bitch Babbitt” who is not hard to figure
out at all. “Everyone loves to win, but who loves to train?” –I quote Mark Spitz again.
Worthy quote, unworthy goal, winning a bunch of gold medals instead of genuine long-
range business greatness like a Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Charles F. Haanel, John
D. Rockefeller, J. Paul Getty, Jay Gould, E.I. DuPont, Milken, Helmsley, even Donald
Trump or Robert Kiyosaki. I am now going for the throat in Grits And Sweat IV! What
can I say? Honesty is as honesty does? Fuck yes. As Professor Wing Fu Fing says in his
infamous book, “Fuck, yes!” So, I am writing in the tradition of George Bernard Shaw,
Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens, the solo music of Garth Hudson without
The Band, Robbie Robertson and Edward Rabelais` in this case. But what is said here,
needs to be said everywhere, like Otis Redding said “I’ve been loving you too long (to
stop now)” is a song everyone needs to hear; at The Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. This
isn’t just light reading, this is fully-integrated honesty coming straight from the mind of
Zon. That’s it, no fillers or games. Swing low, sweet chariot! (Remember I am doing this
full document in real time, noting pauses and all, so keep reading it gets better.)
So, the essence of what I am saying is, honesty is something everyone needs to hear, be,
do and have, and all of that. All else is just useless. Two weeks after that last paragraph
and I am continuing as if I never stopped, sometimes I don’t believe myself. But that is
just me, unbelievable, yet the real deal… So, what I am saying with that sentence, “so,
the essence of what I am saying is…” is that the facts are the facts no matter how “spun”
by man, woman or people. The facts exist objectively despite whatever we all want to
believe although belief with the proper actions can change facts. But I do mean the
proper actions, of course. When I think of honesty, I think of the facts I just mentioned
that do not change because of mystical whim without rational, realistic action. Prayer and
fear ain’t gonna stop hurricane Ike, Katrina or whatever may come. The real purpose of
prayer for that matter is discipline, self-discipline. And the real purpose of belief is to
unite one with reality, not separate one from it. I’m not just talking out of the side of my
goddamn head, I am talking from experience and understanding. Most people use the
mind in the wrong ways, period. Learning the right ways takes time, honesty and
patience, I know, I am there. I’ve been where the average person is, yet I have the
courage to work and strive to above where the average person is. That’s how I wrote
fully-integrated honesty, new techniques applied through fully integrated honesty and et
cetera. Sure, it may be “ridiculous” and “babbitty” to be that honest, but ultimately, who
are the real winners. People like me, or was William Danko bluffing when he wrote The
Millionaire next door with his buddy? Well, read that book and answer that question for
yourself. But, my point is, real progress comes through patience and hard work, there are
no shortcuts no matter what the cheaters want you to believe with their Potemkin images
and bullshit “cunning” mind games. Like I said before, “bullshit” is a Dr. Frederick S.
“Fritz” Perls official clinical term, not a panaceaic expletive that comes out of a bovinus
gluteus maximus (a cow’s ass). But back to the point, you can look sexy, act sexy, but if
it is not real, the game beats you, you don’t beat no game. Or as my Mom used to say to
me when I was a kid: “Save the bones for Henry Jones, but, he don’t eat no meat.”
So, I may be “evil” and “twisted” in my resolute, absolute value orientedness and
honesty, so what. People who live normally are more twisted, evil, game playing and
cynical than I’ll ever be. Hell, what was Theodore Robert “Ted” Bundy perceived as
before he was revealed as a monster, or for that matter, the BTK killer, Timothy
McVeigh and Terry Nichols or this guy: John Emil List, horn-rimmed glasses and all,
they are the ultimate genuine products of normality, and the genuinely darkly evil nature
of genuine normality in this “sane” civilization; everyone normal wants that sort of
attention those type of guys got, to be “bad” and “good at it”, normal people may as well
get one of those Charles Starkweather “Born To Lose” tattoos for the most part because
they don’t end up with greatness or even happiness, they end up the same way, dumped
into the grave no matter what without a choice in the matter with or without that type of
fame. Now, I may take a “sick” view of the normal psyche, but, as I remember Hitler
saying in Mein Kampf: “unconscious innocence can be twisted, however, conscious
innocence is dangerous.” When you analyze my statements, you understand the full
tragedy of what I mean. Sure, I may be “evil and twisted” in my analysis, but what is
more evil is just to shrug, be normal and just “sheep it away” in sleep until negatively
Now on to something more cheerful, like my abnormal, honest psyche, that LIVES,
LIVES, LIVES!!! What is to be consciously good other than the opposite of what I just
mentioned. The best thing for a civilization is a consciously productive living psyche.
And I’ll give you good news, existence is filled with me’s (Joshua Claytons’/Eric
Flames’, otherwise existence could not exist with one iota of productiveness.
I remembered when I found out that I am the universal Master Zon, it was after I left
Frank Wallace in that hilltop camp near Santa Barbara and a few days before I ended up
in a hospital in that very same city. Claude M. Bristol and Charles F. Haanel experienced
an unforgettable “light”, but I experienced the full weight of the past, present, and future
in one moment of realization, and I knew I could never turn back, it was similar to that
light, yet different. Yet, I felt I could endure anything and come out all right, even the
worst of hell, and I know, I’ve been through that in the past twenty years, but I felt all
right about it, although like any human being, I’ve experienced some ill feelings and
stuff, I pretty much felt alright about it. And as for suicide or anything like that, it’s
actually never really crossed my mind, sure, there were times I needed support, but that
was about it. But as for taking the action of suicide, at even my “craziest”, it wasn’t going
to happen. Like an eagle of distinction, honest action has genuinely permanently marked
all of my actions since before birth, during birth, and every year I have been alive. I could
not exist any other way. (Remember I am doing this full document in real time, noting
pauses and all, so keep reading it gets better.)
I got that Eagle of Distinction line from The Band’s Cahoots’ album, the song “Where
Do We Go From Here”. I wanted to give credit where credit is and was due, you know.
Anyhow, I really could not exist any other way than that. Honestly and forthrightly, I did
not say “perfect”, but honestly and forthrightly. Because I am a civilized immortal souled
human being before I am anything else. When I became Zon, I became the ultimate
development of what I just mentioned in the last sentence. Not perfect, but a civilized and
honest human being doing his best. Sure, there’s always more to be, but you (or I) always
start from there. That is the point. Before I write anymore for a little while, digest those
last few lines, those will give you a good clue on the real nature of life and everything.
(Remember I am doing this full document in real time, noting pauses and all, so keep
reading it gets better.)
When I became Zon, I more than realized this fully in every way. When I became Zon, I
realized that it is not all about perfection, it is just about being genuine in every way.
That’s it. Fathom that concept. Genuineness to the full at all times. That’s what it means
in the Advanced Concepts of Poker by “play the hand properly no matter what, win or
lose.” “Play for the maximum-win, not the immediate win.” Patience and honesty, not
“perfection” is real winning in every genuine way. Even as James Allen says, “Peace, be
still!” Yes, be still and peaceful and patient and notice what genuinely works. Real
effectiveness takes development and honesty. That is the Grits And Sweat of it all, the
real Grits And Sweat of it all, and nothing but the Grits And Sweat of it all. Moreover,
the sort of winning I am talking about is everything. On the other hand, the opposite of
the type of winning I am talking about is nothing. Genuine loss is doing things genuinely
improperly. That’s it. So, there are only two choices for all real men, winner or loser, no
in-between. If it works, it works; if it don’t work, it don’t work. Indeed, things can be and
are honestly judged by results. Perfection is just a yardstick, reality is the meaning of is.
Productive honesty is the answer to the ultimate question that is the solution to the
ultimate problem. What must happen is that things must get done. And note, “actual”
perfection isn’t in the equation, only good or great desirable results. Read into it what
you, but this is where I stop for now. (Remember I am doing this full document in real
time, noting pauses and all, so keep reading it gets better.)
Ultimate efficiency comes from ultimate honesty about the facts, and I do mean all of the
facts. If that weren’t real life, then evasion of the truth would be a good thing even in the
halls of evasively pathetic government and guilt-ridden religion. Good sense is not
“crying wolf”. So, what is good sense? It is facing the facts and dealing with them right
no matter what. So, the “bad guys” are that type of fully-integrated honesty, “aren’t
they”, no, we’re the ultimate genuine good guys. Real business is handling things
honestly and forthrightly at all times, and in all ways possible. Not I did not say
“perfectly”, but “possible”. Like a flight plan, 99% of the time on a flight plan, you are
off-course and have to adjust to stay in line with the target you are flying towards if you
are a pilot; that is a semi-quote and interpretation of Brian Tracy’s message, yes, he’s one
of “us”.
So, thinking, observation and rational action is “par for the course to make the target.”
That’s it, sure it branches into more applications, but, that is the core of thinking,
observation and rational action, it gives honest direction, everything more, nothing less.
So, in this sense, perfection just becomes the ultimate measuring yardstick and reality is
like a flight-plan.
When I became Zon, I realized this fact, moreover, I realized that life is The God
Concept embodied and the “flight plan” embodied even for The God Concept, 99%
imperfect, and it is that one percent added that makes it a perfect 100%, do you get my
point to that analogy? So, those who genuinely do not know, say that “there is nothing to
it all.”; those who do know, know there is something to this thing called life and
existence, and that infinite variations until you hit the mark, mean just that infinite
variations until you hit the mark.
But each mark hit is not a vacuum, so I paraphrase Miguel Cervantes: The road is better
than the inn, as the shot is better than the target hit. Or the action while you are doing it is
better than the result because there is no real end to the action. Do you get what I am
getting at? I know you are.
Now, it is time for the real ten-second miracles and miracles period. The end is never the
end. And the beginning is always the beginning, especially when considering existence as
a whole, existence is never whole until time “ends”, and as we know, time never ever
ends. So, the closest thing to wholeness is death. But the thing furthest from wholeness is
the process of life. So, the point is that each answer leads to an ever greater answer and
there is no such thing as “wholeness”, just more to do and better. It never ends. Sure Grits
And Sweat IV will end sometime, but the genuine life process never does, as I learned
from Drs. Milton Erickson’s, Richard Bandler’s and John Grinder’s work in NLP and
Ericksonian Hypnosis and all of that only partly, and studying logic and chaos theories
deeply for the other part. It is what it is and infinitely more, not “no more”. (Remember I
am doing this full document in real time, noting pauses and all, so keep reading it gets
So, when I think of genuine logic, I think and know of actions rationally producing
emotions in every way. When I became Zon, I realized that actions should rationally
produce emotions and not the other way around. So, this little ending tidbit ends Grits
And Sweat IV, now onto Grits And Sweat V after these messages…. (This has been Grits
And Sweat IV, Grits And Sweat V (five) coming up after this serving.)

Grits And Sweat Le Griot Papillon V

Not to repeat myself, but to extend myself to you; here is the full quote of Paul Simon's
version of “Sound Of Silence” from the 1991 “Concert In The Park” recording to make
my point definitively:

(Instrumental Vamp In...)

“Hello, darkness MY old friend...
...'come to talk with you again...
Because of visions softly creeping...
Left it's seeds while I was sleeping.
And the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains within the sound...
Of silence.
In restless dreams I walked alone, narrow streets of cobblestone...
'Neath the halo of a street lamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damned...
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light...
...And it split the night
And touched the sound of silence...
(Instrumental break)
And in the naked light I saw -
Ten thousand people, maybe more...
People talking without speaking...
People hearing without listening...
People writing songs that voices never share... one dare...
To stir, the sound, of silence.
Fools that I do not know.
Silence like a cancer grows...
Hear my words that I might teach you...
...Take my arms that I might reach out to you...
But my words like silent raindrops fell and echoes in the wells of silence...
And the people bowed and prayed – to the neon God they made...
And the sign flashed its warning...
And the words that it was forming...
It said the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and the tenement halls...
...And whispered in the sound of silence...”
(applause from crowd)

When all is said and done that does deserve to be a full-blown quote and not just a blurb,
because it describes and sums up about me, on me and lastly for me so Goddamn well.
And the vision (Neo-Tech) that was planted in my spirit, soul, brain and mind and grown
from a beginning root and pedagogical end (as there are no pedagogical infinities...)
known as Zonpower still remain and always will, genuinely.
Yes, the black books with white writing, not the white books with black writing are my
old eternal friends as well as childhood friends. The white books with black writing are
Hal Fishman's friends and are for his sole benefit as the black books with white writing
are for my sole benefit. They just happen to create value for all who read them, but they
were genuinely and generally created for Zon's ultimate self-expression, se;f-benefit and
total self-satisfaction.
Who is Zon?
Hal Fishman and myself of course. There were no other Master Zons, except us. So, yes,
I can honestly say that I was the original Neo-Tech author and the first real Zon or (yes)
fully-integrated honesty. (Consult “The Funk Brother Testament: The Motowen-Style
Secrets Of I&O Publishing Company” for details, is what I can honestly say here in
“Grits And Sweat Le Griot Papillon V”.) Like Paul Simon, I can honestly say: “Hello
darkness, MY old friend.” and fully, and unmitigatedly mean it. And this anticivilization
is nothing more than the restless dream of the cold and damned. In the darkness of being
alone in honesty, the light is naked. I find that to be my reality in this anticivilization the
few times I have genuinely been without Neo-Tech, but still was and am Zon in my heart,
soul and totality.
This is honesty in the anticivilzation: Walking restlessly alone in honesty down narrow
streets of cobblestone turning my collar to the cold, damned and dishonest world of the
neocheaters and never conforming even when it is “profitable”. No one else is there, and
they are foolish enough to believe who “is there”. My words, though, are the silent falling
raindrops Paul Simon is really singing about. These are the silent cries of desperation
from the profits and prophets or whatever who do not matter. This IS the sound of
silence... I am Zon, that's all.
What is Zon?
It's misunderstood Greek for fully-integrated honesty; Aramaic, too. But ultimately, as
Anaxagoras said in “The Zon Compacts”, it is universal. Indeed, like space, dark,
velvety, black space with its shining stars. Hence our pilot publications that are black
books with white writing. Zon is also the subjective mind of objective existence or God,
which is objective and genuinely neutral.
So, when I say the words “honesty is as honesty does”, you know a little bit more about
what I mean. For honesty is as honesty does. Deeds prove everything, not talk. When you
put YOUR money where YOUR mouth is, as I do mine. Rational self-interest is the law.
So, when I discovered Zonpower (Anaxagoras, Thales, Aristotle and Socrates created it.),
I knew neo-tech is and was just “fluffy”, “pretty talk” and that one day I'd have to put
“my money where my mouth is.” So, I becane fully-integrated honesty and wide-scope
accounting in word, deed, and all. That's it. But I did not say that it was or is easy.
Consistent honesty IS hard as we mentioned in Neo-Tech Advantage #47 – Loyalty To
Honesty... It takes consistent patience, discipline, thought, effort and honesty producing
self-control and self-benefit while benefitting genuinely everyone. I know what I am
talking about, I live and exist with it all the time no matter what. I've got more discipline
every day than a good, disciplined singer one morning in a Sunday choir and sinning for
the rest of the week. We all take our chances, but very few make their chances. These are
the few that begin to count; I know, I am one of those few. There is an old, old saying
that “circumstances favor the bold.” That is a reality of the situation. The self-exploiter is
the most moral, rational person on the face of existence, especially when they benefit
themselves then peripherally benefit everyone else.
So, that brings me to a point: If you can be nice to yourself, you can benefit others only
then. That is THE point. Self-benefit and self-care are what it comes down to. Self-
esteem and self-love are some of the other terms for the one thing I am talking about:
Rational self-interest. So, here is knowledge, come, light your torch, Walk into the
labyrinth and let it blaze a trail for you. Find your way through and come out better than
you were before.
It’s a funny thing, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly… You are better when you
become conscious. Like “silver” on the water shining and changing forms with the waves
beautifully yet staying the same water. Lives can do that as they develop. When I became
Zon, I realized this and became as adaptable and patient as that “silver” on the water and
as hiddenly powerful as the water. Who else can be Zon/fully-integrated honesty?
‘Anyone’, if they took the “chance” to be that. But I am the right man to be THE Master
Zon. And, who else can when you really look at everything including the genuine facts of
reality also known as the whole picture? Most people “chicken out” at the word “Go”.
They feel the momentary feeling “fire”, then the “water” of perceived reality “puts it out”
I start out as “water” and I am persistent and patient as calm “water” wearing away a
“hard rock”. Could I be more? Always, that’s the secret. That’s where it’s at. That’s the
secret to genuine growth and progress in the real right directions on anyone’s part.
Including mine.

The End.