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Site Visit Notes

Student Name: Evelyn Montoya-Campos

Date/Site Visit Number: 07/06/16 #2

School: Glenbard South High School

Grade Level/Subject:

9th 12th / Speech

and Biology

Using the space provided below, briefly summarize todays classroom experience.
Identify the Illinois
Professional Teaching
Standard(s) targeted in
todays experience.

1B) understands how each student constructs knowledge, acquires

skills, and develops effective and efficient critical thinking and
problem-solving capabilities;
2K) engages students in the processes of critical thinking and inquiry
and addresses standards of evidence of the disciplines;
4C) understands how to help students work cooperatively and
productively in groups;

Identify the activities that

occurred today, which
addressed the teaching
standards identified above.
Then describe what you

1B) The teacher were very skilled in getting the students involved in
the class discussion so they could share the understanding they had
of the previous days lesson. He used current film and other known
references that kids could relate to encourage them to share their
interpretations of the information they were learning.
2K) This biology class was what they called a bridge class. This is a
class that is non-credit and instead helps the student prepare for the
credited class they are to take once the school year starts. These are
kids that are struggling with biology. The teacher uses labs and
games to help the students think and inquiry about the lessons.
4C) The students were from different grades (9-12) and from
different schools (Glenbard West and Glenbard South) like the day
before but these students were also in different levels of learning.
There were students there who were in AP classes for other subjects
and kids who were in the special education classes. The teacher
grouped the kids in fours and was able to get the stronger students to
help the students who needed extra help and with his guidance made
the learning work for each student.

Describe the impact of the

performance activities on
student learning.

I could see that the students really enjoyed their class and that the
teacher was extremely vested in their learning. By his using games
and labs that entertained and stirred up curiosity the students were
able to learn and enjoy the process.

Describe any additional

activities of significance that
occurred today.

General comments and

observations including at
least one emerging question.


I had a wonderful time in this classroom and the students were so

great. Because they stood and moved around the classroom the
students and I both were surprised when the class came to its end.
How else can a teacher who seems to be on top of it make each class
fresh and new?