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A Sentence For Oscar Wilde

Matthew Lee Knowles

May 2010
“And the damned grotesques made arabesques”

The Ballad of Reading Gaol, Oscar Wilde

The to the artist reveal critic is the art and who can translate things creator conceal of beautiful things
the studio summer was wind the filled with wind open door pink the rich odour trees of heavy scent of thorn
of of roses trees heavy scent thorn and the the when the there the as they with entered they to them turning
must them they saw he was seated at of he the piano at half past twelve street to the next over day the lord
call strolled from one afternoon luxurious arm a arm month chair later little was reclining in in a mother
mother I am of so happy faded tired light whispered woman who with the who the one arm she girl with that
burying her I suppose evening you have heard shown had the was had the news into said room lord room for fat
Jew ear some reason or other the who met them smile the them house was the crowded beaming that from their
night and ear box and the ear to their box and talking than met him the man who had it on was long into past
into noon into when room he to awoke his he was valet had and had his and the hung crept several I am so glad
last knew that gone I have they told found you you but you he at had half said gravely I when his he had
servant thought entered peering he looked behind orders at him the steadfastly screen and the man was and see
the wondered was walked for years could would not free more himself from the to say that influence of he no
it was on as he he the ninth often as he often November the eve of his own thirty-eighth he passed out of the
they room they and began walked softly the ascent walked softly as at nine o’clock on lying on looked the
tray his boy who had the man had to touch him twice and his had all but next tray morning his the one hand
out servant shutters side came in with was a cup of that hole evening at of eight-thirty exquisitely dressed
ushered and was his wearing ushered a large lady a cold rain mist were bars came began to the in the fall and
the the blurred street-lamps looked ghastly a week later was sitting duchess sixty in of the conservatory at
the the time to tracked tremble the next time day he in his to had he did his not own the leave the house and
a indeed terror hunted snared spent dying snared most there cried is no use your telling dipping me that you
are a going to be good bowl it was and did a lovely night so silk scarf warm silk that he his in threw round
two young them to the other that to his his men the he he the one who he him he her he coat over his he arm.

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