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HECI(LER & K.()(lH haw aumrirad SURVIVAL BOOKS INC. Lo p:ubIiSil"illhi~ unatliclal edlil!:iinl O'r mhei HK G3 maruJilII, Thle is not. n omcIaJ i'l'!'l!!sJ1" ltJo pru1l'i1Jlfibers. a.ecos,ltJri\a~, a~ sam CiI 'ltie IBchlllegl '1:1. [a Qi'e nom curreJlt HTld iIhD mE!:nLtfac!:Yrer should not be mn'!!Kited' reg cling the eDflterll • This hi! ~m~ will'll me !lind fX!!IDI~!IiX'i C!~ the rna!1t!radYmr m iO!i&h!U Firearm!:! c:dktc:'1lX.&. :i!,1iIdiltl1~!I!. 1!.!1I1l 'ml~oo. ,i!II'fId mll1tmy ,and IMII 8nfur~ pIlr'~F1ne!l.



Pan 1: Description of the Weapon and Accessories Part 2': Operating Ins,tructions and Mai'ntenance

This: Is not an official manual. Under no ci.rcumstances, shall mhe reader oo,nta.ct the manut'acture·r regarding! any data presented .~n ~his parnphl'et

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, .


Copyright© HECKLER & KOCH ~NC,

1. i.r. .".,1.1 , 1 ,1 ,2', 1.,1.,,), , ,2,

1.3 .. L4. ',.5.

Deacd.ptlo" of tI!1e weapon Gene ral I nfQrmflltion

DeSignation App II,caibiUty

G enerslll de&c rl pt len G entre.I' I Uus.tratiQ n·s Ass emb Iy ,gro u pe· lem,n I 0'9 I data

• • I. ... ;

'I !I !II • III

'I II! I! II t. ;

T e.cho leall de8cr~pti OrTI

1.5 .. L Constructio'n , , , . .

'1 ,5, 1 , 1 ,. Barre I with race·liver. load I ng

me.chanlsm and eights

'11,·5, , ,2:, 1301'1 e!l!lsemblly • • . ., '" 1 ,5-,1 ,3, a rl p e seembly with trl 99 er m ectumism , 1 ,,5.,11 ,4, ,Back p late· with butt etock . ,. ,.

1 .5. , .5. Handgua rd ""',

1.5.1 .6. Mag,ezrl"u~ ,.".,

1.5. , .7. Opt leal slg hting dev lee·9 • • ,. .

. .

1 ,.5.1 ,,8. Train i n 9 eq ullpmslnt . 1.5.2, Opal",atl0111 " . . Bolt: , , , . . 1.5.,:2.2. r,rtlgI9~ r maehan 1,9m

I • • I; io

. ,

I ". II • Iii

2'. Operatlng In.ttuC:tlonlli malnt,enanCie

2.1 . a perating, I nrstructl On$. • • • ,. ,

2,. L 1. Prlnc:l[p~es. on nand II ng :and oper· .

2,.1 ,2" Prepara·t~on o·f tho rifle for fl:ring

2,1.2,1. Loadling ....;,.,.....,

2,1,2,.2. Fl1ring

2. ~ .2.3. Un Iload I n;

:2.1 ;:2 .. 4. FI Uingan d emptying of m~glfil~ine· Launch In 9 o~ ri fie grre nadea, . . • F,iril'irg with tr8~nlng equlipme'nt

, ,

I !II • ~ I.

I oi ~

Pe.'g. 1 1 1 1 2 4 5 6 6


· . 12 14 16 19 20 '21 22 27

. 27

• , 29


3'7 31 37 37

, 38

, , 38

.38 39,

· . 040


2.1.3. Etnploym.nt of the Vt'.-.pon with

optlca1 lighting dev~ . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2. 1.3. t 03 t,lliIilCoplc .~ht with mount • • + ~.I. . • 'I • ~ • Infl'l-r-td night .,Ighti rtg device

with mount • • • • • • •

2.1.~. Employm.nt of tn. WIII.pon on

ext·,..m. cllm.t~ condmonl • • , , , . .

PI" 41


• •

• • 43

• • -43

2, 2, MI~ntenll!!llnC8.......

i 2,2. t. GeMrel ~ . .

·2.2.2. Di •• aernbly .nd Netnbly

of ,~tfl. and tr.~nlng eqlJlpment for ctNnlng

2.. 2.:J. 1im. tor maintenance . . . . . •


.. iI Il

.. .. -! •

· ...



· . 44

. ......

• •

51 52


Maintenance ~n"ructJ.on. . . .

Speclll hlntl rtgt;r(Ung mHn.

.nd tool, f()r m.ll"lttmllnc::. . • . .

Funct~oning teat . . + • • • • •

C!I!IUHI of malfunction Ind

t'I' ,.lIm Inotlon by the rifleman • • •

• • •

• .. of •

· .

. . . . 5.t

2.2.6. 2.2. 7.

• • +

~ . .

• • , 52

· .

. :

- = •





t .1.1. ,Duilimation

Rifle 7,,62 rnm x 51

1 " 1 "2,, ,Appllc.biliity

The R I'fle '013 us ,a n a~t)Omat iO S m a,lll e rm Win i ell p8rm~tB to fi re sing ~e s hots or short

bursts from a[111 finn's positions. ~

1 , 1.3 Ge,ner.~ d •• crlpHlOn

The. eel i ellt feat~1.J res o·t the a3 are $im pie hand Ilil1lg i' [I n,starrtt combat !"'eadilne,ss.~ excellent a,c(:uracy and high firepower. It IS light of wel'gilltl m'ost re.Uable [in iits TL,lllI'u;;ti Or1!Si and Its parte are ru ny [I n,ten::;hangeablle.

Th e 03 I,a. ,0 rec.'oil~opera,ted weapon with fjx;ed barrel I ncorporatlng a spl it blewbatiK ~oddng s.ysteillil!

C~utrid'ges, iii r'" , fed from a. 20·rolJ.l[na magez,lne or. In, carrel ~n,aerted,.lially.

R i'flle grertlsd;e'i ca,n be lau[nched fro nil this We,EIIIPOn, lhis. ho'Weve r, requilres a p rcpellant chalf\ge.

A blank ett9.'chment makes the: flrilng o.f blank oarttidges poselb~e;

lhe $ubcalibre., (H)ll'hferSion kit ~8 a training equlpme:nt te tne Rm~la 03 'for the. fl rl n 9 of 5.6 m m x ~ 6 SlJlbCSlU bre am mun,ltl on, -

In case of" p ractic.e fl r~ng t~e 03· ,fit8ndla,rd bolt. a8I:H~,!,l)b I)!!' can be r'epl a'ced by a bolt fo!" the firing of plaa.tio trllinln;g ammunition.

'The exc,eHen1 fining a(::,c'Uf,e!l(:~y' penmit$ the use a,a $niIPlU' r~f1e', 'WI,th 'the. IPfovlda'd 'telese,op Ie e I,ght the GS ca n be used aa a e n·~p .. r "lvI8.

With the Aifle 03, cartrldg'e\s 7 ,6~1 mrn '-C,51 of all NATO eoulntrles ean be Hred,



FI go 2~ G3A3 'from the left

Fig', ,3.: 'G3A3 from the rig tit

WEM~pon G3A3 with pi ~ ?J.hc butt stock and p~asti c hand guard, Hand Qua rd ~Ixed l:I,t th e. I oed i n g lever housi ngl (free Hoatung barrel),

Frlgl. 4: G3A.3 ZF" from the ~eft

fig, 5,: G,3A3 Z F from th e ri ght

Weapon O,s·A3 IF', same verslon 8S GSA3. but with telescoetc slglht


Fig. '7: G:3A4 fr,om t~e ri'ght:

Wee pOlrn G 3A4 with retracte ble Ibml stock, p l,as.1~C Ih@ndlgu,ard iRIxed at ~h'~ ~o8d hlg Ilev,ew hou e i n'9 "fre~ floatingl ba.rrel), -




Length O'f the weapon with r~9id butt :stodk ,Length .of the we,a POlf'f1 with rctraC1ab,le butt stock B,readuh ,of th;Ei' weapon

Heifght o,f t.he. we'apon with rnegl~~ne Length of the barrel

Dlata,n;ee' betweeln a ight.$

L,ength o'f twist, psrman'ently to the' rllghthand Number of t~e ,grooves

Nu.mber ,of the ch ellm,be r 9 roeves

Wle'g~t of the weapon with riglid bun stock, wltnlcut: mag,ezl nEl!

W'ei'ght of the. weapon with retlfactable b uti! st:ock, witho~it m~ga:l i n 19

W'e iglht of the ailumin~ u m nnag8z,1 ne, vlll~ed We'lght of the 8,t~,~ «l!a,gaz~ n e, fU[led

,.4i"1. 1 I;: lin

~I.~ •••

3L49 lin.

L711n. 6.66 ln. 17' . .11 in, 22.48 I~'12:.001 n,





'7,,6:2 mm x ~1 NATO (1020-00 mm)

( 800.00 mITl')

( 45.,00 mm)

( 220,(JOmm)

( 450;OOmm)

( S7'2:,OO mm}

( 300.00 rnm)

(4.52 kg) (0.1322 kgl)

26.5402.; (0,752 [kg)

,500 w 600 r .p.m,

2i569~26'24 f, P.:iil. (780 • 000 rim/e..)

2098-2110 it-lb. (:290 ~.3CO m'kg)

Ul@, 200. 300 and 4'00 metres

4()46 yd, {370@ m)

u,p to 431 yd. ( 0400 m)

CycUc rati&

Muzzle 'velOCitY' • V ~ ~ Muzz!e e'n er'9Y 'I" Eo - Sig htling 'gra,duat len Long,aat rfIJngtill'

NQlrtna[1 rain ge o,f use Safety lim It i III tile f"1lngl di reel lon

8af'ety liiim it. on eaenl tiidle

[P.-otrua[lng po i nit o.,f the. vi rling p~ n

DIste, oetweelnl befit nlead ,9 n d bo[lt: head oeanie r

4370 yd. 1093 yd,

(-4000 m) (~OOO m) 1 ,.4S lmm

OJ5 a OJ mm



, .5. , . 'Co n.t ru·dlolil

r=mB 'II of :-1

I )

Fli n 9: C",' ro i!I,c;. >6eciicm

£Ii ,'- ,'- .... oQl;I q - - -


1 ,,~_1 ,1 _ Bln"el with tee elY-er, loading' mlechani*rn and 81g hila (fig, 1 I) end 11)

'1,1 ~-'- ',.'

... "15

'. . . 17.. ~

':,>~ ..... _. ~16 ,rA ~~B

....._ , , ,_'


Fig" 10~ Components~ barrel. recelver, .loading mechanism and $tghts

1 He'Celve'r with barre!" lo·adililQ

h nus.tog i front sag ht ho Ider. and re lelB,ilIie I'ever

2 Ba·nrel

3· Cy:11 n dWIQal pi n

4 Fr·on't sight: [no~der 5 FI,9:sh h'lder

6 'Cap

7 Bu s h 'for ralsaee ~ev@. r 6 11 fl·1 ea ee lever

9 CI,amplngl sleeve

10 Conta.ct: button few mS9·9line catch

, ~ M.~g :uJne catch

12 c.onltact: pliece fo r rTl1aJgaz I n e catch

1 :3. Co ntact epring for mag eziinE!l ceteh '114. Pin for ,stop abutm enl

1.5 .Axls for' leading hemdle,

116 Loa.diing halndlle

17' Ellbow *p ri n 9 TOlr loa,dll n'g) hand lie

~ 8 Co'nta,ct pi ece for Iload I rlig nllu)d Ie'9 Flx p~ate for &ig ht $UPPO rt

20' Leekl n 9 w8J$ h er

21 8·nnd 109 screw

,~2 Ro.t;a t)I rear ,Siig ht

23 C~mpn~:$slon s.prlng ffOlr ball catch 24 BaJI

25 Adjusti ng ,Sc.rew

The re,c.e·iv,er (111/1) conte i r'J!e th ~ barrel (1, 1/2). lea d,i n'g rneeh e n ~19,m (1 ~ ,M) a n,d eights (111 16)"





Fig, 11: Banel w~th reo elver, I09,d I n 9 me-ohan i,~rn and ,$i9 Ms

a n 'the ri gtnt an d I en ,6 ide. ,of the rece lve r grooves are im pressed to g uid e th e be It and to ,seat, th ~ back p~at@- I n fro nt the re a r'IJ two ope n.i ng$ t'o receiive barrel ~x~ telns,~o n and be rrel, ,as we II ae, the 'Ioad'i ng I ever h ous,ilng (t 1 is).

Th'9 back pilate ctoses the recslver at the rsar, The. lower rear part of the rec:~~ver i $ bQ;K-typ@ $ h a ped and p to\!' i ded with 2: tu bll,l! la r rivets to store the loekl ng P-illi:S '1Inkinig the glriip assembly ,end the back plla:te to the rec'9,lver"

At the front p,~ rt of th e receiver are th ~ Ii'H~g ~tzilne' sh~iTt and the irill ~9azilrH1:l catch, MO' hol e6 with bus h ea for the lockl ng pin a ol th e ,grip ,e:sa,emb Iy,

Olil the ri ght s,i de of th~' rac@iver its th ~ '~'jectiorl part. The sight base is, We~c.EHj 011 t hie, r,e.ce iYe r.

The' te'lescop~c sight mount liS, locl::!tea on the front: p~rt of the ~,iglht base. On Ui~' I,~,ft :alliid Irig ht $id $; o,f tlh~' Irece~ve r a reo 4 riBCeg,8e'S 'fo r the enga~ I n 9 of 'te~eac:'op I C: sig ht me U nt and clamp ling clews.

The m a gaz~ n 9< :Eiihaft S EH'Ve 9 in co n n ec't~o n w~th th e m s,gaz i n ~ cat-ch ('li Olt 1) to I ocate and 'fix th e !'Ii ~,gaii n S'.

Th e load i n,g I ever he u,s~ ngl is i na,erted tn th e rsce Ive ran d spot-weld ed" A U-:Eilhap,ed bow (11 (3) is wel~ded on to the' flro nt ENld of the. loa dii ngl levalr IhcHJIS i 119 VOir' th e 10 ~ c,ati n 9 of the h~nd!Juil;u'd locki n 9 pin.

The I nlg I'eve r ho u e I n g h a e on its h:~ r~t ~id e ,Q 10 n,~!t:udi~H~ II)!" sllotted he 1,$ which has ilIt its, end a~ 'exte n $ i on to th €' rug ht s id~ i rll wh lch tlhe 10 fldiA1g Ileve r engag es "10/1 6)" In th I e e'lot:ted no I,e· ~lliide 6 th e loa ell nlJ I,eve r wl'tt. lts s prl~Q (,1 0/17) a~d sup pert (1 011 .6,), W~th the load i n 9 I ~V€ ran d $11,,:1 pport the bolt is drawn back complres,9;ing th~ recoil epr~ng !9,ilmultaneou:~ly" lin front theeupport and the I(h~di~g ~ever. s re limited by the SlOP ab utm ent, The ste p abutm ei'rlt i ~ attach~-rj to th e I o~d I n'g I e'i,fEW hous i ng by 1iTiI@~ln:8 Of s i' lvet (1 Of~ 4). At t:h e I en 8,1 de th i e r ivete,d pin emelrge'S as ~ :atu d, Th e .les dilng I eve'r ,enQlag:e!~ OIj'1J it wheri the bolt snaps f.orw~ rd. The I.j)a,d~ ng leve r h Qusing !he. do sed .i n front by a. cap (1 (16): ,a tM~,t bo!lt with sp i'li n'9 h olds the in ae rted C~ pin ~he froftlt $ i ght {1 '0/4)-

Barrell (Fig!, 112)

In the barrel t:hfit cartr,dge is fueed aod gwen motion. direcitJ.on and twist (flight: ... handed twist). The II nterh),r o,f ltie' be rrel co n,8ij$'W of: the ch~nnb8r (1) ,8 n,d the rifled part (2:). lin ~h& I,atter s,re 4 groov'e'&.

Figl. 12: Barrel

whteh have a const,ant twist to 'the right.. The chamber hae 12 flutes which fe.C'IU·, 'tate the extrac.tlon of the cartrldgle ca:s.e utUtz.ling th e 988 p rese.,u ret. The rnuz:z1le la, provided with a thread where the flash h~der (3) or rather the blank, attadlllTU3'nt ea n be scr,e-wed o,n., Behil nd the thread e. ,centering she u I der Is I'ocated fo r bette r gUlidance. whiile $crewing on,

The ~on9itudlfllal 'groov,es behind the ce.nit~ring ,shoulde,r 8·&rve' ae ,c;,et.che,s 'for the ret'a!1 n I ng apriing of the' :Nash hid ttl' 01' rather of that o,t the Ib~enk attach menl

Fla.h hld.r (F~g. 13.)

Tthe two fu~C't~one ofthe Hash hider {1J alf'e to hl'de U;;& mluz:!!:I'e' fla,elh and to guide, the rl fie gr"enad e. The. long Itud i n a,~ .slo.ts In ib3 front pea rt ap~lt t:he' m :.rzz!e gas5l~$. At the, rear 8 ret:aining sprlngl (2,)

F'llg'. 13: FI~8h1 hider

is, ,set, which e,ngagl~$ i'n t"he notche:s and p.lI'events the fl~,sh hider or- rather the blla,n,k att~,chmrefilt' from iooeeniog. 'The fla9n hider iia, acrewed on lUl~11 I't 1,9 lin tight co ntact with th e muz:z I,e' o.f th e ban'"el.

Rotary ,rear sight d 8vlc,e {FI g. ~ 4" 1.5 af!d 16)

Th 19: ,ailg~ting' device COI'i!$i$ts, of: the fllX:ad front a I gtht with front :Big ht r..o Ider (14/1) and the rotary rear iij,ug ht wh liM is ad] u stab~e In th e veirt~cal and h 0 rl:z,ontall dii rectlon {1 ~/2).

Th e rQm1ry rear sig ht (n ot,ch) and d I opt:er holes m ey be tUlrned from PO$~ti 0111 1 to 4" Theee figl~,JI'ee CO rrespond to' d i $ta n c~,E5 flru!T!' 1 00 to 400 metres", Pos;it I an ;'"1" ia, en open V",sligM! I'n the pos~tiiona, ;;;2~ 3 end 4- dioptelr' hOle$; ara used. P'ositi,on "2," ,6erv'8S as bae,lie aig hI. The' 0 pen V -aig ht, corrrespo'ndl n'Q to ra d i:stal1ce of 1 00 m ~ ~a, en auxUialry IS igtht"



The front slT1tht holder (Hi/1) wit~ bush for front s~g'ht holder (,'15l,2} js set, on the barr.a.~ and 8o~dered ~!H)ftly to the laUer. in addition to tnat the fr'Onl s.lg~t hQ~der ~s rivet.e,d on the barrel by means of an eyebOllt (1.5/3) whloh also :serves, to ettach 'the carrying 8Hng. In the, front pert of the front $~ght hoider ts the snap rdng {15l4) which p,re.veots th@ r~nl,e grenade' from $Upp!ln'9 off. The uppennost part of tf'le front s. i ght lis deve,loped as a prctectlen eFf th e a i ght The fro nt slig hit (1515) is p!.,l $h~d I n'to Ii llong.itu din al ~,I n ami Ilxed by a dam ping sle€ve (151)0).

@,ca )I'




2" . ,'. ' ,-

'. - .'




Filg. 15: Front sight holder

Fig. ~e: R:C1lary rear s,ight

The :sight base (UV1i) ils, we,ldeo en the receiver and tlhe s~ght cylinder (116/2:) with Ita thread a;cr~we.d on the ,slgltht support (16/3), The two -c,!1!tch boUs (1614) and 'catch be it 8 prling,s. (16f5) are I oc~,ted b e,twe en. th e rot~ry ee re.w socket i n tJu~ $1 ght: s,upport elnd the. s~ght cyli:nder. The b~11 (16/6,) and compression. !Spring (16/7) pl'e5:;l agiCJlinst the serew soeket and lock, Hie, ,~li.ght cylilnde'b'" In thfll adjus.ted ,shooting di$lanlce.

With f,ix plate {1'6/8)i ~ock.lng w~SheN" (16/9) and binding serew (~6/1 0) the sight, support ~fil ,scl'ew-ed on the s,j'ght base, The rotary rear s,f1ght is. adJust!\1lid. by means ,of the jdjustlng SCrew (1611 '1)._


1 Bolt heed earr: Sf W~Uli check ~~ve'r 2: Oyjll n dfic~1 pili!

3 'Oh,~k lever

4 Com preesio'n s,p ri ngl 5 Boh hE'-ad

6 Extractor eprl ng 7 Eltltractor

.ij C1amlping pi:n 9 R'oll hollae r

~ 0 Locldng roUe i"$ 1 '1 lock:i ng piece

, 2 FI ",I ng pirl sprl nQ 13 Flrilng pin




: 14



,.., I .....

.... ,i

The co,lt locks the ba rre I at the moma nt of fire,; it is gl!Uided "n th~ rece lver and feeo$ the (:;~rtridg~, extra,~ts ;and ejects the canridgle C~UH~. and cocks UlI@' namf!l18'f,

The be It head carrier lidong wwth th e recoii fjlprlng tube (1,) carrtes th e bolt head {5}. On both sldee. lit has studa 'Where.b~i' ~t elides 1'''1 tne. gujding glroo.'w~8. of the re~, ceiver, In itB longltudlna,~ bore Uea. the firing plin OJ) withl the flr'ng phl ,spring (12) 8 nd the ~odd ngl p~ece (11). I r'! ita r'~H~ess at tne fr,ont ,Bllde ITt r'&OE\I'Iv-ee the be It h~~d. At the' U!pp,e.r left elide ,of the bo~t head earner slits the bolt head lodk;~ng lever (3) with bolt (2) sind e:prijn'g (4). The bo~t head ~oddng Ilever retains the boH: head by means, of it's shoulder at the moment the locking takes place, and 8 reboundiing of the bolt ~g thus, Impossible.

The recoil sprln1g tube Q'f thEli bolt head ,carrJer rscelves the recoil spring with racoill aprl nlg tu b~ a nrd the a butm ent for th e guld~ t'i ~g of 'the recot I $prr~ n'g. Bolt II'Ilead and lodldng pi'e-ce are s.eated In th~ bol~ heed earrter and are held by the bo,lt head lo'Cking lever at the shculder. It lis bored arlic mlilled In order togulldle the front part of th e lodkJI n g piece, the. fl rl 09 p.~ n and tnt IIQckllng rolle~e, (1 0) with theiir h,oldinQ lP~a,te ('9). lhe I~ower slice' o,f the bo~ head Ie ,of rib~typ@ shape. It eontalns a IOlngritudinal groove for the ejector and rnllted-cut portions to. give free access to tlne ~lp9, o(the. magaz:~ne.. The se.micircular shoulde.r conAn,as the, move· m ent Qf th e I ruuitli'ted bonl: head lin the, IOillg Itud i naJ dl reet Ion.

The e.,xtfa¢.tor:..(7) i 9 located at th e fa,ce of: the' bott h sad, It ,18 held by th e extraeter ,spring (6,). Wlith ita e.xlracUng clew it gets hold of the ,cartridge cas,a- ,at the. circular Qlroove.

Tine, ~ookl n 9 p,i eCe i rli connect ton wtith the looking roUe re reg u l.~t@8 th e lockl n 9 ~od unlloc!<Jng of the bolt h~ad in the' barr,al e,xt~n:8icnr" Iltg, foremos,t part, which Is flaUe nedi~ 9,1 ia'e',1S ,! n the bolt h,ead. lite cyll no rlea I rae r h a,S 8 n ose wh 1m holds it in the boltt head carrier. The locking plec',e ijs drmed along !its lo,ngitudinal a~J8 for the gluida,l'ice of- the fir'j ng pin.

lhe .flrilng pin fires the. cartrid'ge. It 11.8 gUided in th!ill bolt neact th!$i ~Qcklng plec,e and the bolt head carrier. I'ts cellar ee'Nes 8$ abutl!ne,n,t for the 'fllring pin -"p,rlng.


~ II: .jI;OI n '1' - - iii -, . bl·' Itl;;, t 'Inn - i' ,. 6tha -I." "F-g 1 O'~ ~ .;;.1.11...... 'ur P' ."lPem. _'I W'!;~ r ;I:nl'., m",_· __ . ru _.m 11.. I,. '. v,

1. Cd rllp e.esemiblry

2 'Trigger a 6ssmbly 3 Locking pun

,4 ,Grip

5 ~indell" ,screW 6 Toothed w,e:eher

7' Safety meotu;;u; I am


The grip assemb~y (1) selrves, to the lnserticn 0'. the trigger assembly' {2] tlJnd llao fixJ~d . t.o U;~, receiver by means of the lookl n 9 p~Ii"J,I~ (3), Th e g ri p (4" 19 ell ppad over 'the grip aasem b~y ;ana fixed by meana of a I ens, hea d soc rew (5) wh i en ~S' eh ecked by a teothsd w.~she r (6). 0 n both ·8ide~· of the ,grip a~ sern bly e rig ~dar SUPPOirtS ate pIfEr$:lH~·d iii to reoe'lv;f: the tr1igger ,i:u1iis·e,mbly, The eare'ty plln (7) flxes the tri'gge-r case ~nsertad in UlJ;f3' g rl p" Th eli th r'!i;:·e·po~,i,tiQn 5€ l'ootiV'1? fin~ liever II~ sit:LHi~t!;HJJ on ,the, left 8~de' o'f t.he 9 ri p ae Bern bly p rovl dii n'g for:

.A whllt'6' I'TH~lrk eln the ·fs.c·e of the· :$.~fety pin Indicates. elso on t!tH~' right side of th,~ grip aesernbly the cone~,pond~n·g position o'f the selecUve r,ire l'eIVer.

F-I g. 1 9; Safety meCh·a n I 81m ~

I eft &id eo o,'f 'th€l weapon

Fig. :20: Sa.fe.ty me.chtmislm -

iI'~g ht etd e of the weapon

'The '9 ri:p e.6.sembly (2) receives ~II com1po.nents o'f th e trigge r mechran i·em I ham mar, ejecta r and safety m echeni$m.


1 5 1 4 IS ck - 'I .. t - -boh- 'b iloilo I .._ .......

e •• - • - • I a - ." pm. _II Wn; 'UUI. I1Lv",",

(~') Back pl •. ta with rlakl bun dock (Frlg. 21r)

, Butt stock with ho.,lder for buffe r


:2 Butt p~ate·

3 Buffer sc:rew

4 1 (:loth ad w,e:ahe r

5 S efety plate 6 Tubular rivet

1 6u$h for tubu lar rlvet

8 Back plate with rsccll Sip-rUr1,e tube 9 0 rlvl no a,pri ngl

10 Guh:!a r~ng 11 Stop pin 12 Alv,et:

'~3 6 uffer e,ss,embly

14 COi!.Jltntere!i!Jln k so raw '11,5 Toothed washer

16 Locj;dng pifJ!$

rug. :n: Back plate wuth rigid butt etoek

The b.eok. plate with blutt $tod<. c:loe·e.e the raar of the· receilver. It IS 'fixed to th,e latter by nHil!ans of two lock~ng 'pins (16)- The buffer as.6emb~y (13) is loeB.ted in the back p!a.te. It is fixed above the holder for buffe·r hou61nn'9 (1) In. fr'ont by means of 2 countersunk sorews '-14), and ·at the end by the buffer screw (3). The r.'@oCoU spring tube ~e rlv,&ted In the upper part O'f the back plate" Din the. recoil spring tube sUd,e' the guid e ring (1 0) a.nd th e d r~vi n 9 e,pringl (9), wh u(:h are he Id by the· stop p~ln (11).

The buU stock {11 J pEt.lfmrit.8 an ad e.quate h e.n cU I n 9 of ~h$ wEl·e pon a n d Its puttl n 9 against the shoulder. Qln the left Side .of the butt ·stook the eHng nollder ts trimmed in. 'When the w-e·apon is $tr~ppedp. the tubular rive,te (6) serV€!' aEl, place for the ~ockin9 pins. The butt stock Is closed by 8 plate' (2), th~ two binding spring,s of wh I en catch above th e ·tube rive~ alndl are th.1U8· fixed!

TIliI. buffer a".lII1'bly "Fig. 22)

L ~-----"t=-tiI,...~

5 ~-~-f--____"


'1 S uffe'f scn~w 9

:2 foot~edl was,her ---r~~ilil'l.~~ 3. Safety pilate

4 Countersunk serew 5 T octhed wss h ar

6 He lder fo r buffer h ousiing i' Closing e~ i"trlW

a BurRer 8 pr~ng

:91 Buffer bo It

10. Buffer houslnp

The buff&r aJ9,e:em blly eua h I Ona the botrt .after 'the aha! has; been fl red. a. n d tn1rowe It fo.rward again liil cQliijlmetlon with tne. recoil "pring.,


1 Butt stock 2 Back [pI a,te

3 Fh~co i I iii p.r~ng ,4 Guide ring

5 SbJp fiin

e fUvet

'7 B uffi&r bo~t

e Byfh:I'i' spring 9 8 u'ffer sc.rrew

10 Spring loaded grilpptng iever 11 Cap

12 a ri ppilllIg ~ever 1 :3 Notcned ri n 9 '4 Splr~ n'9 rijlng

15 Lockl ng pun

'1 fGl~

' .... ~'m

'U(&: " "'@1"'11

: ,::, i ':

" , "I ", ," ,

r> /" ," 12


, " ' 1 (.

" """"'~O'

," V'. '.

, ,

Fig, 23: Back ptate, with retractable, butt ;stook

'The "back platte with retractable b uti stock" can b-e rep I aced by the ,; back pi ate with fi x,ed piastlc butt stock II ,

'The spiring loaded gripP'ing Ilever (10), the grlp.plng lever (,r2) and the notch-ad ring (1 3) ,iii re. p~acQd en the. buffer hou iii I n g, Th ey awe held by the is pring ri n 9 (' 4)" At the rea r the. cap "111) covers th.a b,adk, pi at,e (2).

B'oth guide raUs are welded ,0111 to. the convexedly f.ormed butt p8at~; lhese two, gu~de U~n$ slide en the buff,e'l" houeing ,and are lied into th!l guide, groove of the hO!J18ing at mounted butt 3.toc.k,

A relnfor-¢ed butt stcek (::OV9.'t." s.tabilizee 'the b.utt st, (1) whe.n launch~ng gren!de.e.


The buff,er .8 .•• embly (Fig,. 2A]

1 8~ffer se rew 2 Bufflelr' e pring 3 Buffe r bolt

,4. Com pression spri n 9 5 Bolt

6 Sa,ck Ipl ~te



3 -- - .----!;-_._- .... -- -

The com presston spri n.g (4) with botit f5} iiB, located i n the buffe r screw {~J. Whe n unioekl ng th a b uti: stock fo,t' @x,trl:!ctlon it ~s pUlsh ad out of ilts catch by me',a n.s of the compre~$iO n sp ri ng w.tln be It {4 end 5'.

1.5.1 ;5. Handguard (Fig. :25,

The plastlc han dg u a rd (1} eevars the barrel hom. bil;llow ~ n d tae I ilt;ate,B th e h,e n,d!~ II,og of the rlflie wh ~n thle ba rrel ts hot.

The Iii n i ng nivet:e,d Into the filalfl<:llglua rd $~'rves ~S' p rotactl 0 n Ely'e,inst heati n 9 ;Oif Ui$' h~lindg LJia,rd.

The lcckl n 9 pin (2) se rves as faat@fi!ing,.



C" __ ••• ----~ .~~~

• • - •••• L.:-L~""...:!:Ir.I Y-V-··:.;:"- ."l-.~

- - . . - . . -

'1;9, Ma,gazlne (F Igi. 26 and 27)

·t M~El8li na h oU:EI.11ng 2: Follower

3 followeii' aprl n 9 with aah.'ty plate ,4 Maga:z I n e. cover

The 1m eglliZinG reee Ives 'the' ca rtridge8 and assures the CiS rtri dg e feed, ilt I a a sUB.i,ght box-'type m~g ~U~!le and has a ·capac.ilty 0'. 20 cartrildg es.

Fig, 26 ~ liIg ht m ~ta.11 magaz i n·e

Besides, the abCFV€i described light, m etall mifLg6zii n e r(flg. 26) a steel m a,9aZil'll09 (FRQ, 21) lis, eva II able.

1 Mag,e:z.1 ~e hOIJe.1 n,g 2 F·o·1 k~we'r

3 f'o I lowe r ~,p ri ng; 4 tVt1agazlne cover





. -~:


I \...._

1,5.1.'7. Optical :lIghting devie ••

(1,) Telescopic sight G3 ,wtlth mo~nt (FI Q" 28)

The ta,lescopic sight js used wneln the Rifle 03, serves as sniper rifle, It enables the shooter to detect a,nld eim at, the talrge,t by day and I n the, d us k, Th e maxi mum filrilng range to ba focussed amounta to, 600 metres. At loftlger dlet,Q,ncE:!s Of the' ta rg et it aliso rna kes the. observatl oln of tjhe' enemy and the. ~ffect en th e target ecsslble.

The, tales'copie ,Blglht (1) is flixed to' tlhe mount (2) by two screws (3),

The receiver of th e weapon liB de,Blig!ned to r~c.e Ive ,a tel~ascop.ic Sig ht wltfl mow nit, withe ut any spec.all 8 rrBng,eHn$lF'jts. Th eo telesc op le s~g ht mow nil ~8 rna nked with the cones pond ilng fli n a I nu moe r of the weapon.

Fi g, 28: Teleacopl C s i ght 03 wltn mou Il't (2) I n~ra .. red 111 ight ligh1i ng device with moulM (Fig. 29)

The ~ nfl"eI-red nl ght' s I gM:1 n 9 d evi C'1i is I ntelnd ed to be used in 'Conj u nctl on with th e Rifle G3 for aiming and observatlon alt nlight with tnfra-red spetHght.

Onl nigh1i:-o'pe~aitjonla It enablEHt the shooter to observe i1Jnd aim at Inf.-e,-red !lllumil n atl 0111 by m ean 5 Q,f th a In fra- red spoUig ht b@lllQrltgl n 9 'to it.

'The. infra-red n,iglht si'9hting devic.e (n Ie. flx.ed to the telesceplc ,sight mount (2) by two 50 rsws (5).

The receive r of tha wea pen is desig n eo to lreceive a tel esecelc sig ht rnO U!"ltt wIth infra-red nlight sighting devtcs without any specle,1 pre,pa,ration, The teleseopic s~g ht me u nt ~a, m arked with the CO rresp,ond Ili'llg fl neJ nom ber of the wea po n.


Fi g. 2E); Infra -rred night sig ht~ng device with rno u nt

1 ,S, '1 ,s" T!\,piliirumg eq Illp~ment:

(~') EUaiil'k atta'chmell1t (F'~g, 30)

1 81 an k ,ettachm e.nt 2 R,eta I ning sp!fi ng ,;), CYI i n drieal pn n

,4 No:zz:I'e b olt SOup spring

The b'Llrilk attachment (t) is a training devlce for the filr~n'Q' 0'. blank eartrldqes. It i,S s,c rewed on to th e ha rre I I t1lstea,d of' the' flash hTdell"- Th@ !reta i n ilng s pri,ng (2) In t~e r-e'a r part eng a ge.s in the barrel ahcu lde r making sure th at the blank etta eh m eW1!t do'as not 9Q't Iloo$,~ by 'itse'lf"

I n th'El' f!ro nt pa rt ,of t~u, blan k atta clime nt the t.iO'22Je bo It (4) wiith cup sp nl nus (EI) i s p!ac:ed" f~xed by mea n s of a, cyl inod n-i,ca,1 pi ill (3), The gas preseu re ca n b@ r~g UIIHa'tea bY' t'u rn i n 9 the n Dzzlle be It.

lrh€, blank ati:tCfjoomenrt has a d llIIlI chrOii'iillium-p lilted finish to dlsling ulish it from th ~ fl,e:!jh h ~de r.

(2) Pia.tic tra'~nlng breech b ~ck (Fi g_ 31 ')

1 B@~t head e~rr~0!F'

:2 Bo It n@ad w'iih cl utch plece

3 Fi rl ng IPIII1

4 Fii ri n 9 pit! sprl ng




Fi g. 3': plla~,"tic tra I n i iilg breech block

Ttl e p les,ti.c tra,j n I n QI b re seh block ~s' a plractiic~ d ~vi C e fo r th e fi ri n g of pi a stic tr.a I n I,~g a m mun ibo n, It is uns,ertted !into ~Ih~ rilfl e :i n stead ()!f th e no rm a I-Ib ol~ and i fa n,01 $ u ited for the fi r i n 9! .of serv~ce am m un It I 0 n, Th eo weapcn ts Ted with pi a,st.1 c tral n i n 9 a mmu n ltlo n by rn e'a n a of the 03 m.aga~ i n~-


The d Itlma,n.slons, of the bolt, head c~rrtier « 1) eorn,apond to those of the, nQii'ml'!J 03 bo It, A e Ir!.Jtch piece is iln.8e.rted 'firmly' j,n the bolt heed (2) and connects bolt head

and bol:t head earrler. .

,(3,) Subc'alUb". cOIW,erll'on kit (Fig. 32) '1: Su~bcaJib re' tube E

2' Bolt E

3 Maga:z I n,e E 4 eomll!Jil1lte'f E




F~g. 32': S u beal ib re eonverslon kit

The conversion kit is ~ t:ralning devli(:e 'for the fir\in'9 crf ammun,IUon. 'calibre 5-6 rom l(, 1 6 (.2,2 ILIA.).


Sub¢.nbr;8; tube E (Fig. ,33} "1 Su bC!B II bre tube' E

2 t.(H~ki n g ri 09 E

3 BOlre

4 M 111,ed 6U rfaees 5 Crees alit





Figl. :33: SUlbca~ilbre tube E

The 10 ngl pe,rt (':) O'f the $liJbc~libre tlllb~' E ts pi seed iln th e 03 bs mil. The I'ocki,ng Iring E (2) 'on the tube' P'ife'\l'~'nts a 100 Be n I n,g f;ro m the ba rrel extelrtsio n at rfl:l:1ii oved magaz i ne and opened bol,t. Tne ,ESubc,~ lib re lube' E i8 add itilO n rEI Ily fiixed by means of a bo~t on the m e.g a.zina! EmgaJgil n gin th ~ bore O'f' th e tube raee pt!on (3),

The para.llel a idea, (4). of the vu'be. prevent. it from being d i etortea II n the receiver and barrel ex,te'nsion. The' ~xtra(:tor entelrs I nrta the, obliq U:Q reCe~r8e$, (5) at c,I'o~,ed bolt posttl On, Th e chamber end tne eut-l r. 9 reeves ~ re' hi the barrel.

Bolt •• iemlbly E (rug. 34, an d 35;

The bo1lt ae:Bemb~y IE locks the 8I!Jbo~libr~ tu be E wnelfil fl rl n g. lit lis, g tJlichH:I in the reoe~veli" ,8 nd feeds ,is! n d i 9n~t-e$ the oe,rtrl dga', exi:rac,te and @ljsets th Eli em pty case and coeka the hammer.

'1 Guide rod IE

2 Bolt head earrter E

:3 Bolt h~;ad E with extwactorl" 4 Recoill ap [,I n 9 E:

5 G tJllde :Bleave E 6. D~sc

7 fa uffer ,sp,t'i !'i:g ,6 Saf'ety p Leve

1 =lJ

. -.~ _ .

. _... .


~ I 1111.1 iJ.· I: '_f.M~\\\~, ~1IiI"o tJ

j . 7 8

The bolt h ead E wllth extractor (34/3) conln·act;e·d wi'th the 'gullde &,1 e(We E (34lS) Is nnserted In the· bo·l~ heaJd carrier IE (.34./2). On the guid,a, rod E (34/1) the. recell spring E {34l4) with dihso (MI6). buffer spring ('34fl) and safety pl!s,te {:MIS) .e rt· plaJced.

The bolt head csrrler is actiivat.ed ,only when. the weapon is cocked.

Bolt head E (fig. 35)

Tru~ bolt head E (34/3) with extr,aeloli ~:s placed II n ttl e be·lt h,eed c:a rrH~'r (34/2).

1 130 It gUllde E

2 Extra.'ctor

3 Shod< absc rber

<4 F-irlln'Qi pfh

5 Fli rl n 9 pln spring 6 limit etop

7 au Ide pla.te E a· U~cllp

II [5 " ,


_i2- ~


Fig;. 3.5:' Bo It h.ei~d E with follow. r

The extractor (.:3.0/2) is d,ltta one bly II n Be. rtlElld ~ n the 0.0 It g'u I de E (3511 ). wh~ch re;C@IV'8:,8 the shock absorber (35/3) the firing pin (3.514). 'T1h1e.' firing Pin sprllng (3515) end the eempresstcn sprrinQI lU'e rec\~~ved by the. shock EI,osorbe,r, the: cou.nterbear~n'9 of wh~ch' Js fe rm &(1 {liS n.rnit sto p (351S}. The giluld e plate· E (35/1) lis loc:ated on th e rear :aid,e of the bolt 9'uld~, ·end alt the recoil 'of the' lbollt it Ipres$.El8. the hammer downwBirde. wllth, itt r8iIiillP pllaced on the lowBIr side. 'Thl! U~cllip· E (351-8) lock,s the

ibolt: guide ab ove th e U mit e~op,; . .

line magazine E eentai n ~ t!ha· ca~f'idge$ and lt8$urea the cartridge feed. lt I saba r·~ ty'pe mBgazimt- and ihe,B 9. capac ity of 20 cartrl,dge's;

., Mega:z~ n e; h ous~n9 E :2 F"Uower spring

3 Magazin~ cove r

4 F'o~!IOwa r

5 Followet spring wl,th .safety p~:at.e ,6 Maga:z;1 n eli cover

A suocallib rEi· m Bgle:zlne· h oU$tng with fillil n·g piece ij$ fi rrn Iy fitted 1:0 ~h~il' G3 ate ndard magazl n,e hoU!s I n,g E (1).1he foUoW'e r .spri 119 (5) seizes the $!.,.d;;(::aolibre m a·gazine hOu~' sing ·a n d th~· m,agaz I n e eover (6) covers the 'lowe r part of ·the· :standa rei m a,gaz I n e hO'i.J8ing,




- ... r E (FI,g. 3,7)

The eontalne r race lves the converston kit E-

t Sou bea I U:rre t.ube E:

:2: Bal.t a~:gembl.y E:

:3 Maga:z I m~ 'E

4 Clean~ ngi kit. ,c.a'I .. 5..6 rnm to 6.5 m m

·8 ~ '01' ~~

1-1'9. ~ 7: Co ntainer E


~ [I:: '" ·0.·.· ;- ridl' n

II .;;.i.4'." .. Pi!!I! __ ._0._

~ ,5.2.1 . Bott (FI'g. 38, 39 ari~ 40)

The weapon I e load ad, clOcked and ready 10 fJ re, B)I pulU n'g the trllgg er th e cooked ham mer is relea8!8d and stri,ke5, th e r.1 ri II)g pln (3S!4) ¥in i en rll'"'8',8 th e cartridge (3611) w~th. its po~ nt, Th~ pow de r gas d'r~\ies the pr'Pj-eetll e do'wriI ~he barrel (38/5.). At the same time powder gae,sea are forced against the case. The cart rJd ge case' transm its a pa,r1; 0'. the' gas pressura to the bo~t ~ead (3812) and thereby the backward movern $nt i6, ~ n Iitiated.

1 Ca.rtrldg Q 2 Bolt heed

;:3 Locldng piece 4 FI r~ng piln

S, Barrell

6 Barr,e~ extelnsion f Loddng rolllle'i7

8 8Qit hEH~d 0',9 rrter

60 '] I{I.

FJgo 3a~ Bolt. in locked potlJtioll

Th us the b o~t head carrie r (3J3f.B) is a:ctlvated by means, ,of the I ocf(ifilg ro~~e.,rs (3817) tino tI~€I' iCHZlki 1119 pi !&CNa! (38/3) in the proporticn ~: 4" On. wh leh occasion the I'ocking rellere rem 13,1 n I ackee untl I th e buUet, n8J9 left t~~, b,a rre I, Th ~ lockilig "'0 I I,ets erne r"Q e from Ute, reo'&eses, (39/1) iln the barrel, exte nston (.38/6) and e r'e pres,e i n 9 agaiWils1 the iWilcU n ed faees of the lo,cki ng plaee. The' I,ocking piece slid as back and t~e lo(:kung rolle'F$ ~,I i:p i[n~o, the b(i,lil hElad $$ fa r ,8$ n ec:\~ssa.ry to ~nltl'l~k the bolt

~In .09" B:"'I~' -I n • ['In 10" ",1:1",,'" 1"'10,"" It I ""'"'1'

II .~I ~ . I W IL,. 'WI. .'_IT'!.~y rfi".!i:iI luiI!lil


The lodc~ng plece with Ita eheulde rs h Its the bolt head C~.rri er and 9 i'vee add I,tiom~.~ a,peed to same" 'WhllesUdingl to the re.fIlr the· lockiln'9 lever (,40/1) engages from the Bo~t head.


B,ol1 head and bo'it head carrier separate theli'Jl$elvel9 to a distance 0,1 about 5 mm brut move further backwa!fde loge.the-r, Whll,e the bolt head is movifllg baokwards the hammier ie. .. ~ocke.d W I the recoi I april n'Q com pre.sse.d. the Qanridgle case h 911 d by the extraetor ~hU9. him the' ejector and ~8 e.J ec ted. In ute. rear most po sliti on the bo It hits 'the, buffe r and ~8 8,tOp.p8(L

At the forwa rd move·mlent the energy of th e. expand ~ng rece)'! I 19,prirtlQ, and t,n-a expa.ndlng bu,fier ,aprl n,g pu she's the. boft MliWard, fh e ca rt:l1ldge on to.p ln the mag a.:zJn,e IS! inserted into the ,chamber by the flro,nt surface. of- the' bolt. head. The extraeter hooke inw the Iri,ng groove of the. baee of th Eli cartrlidg e ease. The lockIng pieee. wltn its declln I nlg h!ces P.1U$.h~8 the ~ockl ng rolr! ens outw.ll! rdJ~ 1I nlt.11 thiey ,9UP.P.Clrt. themse.lves 'fn d'ie· barrel e'xtens,on {3816) I wh~ch locks the 'We,apo.~; At the' 'mom ant the ~ocld ng takes pi ace the locking lever a1eps (Fig. 40) in 'front of the 8hQu~d er of the' bol.t h"a.d ~tid .prevents the bollt head to reboll,.llind.

Tibia wealPOI1l ~e, once m olre r,ee.dy to f,lve,.


1.5.2,2., 'Trigger mechanlam (Fig. 4.1 - 51)

1 IBo,lt head earrl er :2 FiriwnQl pin

3 Aeleae.e [Ieve. r

4 .AnvU fe r hemme,r 5 Trigger $prifi.g

6 Hammer

1- Safe,try pin

a· Preseure sh a,nk and p re:8!1,U'I"'8J spring

9 Catch

'~O' E~bow sprilng with roler 11 Trlgge·r lever

12 Trigger

F~gl. 41: Saf.ety mechen lsm at pesrtlon ,u·S "! == safe

The weapon Is 'Ioe,ded and th e h amme r (41/i5) is eeeked, 'The s:aJe~y' Ilever (41 17) put on, "S·I = ,aafe,; h, this. ~Hleiltion th", t:rlglger ('41112) ie, blocked by the safety pin

and Cial~not be pu II&d. - - .

a.for. flr'lng

'The eafety lever put em poe:ltlorn .. E H ::- 8,1 fire. At ::Hng'he fire th e triQ'ger ~e.'\!'er (411'1 ~) In connec,tlon with iit.a ,obl,ong hole (43t1)~ the ssf'9.'ty piln (4.1I7)! 'the elbow spring with roll er (4'1/1 OJ, t'h e catch for &~ng I e 'fIre (4'2l3) and the eEl,tOO fO'1F UI gger leve r (42/4) 8S d:!lICo.rU'i.ctOir comes _into act~on.

1 Sliding ·rnnTaoe 4 Ce,tch for trlggler lev err'

2 Catch -f:or burst 5 Aeces5 f'or sllngle fire.

:3 Catch f011l' Sii~g I·~ f~re

Figr. 42: Fr'lJ.mdio'n ~ng po·a~tl on 0'1 trigger p,e rts at PQ5 itirQ'r'i II E" _ single fire

The trig'ger lever with its ob long h ole can be. :ahifted a beut t. 5 rnm un Its long itudinell direotlorn,

1 Ob I'ong ho le

:2 Comrp'ress I 00 b ott wirth sprij n 91 3 Triggler rollers

4 S.U rfece c:e ntr:~ Oo·f p rasa u r'e'


In un ope rated lPo.aUjonl~ wh iell means without pressure frem the h:amm sr, the tri 99 e r levti!i r U:S ste'a di Iy bel ng pua h ed fOr'N8 rd by me en,s (Ff ita prEH~SlJre bott w~h sprlnlg (43/:2). As aocn aa the hammer with ita slng[le fire. notch (42/3) comes lin co n n 9'ctl en wLth t1htil Ui 99 er Ilever. t:h e I a.Her is P u shsd b ack.wards cvercom i'ng the power of th e preesure be It a nd its &p n ngl.

([Not@!. dit{H;tior! of aJHOW In Fi'91. 4,3). -

Th liS, sho rt ton 9 itu d~ n.a! I m nt cs LH5:ea, e sillig I e shot. Th e catch wJth its roll er {4'1/1 O} puehes ai, single fire th€l tr~gg'er lever steadily against the hemmer noWh.

S fIligl~ fi... ([F"i g. 44)

The bolt body presses the Irellease Ilever {41/3) a,ned thus the s&ar catch (4113) forwa.rd .. The hammer (4'1/6) va o.n~y retained by 'the 'tr~gger lever (41/11)..

f~-· , , -

When pUIUlin'9 the tF1ig~f":'" !ltS extending lever with it$ rec~s.$ n~lI~H~:h'e,s into the 9 rOOV'fiIi of the. -6~fety piL I lim It~ ng' the rnevern ant of th e t r~g ge r. At th e iii e m e tl iTlle th e r'e'9 r pert: of th e trl gg er I (:;;>ler ls b I i fred I' the front part lowens and d iseng a'gles 'from the s~ngle filre nlotch,




,At th is m oment the, pr'9;aSilJre on the trl gga'r' ~eve r com Ililg from the hernrn er i a, beilng taken oft: ,a nd th 9\ trlglge r ~@\ler g 0;8$ fo rwa,rd (FI'g. 47).

'The ttri:gg er is 6ti~~ be'l n 9 I,ocked" 'With the fOfwe r'd m o'Veme'n,t O'f th e trl'gge r ~ever ,Ita rear p,e rt ,snap8 1I nder the p ressu re of the' e~b.Qw ,6pr~ng with roll er tnto th e tr~g,ger I.e'ller notch (4214).

Backward movement

After 'the carru'nd ge has lleft the, b;alrrel'i the belltgO&9 back and 'the be It head ce,rrief pu'shes the hammer backwarde (Fig. 046).


FI'e. 46,: Bo It ba ckw'"cu'd m OVerrH3-nt

FiIFS.t the hammer engii39~$ [n the nota. for 'H$ingle flr's:u (IFlg. 49), shortly thsreaftar the sear ,catch e. ng a'gras. I n ttl e notch for .. bu ref!! (Fi g. 50)- At the fl rst eng a geI'rM,n,t the t:rlglge r I,eve r mo'VtH3 backwards, at the e ecollc eng,eg erne nt it comes forwa rd ~galin.

Fig ,49: Harnmer engagli"llg in

the notch for aingille

fig" 50~ Sealr c·atch e,nigagln·g in th $ notch 1'0 r burst.

Forwlird mo,Yemem

The bou r1Ci,1Il9 off from th e buffe r &nd th e preB B~ i"'€ 0'" tne reh~ae I rH~ rsee II m,ake the bol,t head carrl er move forwa rd, The, ell rnb I nlg ramp of t:h e' be It h aa d cani er (42/ 1) pres,sea the, re I'e'a ee lever dow~wards wh lch re I e:a ~e$ th e

The hammer cannot ,s~r'ikJe, but is caught on n~e trigger lever', The 'triQge'r lever lis j.~,!iilm~d between the notch fo r slrlg'~e fi re a no th e trig ge r h3V~ r n eteh. I n, thla pOI~,tlo:a th,e I!eq u'enc.'e I. Inten-upted.

To fl r'9 aneth ar shot, th e tr ig g~ r must be relieaJs ed.

After the tri!gg er ~s relleas,ed, the trig ge r leve r {43!3) com 9'S down and r~I:@i!l[;:10 B the rea r p,e 11: of th e triig.g er lever, D u ~ to th e pr,e,ssulre from the h a.mme'r the t,rii9 ger leve r i$, p U 51he d ba,OKI S8 fa r as, U~e lion 9 Itu d~ na I hol'a makes it p oss i bl:e an d re$ts 'Dve'r the pu~ll~off e u rface (43/4). Th & co n diti Qf!! fQ r th~ next shot is 9 ~vert.

Sinou I dan othe r is h ot be fj red I' th:e Ujiglg er i 9 pull ed unt,j I the' p1JU-ooff (Fl g" 44).

F ~.n1~er puU of the, trl 9ge r ! I'~e th eo raa r pa rt .of the t rij9 ge r I!ever. wh ille the, front part di,e:e1ngagee from the notch for single rlr"€ (4V3}.

The ca rtrl dg'9 '1,6 f~H!ld and all filJ neti ons repeat 'them Be lves,

Burtt (Fig. 51)

,A tu m of tha, s R~ety I'eve r to ii, P'" - b U t$t. :a,15'o tu rn s the a El'fe'ty pln wh ~ch b rl n'gls the glrOO'V'fl in "front of the extelnd ed t riig ge r a'rm.

When tlhe shooter- pulls 'the trlgg'@f, aU 'of the e;<tended ann ¢lIiiters, in the ,glfoove of tine safety pln causing t:! !o'ng@:-r~trigg!$1l' pull and the t:ri'9l~1'er lever Ie cut or reach of th e: n otoh VOIr- $ i n 9~e ri r,~,. The hamm elf i a he Id Q!'lilly by the catch ~1'1! the IFH)1tch fa r Ib U fst (Fiig. SO).

WLn~ every sh ot the re lease Ilever m akes a 9 u i ded mctl on caused by the o limb i Filg rernp of the bolt head earner (42/1) and the catch erfu~rg'e's from 'the. neteh for bu r$t; The h@mnner strikes th e fl rl ng pi n, as noth ing i nterfe res with its motion.

_ .

Th i 8 $eque nee i is ea 111@d .a. utorn ~tl e fv.n9. S h 0 rt Interrupti (:I,n.s. of the a utorrtatlc fltre r'esur:1 1 n bu r$ts;

The weapon ceae.e.s to fire when the tr~gg'er Is releas.ed. The front part 'of the trigg ~r swi n gs up ag a I[n and th e h a mrne r is CB~g ht in the notch for s.~ng I e fi reo


A.t sing lefh"e!

The I nterru pt I on of t,h e eye I i e rate is c.~u$ed thre ug h th e' I rig g6 r I eve r iii c'OI'iIIil~ction wi'th

1. the pOBlltlon ,of- the ~El'fe'ty pin.

2. the longitllJdlnaJI hole on the tr'ig[ger lever, 3, the lI:J·lbow ,spring wllt:h roller,

4. U\e 9 i n g!e 'firre n etch,

!l. the trlgge'l" lever notch_

At Iii ... :

no Il"dein'uptlon takes pi EH;;e ~

1. OWli!'"lg to the po.·s~tl on of the IHrferty pillil! w.h.iC'n 9 !V,e·s a long e r t FI'g ge r pull"

2. ,owl nlg to t tM3- trig,g$1i' I'~ve r wh i ch SWh1Q'S down u ntii It i.B out of r'~·a(h of the notch for s I nlg:le fl ra,

3. by means of the rel'e~3e level" througih 'the catch rel@as.i;ng the hammer at tihle moment the locking takas plaee

Th ~s· reslUl~t8· In, ,8 nun ilnile rnu pted eye lie ra~e u ntl I s) th e t riig ge r ! s relleas·ed,

b) the mag.azine ts empty.

1 ,6, O'u.tflt

1 .,6·,1 ., Aoc .... orl.. (Fig, 52')

1 C,anrying allng 2 M uzz~e cover

:3 ,Olean i n 9 Ikiit forr

weapons cal. i,62 mm- 9 mrn 4 C~ean I n Q. kilt for wea pc rn~

cal a, 5.6 mm '" B.5 mrn

.5 Meg az.h-.e carryl n 9 b·ag


2.1. Oper'atilnog In.true'tlonl

2,1,1, Prl,ru:iple$ on handling' and operation

t , Th (9 rtfl e i a a lwa '!!,s to be. ha ndled as i f i~ w~'r& loa dad ,9 n d rea dy to f! re.

2. The s~rfe'ty. plln has to· pOint eentlnuously 8,1: PO$it:non "S" ~ safe" Only short'ly before fiFlin'g it has to be tUIi'ned to positlcm lIE" = single. fire or u F" = burst.

3, In handlin,s the weapon onle ,i)eiz,eS ilt at the gr~p, When codkiingl, locking and load I rig, a a wen as wh en Ullfu;oc.kll n.g and u n,~o,ed iing it th eo rnuzz] e has, to - po I nt to the upper stde.

4, 8'lanlk- and subcallbre ammunllHon ma.y. be ~lnnp~Qyed only when 'Usi1ng the trainillg eq 1,,1 i pm-e nt (n ote pa ra 1 ,5.1 . S.) prev I died fo r at,

2" 1 ,,2, Pre par,a,tion of th. rille for firing S.~fo re I cad i n g and 'ilring:

to Free barrel bore. 'from oill

2" C heck, if bolt a n a safety mach ani s rn '~uilC'tion prop e:r'l'y 3, Mag a:z i ne mU5,t engag e propEl'lily

4. Check, if th e fl,a.,sh hide. r air rat h er the blain k attaehrne nt f it9 filrm Iy_

2,1.2:,1, Load'ng Be~o re Iload i 119 :

~ Purt is af~ty pin en "S" = S8 fe,

_, Ret ract ttl e: loa d,i ng I ever and put it ~1'rI the recess of th e lead ifilg lsve r hou 91 n g" _ Ins,art fHl,ed m89azlin~· in the,lne shaft unt~1 Ht engages.

_, le:t the operating handle s,na.p forward ..

-' Th e ri n~ is: loaded and Bafe,


:2.1.:2.2. Plri ng

~ Unlock. th eli we~pon

- Turn the safety' pin to "E" or ~ F;;

- Op-~,r,at:.~' the trigge!f,

Whe n t.n,e, fi J'e i~, int:~ rnl:lpted or c'aa sed. the' weapo.n h a,s h) be locked,

2,,1 ;2,,3,. U~lloadi I'll,

= Clheck wh ~th@iF' =H~l'f@'ly p'i nils, at II S" = sa fe.

,- rake out "tile mag,az,j ne by push iwug th e n~'1 ~~,$e' lever fo rwa rd.

= Draw th ~ lead ilng I eve'r rea,M'a rd (t he, 0,81 rt,ri dge' iiB ejected) end II€t the I~ve r snl~.p fOIFw,a rd _

'2.1.,'2.4,. Fi'lling and emptyhig ,of magazine

,_ Wn.el1l rru II i n 9 ~he m a'Qla,ziIF'H1J' prQSS the cartr~dg es sepa rste1ly under tine, magez,i tile Ii P:9,.,

= Wh en em p'ty~ng 'the magaz I neg r,e,sp it wiith Of!-e' hand $(1 thtrt th@ po i nts Qf the cartlr~dge pc I nit d owniw,e rd 8.

- Press the aecon d C'B rtrl dg,~, d Own by m eans o"~ a wooden eh ilp i whe reby the' top e a rtrl dge' f.e II,B Glut by itse'if.,

- Catch fa! 1IIIinQ -0 ut certrtd gea" e.g. by plael ng the steel' hel met u'lnde-rn'iii'ath i'f n$(H~ $~,~ ry,.




. .:::~ -

-. -..,.-~~ -

., - .

2.1_2Ji L.aunching of ,11;fI8 gr.rllld •• - Lock the rifle,

- Rem ove the mag82 i n 8-

- Retr,act load I n 9 han dlle and put it lin th e recess 0 n tjhe' kH3ding ~ever housing _

~ Insert prope I L~ nt cha r'ge man u a II y Into th e chamber (F'I'g, 56), - H ave, the be It with I Qad I n 9 h a ndle an e ppsd fotrwa rd.

~ Push th~ rifle grerurld@ over tile fla$h hide,,,. until 'the abutment of the fronit sight holder. N·ote that the ,sp,rinlg rjng retalns the gren,ade. The ri~,I·e, is reedy to. fire.

fig, 51: Mo,u nted 1'1 fie g ren~,de

0) BiUar.k attachment

= Lod< Uile rl fie,

-- LJnsc raw ~1,6t&h h idar.

= SoClrew on bl~nk attac:hml~rit and Hghtten {m,enua,lly). - Load th€ Ii'"HI e _

_ ' FlU magM I n e with b Is n k esrtrtd ge~ and Ins's rt maga~ i n a, - Unlock th e rlne

~ Set stJil:€liC'tuve fi Fe lever Sit '", E';; or '" F;'; ,

- Pu II trigg,er.

A"t I n,tefrUlpUon Q!f c,e'eI,se 'of fl r'e the weap On ,i.$ to tJ,e locked. W~e n reg u I atl rllg th e gas outlet the mag azi'ne h 13,9 to be' removed"

- T 1lI m the, nozzle boit by m e8Jns, of the cartll"idge case bottom"

- PosiUon ii. scrrew sllot transve rsE!! 'til) H ri ri'QI d i r!$c:ti;ot'i ,W 9 !;I,$ outllet H min i m Yinn II

~ Po,siltlon .. sc rew slct iii I oog,side fl rl filg dl rectii(Hl H gas outl et ~ maxi m om"

(2) PI~l5tjC trai nllng breech block = Lock the rif,la',

- Extract 03 mag ,,~ulle and breech b I oclk (Inote p:a fa 2.2.2.)" = Ins@rt p~l\3;$ti c tlrairil I n 9 b reeoh block in "the rUTile"

- Cnleck prolPer e esembly of the' Ifl fie by m aJk~ng seve ral IIQ'~ di ng rm'Oove'Fn ell'llt$", ,~ Load tn e rllf11a,

-- nil th & mag a~!ine w,ith p,1 a,st.i(i Era i inilngl am m iJiliitl ©f1I e,n d Insert m.a'g 9 Z!ilIe,

- Un~OQ'k the rifl e.

~ Set tt.e a,al QCtil1l8 fi re [lev€') r at II E" or ~'F"

- Pu II the trllglge r

Wh en th e fl ra i ~ i[nt~'teo 0 F' c€,a,sed!, the w"E!,~pOn h~9 to be- I oded,

Note i OWi,ng to d I menstc n a I d lffe re nces it is i mp'D~5iti I e tc ili re NATO ~e rtrl dJge:s C:~ I, '1:62 rnm x S ~ with the plastic tra i n,i!ng breech block.

"ii ..... ~'

(3) Subtallbre t:onveralo,n kit. _ Look the rl fie.

~ Extract Ga. maga,ljne and breeCh block {note para 2'.2.2.). ~ J nS'i13 rt ,subca II bra tu be E I n the 03 ba rre,1 from bsh lnd.

The be r'e 0 ii Un'S face 9 i de h as to p,oint d OWnwa rd 6.

Check proper f~t (rf the subcaltbre tubi? E by in8ert~ingl the mag,a.:zln1e E.

_, ~ naert Dolt E II nto the recellve r, .

~' Check proper as,sembly of the IrHle by moving the loading levew aev€:ra~ 't~mee. ~ Load the rifl e ..

_ rl~~ me'918,zine E with subealilbre ammunltlion ~nd ~ns.en m.aQlazine,. ,~ Unlock the .r~fl{L

~ Set th~ ·se,led Ive fi re Ilever at , .. E II er " F H ,. - F~II the trlgg~'r,

When th e fl re' is I rIlte rrup,ted or ceased, th e weap,on he 9 'to be, ~ocked.

2_1_3_ Em,ploym.nt of the weap,on w;Cth op~lca~ aiglhtlng d,eY'ltce:1

2, 1 .3_1 . 03 'tela'.cop le alg ht wilh, mount:

Wh en uS I n 9 the lRilf,le, 'G 3. as s n I pe. r r,ifl e the mount wlith tel escoptc siig ht I s 'p~aC'ed ~,S fonow~:

Fig. S9: T e.lescop Ie ,s;j'Qlht with me u nt

- ,P'trio,r to. the moufiiting, turn the claws {59/1} of the m-OUfilt oLUtw~rds.

- Place i1'I Ol,.ln~ on the ri'flle from above, tlllti!nlQ' the mou nt sUg ht~y to th,~' rig ht so

th8il th e p~astl c nose I,s a d.J aeent to th e ,!9llgIM cyll nee r, Note d,e,sagnationa ';'filling dlreet,lo.n'" and II a.rlrow",

- Pres,s 'terns,j'on lever (59/2:) downw:a.rds until the catch (59/3) engages, al.;ld,ib~y (fig. 100).

~ Turn t.e'rlis lon I'eve'r UPW8l!"OS.


- To rem ove the tl9hascop,ic IS ighl with mou nt, tUirnl ttl,mll lon I eve'r downwards.

~ Press catch downwa r,de 'with the thlim b (Fig" 61) and tu rn ten:'1!,i Or.! Ileve.r I,.Ip,~ wards a,g8ili':!,

= Ti p the te leacopi C iIlj,i,glht with m ol,.lnt off the weapon to the rl ght

Fig _ 61 ~ Hem£;!ve'j of t'h e' t.e l,e'Bcolph:~ 8ig ht w;lth m cent

. -

Fe r puttilng the te lesecpl e sight. i I1tO th e carryi ng bag! turn tlhe c lawa a ceo rd ing Iyto the Inelde,


2, 1.3.2. Ilnfna .. r'i}d rdg hit alg Minai dlevlce with mount

'When usitng the RI'fle Oi3 as alming- tI:rlrd cbservatlen device. wlith I[nfre~red $po<t~ Ilight. the mount has to he IP~a.c\ad on the rooelve'!i' of the weapon.

Fiig; 62: AU;ached in fra- red n i gtnt 81 gMI n:~ d,flvi'ce wirth mount

Th e ~ nfra-red n i 9ht s I glht[i n" d evl ee me u nt i 9 on prlnell pie attadled I n, the il!I~m " way a~ the. telescoprc sluht with mount, hll addlt~o·n~ tn'r:t press-buttol1l ·switch w~th i'ts· -holdling devtca Ie fastened on ·t!h~ weapon a.cccH'"dl!fl1g to the. des.·I!n:!d fihlng peBiti on, ·60 th at mt ca.n easilly be opereted with the neft: he. n d ..

The tnfra-red nl,gint $iightl~g d!$vic'e w~th mount ,Ie oln prlr.1e~pl·e de'ladled In, the sa m e way as tina telescep lc sight with mou nt.

2. 11.,·t Imp~\oym$r'it of till. we.a,Qn on

luclt ... mle climatic cond ilion.

No iSpec~8i1 t:reatmont o,'f the· w~apon is· necessary In case of dasnpnesa, great, and cold down to 8Jpprox. ~ ~U)O C.

The rine.s.. tra i n ing eq u I pm ~nt a[nd opt lea lsi ght I n 9 devices are nor to be te ken from the· c1o!d Into the warmth end ~ IittJe later [into the co~d a.gain, s~nce othe.lrwl'ee, tile'l'9 of the we.,epQ~ will sutHer because of moleture, :awea.t. IC'a formatllo[n and rus1.

2:.2. Malntenanc,e

2.2. 1 .' Gen,er.~

The co rreet m a hlte,na nee ,of th e we:d!p(m ~ 9 ua ra.nt'ee~ rea dina,ss to fl rei

~ red UCe:$ pr,~matu!!'@ wea.r,

,= plfwenrte ecoid ente!

,_ &aV'!N:!I rep a lr costs and tim e. 'TIne ue er (bea,rer of the wealPcm} - ;18 reseon a I ole for

- claaningl.

= mal rnenance, - ge n era I ~tata",

~ compllete~e'$s, (oJ aOce8.8otiea as w"t'ill) (If the weapon commttted

to 111:9 charge, -

- has W If,epo,rt d a mlaJges EU"ild m,e Ifulnction a im med i:ately.

Th e cl'el1lJnitng ~&8 to be, earn eo out

~' ,a$ m a~n -c le·a n iiOg

~. ,after each fj 111 n g"

_ whe n th eo weapon 9,ot wet and/or. ~. when! ,tlh~' weapon i$ du~,ty"

= as no rm a I el,Qanlngl

~ ill'il regu~e r I nte rva~~ wh en n et used,

~-- e.ft,e r ,e·ach time, the weapon he,s been u sed ~ c:au:s~ng no mai Ii clleflloilng;

After e,ach 01 eEmhlg sind ,ess,emb Iy o,f tihe, 03 ~t hara. 'to, be en eck,e~ with regard to I nrtaclm 188,6 andl perf:ecl iUlnctlo'n.

2.2'.2'. Dlu;llie.mbly and Ireasl"embl,y of tUlle' a,l1Iid tralnl'n" eqtl~pment for eleenlng The rUle a!'i d tJtH~' trail,-I n 9 eq u ip!'li efift. can be di$~ 88embl'ed without any teel s,. II f' ,gelJera~ rl'fles ,a nd tr,e I nlifrig eq u ip.m tnt a,r'e !Strip ped, to b ~ cleaWiltlH:li in the :same room, on,s has, to see to It that the p,a rta a.r,e nat 'm I eta ken. T 0 ~vo~d ,a ny (:Qr1lro$iOn ~ th,e nn a i!il pans of the w~',a POri I In~~. Ireceuve'r"; boll. he',a.d carrl er, be It head, lockl n 9 plece, 9 rl,p as-eern bly end b~d< 'p~9ite are rn arked Wi,ul the last 3 II giU res of the W8',a pen' is r'@'Qli:s1ra~io n number.

Dllia.aembly of l\h,., 'df,le Lock t%€1 w,e'ei pOri I

~ Aem ave the m a'99Jzil n e, = Un lead the, rine,;

- C-~ .~ whether the b,arr:-~ ~s clear

!I~e ....... __ €___ _ _ _ . _ iii: _ _ I

- Unhook the slilng, at, the front, el'ght, hold,er.

'= Pr~S8 out· bot~ loddng p,1 m~ at t h~ back p lat,e B,n'a put them II nto the' tubu ta r rlv,et~ of the butt ,stock,

._ Draw back and remove the back p,18te' with butt stock (Fig. 63).

- Swl n Q! ,0H th e 9 ri p aasem bly.

= Loo ee n th e looking Pi! n.s and th e g I"i P a ssem bl Y I

= [Draw bolt rea rN~rd with the I oaJd I n 9 lev@r' aJ~d catch 'th~ b'ott that S:~id'e·s out (FI g. 64).

= Pu B h th il:). load I n 9 lever fOlrw~ rd e gailn.

Fig, 54: Remove the bolt

,_ Unscrew fiLasoh hlder or rether the' blank attachment.

= Put out, 'the Iloo'ki ng pin of t~e hand guard I a nd n~'m eva the hi3Jndgl!.Jl~,ud,



IBoft .trlpplng,. The bolt, should be dliSEUliItemblled on~y' on the oecasvon of {I main ~jh:UiUlll ~g. In oreer to. d.$.mo~m thie bolt -you gnulp the bolt he~dl carrier wllth o,n 8 hfl;;lnd" turn tne bolt head with tr;~ other" and etr'!p it oft the boJlt head eerr'l'er (Fig. 65).

FI,g. 00,= ID I il8sse,lfilbiy' of the, boilt

Turn tine ~ocklng piece &om.wh_M:, whe.lreby the' II r~n{l pi., and the fifi[nJQI p~'n ,Eiprl n.g get 'free ,I!lind can be t~,ken QUit of; the [locking p,iec,e (Fig:. 00,).

Fig. 00: Rem0Y'~ ~Qoklng piece, wirth 'firing pin spring,

The rel •• ,e:mbly' 'of th., 'bolt Is ~(me In 'reverse seqlu8oce'" ,and the 'folJowlng ,ehOllJrlld be noticed:

Plfe$~' the stud of the I ockil'rlg' _pi ece ~ nte the recess or: th& bolt head c~a rrter I,\Jnti~

it IIOcks, Qnd tUir'nr it approx. 9C~i n the di reeuen of' the' (lhreolk lever. .

Set the. bo1t head on the. loo'ld~g pleee il n such :8J way that the. tape red 'face' of the bolt, head lilts under ttnle stud o~ the eheck Iever,

Push the. bolt ihENi!ld uftltl ~ ,t $l<~ipe evarcom 1 n'g the., 'press QJ thii ,check lever. Pu~[1 th e bo'lt h ea d appll'«Ul. ,5 m m f,p,fwa rd in thil,9 p,os,ltion.

lurin bolt head :eo, far th at it,a' ') ower side f'o,rm,1l!l Qne., s.trB I ght ~irne wllth thra,t 0' •. ~h@:


bolt head carrl er,

The dl.alsembty of Ibe grip' talke'$ plaoe onlly 00 the eccasten of a mai[rJ c~eanirng ';

'_ Ae~ea8e tri~Hler. ." . . .'

~ Put safe-t,y lever vertically 1!P,ward andl pUl111 It eut, = !Remove trlgg er hQU8,j "9 from ~h e 9 ni p,

Tih,e rea.semb'ly ,of the grip ~:!1r done in rev!$i'lI".se 5equence~ thereafter put e,afety J.&.\i'e r at "S" - s-afe.-

Fle.N.mbly ,of th' rifle

Ih e .reassembly c~the, fifh:. ts don e In tlhe re",er9~: el'que.,nce"

~ Pue,n the fUiise.mbled bol~ Into 'the reoilt.wver. Loddr}g !"o~ler9, must Inalde. the bolt head. (Sea assembly. cd bolt).

----.. 'Whe n attaching grip, 8sgem:b Iy. note that the. e}oo.tor ile pUle had downward

Flig. 57,: Rease emb Iy o.f the Irma.

Check correct a$s'8:mbly' 0" the rr'jfle by' osrrylng out e,ev4l'I'.a1 loading operaUone. Di'a.,em bly ;alnd rea •• ,mbly of the rn.guliJ1e

~, Mag~~ine is held wjth one hand whe1f'eby the: ma,gezine cover pointe ulPwa~ds- Push in the. safe.,ty bQft of the- Imagaz,lne coV'e'(by means of a small ptece of'

wood • and 9hift the mtligazine cover off (f~g. 69).

Note that the, Hberated eefety !pia,te is, under h~avy spr!ing prre.8,Stlre.

'- ....... -.

Irlg. 6.8: Removall of the' maga21ne cover Flig .. sf 'R,eas~,~mbly of 'the. Iiliilgazlne

- Talke off ro·II'owe'r end f,ollower' (fig. 69}.

The re8J9.semlbl'y of the magaz i rile Is dOlrH:~' I n r.e.y,~ rae seq l!Jlence (Fi,g" 69). attachme nt

I tie. nIQ~. n ec:~~s.e.ry fo r the use r to di:8SJssem bie the blank atta.chme. fit. Pla.U.c trlliining breech b&>ck

'The plastl e t rai n i rllg bn~eoh block aho. u I d be d I s·a$~ embled oolly on the. ceeas i on .of E!I m aJJn clean i n goo

~ T!i.Jlm the botl head .away from the bolt head cerrler and rem(Jve I.'t (f-~g, 70)..

IFI g. 70: [) i sa$$ emb I,e.· p lastie tra i n ling blc ck - Ii amove. rii rl n 9 p·1 n and fl ri n 9 ~ i n e. prifrlQ trom th e be It h 91a.d.

The Irea~,8emb~y of the plastic tra~nlng breech block 'j,s done ilf'l 'the re:v'E':·rse ·6e~ quence,

Subc.allb r tI eOnlVeralo.A kit

_.., Remove 5 na p rl n 9 hom the ,gl~id e rod,

~ Remove rearw.ards Dol,t head wltn gU'ide bush and! rec·oi~ sprmng wnh bor.t head earrter 'E; (Fig, 71),

~ A.e move forwalrd '911lJid e rod l: from th e bolt head carrie r IE.

~ IA:emo,v;e pi u'g saf'6ty on th e be It cyll,nd er by m ~'a n 8 01 the' cartrid ge C:EiI$@ bottom (!Fi'g. 7:2), remove shock abeerber, firing pln, firlin'9 [pin sprln'9, cempreaslen s,prirng end flang~.

- Un h I ngo9' extrBctoll' by means of ,e e e rt~r'i dg,~ CEI se (F'i g.. 13).

Fig. 72:' Oisees.emlble Dolt E

FI'QI. 73:: Unhiinga ex.tractor

The rea •• embly of ~n'lJ 8ubcallbre eenverston kit Is do'ne; In the. reverse B.e.GuenctJi.



- Rem ave m ag:a.zine cover on magaz I nle.

~ Remov'9! ·foHO'w~·r sprl no wilt!h :sarety' pi ate from the' 03 miligal i n e reGe.iver.

~ Pres~s lin e,afety lP~n ·on the 8uboa~ibre [magaz[lne eever by [meens· o,f a sm.a'll pi[8C'it, of woed, 'tum rr!J!I.gaz i n e cover to the rig ht and remove it (Flig, 7 4),

- IFtemove follo,wEIrr and foUower spring wjt~ saf19ty pia.te. from t.he.· aubcallbre mla,gaZI[I'1I'!',

filg. 74: Remov,e me.gazln·s; cover

lhe Ireas.·eem b~y of tn[e 6lLibcalibre mag ~z~ne i e. don ~ ~ n the re.V'B r,~e ,soq uenee. Tn[.;; user Is· not allowed to e a r r y out·f! Further di·s8·ijte[m[= bly of the 03 e r rather of It,·s ~1!!8$em[bly gro!Upe, and t he t ra ~ [I'll ~ [n 9 ·9 q UI [I P 11'11 e' iii It t h aJ n d a 8 e fib e din i t e m 2.2.2.




Ma I ntenance pe rt


x +)

X, I X ,;(
;;i( x )(
X :;!C,
X ,x



,)1;, x
x X
Yo X I x

; B,arre~


:2 Fllaaln hid er FI,~$h h idfiJ r

Rotary rear $ig ht 41 Bolt


5 Butt stock 8un 19-1Qd<~ retractable

H~~iI)lii springl g u Iide rod with recoij I ,ap,ri ril9

,6 Grip ,eseem,blly' with 'tlrig ger 01~ch80h:u'!'i!

7 Handg uard

B IM8g'i:!!~line

lMag,e:z1 ne

'9 81 an k ~tt~~hm ant

10 Piastl e train I n 9 Ibr~~ch blo~,

11 SUlbce.ll~b re eonver$,ilo~ krt,

1 2' AQc\~9:a;Qri~$

cl.ean at n d lub 1"1 cat& free. 'from ·oill

elean and IlliJb ricat~ eheek proper ~ttllng

clean a rid hJJb rlcata, clean aiflld iub ricat:e

d Ilea$e,iitmlbll~", cle>ao and ~ljjbrl:cete


elean and IluDlrllcate,

ched< p roper fJitthlg cneck wh et~e!" da!'liilsiQ ed ~I.ea!il and 1 u briQiilite

d I eaa.semble! clean and lub!i'l c:at,!,

ctean and I iJlbricate c~eaJl and I,uloricata

ctJ I


i!:: "

00 .'

I - .



2 2 4. Ma.httenance Iln:ltructlonl·

(1) The ma~.n ele;fl~lng is to be carried out after each flrlrlgr,

= CI ea n the barrel ~ which ehou I d !he lulke-w8lrm .e! n d ri!Qt hot~ w~'tlh en

oil eo olean i n 9 brule h ,.

- let. the oil react for ·acme houre,

- the n pu~~ the oUad elsan i n 9 br~~ h severs I tim as th rou gil the ba rn~: I.

~ finally USie dry ¢.11~~H:~nitng patches on clealn~rng ma.ii!! until the barrel ts clean

.0;;1 .... ~. I

- then .oil the bere of the. berre~ slighdy"

- repeat. c~ean'in9 and o.iUng at least 3 days Irunning.

w'hen the' 'WN P(lml got wet a I'll dlor dusty

- d i e,ase em b I·e" as Fa r a 6 al1lowed (see pe ra 2.2 .. 2 .. ),

~ clean and dry' it us,"ng cleaning rags and 8tm~1I pieces of wood.

~ re move. dirt ,Ell nd dust from ·seams ~nd 8 ngillee, by means of th e '0 I'e'a n i,ng b rueh,

_, clean the bsrrel by m~ans o·f o·leening brushes and patchea on clearnlng ehaln,

~the n oU ba.If'r"'e·1 a.n d s~id ilng parts a IliU!El' ag,i!3.i!n.

(2) At. the n(ui'ma~1 cleanl ng at I east

~ tlhe' barrel h as to be. pa.ssed th rOlUg h, then allIed ~ n d

= the' who~e weapen with Iits asselmb!y 9Ir'Oups, ~ (disaSE:H~lmb[ly. ·see para. 2. 2.2.) ~ has to be checked w9th a vllew 'to dl rt 0 r rathe r 0111 Ilndurat.ion&. e1nd !.f It has. to be cleaned and oil·(3·d again.

2.2.5. ,Sp ~ilal hiint!ii r,egardh~g ;find too:ll f,or mal liI,tenance

Fo.r t~e c1Ie.all"iing 8Jnd maintenance must be used c n. I ''I

_ tn,e dle~nll n'QI kits for weap QI"Ul1l, cal. 1.132 1m m to 9 mm

,_ clean p~~~'he$. and c I,e.'a n ~ng Irags. if necea salry ,a lse a 6 m ~ II piece of' wood.

- th a m u Iti~piU rp os e e ntl corrosive ,ag ant 0-190 ..

lit if!! nrot, a II owed to clean the weapolfb

~ by means of meta! objects (ex<:ept weapons' de·a.ning kit), - by m£i,ene of s.ynth@tic m,ateriele (e,.g. nyllon)i

- by mea ns of chern I ce I treatme nt (ails.o trestm elnt with or rather

b~oi[llng in water, addlrUon Qf cleaniin·g material to be bougnt on tile .!T.!llI.rkatj.

2.2.6. Functi(Hl.ifl9 telt

1. C~'a·ck em pty Iii e'g azlne, In se rt ~ n d €xtrnc:t it..

_, roe foillower has to be. moved downw,arde fr(jely i,n the· reeelver by he nd (SIlT! ~ II P i ec:~ fif wood) and miU$·t be pressed upwards aga I n wiUiQ ut tro u1hl e by the. Folk)'w~ r sp,ri nlg .

. ~ The m.agezine must not jam in the maglazilne shaft, lhe nll;llg-€lzine c8tch m u at: rata I n iit flnrn Iy with out play err sev~ roe spri iilg preaSUire.

2 PUlt at 1Ii·.afe.~ I

_, Draw tn ~ ope rat'l n 9 hill n dIe re8JrW~ rd afild ,e:ngage' ~t II n th'IJ recess of in e ho.u$,iing;.

- Ch~ek whe,th er b·a rre I ie, free;

~ lnaert Imagazlne ~11,~d with two dummies into 'the Ima.g8zine holder of the wea.,pO'M.

~ Allow the' op~rat:ln9 handle. to ·s.nap forw~.l'd, Whereby one dummy ia, inserted In tlhe ,oh!ea.mbe'r,

_ Load I tne. fll'l!ilt dum my ,I,B ~xtraded Elind eJ!j!Icte d. and the second dummy' lie, fed.

3. [O,er.te. :Iah!.'l" lfil'dlll nill-im

- ,At mode. rate res.istance it. m u,at be P088Wb I e to tu rn the' ae.le(:)tive. fire' tlever 'from the. up-p,el!' pOSiition (white ·8" ~ eaf,e.) to the medium PQ:Sition (red 'H,E" == single shots) and to the Ilower position (red "" F'" ::..._ Ibulrst).

- Niote that it rocks· In, the final posJtllone"

4. Operate trl:gger- m.chan(!Im

- Un~od< unlo~aed weapo.n,

_ W',lth the hammer in locked position it mtus.,t be pO\$.$Ebl,& to pu~11 'the triigger baclkwail'd agt:sillst ~ncreased pu,I!·Qff. untH the hammer Ie. rel'ea~lie.d,

~. wlith the hamrner i~ urill,oeke.d poalt~o.n it [must be possible to PUIU the trlgg'er backw,ard against ~Ii,gln pu~!I-off,

2.:2. '1, CaUl'.' ,of mall'tllilcUon and their e:lImh'1lltlonl 'b, th. lri'fl.m'ln, Prlnclpl!el Ope rate the open.tij n'g 'leV€I,r and icon-Un u e f,1 rhlg.

If rn lafl re Of stop page OCCOf'8. lock th e weapon I ta k,e, off the !'rulg~z,1 r,le~ 'U n I o$d the Wi!,!lpon alid vi nd causa.

Poeetble Inc~dente,

1,. Bollt moves forward wrthout e8lnJ~dg e f,~~d,

2. Cs rtllildge Ca!S'& 115 n 01 e,J&eted.

3. Certr~dg,e 18 not nred.

4, Bolt, not eem plete Iy cl,osed, cartr~dg i9 fed i~t9aJffiQia,ntly.

5. Wea,po!t'iI locks Inegu= 18rly'.

a) MfI!g8~ I na u~, rHH II n:EHnted proper!,y.

b) Mag a~ine i~ loo<8@.

c) Mag~zi ~e I I P$ ere dec, formed.,

,a} E:xtrector or extraetor spring is; b ro~en.

b) EJect,or is de'feot:ht8.

c) Fo'u I ed cham bel'.

a) FI rl,lng pi n is broken,

b) Fn rl r1lg pin Ie mo, shert,

,e) FirilrnQI P llil s,prin1lg is

used up or bro,K,en.

d) Ircal!,.! Ity a !ii1!f!111.l!1!"! Iti(H'!.

e.} Fa u I ed eh e m,be r,

b) Barrel &xte nsion, ,I,s fouled,

.;) Ca If'tr'i,dg'9i i a deformed.

d} Aecoi I $P rl!"! 9 i I1Il worn .oot.

a} Chcam beiF' ,i,~ fouled.

b) Magaz I n e I,s n ot' ~n-, seTt'ed prope rly,

c) Mag ezine lo u I a~ or defformed.

d) Defect~ve am mum 1- uon, e!;,g" wet cartrtd- 9 ii}B or fe,ul~~ bullets.

e,) In ae rtf magsz I nle p rop"""ly,,

b} Clneck I m~

., t~· if ,- -,;Ii h:anj'~ ca ~~,' , Y!S~I;,.!I; .I, ~', ,""

1ft in for overh e u L

c) Change magSl: I na >ElWfid hl3Jnd th e. damaged one il n fe r ClVE!Jir'hEU.JI~.

a.) Hand it in to hav,a It repa,Ir"&d,

b} IHl'i!!"!d i~ iW1i toO ha,\I"e It repalred,

0') Clletil!Pil ch a m be r..

a,) - c)

H a!f!lO ,it into have it re'paired.

d) LQe,dii,ngl.

,a) ,a nd b}:: C le,aln lng"

d} Han d ~n the weapon for 'ov~rh a u L

'""'.·li.· CI 'I

GIIJ _earl n'g.

b) ~r{)per Insert:io,n of m1agaz I n e.

c) New mag az~ne to be ,set: in I hand I n the' defectlv'e one,

d) eh limg.a ml~g$z i n e~ us e oth er caJ"trldg es,