Y1-HL Revision-Functions (Extended) 1.

M05; P1


2. M05; P1

3. M05; P1

4. M04; P1

Y1-HL Revision-Functions (Extended) 5. M04; P1


6. M04; P1

Y1-HL Revision-Functions (Extended)


7. M04; P1

8. M03; P1

Y1-HL Revision-Functions (Extended) 9. M03; P1


10. M02; P1

Kindly ignore the c part as it is related to integrals.

Y1-HL Revision-Functions (Extended) 11. M02; P1


12. M01; P1

13. M00; P1

14. M00; P1

Y1-HL Revision-Functions (Extended) 15. M00; P1


16. M99; P1 Given f(x) = 4 / ( x2-2x+5) Sketch the graph of f(x), indicating on the sketch the number of zeroes of f(x). Show also the position of the asymptotes. Find also all the zeroes of f(x). Show/ write down the maximum/minimum values of f(x). 17.M 98; P1 Sketch the graph of y= 1-e-xand show that it has an inverse f-1(x) Find the domain of f and f-1(x) Sketch the graph of f-1on the same axes as the graph of f(x). 18. M97; P1 a) Find and sketch the graph of g(x)= 0.5 ln(x-e), x>e. b) Sketch the graph of I1-2xI