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Public speaking anxiety:
comparing face-to-face
and web-basedspeeches

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Public speaking anxiety: comparing face-to-face and web-based speeches
Public speaking (sometimes termed oratory or oration) is the process or act of performing a
presentation (a speech) focused around an individual directly speaking to a live audience in a
structured, deliberate manner in order to inform, influence, or entertain them. This fear is often
accompanied by a variety of physical and emotional reactions that can significantly interfere
with a person's ability to successfully give a speech or presentation, including intense feelings
of anxiety, worry, nervousness, trembling or shaking, sweating, and/or dizziness

With the availability of web-based technology and the demand for efficiency in both the public
and private business sector, more and more meetings and presentations will be conducted before
a web-based audience. Educational institutions have an ethical obligation to prepare their
students for this trend. The Business and Education fields can both benefit from this study. Skills
in public address are necessary for presenting to the audience a clear understanding of the topic.
Presenters and speakers in the business world will often be faced with no choice in the method
the presentation is made; either a web-based audience or a face-to-face audience. Clearly there is
a need for students to be taught to make high-quality presentations in both forums. Students
should also be aware of which method of delivery works best for them, should they have a
choice in the method of delivery. Knowing which method works best for them will give students
the opportunity to improve on the method that most needs improving. In order to properly
prepare students for the world they will enter after graduation, educators have an obligation to
teach both delivery methods to their students. Two instruments were used to measure the anxiety
levels for the speeches. During the speeches each student was equipped with a monitor that
provides data on the students heart rate for the duration of the speech. The other instrument used
to determine their anxiety level was a survey and finally it was found that anxiety level on web
based speech is more in comparison to traditional method.


I went for traditional of speech for the first time in 5th grade for reading out poem in
assembly in front of whole school without prior notification. I stabbered a lot and
shivered a lot while speaking and missed out many things also while speaking. I cried a
lot after giving the speech but instantly when the fuction came to an end the chief guest

as well as principal praised me a lot so that was one of the nice experiences
Second experience on talking about web based internet banking is that of when I shooted
my video for a cia. The anxiety level was high again and I didnt so well, the video
recorded wasnt upto the mark and I scored very less in that particular cia.

So looking from above given examples also from my own personal experience face to face
public speaking is better than web based method but surely it is a growing field.

From learning from the subject as well as reading articles and research papers about public
speaking I have developed many opinions on the subject- public speaking over the period of
time. Firstly it is that almost everyone faces some level of anxiety before speaking it might be
because human is meant to be a social animal and judgmental nature of people. In order to
overcome the fear many suggestions have been given by specialists to overcome the fear
depending upon which technique is suitable for whom. Since we are living in the age of science
technology plays a major role in people lives and so is public speaking. Though from the results
seen people face more anxiety in web based method but we cant deny the fact that it is also the
most comfortable means which can be accessible from anywhere anytime so its a high time for
one to start preparing for such means in order to gain competitive edge over others and one of the
major factor which helps in web based public speaking is eye contact. The paper has given me
motivation and determination to work upon my web based working skills in order to enhance my
career as an individual.

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