What If Metropolis Crit

(Murano City)
Based On The Murano
By Aureo Antonio

The Murano Glassmakers
The production of the Murano
glass was first located on the
main city, Venice, Italy, Murano
in the 7th century which has
specialized in fancy glass wares
and for periods of time. In
addition the Murano glass
makers managed Europe for
centuries by improving or
refining various technologies
including many glasses such as
Crystalline, Enamelled (Smalto),
with threads of gold
(Aventurine), Milliefori, Lattimo
and imitations gemstones made
of glass.

Influence Map

Key Assets

Key Assets

Key Assets

Key Assets

Key Assets

Concept Art

Matte Painting

Texture of the pathway

Texture of the water
Texture of the mountains
(Photoshop filter; Sponge)

Digital Set
(Murano/No Filter)

Digital Set

Digital Set

Digital Set
(Murano/Ambient Occlusion)

Digital Set
(Murano/Final Render)