White Duck...

Author: Emma

Little Black and
J. Sullivan
Uaron J.C Mason Creator of charactors: E. J. S.


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White Duck...

Little Black and



upon a time, there was a black, and white duck name Luck. Who loved flying south, after a cold winter was over. He would dream about this rather small lake, that was near this farm house in the country, because he thought it was so cool there when he flew their last spring.

Now that the winter was over, it was nice and warm, “he said to himself ,there is no better day to fly than to day. So he begin his long journey south, but this time two of his friends came with him because they wanted to see this small lake he talked about so much. They begin to ask how small was it, and he replied”, smaller than an ocean, and larger than a pond, it is plenty of room for us all to have fun. Then one friend asked”, how deep is the lake? Then he replied, “Jake, not as deep as the sea, but shallower than a river. But we will eat our filled at this lake, no bigger than a river.

So when all the questions were over these three friends continued to fly. They had came really far, “and they were tired, they saw green grass with a few trees. One of them said”, which was “Sue, this look like a cool place to land. And the little black, and white duck, “Luck, who led the little flock, begin to come down toward the earth. And so did the spotted duck “Jake, and the little gray duck “Sue. So they all landed in the pool, “and after they were cool, they walked around and found some food, “they were really hungry to. So after their bellies were full all three drank from the pool. Now it was time to take a nap, because it was dark by now. But when the sun came up in the early morning, they would take off in flight to finish the journey.

Now it will take another day to reach the lake. But after everything they been through in their long, long flight. They begin to think this is real nice, “because they would becoming to the end of their flight. Finally they made it to the lake, “and Luck said, see what did I tell you guys isn’t it great. Then “Jake, and Sue” laughed ,and all three begin to play. Jumping in and out of the water, splashing all over themselves. Calling out to all ducks above, come and join us, “and be with us. And all the ducks that heard them said, “why not let us go see, is this where we want to be. So all the ducks came down and landed. They jumped in the lake and decided to stay.

All summer they played duck games, flying up and down, “and all around. They played in the lake, “and trees. They even fluttered in the dirt to get rid of the flees. They had so much fun at the lake this summer, now that it was almost over. The ducks begin to think they, “didn’t really want to take another long flight. But, they knew it would be no way they would be able to survive the winter. Each day begin to be cooler, “and cooler. One day “Sue said to the guys, we are going to have to leave before the winter take us over. Then they said, we will leave tomorrow in the early morning. Then we will have plenty of light to start our flight. So, they decided to rest that night to begin their early flight.

But no one got any sleep that night, “because all three was thinking about how much they would miss the little lake, no bigger than a river. They also thought about the great big tree that sit by the lake, “and the two small bushes that swayed with the wind. About the time they were through thinking about how much fun they had, day light was breaking. And neither one of them hadn’t slept none. Now all three ducks had become sleepy eyed, they yarned, “and stretched their wings, and legs saying to one another lets begin to fly then. So all three lifted off in flight, as they looked back, as if to say bye, bye to their special place.

Well they took off toward the sky, and the sun was shining bright, there was a nice cool breeze not a cloud in sight. All three continued on their journey until night. Jake said”, if only we could find a place to land for the night, because they didn’t see a tree nor any place they would like to land. So the little gray duck “Sue replied”, may be there will be a place a few more miles. As they flew, and flew all three became very tired, as the darkness grew as dark as it could be. If it wasn’t for the brightness of the moon they would be unable to see.

As they made their journey across the wide open sky, there were no other ducks flying their way. I hope we are not lost, Luck thought. But Luck had made this journey so many time before he was just tired, and his mind wasn’t thinking right. Finally” Luck spotted a tree or two then he asked’’, do you see what I see? Jake and Sue replied”, we sure do. They were so happy to see the tree tops from above. Now they can take a rest, that all three deserved. Then they landed on a branch side by side they all fell asleep quickly, because they were so tired. It was as if they hadn’t slept for a long, long time.

When they woke up that morning the ducks felt so refreshed, and was ready to start their journey. So they took off again leaving the little lake far, far behind neither one said a word as they flew all day. The sun was beaming, and they wanted to stop. They were so thirsty, and their throats was really dry, so they could not make a duck sound every time they tried, they could not hear a sound.

They had made two days journey with three more to go, if they didn’t find water soon they all would die. As they continued to fly, another day was almost gone. All three little ducks were so glad when the sun was going down,” Luck recognized where he was. He knew there was a river up ahead about a mile.

Now it was dust dark as they continue to fly, all the little ducks spotted the river at the same time. As each one of the ducks tried to tell the other “look’’, there is the river, not a sound would come out. They all looked at each other and nodded their heads to let the other know it was time to land. As they headed for the river from far, far above, their only thought was a cool, cool drink like in the little lake. When they came to the river they drink their full, now they could make sounds like ducks made. It was like a pretty song, as they swim all around. Food was in the river that was good to see, then they begin to eat.

After they were full and found a place to snuggle up to rest, a large flock of ducks showed up to take a rest. When they saw the three little ducks they begin to laugh ,because they traveled in a great big flock, and they were only three. The three ducks heard what they said, and felt kind of bad. But Luck” who was the leader of the little flock said,” don’t worry about them they are just bag heads. So Sue, Luck, and Jake snuggled up and went to sleep. After they rested a while, around midnight they awakened to start on their journey, because they wanted to cross the river while it was cool that night. For the large flock was thinking the same thing. So when the little ducks took off, so did they. And they all flew together across the river blue, and all of them flew, and flew and flew.

Then at day break one of the other ducks said, for little guys you are alright. I wouldn’t mind flying with you. So the little ducks laugh, and one of them said, we think you are alright to, and you have been flying with us across the river blue. The duck in the big flock turned his head. Then they all kept flying, and flying toward their destiny. Soon it was time to take a rest before they finish the last of their journey. Then they landed, and ate for a while. So all the ducks snuggled up, and slept for a long time.

After their nap were over they all took off again, this time they didn’t stop, not even for a break. Now the weather begin to turn warm as they continue to fly. The three little ducks was thinking, it is about noon, we will arrive at our destination very soon. Finally as the sun was going down with a pretty reddish color, all the ducks knew they had made it home, because they saw all the other ducks by the ocean waiting. And they would be there soon. As the ducks begin to land they all knew their friends were glad. Home at last,” home at last,” this is what they all said, because they all were happy to be home again

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