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Serving Youth in The Tri-Cites

Since 1992
... knows the street

ANNUAL REPORT January 2008-December 2008

Welcome to PoCoMo Youth Services Society. This report reflects 2008 Crime Prevention and
PoCoMo’s accountability to you, the members of the Tri-City community. Community Safety award for
Community Group/Organization,
2008 and early 2009 has been an amazing time. PoCoMo received two awards
presented by the Ministry of
recognizing our successes and acknowledging the amazing work done by the staff
Public Safety & Solicitor General.
and the board of directors. The Crime Prevention and Community Safety award fro
Group/Organization, and the 2009 Innovative Spirit award from the Chamber of
Commerce Business Excellence awards. We are proud of our community partners,
our staff, and a huge thank you to our supporters and sponsors.
Project Reach Out launched a second bus thanks to the City of Coquitlam and
Trans Link. This allows us to cover more of the Tri-City area on the weekends. We
will double our buses twice a month, one night a weekend. The youth have really
benefitted from having two buses out on the street, and they think the second bus is
“really cool”.
As a reflection of our hard work over 2008, we doubled our contacts with youth. We
connected with 4600 young people (duplicated) and through our consistence presence
have had a positive impact in the community and in the lives of the youth we touch.
This speaks to 4600 youth valuing our service. We are in service. Not to fix, but to
How can I serve?
“Our Service serves us as well as others. That which uses us strengthens us. Service
is renewing. When we serve, our work itself will sustain us. When I serve, I see and INNOVATIVE SPIRIT
trust the wholeness. It is what I am responding to and collaborating with. From a 2009 Recipient of the Tri-City
perspective of services we are all connected. Only service heals.”(Thoughts from Chamber of Commerce Business
Rachel) Excellence “Innovative Spirit”
Over the past year, we have seen our profile raise significantly. First through the
awards we have been honoured with, but most importantly, the connections and
relationships we have nurtured with the youth in the community. We have two after-
school programs, a youth theatre group and ACRiX, a circus tricks and gymnastics
program. We also piloted a middle school program, I AM THE CHANGE. It was a
huge success serving over 30 students.

One of the youth from the bus said, “ You guys are like adults, but so much cooler.”

PoCoMo continues to strive to assist youth in reaching their full potential and create
circumstances where everyone is safe, loved and celebrated. Our future looks bright
with allot of hard work ahead. We are the little engine that could ... and does. We
continue to seek generous support from communty and individuals, whom without,
PoCoMo would not be as successfuk as it has been over the past few years.


Tom Lewis Jerome Bouvier M.A.

PoCoMo’s core program, Project Reach Out, recently won two awards. The first after-hours mobile outreach program for
youth in BC. We operate in the Tri-Cities communities of Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, and Port Moody. Using modified
24ft long shuttle buses and operating 6:00 pm to 11pm on weekends, we establish a consistent presence by traveling
to areas of the community where youth naturally congregate. We meet with the youth on their terms and their turf. We
support youth who are on the street and are vulnerable to exploitation, drug use, gangs, engaging in violence, crime, and
vandalism. We also increase yoths sense of belonging, connection to community, sense of value and purpose.

Staffed by a diverse team of adult youth workers, youth mentors, and volunteers, Project Reach Out actively seeks
out and engages street involved youth. We engage with youth, build relationships in an effort to strengthen their
connection to the community and to help youth make positive life choices. Relationship building is a catalyst for

Project Reach Out is often the first point of contact for many youth struggling with drugs or other issues. We provide a
safe place for youth to talk with a caring youth worker. It also is the perfect medium to positively impact crime reduction
and reduce gang recruitment.Youth value our program and we do make a difference.

What Project Reach Out offers:
• Street outreach
• Crisis/early intervention
• Information and referrals
• Drug Prevention & education
• Brief one to one support
• Follow up support
... A safe place to be.

PoCoMo launches 2nd bus

Donated by the City of Coquitlam & Trans Link, PoCoMo has the capacity to run two buses twice a month and one every
weekend. We will also be able to provice 4 nights a week over the summer period.

DETOUR Youth Theatre I AM the Change Youth Action Team:
PoCoMo’s has launched youth theatre PoCoMo offers I AM The Change:
troupe DETOUR. 10 youth participants A 10 week program exploring social The Youth Action Team (YAT) is made
meet once a week where they have chosen responsibility and asset development up of a core group of diverse youth
a theme, scripted a play, and rehearse designed for middle schools. Creating representing the Tri-City area who have a
preparing to share their world with a safe and nurturing environment, this passion and interest in PoCoMo’s services
the community. It is raw, real and is a program involves open conversation, and programs. The YAT team provides
reflection of their lived experiences. activities and actions that assist youth input into PoCoMo programs and services,
in exploring personal issues they may as well as creating their own youth-driven
Detour will be available to perform face, and how they can contribute to their community initiatives.
at middle schools, high schools, and schools and community. The program
community performances. creates opportunities for students to If you are interested in joining the Youth
explore strategies to make personal change Action Team or just volunteering at certain
You will witness the world through the that strenghtens their resilience, and events, contact PoCoMo @ 604-525-1888
eyes of 10 teens who have the courage to encourages the development of activities or check out the web site
share their experiences. that invite change in their school and
community. DO YOU WANT TO MAKE A


CONTACT PoCoMo AT 604-525-1888

ACRiX Program
The ACRiX Program (Applied Circus:
Radically Extreme) is for “at risk” youth
in the Tri-Cities ages 8-16 who are
economically, emotionally, intellectually
or socially challenged. It is designed
for youth who would not usually access
traditional sports. Each Sunday afternoon,
these youth learn circus arts activities
(e.g., juggling, acrobatics, group pyramids,
balancing, trampolining and performing)
at Coquitlam’s Club Aviva. The training is
being provided through two trained youth
gymnastics and ACRiX coaches.
A program designed by Gymnastics BC,
partnering with Kid Start and club Aviva,
PoCoMo offers it in the Tri-Cities area.
ACRiX is a 10 week program that offers
10 -2 hour sessions on sunday afternoon.
Trained gymnists and supported by
youth workers, provide a fun and safe
environment for youth to enjoy and learn
circus and gymnastics activities.

“The bus rocks!! People accepts us and don’t

judge us. They listen to us.” - Sarah, 14 years old

100 youth & 20 Community Organization/
Individuals surveyed said:

As a result of my involvement with the Youth Bus and the  Agreed to  
programs the bus offers…   Strongly Agreed 
My attitude towards the future is improved  73% 
I feel a greater sense of belonging  81% 
My drug use has decreased  33% 
I feel safer  84% 
I have a clearer sense of purpose  70% 
I take better care of myself  85% 
I know where to go if I need help  79% 
I know more about community resources  67% 
I have greater success in school  67% 
I avoid crime & vandalism  90% 
I feel better about myself  87% 
I feel valued  78% 
I am better able to resist negative peer pressure  81% 
I treat others better  82% 
I make better life choices  82% 
The bus staff understands and accepts me  89%  “The key to getting our youth on the right track
The bus staff listen to me  91%  is first to have a relationship with them. They
I respect the community more  74%  are not always ready to conform to societal
I treat people with more respect  71%  demands (Can you blame them?) at the same
time. When that teachable moment arrives, they
I consider how my actions impact the community  73% 
tend to look for guidance from people who have
I volunteer more in the community  57%  been supportive of their struggles, not critical.”
  - Bruce Carabine- Principal Minnkehada Middle
Agreed to 
I feel better knowing the Reach Out bus is out there.  94% 
I feel safer in my community.  65% 
I appreciate the work of Project Reach Out.  94% 
I would like to see more programs like Project Reach Out.  100% 
I value our partnership and collaboration with PoCoMo.  87% 
I knew the youth bus was in my community.  87% 
I understand the role of the Reach Out bus.  79% 
The Reach Out bus is making a positive impact in my community.  87% 
I see the bus having a positive impact in my community.  87% 
The services offered by the bus are important.  93% 
There should be more outreach programs targeting youth.  93% 
The Reach Out staff are approachable, knowledgeable, and professional.  79% 
I am satisfied with the responsiveness of the program to my requests.  64% 
I value collaboration of PoCoMo.  93% 
I am satisfied with the quality of services provided by the Reach Out program.  93% 
I value PoCoMo's innovative approaches to serving youth.  100% 
Participants have expressed satisfaction with the services they have received from the bus 
program.  71% 


4602 Duplicated Contacts in 2008

!"#$%"&'( Ages 

over 18 
17‐18 years  under 12 
Port Moody  5%  15% 
40%  15‐16 years 

Port Coquitlam 

12‐14 years 

400  Contacts by Gender 




200  Male 




Jan  Feb  March  April  May  June  July  Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec 


6%  !irst 'a)ons 
Youth Served 4% 

Youth Served in 2005 - 1280 Mediteranian 

Youth Served in 2006 - 1789 20% 

Youth Served in 2007 - 2347 Asian 


White (not 


Where do our funds come from: Where do we 2008 
spend our money:
2008   15,839  
Tax receipted  14% 
dona)ons   2,212   Amor34a3on 
41%   ‐  
2%  Automobile 
Bank Charges and Miscellaneous 
 7,485   Dues, Memberships, Conference Fees 
7%  Jrant Kri3ng serLices 
Contribu)ons  Insurance 
income / City of   3,601  
Membership  3% 
 412   Office 
dues  Coquitlam  0%  Professional fee 

1%  27%   337   Rent 

 79,528    ‐   0%  Subcontracted labour costs 
72%   ‐   750  
0% 1%  Supplies 
Interest income  Fundraising (net)   58   Telephone and T3li3es 
6%  Contribu)ons   950   0%  Training costs 
23%  1% 
income / 

Fund Development:
PoCoMo is hounoured to receive amazing support and involvement form the community. Being a small
grass-roots group, we are fully funded by grants, community fundrasing and donations. A special thanks
to the City of Coquitlam and Trans Link for their generous capital funds support.

Friends, businesses, groups and partners contributed to support PoCoMo’s outreach programs. The Tri-
City community continues to show how it values the youth of our community and the unique services
PoCoMo provides. THANK YOU for your support through 2008. Keep a look out for more exciting
fundraisers in 2009. Check out our web site.

Dine out for Youth Fundraiser: Canucks Alumni vs PoCoMo Allstars

The 1st annual Dine Out for Youth was a great success and we The 2008 hockey fundraiser was a great success thanks
thankk Pasta Polo for hosting the event. We were filled to capacity to the City of Coquitlam, all the volnteers, and the
at Pasta Polo where we enjoyed fun, prozes, silent auction and Canucks Alumni. We look forward to the 2010 game.
great friends.

The 2nd annual is May 9, 2009. Held in Port Moody at the

Recreation Centre. Tickets $20 gives you a buffet, music, a
drink, raffles, and a fun family evening.

The PoCoMo & Best Western PoCo Inn &

Auites Golf Classic.
June 3, 2009 at the Golden Eagle Golf Club. This will be the
4th year for the event. We expect over 140 golfers and Canucks
players joining us to “Golf for youth”. Details will be available on

In-kind Support & Funders 2008
Alliance Printing PoCoMo Mission Statement:
Artrageous Screen Printing “To provide outreach support and services to
Aviara Inc.
Best Western PoCo Inn & Suites young people at-risk in our community.”
CAPO Construction
City of Coquitlam-Capital Fund
Chris Spencer Foundation TESTIMONIALS
Coast Capital Savings “If it wasn’t for the bus being
Coquitlam Foundation around, i don’t know where i
Coquitlam Centre would be. It keep me safe and
Coquitlam RCMP helps me make good choices.
Coquitlam Tennis Club I stay in school and am doing
the best i have ever done.
Coquitlam Fire Department - Julie, age 12
Diane Thorne MLA
Diskin Photography
Envision Foundation
Gallagher’s Coffee Bar & Cafe
Golden Eagle Golf Course
Green Printing
Insul-Twin Systems Inc.
John Mitchell Hardie Foundation
LifeCare Medical
Maple Leaf Storage
Ministry of Children and Family Development
Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General
Pasta Polo “The POCOMO Youth Society is a great program for youth’s
to engage in. Whether it be at a summer BBQ or after-hours
Petro-Canada in the parks or the streets. POCOMO finds youth’s who need
Port Moody Parks and Recreation help whether it be someone to talk to or just a friend to sit
Port Coquitlam Youth Services with.” - Amanda- Ride-Along
Professional Police Association
Purified Water Store-Water to go 2008 BOARD of DIRECTORS
SMART Mortgage
Society for Community Development Tom Lewis
David Heard
Starbucks (Coquitlam Centre) Terry Hawes
Sunrise Coquitlam Rotary Mae Reid
7-11 Kiyo Breiting
Elisa Kharrazi
RCMP Foundation
20/20 Printing
TD Bank Foundation
PoCoMo AGM 2009
TW Hawes CGA WHEN: March 4, 2009
Touch of Class Custom IronWorks TIME: 7pm - 9pm
Tri Counselling Services WHERE: Best Western PoCo Inn & Suites,
West 49 Port Coquitlam, BC
Vancouver Foundation 604-525-1888 /
.... and many more individuals.