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Calidad, Pertinencia y Calidez


Name: Brbara Durn Rodrguez
Date: June 9th, 2016
Course: 5th "B" Marketing Night
Advertising: Dissemination of information, ideas or opinions of political, religious,
commercial, etc.
Branding: A set of actions that generate corporate image, credibility and reputation, aimed
at projecting a positive image to society.
Customization: Tool for one to one marketing.
Database Marketing: that leverages customer profiles own method - and of others, when it
includes cookies- to locate, segment, meet and interact with consumers.
Empowerment: Action empower or train one or more employees through actions of
motivation and delegation of power in order to obtain or improve the performance of the
Freemium: Business model based on an offer of free services combined with a package of
more advanced payment services.
Geotargeting: Strategy showing different content and advertising based on the location of
the visitor. For many users, this type of marketing is intrusive.
Heavy user: The user who accesses the network constantly and services consumed in large
Insight: Deep Motivation regarding consumer behavior towards a sector, brand or product.
Jingle: catchy melody used in advertisements.
Klout: Calculation tool of social influence of social network users.
Lead: A person or company that has shown interest in offering brand.
Mailing: Mail or Messenger advertising or information to a list of people.
Negotiation: It is called the set of techniques applied and selling relationship between
sellers and professional buyers.

One-to-one marketing: Marketing strategy based on the customization of actions by the

deep knowledge of the interests and habits of individual consumers.
Pull: Location of a brand or product that by its good market positioning strip motivating
channels to offer it in order to serve customers.
QR Code: Is an encrypted code imagewise containing information and that can be accessed
by a code reader that is, usually, in a mobile phone.
Raport: Report of each visit made by the seller.
Sponsoring: Sponsorship interested in cultural activities, sports, etc.
Target: Ideal Recipient of a particular campaign, product or service.
Upselling: New sales made by a client.
Vending: Form sale is carried out through vending machines or ATMs.
Widget: Application that can integrate different services on a Web site and remains in the
right column.
XML (Extensible Markup Language): Language used by many Internet applications to
exchange information.
Yellow Goods: It refers to non-perishable products are used by consumers over extended
periods of time.
Zip Ad: It is the message that is printed on the outside of the envelope of a product and can
be deployed.