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‘Thermal Oxidizers are a cass of polutlon control devices that use the combustion process to destroy Cetera dosed ne ee ee ec ed ee (Gasco Thermal onezes Incude: ‘Straight thermal Oxezers with or without heat recovery + Recuperatve + catalyne asco Thermal Oxides can handle a wide range of process parameters including varlable wast aw rales, calorific values, temperature and oxygen content Features of our Thermal Oxidizers are ther robust performance, ablty to operate at igh thermal feficency and achieve 399,99 per cent destruction efficiency (Gasco Thermal Ondizers scope may include turnkey projects, designed to comply with our clents Speateatons and environmental author regulations. \We have supplied Thermal Cxidiers tothe oll and (as, chemical, automotNe, medical food, minerals and metas ndustnes Heat fom the exhaust of a Thermal Oxide can be recoucad in a Waste Heat Recovery Uni, energy can be tiie in the form of heat transfer fais oll, wate, alr and to ase steam {A Gasco RTO can provide average thermal efficiency (of up to.9549 ane use about 20 times fess fue than a TO with no eat recovery. some ‘aplcations the VOC present in the waste gas slream may enable the Gasco RTO to operate without any supplementary fuel gs except at start Up). Destruction eficency af upto 99.548 1 acherab, Top: RTO for Woodside Pluto LNG, Acid Gas project loaded on ship at BAE Systems Melbourne, Ausali, ene: Recuperative Thermal Ondizer for Conoco Philip Dann LN plant Bottom: Bottom: Thermal Oxdier and Hot Oil Hest Recovery OMVICiough Sawan, Pakistan