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A statement on the negotiations of the Islamic Emirate of Maldives

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 18:00

In a series of rumors that are not refined out of them, published some of the media once again rumors of negotiations
between the envoys of the Islamic Emirate and the puppet government of the Republic of Maldives.
With the position of the Islamic Emirate is clear to all on these negotiations, irresponsible, and that the Islamic
Emirate made it very clear position on such issues in its latest statement, but unfortunately you some of the media and
the press to publish such rumors hollow under the guise of professional media in support of some of the information
agencies of the foreign troops Territory, and publish reports the participation of representatives of the Islamic Emirate
in the negotiations held islands of Maldives. at the time the opinion of Islamic Emirate of any attempt or project on
behalf of peace with the presence of foreign occupation forces in Afghanistan reason for the length of the ongoing
crisis, are strongly confirmed the participation of their representatives at the meeting of the Maldives.
Everyone who participates in this meeting, taking advantage of the name of the representatives of the Islamic Emirate
are Forfeiters of the Department of Karzai's puppet, and agents are effective for the Foreign Intelligence employing
foreign troops as mercenaries hired as benefit the occupiers of their names and their previous positions of pay low,
they are currently members of Karzai's administration, not the representatives of the Islamic Emirate, and participation
in such meetings are held for reasons of economic and political only, not for the purpose of solving the current
problem of Afghanistan.
The Islamic Emirate of when it was satisfied on the outcome of military operations, called the Al Fatah against the
crusader forces occupied, you see the fundamental solution to the Afghan crisis the withdrawal of foreign troops from
the country without restriction and the requirement as soon as possible, the convening of such meetings and
negotiations, time-consuming and that Attertb a bit of positive.
And peace.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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May 22, 2010
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